1930's Incident Logs

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10th JanuaryAtlas TMJ94663 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.
10th JanuaryAvro 504NN/K3 FTSLincolnshireAbandoned during aerobatics, when the control column jammed.
28th JanuaryAvro 504NJ92673 FTSRAF GranthamSuffered engine failure on take-off.
3rd FebruaryAvro 504NJ79043 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.
8th FebruaryAvro 504NJ87083 FTSnr RAF GranthamCollided with J9212.
5th MarchHyderbad IJ8319No.503 SqnRAF WaddingtonControl column locked on take-off.
6th MarchSiskin IIIAJ9364RAFCRAF CranwellCrashed while landing.
25th MarchAvro 504NJ85832 FTSRAF CranwellHit by F8834.
1st AprilDH.9AN/KRAFCLincolnshire1 killed.
25th AprilAvro 504NN/KRAFCLincolnshireStalled and spun in. 2 killed.
1st MayF.2bN/K2 FTSLincolnshireAbandoned and crashed.
26th MayAvro 504NJ8728CFSBarholmStarboard wing hit the ground during a turn. 2 killed.
29th MaySiskin IIIDCJ7167RAFCLincolnshireNo further information found.
29th MayAvro 504NJ87062 FTSRAF GranthamHit by J9468.
6th JuneAvro 504NJ8709RAFCRAF CranwellSuffered a collision with K9693 while on approach.
15th JulySiskin IIIAJ8896No.111 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeNo further information found.
16th JulyGamecock IJ7894No.23 SqnGedney Dawsmere1 killed.
19th JulyHyderabadJ9297No.503 SqnRAF North CoatesAircraft hit the sea wall with it's starboard wing on take-off, and force landed on the beach. No injuries were reported.
6th AugustSiskin IIIAN/KNo.41 SqnCasthorpe House, BarrowbyHit a tree. 1 killed.
9th SeptemberAvro 504NJ90072 FTSNocton HeathHit a tree.
15th OctoberAvro 504NK10593 FTSnr RAF GranthamSpun in. 2 killed.
16th OctoberAtlas TMK1186RAFCRAF CranwellNo further information found.
30th OctoberAtlasN/KRAFCLincolnshireNo further information found.


10th JanuaryAtlas TMJ94763 FTSWelbyHit some tree's in fog.
12th JanuaryVimy JupiterF91682 FTSHaxeyOn delivery flight got lost in the dark. Force landed and hit wires.
25th MarchGamecock IJ80893 FTSRAF GranthamSwung on take-off.
27th MarchAvro 504NJ8750RAFCSudbrookDuring a practice forced landing, the wing tip hit the ground causing the aircraft to overturn.
9th AprilAtlas IJ9540No.4 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeCrashed while landing.
2nd MayAvro 504NF88132 FTSLincolnshireEngine stalled.
12th MayAvro 504NJ8751RAFCnr RAF CranwellNo further information found.
12th MaySiskin IIIAJ9367RAFCLincolnshireNo further information found.
13th MayAvro 504NK1054RAFCRuskingtonPilot lost control during some aerobatics, and abandoned.
2nd JuneSiskin IIIDCJ9194RAFCRAF CranwellCrashed while landing.
16th JuneAtlas TMK1180RAFCRAF CranwellCrashed while avoiding another aircraft after landing.
24th JuneAtlas TMJ94353 FTSRAF GranthamHit by K1233 while taxing.
14th JulyTomtit IJ97773 FTSRAF GranthamCollided with J9190 on take-off
20th JulySiskin IIIAJ9873No.41 SqnSutton BridgeCollided with J9910 while on the ground.
22nd JulySiskin IIIAJ88843 FTSRAF GranthamStalled on landing, then the under carriage collapsed.
11th AugustAtlas TMJ94673 FTSOasbyNo further information found.


13th FebruaryAtlas TMK1187RAFCLincolnshireNo further information found.
18th FebruaryAtlas TMK14632 FTSnr RAF DigbySpun in.
