1950's Incident Logs

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5th JanuaryHarvard T.2bFT3767 FTSNormandyHit a tree during a low level navex. 2 killed.
6th JanuaryHarvard T.2bFX305RAFCnr Coleby HallLost it's wings while recovering from a dive during aerobatics. 1 killed.
28th FebruaryWellington T.10PG179201 AFSnr MalboroughStalled while on a single engine approach to RAF Swinderby, and belly landed.
28th FebruaryMeteor F.4VT217RAFFC ManbyUndershot it's landing and hit a hangar.
15th MarchWellington T.10PG419201 AFSnr StaplefordFlew in to the ground while on a night beam approach in bad weather.
15th MarchLincoln B.2RF472No.100 Sqnnr Kennington CliffLost control on night overshot at RAF Hemswell and crashed. Master Pilot M.A.C. Brown, Engineer III W.P. Edgar, Navigator III T.W. Brayshaw, Signaler II A.W. Rolfe, Gunner II G. Sherratt were killed. Navigator II B.T. Newland was injured.
16th MarchVampire FB.5VV680RAFFCNorth SeaSpun in to the sea, 1.5 miles ESE of Mablethorpe. 1 killed.
20th AprilLincoln B.2RF408230 OCU ScamptonBounced during a night landing and overshot, forcing it belly land.
28th AprilMosquito PR.34RG288237 OCU WaddingtonUndershot a single engine landing.
14th JuneWellington T.10PG417201 AFS Norton DisneyOvershot a night landing and hit the ground. Signaller Jack Merriman was sadly killed.
3rd JulyMosquito B.35VP194No.139 Sqnnr HemswellUndershot a single engine landing and crashed 1 mile north of the airfield.
10th JulyMosquito T.3VA891204 AFS SwinderbySwung on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
21st JulySpitfire F.22PK346No.613 Sqnnr Cuckoo BridgeDived in out of cloud. 1 killed
4th AugustTiger Moth T.2NM14412 RFSCorby GlenHit trees while low flying.
5th OctoberMosquito FB.6TA582204 AFS Kirton-in-LindseyProp feathered and would not restart, belly landed.
15th OctoberWellington T.10LP846201 AFS SwinderbyCollided with RP388 while on approach. 3 killed, 2 injured.
15th OctoberWellington T.10RP388201 AFS SwinderbyCollided with LP846 while on approach. 5 killed.
17th OctoberMosquito B.35VP179No.139 Sqn HemswellDuring a single engine landing the under carriage collapsed.
17th OctoberMosquito T.3VT606204 AFS SwinderbySwung on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
12th DecemberLincoln B.2RE344No.12 Sqn BinbrookYawed on a single engine approach, lost height and crash landed.


18th JanuaryLincoln B.2RA712No.617 Sqn BinbrookUndershot on a 3 engine landing and hit SX958. Flt Sgt Kazimierz Sobczak was sadly killed.
18th JanuaryLincoln B.2SX958230 OCU BinbrookHit by the above aircraft (RA712).
22nd JanuaryLincoln B.2RA717230 OCUnr HackthornFlew in to the ground while on a night beam approach to RAF Scampton.
22nd JanuaryMosquito B.35TA701No.139 SqnWainfleet Range Hit the ground recovering from a bombing dive. 1 killed.
26th JanuaryMosquito T.3VP352204 AFS SwinderbySwung on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
8th FebruaryMosquito B.35RS699No.139 SqnWainfleet RangeHit the ground on a bombing run. 2 killed.
17th FebruaryPrentice T.1VR3097 FTSGreatham Lodge, GranthamFlew in to the ground during a snowstorm. 1 killed.
26th FebruaryWellington T.10NB118201 AFS SwinderbyStalled the engine while on a night overshoot. 3 killed.
28th FebruaryHarvard T.2bKF6592 FTSnr ScredingtonLost control in bad visibility while on a night navex. 1 killed.
7th MarchWellington T.10NA905201 AFSnr AubournDived in on a night overshoot. 2 killed.
14th MarchHornet F.3PX364No.64 Sqn WaddingtonEngine failure forced an emergency landing. While landing the under carriage collapsed.
15th MarchPrentice T.1VR252RAFCnr AnwickHit the ground and caught fire during a practice forced landing.
19th MarchHastings C.1WD478RAFFC StrubbyAircraft climbed steeply after takeoff, then stalled and dived into the ground. The elevator trim was possibly set fully up, causing the plane to stall. 3 killed.
