1920's Incident Logs

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5th OctoberAvro 504KH9853Cadet CollagePeascliffe Tunnel, GranthamNo further information found.


12th DecemberAvro 504KE3446Cadet CollageLincolnshireEngine stalled.
12th DecemberAvro 504KH2446Cadet CollagePotterhanworthEngine stalled.
21st DecemberDH.9AE974No.39 SqnRAF DigbyLanded down wind and hit a cottage.


24th MayF.2bJ6673No.2 SqnLincolnshireNo further information found.
15th JuneAvro 504KJ734No.100 SqnRAF GranthamEngine stalled on take-off.
7th JulyAvro 504KF8747RAFCRAF CranwellCollided with H2364 while landing.
7th JulyAvro 504KH2364RAFCRAF CranwellCollided with F8747 while landing.
10th OctoberVimy IVF9151No.100 SqnRAF GranthamHit a hangar.
26th OctoberAvro 504KH9827RAFCHaddingtonSuffered a fire while in the air.
7th NovemberAvro 504KJ739No.100 SqnLincolnshireCollided with H5252.
9th NovemberAvro 504KD7191RAFCRAF CranwellStalled on landing.


2nd FebruaryAvro 504KJ732No.39 SqnRAF GranthamSpun in.
28th FebruaryDH.9AE967No.39 SqnRAF GranthamStalled whilst turning straight after take-off.
24th AprilDH.9AE8489No.39 SqnRAF GranthamSpun in straight after take-off. 2 killed.
26th JuneVimy IVF9163No.100 SqnRAF GranthamStarboard engine failed on take-off.
6th JulyAvro 504KE3507No.100 SqnLincolnshireEngine stalled.
18th JulyAvro 504KD8843RAFCHardwickEngine stalled and spun in.
31st JulyF.2bE2431RAFCRAF CranwellEngine stalled on landing.
8th AugustAvro 504KH2002No.100 SqnLincolnshireEngine stalled, and sideslipped.
29th SeptemberDH.9AE8695No.39 SqnRAF GranthamDived in straight after take-off. 2 killed.
12th OctoberAvro 504KD8845RAFCnr RAF CranwellSuffered engine failure and hit a tree.


5th JuneDH.9AE8654No.39 Sqnnr RAF GranthamCollided with J7087. 2 killed.
5th JuneDH.9AJ7087No.39 Sqn nr RAF GranthamCollided with E8654. 2 killed.
13th OctoberAvro 504KE3725RAFCRAF CranwellHit by E4197 while on the ground.
13th OctoberAvro 504KE4197RAFCRAF CranwellHit E3725 on take-off.
4th NovemberAvro 504KH9813No.2 FTSLincolnshireDived in from a turn.


30th MarchF.2bF4692No.2 FTSRAF CranwellCollided with D4432 during take-off.
30th MarchAvro 504KD4432RAFCRAF CranwellCollided with F4692 during take-off.
19th MaySnipeE6476No.2 FTSRAF DigbyHit by a Bristol F.2b while on the ground.
25th MayFawn IIJ7226No.100 SqnLincolnshireSpun in from a turn.
3rd JuneAvro 504KE9370No.2 FTSLincolnshireStalled from a turn.
10th JuneGloster IIJ7505A & AEERAF CranwellCrashed on landing.
16th SeptemberF.2bN/KNo.2 FTSnr RAF CranwellSpun in from 1800ft. 2 killed.


8th JuneSnipeE6310RAFCRAF CranwellSwung on take-off and hit J7318.
29th SeptemberDH.9AJ7812No.39 SqnManor House, GosbertonNo further information found.
20th OctoberFawn IIJ7223No.100 SqnBulbySuffered engine failure and force landed.
12th NovemberDH.9AJ7354RAFCLincolnshireCrashed and caught fire.


11th AprilAvro 504KF9721RAFCCanwickCrashed on take-off after forced landing.
2nd MayAvro 504NN/KNo.2 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.
14th MayHyderbad IJ7751No.99 SqnDogo Sands, SkegnessForce landed on Dogo Sands, 6 miles off the Skegness coast.
20th JulyDH.9AJ7074No.39 SqnWykeham, SpaldingNo further information found.
20th JulyGrebe IIJ7580No.19 SqnHolbeach RangeNo further information found.
20th JulyGamecock IJ7907No.32 SqnHolbeach Range1 killed.
30th NovemberAvro 504NJ8576No.2 FTSRAF CranwellHit by J8476.