25th AprilAtlas TMK14662 FTSnr RAF DigbyCrashed 1 mile West of the base.
Summer timeAudaxK2033No.13 SqnRAF North CoatesUnknown incident which resulted in the aircraft ending up on it's nose.
9th JuneAvro 504NF88122 FTSBloxholmeCollided with K1815 (Avro 504N). 1 killed.
9th JuneAvro 504NK18152 FTSBloxholmeCollided with F8812 (Avro 504N).
8th JulyHP 38J9130No.99 SqnNorth CoatesHit the sea wall.
11th JulyFairey IIIFJ91443 ATCHolbeach RangeNo further information found.
5th SeptemberAvro 504NJ8504RAFCRAF CranwellHit a wall while landing and overturned.
26th SeptemberFlycatcher IN9929401 FltHolbeach RangeBomb hung up and then hit the undercarriage and exploded.
12th OctoberTutor IK25093 FTSGreat PontonNo further information found.


7th FebruarySiskin IIIAJ9321RAFCStoke RochfordHit slipstream on take-off from the Landing Ground. Starboard wing hit the ground, and the aircraft overturned.
9th FebruaryHyderabad IJ7752No.503 SqnLincolnshireCrashed into a hedge and tipped on to it's nose.
20th FebruarySiskin IIIAJ7176RAFCnr RAF CranwellCaught fire 1 mile from the base.
25th AprilSiskin IIIDCJ70023 FTSRAF GranthamHit slipstream and then a hangar during take-off.
29th MaySiskin IIIAJ8883RAFCRAF CranwellHit K3193 while taxing.
2nd JuneSiskin IIIDCJ9215RAFCLincolnshireForce landed.
5th JuneSiskin IIIAJ9316RAFCRAF CranwellUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
10th JuneSiskin IIIAJ9323RAFCLincolnshireNo further information found
19th JuneSiskin IIIAJ86242 FTSDonna Nook RangeNo further information found.
18th SeptemberSiskin IIIAJ9314RAFCLincolnshireNo further information found.
10th NovemberSiskin IIIDCJ9203RAFCLincolnshireNo further information found.


13th FebruarySiskin IIIAJ98823 FTSRAF GranthamEngine stalled on landing.
16th MarchAtlas IJ95503 FTSLower BassingthorpeSpun in.
27th MarchTutor IK3206RAFCBrauncewellSwung on take-off and hit a tree.
1st MayBulldog TMK3928RAFCnr CranwellCollided with K3152 (Hart). 2 killed.
4th MayTutor IK25053 FTSnr RAF GranthamCollided with K3224 (Tutor I) during a loop and abandoned the aircraft.
4th MayTutor IK32243 FTSnr RAF GranthamCollided with K2505 (Tutor I) during a loop and abandoned the aircraft.
18th MayBulldog IIAK2194No.41 SqnHolbeach RangeDived in to target. 1 killed.
11th JuneAtlas TMK1456RAFCRAF CranwellUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
12th JuneGordon IK1763No.207 SqnCrowlandNo further information found.
4th SeptemberHeyford IK3498No.99 SqnDonna NookUnder carriage collapsed during a night landing on a sand bank.
6th SeptemberBulldog IIAK2158No.19 SqnSutton BridgeOil pipe broke resulting in a forced landing. The aircraft overturned.
27th NovemberTutor IK25123 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.
7th DecemberTutor IN/K3 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.


17th JanuaryAtlas TMJ94483 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.
18th MarchTutor IK33182 FTSScopwickBroke up during aero's. 2 killed.
12th AprilBulldog IIAK2212RAFCnr SleafordPilot lost control during a spin, and abandoned.
10th MayBulldog TMK3926RAFCRAF CranwellUndershot the landing and hit a wall.
14th MayTutor IK25063 FTSWood NookElevator controls came lose. 1 killed.
3rd JulyGordon IK17663 ATCRAF Sutton BridgeSuffered engine failure on take-off and overturned.