21st AprilTiger Moth T.2DE346SF HemswellSpun in during aerobatics. 1 killed.
24th AprilLincoln B.2RA682230 OCU ScamptonSwung on landing, causing the under carriage to collapse.
26th AprilMosquito T.3TV967204 AFS SwinderbySwung on landing, causing the under carriage to collapse.
28th MayPrentice T.1VR2317 FTSnr GrimsthorpeSuffered engine failure during a practice landing. Hit a tree and crashed 1 mile south of Grimsthorpe.
30th MayPrentice T.1VS2907 FTSnr Kirkby UnderwoodHit the ground. 1 killed.
31st MayMosquito T.3RR305SF HemswellSwung in on landing.
27th JuneMosquito B.35TK635No.139 SqnWarren Farm, SpitalgateCaught fire while on a low level flight. 2 killed.
3rd JulyPrentice T.1VR3237 FTSnr TwentyStalled on a practice landing and crashed. 1 killed.
3rd JulyMeteor F.8VZ569No.65 Sqnnr TheddlethorpeHit the below aircraft (WA985) during a practice attack and abandoned, crashed.
3rd JulyMeteor F.8WA985No.65 Sqnnr TheddlethorpeHit the above aircraft (VZ569) and crashed. 1 killed.
9th JulyChipmunk T.10WD360UASCreampoke Wood, StainfieldNo further details recorded.
14th JulyLincoln B.2RA692230 OCUnr ScamptonFlew in to the ground wile on a night beam approach. 7 killed.
20th JulyTiger Moth T.2T62282 GS DigbyHit by the below aircraft (T7687) whilst taxiing.
20th JulyTiger Moth T.2T76872 GS DigbyHit the above aircraft (T6228) whilst taxiing.
24th AugustLincoln B.2RA679No.12 Sqn BinbrookOvershot on a 3 engine landing, hit a bank and caused the under carriage to collapse.
1st SeptemberMosquito T.3TW115204 AFS SwinderbyUndershot a single engine landing and belly landed in a field next to the airfield perimeter.
4th SeptemberAnson T.22VV3666 RSnr Scrub HillBelly landed due to engine failure on approach to RAF Coningsby.
11th SeptemberHarvard T.2bKF192RAFCLincolnshireLost height during inverted flight, hit KF191 and caught fire. 1 killed.
18th SeptemberVampire FB.5VZ237RAFFCnr StrubbyEngine caught fire and caused the aircraft to roll, and then dive into farmland. 1 killed.
17th OctoberWellington T.10RP352201 AFS SwinderbyBelly landed while attempting a single engine landing.
1st NovemberMosquito T.3VA923204 AFSnr SalebySuffered engine failure while on a single engine approach to RAF Strubby, and belly landed.
10th NovemberFirebrand TF.5EK742Blackburnnr SturtonSuffered engine failure, belly landed and hit trees and a hedge 1.5 miles NW of Sturton.
16th NovemberMosquito FB.6RS677204 AFSnr SwinderbyLost control during a single engine approach. Crash landed in a field 1 mile NE of the airfield.
17th NovemberMosquito T.3VT605204 AFS WaddingtonSwung on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
20th NovemberLincoln B.2RF353230 OCU ScamptonUnder carriage collapsed during a night landing.
27th NovemberHarvard T.2bKF95322 FTS BlytonDived while inverted during aerobatics. 1 killed
29th NovemberLincoln B.2SX939No.100 SqnMablethorpe During a night bombing exercise, got into a spin in thick cloud, falling from 9,000 to 5,000 ft, then spinning in the opposite direction until being pulled out at less than 2,000 ft. The fuselage was so badly twisted it was declared a write-off, and in December was transferred to No 2 School of Radio at Yatesbury.
1st DecemberLincoln B.2RF567230 OCU ScamptonBounced during a 3 engine landing, sank on the overshoot and hit a hangar. 2 killed.
5th DecemberTiger Moth T.2T6445MCCS CranwellBlown in to trees while landing at the airfield.
7th DecemberWellington T.10NA843101 FRS BlytonLost height on a single engine approach and belly landed on the airfield.
28th DecemberMosquito T.3TV973 204 AFS SwinderbySwung on landing which caused the under carriage to collapse.


22nd JanuaryLincoln B.2RE413No.97 Sqn HemswellHit the ground on a beam approach in bad weather.
31st JanuaryMosquito T.3TA590204 AFS SwinderbySwung on take-off causing the under carriage to strain.
7th FebruaryMosquito B.35VR795No.139 Sqn HemswellOvershot a single engine landing and finished on a road.
