1980's Incident Logs

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5th MarchPhantom FRG.2XV436No.29 Sqn ConingsbyMissed the cable during an emergency landing at night following hydraulic failure. The crew ejected as it ran off the runway and into a field. Flt Off A.C.Cairncross sustained no injures, but Flt Lt N.B.Randall was badly injured.
8th MayJet Provost T.5AXW314RAFC SwinderbyCrashed after the student had mishandled the aircraft during a spin, and the instructor was unable to recover the aircraft. Flt Lt C.Massey and Flt Lt P.Jones both ejected safely.


9th JanuaryA-10A77-025881 TFW USAFDonna Nook RangeThe aircraft was climbing out after a straffing run, when it turned on it's back and dived in to the water. The pilot was sadly killed.
8th MayA-10A79-008381 TFW USAFWainfleet RangeNo further information found.


14th AprilPhantom FRG.2XT912228 OCUWalcotThe aircraft collided with the underside of Phantom FGR.2 XT903. Both Sqn Ldr George and Sqn Ldr Slocum ejected safely, but sustained major injures
12th MayTornado GR.1ZA330TTTE ConingsbyDuring a "touch and go" the tail pipes made contact with the runway. Causing the aircraft to slide along on it's belly. No injures were reported.


9th SeptemberLightning T.5XS457No.5 Sqn BinbrookUnder carriage collapsed while taxiing.
28th OctoberHarrier GR.3XV742233 OCUHolbeach Weapons RangeCrashed onto Holbeach Range, after possibly being hit by a ricochet. Flying Officer John Richard Sewell made no attempt to eject and was killed when the aircraft hit the ground.


15th AugustJet Provost T.3AXN4737 FTS CranwellThe pilot noticed a flock of birds during take off and elected to land rather than fly through them. The heavy landing burst both main tyres and collapsed the nose wheel leg. No injures reported.
8th NovemberLightning F.6XR761No.5 SqnNorth SeaThe aircraft burnt off fuel after suffering pitch trimmer failure on take off from Binbrook. Fire started in both engines. Crashed into the North Sea. Flt Lt M.D.Hale ejected safely with only minor injuries.


6th MarchLightning F.6XR772No.5 Sqn20 miles NE of SkegnessPilot lost control in a spin, and crashed into the North Sea. The pilot ejected but was killed


13th JuneF-16AJ-626311 Sqn RNLAFHolbeach RangeNo further information found.
3rd NovemberHawk T.1AXX297Red Arrows ScamptonEngine surged and cut after the aircraft flew into the jet wash of the leading aircraft. Unable to relight the engine during a display practice. Flt Lt D.Findlay ejected safely.


19th MarchLightning F.3XP707LTF BinbrookThe pilot lost control during a practice display, due to a ventral tank problem. The aircraft crashed 500 meter's outside the airfield boundary. Flt Lt R.B.Lennon ejected safely.
3rd JuneTornado GR.1ZA366TWCUManbyFifteen minutes into a low level sortie the control panels caught fire. Both W/C A.V.B.Hawken and W/C N.R.Irving ejected, but sustained major injuries.
16th NovemberHawk T.1XX241Red ArrowsWeltonThe aircraft had a wing tip collision with XX259 during a practice. Sqn Ldr Tim Miller ejected safely.
16th NovemberHawk T.1AXX259Red ArrowsWeltonThe aircraft had a wing tip collision with XX241 during a practice. Flt Lt M.J. "Spike" Newbury ejected safely.


22nd JanuaryHawk T.1AXX243Red Arrows ScamptonFlew in to the ground while doing a low level practice. Flt Lt N.MacLachlan was sadly killed.
24th JuneHawk T.1XX304Red Arrows ScamptonThe aircraft crashed shortly after take-off at about 140 knots. Sqn Ldr Pete J. Collins deputy leader, ejected, but suffered back and facial injuries.


No Incidents reported