18th JulyHart IK2985No.600 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeUnder carriage collapsed while landing.
7th AugustTutor IK33953 FTSRAF GranthamCrashed on approach to the airfield.
16th AugustBulldog IIAK29543 FTSCulverthorpeLost an elevator and abandoned.
9th SeptemberOverstand IJ9185No.101 SqnRAF North CoatesHit a haystack on the edge of the perimeter while on approach, causing the aircraft to crash on landing.
17th OctoberBulldog IIAK1693RAFCBrauncewellPilot lost control during aero's and abandoned. 1 killed.
21st OctoberBulldog IIAK2166RAFCLincolnshireAircraft went in to an uncontrollable spin, causing the pilot to abandon.
22nd OctoberAtlas TMK1478RAFCLincolnshireStalled off a turn and spun in. 1 killed.
1st NovemberHart IK3812AASnr RAF North CoatesForce landed in bad weather just short of the airfield.
30th DecemberTutor IK24963 FTSin the HumberDived in to the Humber during a navigation exercise. 1 killed.


4th JanuaryWallace IK5081No.503 SqnRAF WaddingtonUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
4th JanuaryBulldog TMK39363 FTSRAF GranthamEngine cut and overshoot the runway, hitting a wall.
12th JanuaryWallace IK4337No.503 SqnRAF WaddingtonSideslipped while landing causing the wing to hit the ground.
24th JanuaryTutor IK33432 FTSNocton LGStalled on approach.
24th JanuaryTutor IK34132 FTSNocton LGHit bushes on overshoot.
30th JanuaryTutor IK33212 FTSNocton LGSuffered engine failure on approach and hit a hedge.
20th FebruaryTutor IK3201RAFCLincolnshireBroke up while recovering from a spin. 2 killed.
31st MarchHart TrainerK2474RAFCRAF CranwellUndershot the landing and hit a hedge.
2nd AprilAudax IK43893 FTSGreat PontonCollided with K4920 (Hart Trainer). 1 killed.
2nd AprilHart TrainerK49203 FTSGreat PontonCollided with K4389 (Audax I). 2 killed.
22nd AprilWallace IK5079No.503 SqnLincolnshireHit a hedge during a forced landing.
4th MayHart TrainerK6446RAFCRAF CranwellUndershot the landing and hit a fence, while landing on No. 3 LG.
5th MayBulldog IIAK1683No.111 SqnRiver Nene, Sutton BridgeEngine stalled while on a weather test. 1 killed.
6th MayBulldog IIAK2208No.111 Sqnnr RAF Sutton BridgeSuffered engine failure on take-off and overturned.
13th MayHind IK5378No.98 SqnNorth Coates BeachHit the beach in the mist.
14th MayBulldog IIAK1672No.111 SqnHolbeach RangeAbandoned the aircraft after the controls jammed.
5th JuneHart TrainerK49232 FTSRAF DigbyEngine stalled on landing and tipped up.
18th JuneHart TrainerK64412 FTSnr RAF DigbySuffered engine failure and stalled.
25th JuneAudax IK51402 FTSRAF DigbyEngine stalled while landing causing the wing to hit the ground.
11th JulyHart IK3034No.503 SqnLincolnshireLost power in flight and crashed while attempting a forced landing.
13th JulyAudax IK52273 FTSTheddlethorpe RangeEngine Stalled while attacking a target. 2 killed.
16th JulyGauntlet IIK5264No.111 Sqnnr Sutton BridgePilot blacked out during a loop. 1 killed.
30th JulyFury IK20673 FTSGranthamForce landed and ran in to a pavilion.
22nd AugustHeyford IK3501No.38 SqnDonna Nook RangeHit a sand bank and crash landed.
3rd SeptemberBulldog IIAK1664No.54 SqnRAF WaddingtonRan in to a excavation while landing.
19th SeptemberWallace IIK6012EW & Snr RAF CranwellHad to force land in fog, hit a plough and overturned.
28th SeptemberHart IK6445RAFCRAF CranwellSwung on landing.
