World War One Incident Logs

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19th AugustS.3864RNAS ImminghamLincolnshireNo further information found.
11th NovemberPusher Biplane or Seaplane899RNAS KillinghomeLincolnshireNo further information found.


5th MayPusher Biplane or Seaplane897RNAS KillinghomeRNAS KillinghomeUndercarriage caught barbed wire on take-off.
25th AugustBE.2c1055RNAS KillinghomeLincolnshireNo further details found.
5th NovemberJN-33418RNAS Killinghomenr. SpilsbySuffered engine failure and crashed.
7th NovemberBE.2c1137RNAS Killinghomein the HumberNose dived into the Humber Estuary.
14th NovemberBE.2c1140RNAS KillinghomeLincolnshireNo further information found.
19th NovemberJN-38394RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further details found.
18th DecemberBE.2c1113RNAS KillinghomeLincolnshireNo further information found.


6th FebruaryJN-38396RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
4th AprilBE.2c2620No. 15 SquadronTealbyNo further information found.
8th AprilSchneider3728RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
23rd MayLonghorn S.78605RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellHit wall while landing.
14th JuneBE.2c1141RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellLanding accident.
15th AugustLonghorn S.73008RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellNo further information found.
? SeptemberRP Fighting Machine9498Robey PetersBracebridge HeathCrashed on to the roof of St John's Asylum during a test flight.
8th SeptemberScout D8975RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireSuffered a collision with 5564 (BE.2c), coming out of cloud. 1 killed.
8th AprilSchneider3728RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
26th SeptemberScout D3016RNASTE CranwellLincolnshire1 killed.
4th OctoberShorthorn S.11A324RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
5th OctoberBE.2c8429RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
16th OctoberFBA Type A3642RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
22nd OctoberLonghorn S.73009RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
5th NovemberBaby8131RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
8th NovemberAvro 504B1049RNASTE CranwellLincolnshire1 killed.
27th NovemberFE.2bNKNo.33 SqnRFC BrattlebySuffered engine failure on take-off, after a Zeppelin alert.
27th NovemberFE.2bNKNo.33 SqnRFC ElshamSuffered engine failure on take-off, after a Zeppelin alert.
5th DecemberAvro 504BN5250RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
24th DecemberBE.126661No.33 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.


4th FebruaryBE.2c4336RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellGot lost in the mist and force landed, finishing in a hedge.
14th FebruaryBE.2c8423RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellOverturned.
1st MarchScout DN5410RNAS CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
9th MarchScout C3034RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
11th MarchDH.2A5051No.45 SqnRFC South Carlton1 killed.
17th MarchRE.8A3440No.37 SqnRFC ScamptonDived in during a steep turn. 1 killed.
1st AprilAvro 504B9870RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
4th AprilAvro 504BB389No.69 SqnRFC South Carlton1 killed.
7th AprilDH.2A2588No.45 SqnRFC South CarltonDived in following a steep turn. 1 killed.
10th AprilNieuport 12A5187No.65 SqnRFC GranthamCircled the airfield after take-off and hit a hangar. 1 killed.
17th AprilRE.8NKNo.37 SqnRFC Scampton1 killed.
28th AprilSchneider3733RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
3rd MayShorthorn S.11A7094No.47 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
4th MayRE.8A3497No.37 SqnScampton1 killed.
17th MayRP Fighting Machine9499Robey PetersBracebridge HeathCrashed on maiden flight.
26th MayAvro 504E9285RNAS FreistonRNAS FreistonSuffered an engine failure whilst banking, causing the engine to stall, which sent the aircraft in to a spin. 1 killed.
28th MayPupB1735No.48 SqnLincolnshireCrashed in a wood.
30th MayDH.4A2164No.44 SqnRFC HarlaxtonBanked in too steeply causing the aircraft to spin in. 1 killed.
31st MayAvro 504NKNo.45 SqnRFC South Carlton1 killed.