27th FebruaryAvro 504KE3269No.2 FTSTemple BruerOvershot and stalled.
12th MarchAvro 504NE9457RAFCLincolnshireNo further information found.
27th MarchF.2b J typeF4826No.2 Sqnnr StamfordNo further information found.
26th AprilSiskin IIIAJ8956RAFCRAF CranwellSuffered engine failure and dived in.
8th MaySiskin IIIAJ8402No.41 SqnHolbeach Range1 killed.
30th MayF.2b J typeF4965No.2 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeNo further information found.
31st MayAtlas IJ8793No.13 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeNo further information found.
20th JuneDH.9AJ8489No.2 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.
2nd AugustWoodcock IIJ7974No.3 SqnHolbeach Range1 killed.
6th AugustHyderbadJ8807?North Somercoates BeachForce landed on the beach after a possible technical fault. The aircraft was repaired and returned to flight.
14th AugustGamecock IJ7914No.23 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeStalled on take-off. 1 killed.
17th AugustAvro 504NJ9016No.2 FTSRAF DigbyHit J7795. 1 killed.
17th AugustDH.9AJ7795No.2 FTSRAF DigbyHit J9016. 1 killed.
30th AugustAvro 504NH2201No.2 FTSLincolnshireStalled and spun in.
14th SeptemberAvro 504NJ8536RAFCRAF CranwellHit by J8214.
3rd OctoberDH.9AJ8216RAFCRAF CranwellHit by J8575
7th NovemberAvro 504NN/KNo.2 FTSnr Boothby Graffoe1 killed.
24th NovemberAvro 504NN/KNo.3 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.
7th DecemberAvro 504NJ8516No.503 SqnLincolnshireNo further information found.


4th FebruaryDH.9AJ7802No.2 FTSRAF DigbyCollided with J9018 while landing.
4th FebruaryAvro 504NJ9018No.2 FTSRAF DigbyCollided with J7802 while landing.
4th FebruaryF.2bF4939RAFCRAF CranwellCrashed while landing.
4th MarchFawn IIJ6991No.503 SqnMetheringhamNo further information found.
7th MarchAvro 504NJ8692RAFCRAF CranwellCrashed on landing after avoiding other aircraft.
3rd AprilVimy IVF9159No.2 FTSLincolnshireForce landed and tipped on to it's nose.
24th AprilAvro 504NH236No.2 FTSRAF DigbyUndershot the landing and hit a hut.
29th AprilFox IJ8425No.12 SqnRAF North CoatesCrashed on landing.
2nd MayAtlas TMJ9470No.3 FTSnr RAF GranthamSpun in near the base.
23rd MayDH.9AJ8210RAFCAncasterForce landed en route to RAF Waddington.
20th JuneDH.9AJ8133RAFCRAF CranwellCrashed after landing while trying to avoid other aircraft.
10th JulyAvro 504NJ9013RAFCLincolnshireForce landed in a field and tipped on to it's nose.
13th AugustAvro 504NJ8769No.3 FTSLincolnshirePilot fell out and parachuted.
14th AugustGamecock IJ7914No.23 SqnRAF Sutton BridgeEngine stalled on take-off.
3rd SeptemberAtlas TMJ9457No.3 FTSnr RAF GranthamAbandoned in spinning test.
19th SeptemberF.2bH1644No.2 FTSHolton-le- MoorSuffered engine failure and dived in.
23rd SeptemberAtlas TMJ9471No.3 FTSHarrowby Hall FarmNo further information found.
21st OctoberAvro 504NJ9014No.2 FTSTemple BruerStalled during a practice forced landing.
22nd OctoberAvro 504NJ8567No.2 FTSLincolnshireNo further information found.
22nd OctoberSiskin IIIAJ9366RAFCRAF CranwellCrashed while landing.
18th DecemberAvro 504NJ8701No.3 FTSnr Blue Harbour Inn, GranthamCrashed on to the road and hit a motorbike.