6th OctoberHind IK5516No.218 SqnTheddlethorpe RangeWings folded during a dive bombing run. 2 killed.
7th OctoberFury IK5681RAFCLincolnshireCollided with K5682 during a camera gun practice and abandoned.
7th OctoberFury IK5682RAFCLincolnshireCollided with K5681 during a camera gun practice and abandoned. The pilot was sadly hit by K5681 and killed. 1 killed.
11th OctoberHeyford IIK6882No.9 SqnRAF ScamptonUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
12th OctoberHart IK2448No.503 Sqnnr RAF WaddingtonUndershot the landing and hit a hedge.
26th OctoberVirginia IXJ8909No.214 SqnRAF ScamptonBlown over in a gale.
26th OctoberVirginia XJ8326No.214 SqnRAF ScamptonBlown over in a gale.
26th OctoberVirginia XK2333No.214 SqnRAF ScamptonBlown over in a gale.
26th OctoberVirginia XK2652No.214 SqnRAF ScamptonBlown over in a gale.
26th OctoberVirginia XK2660No.214 SqnRAF ScamptonBlown over in a gale.
26th OctoberVirginia XK2664No.214 SqnRAF ScamptonBlown over in a gale.
26th OctoberVirginia XK2665No.214 SqnRAF ScamptonBlown over in a gale.
26th OctoberAudax IK73323 FTSLincolnshireHit the ground shortly after take-off on a test flight.
9th NovemberAudax IK73632 FTSRAF DigbyBounced on landing, stalled the engine and the under carriage collapsed.
27th NovemberHart SpecialK31387 FTSStoke RochfordHit high ground while descending in the fog. 2 killed.
5th DecemberHart IK3897RAFCBarkston LGUndershot and hit a wall.
12th DecemberHeyford IIK4864No.102 SqnWhite House Farm, BlyboroughIced up and had to force land in the fog, and hit a pole.
15th DecemberHart IN/K7 FTSWhaplode Drove1 killed.


22nd JanuaryFury IIK8260RAFCRAF DigbyBlown over while landing.
3rd FebruaryAudax IK5154RAFCWelbourn LGUndershot the landing and hit a hedge.
5th FebruaryHart IK4412Observers SchoolNorth Coates Crashed on the airfield. Suffered very minor damage. No further information found.
6th FebruaryHart IK3025No.503 SqnRAF WaddingtonSuffered engine failure after take-off and spun in. 2 killed.
23rd FebruaryAudax IK74692 FTSnr RAF DigbyUndershot landing on a night approach and hit a wall.
23rd FebruaryTutor IK3436RAFCLincolnshireLost power and stalled on approach.
4th MarchDemon IK4533No.41 SqnSutton BridgeUndershot the landing.
5th MarchTutor IK3393RAFCnr RAF CranwellHit the roof of a building on approach.
18th MarchTutor IK3235RAFCBarkston LGUndershot the landing and hit a hedge.
12th AprilHart TrainerK58243 FTSnr RAF GranthamHit a barn on approach.
23rd AprilHart TrainerK64892 FTSRAF DigbyStalled while on a night approach, side slipped, then the under carriage collapsed on landing.
26th AprilAudax IK7347No.11 SqnTheddlethorpe RangeWheels hit a sand bank after a firing dive.
7th MayGordon IK26283 ATCnr RAF Sutton BridgeSuffered engine failure and hit a dyke during a forced landing.
21st MayFury IIK8277No.87 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeHit a hedge while on approach and overturned.
26th MayFury IK56687 FTSTheddlethorpe RangeEngine stalled while low flying over the range.
28th MayHart TrainerK49857 FTSRAF WaddingtonSuffered engine failure and crash landed at the base.
29th MayGipsy Moth IK18253 ATCRAF Sutton BridgeEngine lost power and under carriage collapsed while landing.
29th MayFury IIK82282 FTSRAF WaddingtonDived in during a slow roll at the Empire Air Day at the base. 1 killed.