2nd JuneSchneider3800RNAS Killingholmein The HumberSuffered engine failure causing the aircraft to spin and dive in to the Humber. 1 killed.
7th JuneScout DA1790RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellCrashed in a field West of the airfield. 1 killed.
13th JuneShort 8278227RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellNo further information found.
15th JunePupB1734No.45 SqnRFC South CarltonSpun in. 1 killed.
15th JuneAvro 504AA8522No.69 SqnRFC South Carlton1 killed.
20th JuneBE.2eA8678No.51 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
22nd JuneShort 1848390RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
25th JuneBE.2c1151RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
27th JuneBE.2c1114RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
30th JuneBE.2c1048RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
3rd JulyFK.8A2727No.37 SqnRFC ScamptonNo further information found.
5th JulyAvro 504GN5805RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
7th JulyRE.8A3498No.60 SqnRFC Scampton1 killed.
10th JulyStrutterA8204No.54 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
11th JulyPupA6226No.81 SqnRFC ScamptonEngine cowling came off, causing the aircraft to turn and nose dive in.
13th JulyAvro 504C3315RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
15th JulyShorthorn S11A6853No.48 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
18th JulyBE.2c1145RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellNo further information found.
18th JulyAvro 504AA5930No.60 SqnRFC Scampton1 killed.
21st JulyJN-33390RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
21st JulyBE.2c9462RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellNo further information found.
26th JulyFE.2bA5654No.33 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
28th JulyRE.8A3496No.60 SqnRFC Scampton1 killed.
28th JulyG102A6269No.61 SqnRFC South Carlton1 killed.
7th AugustAvro 504B1028RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
7th AugustRE.72362RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
8th AugustAvro 504BN5254RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
13th AugustStrutterN5637RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
14th AugustAvro 504C3320RNASTE CranwellLincolnshire1 killed.
14th AugustShorthorn S11B4657No.48 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
15th AugustFE.2DA6351No.33 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
15th AugustAvro 504BN5278RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
16th AugustBE.2c988RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellSuffered engine failure on landing and side slipped. 2 killed.
17th AugustDH.5A9441No.45 SqnRFC South Carlton1 killed.
20th AugustBE.2c1122RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
21st AugustScout DA1771RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
22nd AugustJN-48864RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
22nd AugustAvro 504BN5274RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
24th AugustBabyN5274RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
27th AugustDH.4A2147No.61 Sqnnr Burton CogglesLost it's wings at 1500ft. 2 killed.
4th SeptemberPup9908RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireSuffered engine failure and force landed, finishing in a hedge.
5th SeptemberBE.2c9956RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellCaught fire.
5th SeptemberDH.4A2152No.44 SqnRFC HarlaxtonPort wings collapsed causing the aircraft to spin. 1 killed.
6th SeptemberBaby8166NKRNAS KillingholmeCrashed during landing after a flight from Felixstowe.
12th SeptemberDH.5A9275No.68 SqnRFC Harlaxton1 killed.
12th SeptemberShorthorn S11A7091No.47 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
18th SeptemberStrutter9893RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
21st SeptemberBE.2eB3704RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireForce landed during darkness.
25th SeptemberFE.2dA12No.33 SqnLincolnshireCrashed during a Zeppelin patrol. 1 Killed.
30th SeptemberBE.2eA1292No.82 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
2nd OctoberAvro 504C1493RNAS FreistonLincolnshireNo further information found.
2nd OctoberShorthorn S11B4682No.39 SqnRFC South Carlton1 killed.
6th OctoberBE.2eA1876No.61 SqnRFC South Carlton1 killed.
9th OctoberBE.2c1738RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellCollided with 3302 (Avro 504C). 1 killed.
9th OctoberAvro 504C3302RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellCollided with 1738 (BE.2C). 1 killed.
10th OctoberDH.4B3959No.44 SqnRFC HarlaxtonEngine stalled on take-off. 1 killed.