8th FebruaryWellington T.10NC719215 AFS BlytonUnder carriage damaged while landing.
25th FebruaryLincoln B.2SX928230 OCU ScamptonOvershot the landing in fog and swung into a field on the airfield perimeter and caught fire.
11th MarchVarsity T.1WF373201 AFS SwinderbyEngine cut out on overshoot, climbed and then dived in. 3 killed.
27th MarchTiger Moth T.2N6709Airwork GU DigbyBlown over by a guest of wind whilst landing.
27th MarchTiger Moth T.2T6400Airwork GU DigbyBlown over by a guest of wind whilst landing.
27th MarchMeteor F.4VT199215 AFS BlytonUndershot and stalled the engine on approach.
27th MarchCanberra B.2WD984No.617 Sqnnr BeelsbyLost height in a snowstorm during a Ground Controlled Approach to RAF Binbrook, and hit the ground.
8th AprilAnson T.21WD4112 ANSnr Little CawthorpePropeller feathered during a check flight, lost height and hit the ground.
18th AprilSabre 219177No.410 Sqn RCAFWainfleet RangeCollided with the aircraft below (19181) and crashed. 1 killed.
18th AprilSabre 219181No.410 Sqn RCAFWainfleet RangeCollided with the above aircraft (19177) and crashed. 1 killed.
16th MayMeteor T.7WA679RAFFC StrubbyAircraft rolled on asymmetric overshoot and dived. 2 killed.
21st MayMeteor F.8WF745CGSHolbeach RangeFlew into the sea during an attack on a towed target. 1 killed.
6th JuneMeteor F.4VT336207 AFSBurwell WoodDived in out of the cloud. 1 killed.
26th JuneMeteor F.4RA486RAFFC StrubbyTake-off abandoned at RAF Manby, and overshot at RAF Strubby.
26th JuneChipmunk T.10WK571RAFCSwineshead BridgeOvershot a practice landing and hit a dyke.
24th JulyMeteor F.4RA369215 AFSNorth SeaDived into the sea 3 miles east of Donna Nook range. 1 killed.
14th AugustMeteor F.8WK657No.92 SqnDogdykeCrashed while doing aerobatics. 1 killed.
3rd SeptemberLincoln B.2RF343No.61 Sqn WaddingtonBounced while on a 3 engine landing. It belly landed and overshot.
15th SeptemberTiger Moth T.2T7396SFnr WragbyGot lost at night and over turned during a forced landing 1 mile NNE of Wragby.
22nd SeptemberProctor C.4NP3321 Grp CF WaddingtonSwung on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
26th SeptemberMosquito NF.36RL189No.199 Sqn HemswellSuffered engine failure during take-off and hit a tree. 2 killed.
17th OctoberHarvard T.2bFX3887 FTSnr FolkinghamCollided with the aircraft below (KF688) while in formation.
17th OctoberHarvard T.2bKF6887 FTSnr FolkinghamCollided with the above aircraft (FX388) while in formation.
7th NovemberMeteor T.7WF823No.504 Sqnnr SwinsteadCanopy detached and jammed, causing the aircraft to spin into the ground. 2 killed.
10th NovemberCanberra B.2WD994No.12 Sqnnr Sixhills ChurchAbandoned Ground Control Approach after hitting a hill and exploding. 3 killed.
25th NovemberTiger Moth T.2T70462 GU Kirton-in-LindseySuffered a heavy landing and was damaged beyond repair.
9th DecemberCanberra B.2WD964No.617 Sqnnr TealbySuffered tail actuator failure, dived in and exploded. 3 killed.
18th DecemberMeteor F.8WG978206 AFSnr KirtonCollided with VT218 and lost it's tail, while in formation. 1 killed.
23rd DecemberLincoln B.2RE424No.61 SqnVestfield FarmHit a tree while on a beam approach to RAF Waddington. She crash landed and caught fire.


5th JanuaryWashington B.1WF553No.15 Sqnnr HorncastleFlew in to the ground in bad weather, while on approach to RAF Coningsby. 5 killed.
6th JanuaryHarvard T.2bFX280RAFCCranwell VillageOvershot in low cloud, lost control and crashed. 2 killed.
19th JanuaryVarsity T.1WF420201 AFS SwinderbyUndershot in bad visibility.
13th FebruaryVarsity T.1WF332201 AFSStapleford WoodsHit trees while on a night approach to RAF Swinderby. 2 killed.