3rd JuneHart TrainerK57943 FTSnr RAF GranthamOvershot a forced landing and hit a hedge.
7th JuneAudax IK73353 FTSRAF GranthamLanded cross-wind and the wing hit the ground.
10th JuneGordon IK17383 ATCRAF Sutton BridgeBounced on landing and overturned.
10th JuneTutor IK3386RAFCBarkston LGStalled while on approach.
18th JuneHart TrainerK50413 FTSLincolnshireHit a tree while on approach to a unknown LG.
21st JuneHart TrainerK58362 FTSRAF DigbyBlind flying hood detached causing the pilot to be unsighted. Resulting in a very heavy landing.
8th JulyHind IK5405No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonLanding accident.
26th JulyAudax IK51442 FTSRAF DigbyBounced during a night landing and overturned.
29th JulyHind IK5404No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonHit slipstream on take-off, braked and overturned.
2nd AugustFury IK566611 FTSHolbeach RangeSlammed in to the ground after an attack run.
4th AugustAudax IK52536 FTSnr RAF Sutton BridgeEngine stalled on approach just short of the base in bad visibility. 2 killed.
9th AugustHeyford IIIK6867No.9 Sqn RAF ScamptonSuffered engine failure during a night take-off.
16th AugustHind IK6746No.50 SqnWoodhall SpaCollided with K6748 (Hind I) during a formation change.
16th AugustHind IK6748No.50 SqnWoodhall SpaCollided with K6746 (Hind I) during a formation change.
17th AugustShark IIK8498No.810 Sqn FAADonna Nook RangeLost a wing during a dive. 2 killed.
1st SeptemberHeyford IIIK5190No.9 SqnAisthorpe HouseHit trees and Aisthorpe House while on approach to RAF Scampton
20th OctoberWellesley IK7738No.35 SqnNew LeakeHit the ground during bad visibility. 3 killed.
22nd OctoberAudax IK74702 FTSLincolnshireCrashed in bad visibility.
2nd NovemberWellesley IK7727No.148 SqnRAF ScamptonUnder carriage collapsed during a heavy landing.
1st DecemberFury IIK82586 FTSSutton BridgeUndershot the landing and hit a bank.
16th DecemberWellesley IK7721No.148 Sqnnr RAF ScamptonStalled on approach and lost part of the wing. Causing the aircraft to hit a haystack.


5th JanuaryHeyford IIIK6865No.9 SqnRAF ScamptonSuffered engine failure and hit the ground while on Theddlethorpe Range, but managed to return to base. On landing the under carriage collapsed.
8th JanuaryBlenheim IK7150No.110 SqnRAF WaddingtonUnder carriage collapsed after a heavy landing.
14th JanuaryHind IK6750No.50 Sqnnr RAF WaddingtonEngine cut resulting in a forced landing. On landing the under carriage collapsed.
18th JanuaryBlenheim IK7145No.110 SqnRAF WaddingtonUnder carriage not locked down causing it to collapse on landing.
27th JanuaryBlenheim IK7078No.44 Sqnnr Blue Bell Inn, Tattershall ThorpeAbandoned after control of the aircraft was lost.
27th JanuaryBlenheim IK7134No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonUnder carriage retracted by mistake after landing.
17th FebruaryTutor IK3438RAFCBarkston LGUndershot the landing and hit a wall.
21st FebruaryTutor IK6125RAFCRAF CranwellUndershot the landing and crashed on the South part of the airfield.
1st MarchFury IK287811 FTSnr SleafordSuffered engine failure.
1st MarchHind IK6803No.113 SqnGranthamUndershot the landing and hit a hedge.
21st MarchGladiator IK7959No.73 Sqnnr RAF DigbyOvershot it's glide path and hit the ground. 1 killed.
31st MarchHind IK6643No.49 SqnRAF ScamptonCollided with K6753 (Hind I). 1 killed.
31st MarchHind IK6753No.49 SqnRAF ScamptonCollided with K6643 (Hind I). 2 killed.