16th OctoberBE.2eA1329RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellSuffered a engine failure, nit a hedge and finished in a ditch.
16th OctoberShorthorn S11A4134No.39 SqnRFC South CarltonSuffered a engine failure and side slipped, causing the aircraft to spin in. 2 killed.
20th OctoberFE.2bA5656No.33 SqnLincolnshireSuffered engine failure during a Zeppelin petrol. 1 killed.
27th OctoberBE.2c980RNASTE Cranwellnr BardneySuffered engine failure.
3rd NovemberAvro 504JB3194No.81 Sqnnr RFC ScamptonCollided with B3224 (Avro 504J). 1 killed.
3rd NovemberAvro 504JB3224No.81 Sqnnr RFC ScamptonCollided with B3194 (Avro 504J). 1 killed.
10th NovemberDH.4A7698No.51 SqnRFC WaddingtonSuffered a flat spin while on approach. 1 killed.
11th NovemberShorthorn S11B2009No.26 SqnRFC Harlaxton1 killed.
16th NovemberDH.4A7711No.44 SqnRFC HarlaxtonHit a tree while on approach. 1 killed.
16th NovemberDH.4A7787No.61 SqnRFC South CarltonAttempted a forced landing after a engine failure, and side slipped to avoid a near by church. 1 killed.
17th NovemberFE.2bB416No.33 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
17th NovemberAvro 504JB4294No.11 SqnRFC Scampton1 killed.
26th NovemberAvro 504C1496RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellStalled whilst turning, causing the aircraft to spin in.
30th NovemberFE.2dA6416No.33 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
3rd DecemberBE.2eB3702RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellCaught fire. 1 killed.
6th DecemberAvro 504B9875RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
7th DecemberPupB2246No.54 SqnRFC HarlaxtonSpun in. 1 killed.
8th DecemberAvro 504C1492RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellCrashed on landing due to a under carriage failure.
8th DecemberBE.2C8300RNASTE CranwellBranstonNo further information found.
11th DecemberStrutterN5167RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
13th DecemberCamelB5678RNASTE CranwellRauceby Gun PostNo further information found.
15th DecemberFK.8B294No.37 SqnRFC Grantham1 killed.
18th DecemberCamelB9182RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellSuffered engine failure on take-off.
20th DecemberFK.3A1488No.37 SqnRFC Grantham1 killed.
28th DecemberAvro 504B9863RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.


3rd JanuaryPupB6031RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell (South)No further information found.
3rd JanuaryDH.6C2018No.48 SqnRFC Waddington2 killed.
5th JanuaryBabyN1103RNAS Killingholmeoff the Lincolnshire coastNo further information found.
6th JanuaryBE.2eA1350No.51 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
6th JanuaryCamelB5708RNASTE CranwellRowstonNo further information found.
7th JanuaryDH.6A9593No.20 SqnRFC HarlaxtonCollided with A9637 (DH.6). 1 killed.
7th JanuaryDH.6A9637No.20 SqnRFC HarlaxtonCollided with A9593 (DH.6). 1 killed.
11th JanuaryBE.2eB3718RNASTE CranwellRowstonNo further information found.
12th JanuaryFE.2bA5626No.33 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
13th JanuaryShort Improved 184N1655RNAS Killingholmein the HumberNo further information found.
14th JanuaryPup9923RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
21st JanuaryDH.4B3960No.51 SqnRFC WaddingtonSuffered a collision with an unknown aircraft.
21st JanuaryDH.5B4908No.61 SqnRFC South Carlton1 killed.
22nd JanuaryCamelB5672RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell (South)Suffered engine failure and spun in. 1 killed.
25th JanuaryAvro 504BN6155RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
26th JanuaryDH.6A9669No.53 SqnRFC HarlaxtonNo further information found.
27th JanuaryDH.6C6806No.53 SqnRFC Harlaxton1 killed.
27th JanuaryAvro 504JB3230No.61 SqnRFC South Carlton2 killed.