20th FebruaryHarvard T.2bFT4407 FTSDeeping St James1 killed.
12th MarchChipmunk T.10WK56RAFC Barkston HeathUndershot it's landing at night and hit a pole.
15th MarchMeteor F.4VW262215 AFSAlkboroughCollided with RA448 and lost it's tail.
17th MarchHarvard T.2bFT209RAFC CranwellLost height after take-off and crash landed.
19th MarchCanberra B.2WH663No.139 Sqnnr CorringhamLost power on beam approach and spun. 2 killed.
24th MarchMeteor F.8WH358DFLSin the WashPresumed crashed in The Wash. 1 killed.
3rd MayChipmunk T.10WP910RAFCUffingtonControl column jammed in rear cockpit.
7th MayHarvard T.2bKF30022 FTSnr ThurlbyNo details found.
12th JuneHarvard T.2bKF272RAFCnr BeltonFlew into trees in low cloud at night. 1 killed.
18th JuneTiger Moth T.2N6717SF HemswellAn engine fire on approach caused the aircraft to stall and crash land.
23rd JuneSabre 219193No.439 Sqn RCAFFosdykeDived in. 1 killed.
28th JulyVenom FB.1WE261CFEHolbeach RangeLost a wing during a RP attack. 1 killed.
1st AugustAuster AOP.6VF520No.664 SqnSkegnessStalled while in the circuit of the aerodrome. 2 killed.
19th SeptemberTiger Moth T.2DE899SF BinbrookThe aircraft side slipped in during a BoB display.
19th SeptemberMeteor F.8WA836No.74 Sqn ConingsbyBroke up during a low level roll with the BoB display. Flying Officer Patrick Russell Ward was sadly killed.
27th SeptemberMeteor F.8WE912No.616 Sqnnr SpaldingAircraft abandoned after engine fire. Crashed 1 mile North of Spalding. 1 killed.
28th SeptemberCanberra B.2WJ982RAFFC ManbyLost power while on approach and crash landed.
16th OctoberChipmunk T.10WP858RAFCBoothby PagnellFlew in to the ground during a night circuit of RAF Cranwell. 1 killed.
26th NovemberCanberra B.2WJ716No.9 Sqnnr Kirmond-le-MireSuffered 2 engine failures whilst on overshoot at RAF Binbrook and crashed.
3rd DecemberMeteor F.4VW261215 AFS BlytonSuffered engine failure after a practice engine out while on approach.
31st DecemberMeteor T.7WA654RAFFCStewtonAircraft abandoned after the engine caught fire. 1 killed.


23rd FebruaryCanberra B.2WJ979No.18 Sqnnr ScamptonLost power while on a beam approach and stalled 1 mile from the airfield.
19th MarchSea Hawk F.1WF221No.787 SqnNorth SeaDuring fuel consumption trials elevator control was lost, and the aircraft crashed 4 mile East of Mablethorpe. The pilot ejected to late and was killed.
25th MarchVarsity T.1WF386201 AFSnr SwinderbyHit a tree while on a overshoot and caught fire 1 mile North of the airfield. 1 killed.
2nd AprilCanberra B.2WF891No.12 Sqn BinbrookSuffered engine failure on take-off, banked and the wing hit the ground, then swung into the GCA van. 2 killed.
4th MayChipmunk T.10WK568RAFCnr BostonStalled while low flying, 2 miles NW of Boston. 1 killed.
20th MayChipmunk T.10WP853RAFCAnwickStalled on approach for a practice landing at the former RAF base.
2nd JuneBalliol T.2WG121RAFCWilsfordSuffered engine failure and hit a fence causing it to belly land, then caught fire.
3rd JuneMeteor T.7WL4838 FTSnr Coleby GrangeAircraft abandoned during a spin.
15th JuneCanberra B.2WD982No.617 Sqn BinbrookEngine blew up while starting the aircraft and caught fire.
20th JuneBalliol T.2WG123RAFCSibsey WesthousesSuffered engine failure and belly landed.
21st JuneProvost T.1WV56122 FTSThorpe-on-the-HillDived in on instrument training flight. 2 killed.
28th JuneBalliol T.2WG134RAFC Barkston HeathBounced on landing and cart wheeled on attempted overshoot.
14th JulyBalliol T.2WG129RAFCBarkston HeathSuffered engine failure on take-off and hit cables. Landed in a field near RAF Barkston Heath.
23rd AugustCanberra B.2WH656No.109 Sqn ScamptonLost power on overshoot then yawed and dived in. 2 killed.