4th AprilHart TrainerK5849RAFCRAF CranwellEngine stalled on landing, causing the wing to hit the ground.
7th AprilBlenheim IK7168No.61 SqnRAF HemswellRetracked the under carriage by mistake on landing.
22nd AprilBlenheim IK7146No.110 SqnCrowlandLost control and dived in. 3 killed.
22nd AprilBlenheim IK7127No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonSuffered engine failure on take-off and swung. 1 killed.
10th MayBlenheim IK7080No.144 Sqnnr RAF HemswellSuffered engine failure on take-off and crashed 1 mile West of the airfield. 2 killed.
10th MayFury IK5677RAFCRAF CranwellHit slipstream on take-off and hit the ground. Causing the under carriage to collapse.
12th MayBlenheim IK7128No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonUnder carriage raised by mistake, during the landing.
31st MayGauntlet IIK7835No.46 Sqnnr GrimsbyGot lost at night and hit a tree, causing the aircraft to force land.
14th JuneBlenheim IK7149No.110 SqnBoothby GraffoeSuffered engine failure and belly landed.
20th JuneFury IK37302 FTSSutton BridgeHit a target during gunnery practice. 1 killed.
5th JulyHind IK5403No.50 SqnRAF WaddingtonEngine stalled on landing.
13th JulyGauntlet IIK5272No.46 Sqnnr RAF DigbyUndershot a night landing and overturned.
22nd JulyHector IK8125No.4 SqnRAF North CoatesAxle broke and lost a wheel on landing.
22nd JulyHind IK6738No.50 SqnRAF WaddingtonHit a fire tender on approach and overturned.
23rd JulyMagister IL820525 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.
7th AugustDemon IK8187No.64 SqnRAF DigbyForce landed in fog and undershot the runway.
8th AugustAnson IK8831No.233 Sqnin to the HumberLost control in cloud. 4 killed.
12th AugustWallace IIK6022E & WSnr CaythorpeFlew in to the ground in mist. 2 killed.
8th SeptemberWapiti IIaK2298E & WSRAF CranwellEngine stalled on landing.
14th SeptemberAudax IK7375RAFCAncasterSuffered engine failure and hit a hedge on landing.
14th SeptemberHurricane IL1620No.87 SqnHolbeach RangeLost control in the cloud.
15th SeptemberGauntlet IIK7840No.213 SqnStamfordCollided with L8263 (Magister).
15th SeptemberMagister IL8263No.213 SqnStamfordCollided with K7840 (Gauntlet II).
10th OctoberHart TrainerK5832RAFCWelbourn LGUndershot the landing and stalled the engine.
20th OctoberHind IK6740No.50 SqnRAF WaddingtonUndershot a night landing.
24th OctoberAudax IK5595RAFCnr RAF CranwellSuffered engine failure on approach and stalled. Crashed 1/2 mile NE of the airfield.
25th OctoberAudax IK7501No.11 FTSDeeping St JamesCollided with K7436 (Audax), and abandoned the aircraft.
28th OctoberGauntlet IIK5345No.17 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeUndershot a night approach.
3rd NovemberTurret Demon IK5712No.23 SqnBarholmeCollided with K5730 (Turret Demon) and abandoned.
3rd NovemberTurret Demon IK5730No.23 SqnUffingtonCollided with K5712 (Turret Demon). 1 killed.
7th NovemberBlenheim IL1160No.61 Sqnin the WashNo further information found.
18th NovemberHart IK303025 E & RFTSRAF WalthamUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
24th NovemberBlenheim IK7121No.144 SqnRAF HemswellUndershot a night landing and the under carriage collapsed.
6th DecemberBlenheim IK7079No.144 Sqnnr RAF HemswellSuffered engine failure on approach and undershot the landing, hitting a hedge.
10th DecemberFury IK19401 AASnr HorncastleSuffered engine failure and force landed, hitting a hedge.


10th JanuarySpitfire IK9794No.19 SqnRAF DigbyOvershot the landing and hit a fence, after the under carriage collapsed.