29th JanuaryAvro 504BN6667RNASTE CranwellRauceby Gun Station1 killed.
30th JanuaryBE.2eA8699RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellDestroyed on the ground in dense fog.
31st JanuaryFE.2bA5639No.33 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
? FebruaryCamelB4642No.3 AAPSpaldingNo further information found.
4th FebruaryFK.3B9538No.50 SqnRFC Grantham1 killed.
5th FebruaryShorthorn S11B4795No.47 SqnRFC Waddington2 killed.
6th FebruaryPup9902RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
11th FebruaryRE.8A3881No.53 SqnRFC Harlaxton1 killed.
12th FebruaryBE.2c8416RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell (North)No further information found.
16th FebruaryPupB2208RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireSuffered a collision with B2181 (?).
20th FebruaryCamelB5616RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell weather stationNo further information found.
21st FebruaryBE.2eB3743RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell (North)No further information found.
22nd FebruaryShort 320N1374RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
23rd FebruaryAvro 504C1494RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
23rd FebruaryCamelB5718RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellOverturned.
25th FebruaryRE.8B6635No.48 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
27th FebruaryBE.2c8302RNASTE Cranwellnr RFC GranthamSuffered engine failure and spun in near the airfield. 1 killed.
4th MarchNieuport 128741RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell (South)No further information found.
5th MarchCamelB7281No.11 SqnRFC ScamptonSuffered engine failure and stalled, causing the aircraft to attempt a forced landing. On landing caught fire. 1 killed.
9th MarchCamelB7314No.45 SqnRFC South CarltonEngine stalled during a low turn, and crashed. 1 killed.
11th MarchBE.2c8299RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell (North)No further information found.
11th MarchFE.2bB428No.38 SqnRFC Leadenham1 killed.
11th MarchPupB5980RNASTE CranwellRNAS CranwellDestroyed on the airfield by fire.
12th MarchDH.4A7692No.44 SqnRFC WaddingtonOver banked straight from take-off and stalled the engine. 2 killed.
13th MarchBE.2EB3720RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell (South)No further information found.
14th MarchPup9925RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell (South)No further information found.
14th MarchDH.4A7886No.44 SqnLincolnshireCaught fire while in the air.
14th MarchAvro 504BN6657RNASTE CranwellRNAS Cranwell (South)No further information found.
16th MarchCamelB7319No.81 SqnRFC Scampton1 killed.
19th MarchBE.2c9474RNASTE CranwellPotterhanworthNo further information found.
20th MarchScout C3054RNASTE Cranwellnr RFC Cranwell1 killed.
20th MarchPup9935RNAS FreistonLincolnshireNo further information found.
20th MarchCamelC82634 AAPAncasterCrashed on delivery flight. 1 killed.
21st MarchCamelB5709RNASTE CranwellWilloughbyNo further information found.
22nd MarchPupB6022RNASTE CranwellLincolnshireNo further information found.
22nd MarchPupC232RNAS FreistonLincolnshireNo further information found.
22nd MarchDH.6C7274No.47 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
23rd MarchCamelB7242RNASTE Cranwellnr Caythorpe1 killed.
23rd MarchFK.3B9600No.48 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
24th MarchRE.8A4493No.64 SqnRFC Harlaxton2 killed.
25th MarchRE.8B6637No.20 SqnRFC Harlaxton2 killed.
26th MarchFE.2bB1900No.33 SqnLincolnshire2 killed.
29th MarchShort 320N1389RNAS KillingholmeRNAS KillingholmeSuffered engine failure during landing.
30th MarchBE.2eA8677No.51 SqnRFC Waddington1 killed.
30th MarchBabyN1320RNAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
1st AprilBE.2c86204 SoAF & BDRAF FreistonVertical bank near the ground.
1st AprilBE.2eB3742201 TDSLincolnshireDamaged it's wings and prop.
2nd AprilScout C1247201 TDSBrauncewellNo further information found.
