1970's Incident Logs

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30th AprilJet Provost T.4XP566RAFCSleafordCrashed during a night approach to RAF Cranwell, sadly killing the pilot.


12th AugustVulcan B.2XL384No.617 Sqn Scampton The aircraft was severely damaged by a fire in No1 alternator which burnt a hole in the bulk head between No1 and No2 engines. It was eventually declared Cat 5 and used as a spares source. Allocated to 8505M at Scampton, and in November 1981 was towed round to the fire dump, lowered to the ground and used for fire training. No injures reported, thanks to Matthew Clements for additional detail.
5th OctoberCanberra E.15WH973No.98 SqnLobthorpeLost control and crashed while in the circuit for RAF Cottesmore. No injures reported.


26th AprilHarrier GR.1XV749No.1 SqnTheddlethorpeCrashed into the North Sea one mile off Theddlethorpe after a bird strike. Flt. Lt. J. Marshall ejected safely.


No Incidents Reported.


29th OctoberLightning F.6XR768No.5 SqnNorth SeaCrashed into the North Sea off Mablethorpe, following a reheat fire in No 2 engine. Flt. Lt. T. W. Jones ejected safely.
11th NovemberBuccaneer S.2DXV351809 NASWainfleet RangeCrashed into the mud flats at Range. Both Lt. D. Thomson and Lt. S.J. Kershaw ejected, but Lt. S.J. Kershaw was sadly killed.


3rd MarchPhantom FGR.2XV416No.111 SqnRiver WithamCrashed into the River Witham shortly after take off from RAF Coningsby, after engine failure. Both Flt. Lt. P. Trotter and Flt. Off. P. Tolman ejected safely.
5th NovemberF-111E68-06079 FTS USAFin the WashSuffered a bird strike and crashed in to the sea.
24th NovemberPhantom FGR.2XV405228 OCUNorth SeaCrashed into the sea off Skegness after the pilot lost control. Both Flt. Lt. Smith and Flt. Lt. Lunn ejected safely.


23rd JulyPhantom FGR.2XV417No.29 SqnNorth SeaWhilst over the North Sea the starboard wing tip folded when pulling 5G. Caused by a loose outer wing securing bolt. Both Capt. B. A. Newberry and Flt. Lt. J. W. Jackson ejected safely and the aircraft crashed into the sea off Mablethorpe.


17th JanuaryVulcan B.2XM600No.101 SqnSpilsbyCrashed after the crew abandoned the aircraft due to a fire in the bomb bay caused by a fault on the Ram Air Turbine which was being tested in flight as standard practise on return to base. All five of the crew exited safely including Flt. Lt. R. M. Aspinall and Flt. Lt. A.Ryder. This was a rare occasion where all of the crew were able to depart the aircraft safely in flight. Additional information courtesy of Matthew Clements.


6th OctoberMirage III3810th FS French AFBradleySuffered engine failure while on approach to RAF Binbrook.


8th NovemberHarrier GR.3XV756No.1 SqnHolbeach RangeCrashed after suffering ricochet damage during firing. Flt. Lt. Boyens ejected safely.
12th DecemberF-111E68-04579 TFS USAFFreistonCrashed during an attack run to Holbeach Range.