Harlaxton Landing Ground History

RFC/RAF Harlaxton Airfield
(Map edited to show runways)
RAF Bomber Command
Airfield Code: ?Google Earth Co-ordinates:
52°52'46.4"N  0°39'33.4"W
NNW/SSE 3900ft - WSW/ENE 3900ft - SW/NE 3900ft
Station History

Harlaxton was a triangular grass surface landing ground located about a mile South-East of Harlaxton village, and oriented unusually to the north. It originally opened in 1916 as an RFC aerodrome. During WWI it was a busy training airfield and during 1918 was designated as No.40 Training Depot Station.

No.68 (Australian) Squadron arrived in the UK from Kantara, Egypt, in January 1917, staying at Harlaxton until September 1917, then deploying to France.

With the onset of WWII, it was decided that Harlaxton was not suitable to the needs of a major station, and was prepared for use as a Relief Landing Ground for No.12 FTS (later re designated No.12(P) AFU) based at RAF Spitalgate. The station was expanded in 1942, to help with it’s roll as a RLG. No.12 FTS, used Harlaxton until February 1945 and were succeeded by No.17 SFTS from RAF Cranwell. In January 1945, a Douglas C-47A-1-DL of the USAAF, crashed at Harlaxton whilst landing. No one was killed in the accident, but the aircraft was subsequently written-off.

Very little remains of this former fighter station. Today only a single hut and a couple of air raid shelters remain of this once busy site. Everything else has long been demolished.

Aircraft and Squadrons
November 1916Station opened.
January 1917No.68 SqnOperating the Airco DH.5. Left Harlaxton in September 1917.
1919Station closed.
1942Station re-opened as a Relief Landing Ground for RAF Cranwell.
1942No.12 AFUNo.12 AFU was only a detachment of the Squadron. They left Harlaxton in February 1945.
1947RAF Harlaxton closed.