2nd AprilCamelD6470No.81 SqnLincolnshireBroke up after starting to spin. 1 killed.
3rd AprilBE.2c9986No.44 SqnRAF CranwellHit B6064 (Pup) on the ground.
3rd AprilPupB6064201 TDSRAF CranwellHit on the ground by 9986 (BE.2C).
3rd AprilDH.4A7792No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonCaught by a gust of wind while landing. Engine stalled and caused the aircraft to spin in.
3rd AprilCamelD647281 SqnLincolnshirePilot thrown out the aircraft when his seat belt came undone. 1 killed.
4th AprilScout DN5405201 TDSLincolnshireNo further information found.
4th AprilFE.2bA5508No.38 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
19th AprilRE.8C2373No.38 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
20th AprilRE.8B4067No.20 SqnRAF Harlaxton1 killed.
20th AprilCamelC8209No.81 SqnRAF ScamptonBroke up while in a spin. 1 killed.
20th AprilFK.8B5816No.50 SqnRAF Grantham1 killed.
21st AprilAvro 504AC554No.11 SqnLincolnshire2 killed.
22nd AprilFK.8C8511No.50 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
24th AprilDH.9D2792202 TDSRAF CranwellSuffered engine trouble and stalled. 1 killed.
24th AprilShort 320N1371NAS KillingholmeLincolnshireNo further information found.
25th AprilDH.9NK202 TDSRAF CranwellSuffered engine failure and stalled, causing the aircraft to dive in.
26th AprilFE.2bB407No.33 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
26th AprilPupB60214 SoAF & GWithamCollided with B3716 (BE.2E). 1 killed.
26th AprilBE.2eB37164 SoAF & GWithamCollided with B6021 (Pup).
26th AprilCamelC13No.45 SqnRAF South CarltonEngine stalled on take-off.
30th AprilCamelC82334 AAPLincolnCrashed while on a test flight.
1st MayDH.6A9647No.51 SqnRAF Waddington1 killed.
1st MayDH.9C1161No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonBlocked by another aircraft landing and went in to a flat spin.
1st MayAvro 504JD173No.61 SqnWinterton1 killed.
4th MayPupB1706No.61 SqnRAF South Carlton1 killed.
8th MayRE.8B7729No.64 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
8th MayCamelD6649No.44 SqnRAF Waddington1 killed.
8th MayRE.8?4546No.53 SqnRAF Harlaxton1 killed.
9th MayCamelB7133No.61 SqnRAF South CarltonHit a tender on take-off.
9th MayDH.4B9495202 TDSRAF CranwellSuffered a flat spin and dived in. 1 killed.
9th MayCamelD6466No.45 SqnRAF South CarltonSpun in from a low level roll. 1 killed.
11th MayCamelC1618No.45 SqnRAF South CarltonStalled the engine whilst landing. 1 killed.
13th MayRE.8B5101No.51 SqnRAF Waddington1 killed.
14th MayCamelB39104 SoAFRAF FreistonStarboard wing folded after a dive on a target. 1 killed.
15th MayDH.9C1196No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonNo further information found.
16th MayAvro 504KN5817201 TDSRAF WaddingtonSpun in.
18th MayDH.9N/KNo.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonOvershot on landing and hit a hedge.
18th MayAvro 504GN5803201 TDSFreistonCollided with N6160 (Pup), causing the engine to stall and spinning in. 1 killed.
18th MayPupN61604 SoAFFreistonCollided with N5803 (Avro 504G). 1 killed.
21st MayHP 0/400B9451202 TDSRAF CranwellCrashed on landing.
22nd MayAvro 504KD6274No.61 Sqnnr LincolnSuffered a collision with E9993. 1 killed.
22nd MayAvro 504KE9993No.45 Sqnnr LincolnSuffered a collision with D6274. 2 killed.
30th MayCamelN/K4 FSRAF FreistonSpun in.
2nd JunePupB4126No.45 SqnRAF South CarltonSpun in. 1 killed.