13th SeptemberCanberra B.2WJ765No.101 Sqn BinbrookSuffered engine failure during landing. Under carriage jammed and had to belly land.
28th SeptemberBalliol T.2WG110RAFCnr BostonDived in out of the cloud, 2 miles WNW of Boston. 1 killed.
9th OctoberBalliol T.2WG120RAFCnr Barkston HeathSuffered engine failure during take-off, and caught fire. Crashed 2 miles WSW of the airfield. 1 killed.
29th NovemberBalliol T.2WG128RAFC CranwellUnder carriage jammed on approach and forced to belly land.
29th NovemberSabre F.4XD772No.66 SqnKelsternSuffered engine failure and crashed.
3rd DecemberBalliol T.2WG133RAFCFishtoftLost control and hit the ground while trying to recover from a spin. 1 killed.
16th DecemberAnson C.19VM40825 Grp CF StrubbySwung on landing in bad visibility and hit a vehicle.


14th MarchBalliol T.2WG130RAFC Barkston HeathSwung on landing and hit a snow bank, causing the under carriage to collapse.
13th MayLincoln B.2RF539No.83 Sqn HemswellSwung on landing so under carriage retracted to stop the aircraft.
16th JuneSabre F.4XD712No.66 SqnElsham CarrsBroke up while recovering from a dive. Pilot ejected but was killed.
21st JuneBalliol T.2WF995RAFCDowsby FenStalled during a practice landing and cart wheeled.
29th JuneChipmunk T.10WG287UAS SwinderbyEngine cut on take-off practice and wouldn't pick up.
12th JulyBalliol T.2WG132RAFC Barkston HeathSank onto the runway on approach.
9th AugustLincoln B.2RF574No.83 Sqn HemswellUnder carriage retracted in error on landing run.
5th OctoberBalliol T.2WG112RAFCAshby-la-LaundeDived in during a tail chase. 1 killed.
20th OctoberVampire FB.5WA2538 FTSFaldingworthSuffered an engine failure during a overshoot of the former RAF base.
1st NovemberVampire T.11XE9618 FTSHolbeach St MarksAbandoned the aircraft after a inverted spin. Master Pilot F. J. Evans and Pilot. Off Robert Jago both ejected safely.
11th NovemberVampire FB.5VV6758 FTSnr SwinderbyEngine stalled during a loop and spun in 1.5 miles SW of the airfield. 1 killed.
12th DecemberVampire T.11XE9898 FTS SwinderbyEngine caught fire.


16th JanuaryCanberra PR.7WT529CFE5 miles north of GranthamDived into the ground after the trim motor malfunctioned. Both crew were sadly killed.
30th JanuaryProvost T.1WW436RAFC CranwellFlew into the ground at night. Both crew were sadly killed.
25th FebruaryAnson C.12PH66224 Grp FltSpitalgateThe undercarriage collapsed while taxiing at. No injures were reported.
15th JuneChipmunk T.10WK641Hull UASAlkborough Stalled during a practice forced landing and cart wheeled. No injures were reported.
25th JuneSycamore HR.14XG505?North Coates beechSuffered a gearbox failure whilst carrying out a practice SAR winching operation. The aircraft ditched on it's side on a sand bar in shallow water. It was recovered at low tide, but deemed a write-off. The pilot was the father of Sir Desmond Fopp, the recently retired Director of the RAF Museum.
28th JuneMeteor F.8WH355FWSScunthorpeDived into the ground after control was lost in cloud. The pilot was sadly killed.
27th JulyVampire FB.5WA2008 FTS Swinderby After touch down the aircraft continued down the runway in a tail down attitude. It then climbed steeply and side slipped into the ground, cart wheeled and caught fire. Possibly caused by a spanner found in the port boom, wedging the elevator control. The pilot was sadly killed.
13th SeptemberProvost T.1WW417RAFCFolkinghamLost power during a practice forced landing at. It overshot and hit a concrete block.
17th SeptemberVampire FB.5VZ3498 FTSFosdykeLoss of control during aerobatics. The pilot ejected safely.
26th SeptemberHunter F.2WN914No.257 SqnStrubbySuffered engine failure on approach. The undercarriage collapsed on landing due to insufficient hydraulic pressure to lower it fully.
9th OctoberVampire FB.9WR230RAFC CranwellStalled and crashed during an overshoot sadly killing the pilot.
29th NovemberVampire T.11XH3008 FTS SwinderbyThe pilot was instructed to abandon take off due to sparks coming from the engine. The pilot raised the undercarriage to stop. Caused by a blanking plate being left in the intake resulting in an overheated engine. No injures were reported.