22nd JanuaryBlenheim IK7164No.61 SqnLincolnshireSuffered engine failure.
23rd JanuaryBlenheim IK7081No.144 SqnRAF Kirton-in-LindseySuffered engine failure and belly landed.
24th JanuaryWallace IIK60673 ATCRAF Sutton BridgeUndershot the landing, hit a bank and overturned. 1 killed.
24th JanuaryBlenheim IL1199No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonCrashed on landing.
30th JanuaryBlenheim IK7138No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonSuffered engine failure on approach, causing the wing to hit the ground and the aircraft cart wheeled.
7th FebruaryTutor IK3217RAFCRAF CranwellHit a hedge on take-off.
15th FebruaryBlenheim IL1155No.44 SqnRAF North CoatesSuffered engine failure on take-off and stalled.
15th FebruaryTutor IK3247SFRAF GranthamUndershot the landing and hit wires.
17th FebruaryTutor IK2513RAFCRAF CranwellUndershot the landing to avoid a man on the airfield and hit cables.
24th FebruaryHurricane IL1795No.46 SqnRAF DigbyLanding accident.
9th MarchHurricane IL1576No.73 SqnRAF DigbyUndershot the landing.
10th MarchHurricane IL1809No.213 Sqnnr GranthamAbandoned 1 mile NW of Grantham.
14th MarchBlenheim IK7144No.110 SqnLincolnshireSuffered engine failure.
20th MarchHampden IL4082No.50 SqnBoultham Baths, LincolnLost control. 4 killed.
18th AprilHurricane IL1633No.73 SqnRAF DigbyUndershot during a night approach.
21st AprilHurricane IL1570No.73 SqnRAF DigbyCrashed on take-off.
2nd MayHurricane IL1647No.32 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeTaxied in to a tractor.
8th MayAudax IK7377RAFCStubtonCollided with K7458 (Audax) during an attack on a drouge. 1 killed.
8th MayAudax IK7458RAFCStubtonCollided with K7377 (Audax) during an attack on a drouge. 1 killed.
8th MayHampden IL4101No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
9th MayWallace IK35701 AASTheddlethorpe RangeTow cable caught the tail. 2 killed.
9th MayHurricane IL1566No.73 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeEngine stalled on approach.
23rd MayHampden IL4155No.7 SqnBeckinghamLost control while changing formation.
2nd JuneHampden IL4128No.144 SqnRAF HemswellCrashed while on approach. 3 killed.
7th JuneBlenheim IFL1464No.29 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeCrashed while night landing.
10th JuneAudax IK746119 E & RFTSStamfordUndershot a forced landing and hit a fence.
19th JuneHurricane IL1797No.46 SqnRAF DigbyCrashed on landing.
26th JuneHart TrainerK475912 FTSRAF GranthamSwung on landing and tipped up.
3rd JulyHampden IL4122No.144 SqnRAF HemswellUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
12th JulyAudax IK74862 FTSoff Lincolnshire coastNo further information found.
18th JulyHampden IL4046No.44 SqnCorby GlenGot lost in the cloud. 4 killed.
25th JulyBlenheim IFL1465No.23 SqnHumby, nr GranthamCollided with K4977 (Hart Trainer). 1 killed.
25th JulyHart TrainerK497712 FTSHumby, nr GranthamCollided with L1465 (Blenheim IF).
25th JulyHurricane IL1580No.73 SqnRAF DigbyCrashed on landing.
1st AugustHampden IL4039No.49 SqnRAF ScamptonOvershot the landing.
4th AugustHurricane IL1582No.73 SqnRAF DigbyCrashed on landing.
7th AugustHampden IL4061No.83 SqnRAF ScamptonSuffered engine failure on take-off.
15th AugustWallace IK43392 FTSRAF North CoatesSuffered a heavy landing.
16th AugustBlenheim IFL1436No.25 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeBelly landed after problems with the under carriage.
24th AugustHampden IL4130No.144 SqnRAF HemswellUnder carriage collapsed on landing.