7th JuneDH.9C1201No.44 SqnLincolnshireCollided with C7251.
7th JuneDH.6C7251No.47 SqnLincolnshireCollided with C1201. 1 killed.
8th JuneCamelB7301No.39 SqnLincolnshireEngine stalled and spun in. 1 killed.
11th JuneAvro 504JC4323No.39 SqnLincolnshire2 killed.
13th JuneDH.4B9496202 TDSRAF CranwellNo further information found.
14th JuneFK.8B4083No.50 SqnRAF Grantham1 killed.
15th JuneCamelB7443No.61 SqnRAF South CarltonPilot fainted and dived in. 1 killed.
17th JuneCamelC114No.11 SqnRAF ScamptonSuffered engine failure on take-off. 1 killed.
24th JuneCamelB5701201 TDSRAF Cranwell1 killed.
26th JuneCamelC254 FSRAF FreistonAircraft spun in from low altitude. 1 killed.
28th JuneCamelB7238201 TDSRAF CranwellSpun in. 1 killed.
1st JulyCamelB7288No.61 SqnRAF South CarltonHit the ground after a roll.
1st JulyRE.8B4069No.47 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
2nd JulyBE.2c9473202 TDSRAF CranwellSlide slipped on turn. 1 killed.
7th JulyRE.8A4720No.47 SqnLincolnshire1 killed.
8th JulyCamelB7295201 TDSAncasterCaught a hedge while doing stunts. 1 killed.
9th JulyCamelB5598No.60 SqnRAF ScamptonChocked the engine, stalled and spun in. 1 killed.
9th JulyDH.9C1197No.44 SqnLincolnshireCollided with B6384 (Camel). 1 killed.
10th JulyDH.6B2782202 TDSRAF CranwellStalled and dived in. 1 killed.
12th JulyDH.9D2787202 TDSRAF CranwellSpun in from 500ft. 1 killed.
13th JulyBE.2c8422202 TDSRAF CranwellSpun in from a flat spin. 2 killed.
17th JulyCamelB573156 TDSLincolnshireWings collapsed during a dive. 1 killed.
17th JulyRE.8D4724No.53 SqnRAF Harlaxton1 killed.
20th JulyDH.4B5529No.44 SqnRAF WaddingtonStalled from 400ft during a formation practice. 1 killed.
23rd JulyDolphinC812834 TDSRAF ScamptonNo further information found.
25th JulyDH.4A9827No.11 SqnLincolnshireNo further information found.
26th JulyCamelD666846 TDSRAF South CarltonSuffered engine failure during take-off.
26th JulyDolphinC406534 TDSRAF Scampton1 killed.
28th JulyAvro 504KD8832No.53 SqnRAF Harlaxton1 killed.
28th JulyAvro 504KE174446 TDSLincolnshire1 killed.
29th JulyDH.9C1194No.44 SqnLincolnshireSuffered engine failure.
29th JulyDH.9C1256No.44 SqnLincolnshireTailplane collapsed during practice air firing. 1 killed.
29th JulyRE.8C2385No.20 SqnRAF Harlaxton1 killed.
29th JulyCamelE14364 FSRAF FreistonPort lower wing spar broke, but managed to land safely.
30th JulyBE.2dA1816No.37 SqnRAF Grantham1 killed.
1st AugustAvro 504KD200256 TDSRAF CranwellSuffered engine failure during a turn. 1 killed.
6th AugustDH.4A8039N/Knr LouthNo further information found.
9th AugustDH.6C766558 TDSLincolnshireNo further information found.
10th AugustCamelC274 FSRAF FreistonLost speed during a turn and spun in. 1 killed.
10th AugustCamelE715246 TDSRAF South CarltonStalled during a turn and spun in.
13th AugustDH.9D124448 TDSRAF WaddingtonSpun in from a flat spin.
14th AugustCamelB72634 FSLincolnshireSpun in after climbing from a dive on a target. 1 killed.
14th AugustDH.6C786748 TDSLincolnshireNo further information found.
14th AugustF.2aN4515N/Koff ImminghamNo further information found.
16th AugustCamelB72404 FSoff Skegness1 killed.
17th AugustAvro 504KE305756 TDSRAF CranwellSpun in.
19th AugustDH.6B278758 TDSRAF CranwellCollided with E2929 (Avro 504K). 2 killed.
19th AugustAvro 504KE292957 TDSRAF CranwellCollided with B2787 (DH.6). 2 killed.
23rd AugustCamelE996646 TDSLincolnshireSuffered engine failure and force landed hitting a hedge.
23rd AugustAvro 504KF220934 TDSRAF Scampton1 killed.
24th AugustFK.8D505539 TDSLincolnshireNo further information found.
30th AugustCamelE14294 FSnr RAF Freiston1 killed.
3rd SeptemberAvro 504KD199856 TDSRAF CranwellSpun in after a turn.
5th SeptemberDH.9C137948 TDSLincolnshireCrashed during a turn in the mist.
6th SeptemberRE.8D487440 TDSLincolnshire1 killed.
9th SeptemberPupC298201 TDSRAF CranwellSpun in off turn.
12th SeptemberAvro 504KE346834 TDSRAF Scampton1 killed.
16th SeptemberBE.2c840758 TDSRAF CranwellSpun in off a turn.
17th SeptemberDH.9C124148 TDSLincolnshirePilot fainted at 14,000ft.
18th SeptemberCamelE714746 TDSRAF South CarltonPilot fainted and spun in.
18th SeptemberCamelE715634 TDSRAF ScamptonSpun in. 1 killed.
19th SeptemberBE.2eA132858 TDSRAF CranwellCrashed on take-off.
25th SeptemberCamelE715734 TDSLincolnshireSpun in on firing range. 1 killed.
29th SeptemberCamelE715446 TDSLincolnshireSpun in. 1 killed.
1st OctoberCurtiss H.16K38USN Killingholmenr Immingham3 killed.
3rd OctoberAvro 504JD444556 TDSLincolnshireSpun in.
12th OctoberAvro 504KE346734 TDSLincolnshire2 killed.
13th OctoberBE.2eA8694211 TDSBastonForce landed en route to Scopwick.
13th OctoberCamelB743134 TDSRAF South CarltonSpun in off a roll. 1 killed.
15th OctoberAvro 504JD4834 TDSLincolnshire1 killed.
16th OctoberCamelB724156 TDSLincolnshireSpun in after a dive on target. 1 killed.
26th OctoberCamelE714846 TDSRAF South CarltonStalled during a forced landing. 1 killed.
28th OctoberFE.2bD915258 TDSLincolnshireStalled engine and spun in. 1 killed.
28th OctoberPupC25846 TDSLincolnSuffered engine failure. 1 killed.
29th OctoberRE.8D155240 TDSLincolnshire1 killed.
30th OctoberRE.8D156748 TDSRAF Waddington1 killed.
31st OctoberF.2bB894259 TDSLincolnshireNo further information found.
2nd NovemberPupB612739 TDSLincolnshireStalled the engine and spun in.
4th NovemberBE.2c840958 TDSLincolnshireCollided with D8916 (Avro 504K). 1 killed.
4th NovemberAvro 504KD891656 TDSLincolnshireCollided with 8409 (BE.2c). 1 killed.
12th NovemberPupB535234 TDSLincolnshireHit a tree.
18th NovemberAvro 504KD892057 TDSLincolnshire1 killed.
4th DecemberCamelB726256 TDSLincolnshireSpun in.
4th DecemberDH.9C120048 TDSLincolnshireSpun in.
17th DecemberCamelB56624 FSLincolnshireLost speed during a turn. 1 killed.


10th JanuaryN/KN/KN/KBoultham1 killed.
2nd MarchM.1CC50103 FSnr BriggSuffered engine failure and force landed.
31st JulyF.2bE1969N/KRAF CranwellCrashed on take-off.