8th JanuaryMeteor T.7WL479RAFC ManbyCrashed after engine failure while on approach. No injures reported.
10th JanuaryVampire T.11WZ429RAFCSutterton DowdykeDived in during a spin recovery. U/Off M. A. Hicks was killed.
24th JanuaryVampire FB.5VZ2748 FTSScunthorpeBroke up during a high speed, low level tail chase and crashed. The pilot fell from the aircraft with his chute streaming and was sadly killed.
5th FebruaryAnson C.19VM39124 Grp Comm FltSpitalgateOvershot into a hedge during a night landing in bad weather. No injures were reported.
25th MarchVampire T.11XE978RAFCBardneyThe crew abandoned the aircraft after control a failure. No injures were reported.
6th MayVampire FB.9WR263RAFCNorth SeaCrashed into the North Sea off Mablethorpe after the pilot ejected due to jammed controls. No injures reported.
13th MayVampire T.11XE9868 FTS SwinderbyThe instructor took control after the student became disorientated and lost control in cloud. On return it was found to have pulled 10 G and overstressed the wings. No injures.
13th MayVampire FB.5WA2508 FTSGainsboroughBroke up while in a dive. No further information found.
13th MayF-84F 52-710381 FBW USAFHolbeach RangeDived in, 1 killed.
20th MaySycamore HR.14XJ363No.275 SqnNorth Coates beechAfter take off the pilot was unable to reduce the engine revs which were in the red. He switched off the ignition and auto rotated onto the airfield. The aircraft suffered a stressed fuselage and was written off. No injures reported.
18th JuneProvost T.1WV511RAFCAslackbyAbandoned by the crew during a spin. No further information found.
16th SeptemberAnson T.21VV971Station Flt HemswellSwung on landing causing the undercarriage to collapse. No injures were reported.
25th NovemberProvost T.1XF899RAFC3 miles NE of Barkston HeathForce-landed after the engine cut. No injures reported.
2nd DecemberProvost T.1WV552RAFC Barkston HeathOverturned during a forced landing after the engine cut. No injures were reported.
6th DecemberJavelin FAW.5XA642AWDSNorth SeaSuffered a double flame out at 30,000ft and crashed into the North Sea ten NM off Skegness. Before impact the tail broke away following a fire in the rear fuselage. This rendered escape impossible and the crew were sadly killed when the aircraft hit the water.
9th DecemberProvost T.1WW243RAFC Barkston HeathUndershot the runway after the engine lost power while on approach. No injures reported.
20th DecemberLincoln B.11RF557No.199 Sqn HemswellAfter touchdown a sudden gust of wind ballooned the aircraft back into the air. It landed heavily tail down and swung off the runway. No injures were reported.


28th FebruaryVulcan B.1XA902230 0CU WaddingtonSuffered a landing accident, deemed category 5 but later reduced to category 3.
29th MarchHunter F.4WV390RAFFCStrubbyAbandoned the take-off, overshot a hedge on to the road and the under carriage collapsed.
15th AprilMeteor T.7WH124RAFFCnr StrubbyRan out of fuel on approach and belly landed 1 mile NNE of the airfield.
13th JuneCanberra T.4WT477BC Holding UnitSpital-in-the-StreetDived out of the cloud on approach to RAF Hemswell. 3 killed. Flt Lt John Tetroe, Flt Lt William Rough and Flying Officer Peter Phillips were all killed.
24th JuneAnson C.12PH545SFHemswellUnder carriage collapsed while taxiing.
3rd JulyVulcan B.1XH497No.617 SqnScamptonNose wheel fell off on take off. Rear crew subsequently bailed out during which one navigator was killed when his parachute failed to open over RAF Waddington. Aircraft eventually landed back at Scampton, and only suffered minor damage, following a text book landing by the two pilots.
21st JulyProvost T.1XF687RAFFCIngoldsbyControl lost during a practice landing and the aircraft hit the ground and caught fire. 1 killed.
13th NovemberLincoln B.2SX934RAFFCManbyUnder carriage collapsed during landing.
5th DecemberVampire T.11WZ4578 FTSSwinderbySuffered engine failure on take-off, so under carriage raised to stop.


31st JanuaryVampire FB.9WR194RAFC CranwellCollided in the circuit with the aircraft below (XE936). XE936 had not called up prior to joining the circuit. 1 killed.
31st JanuaryVampire T.11XE936RAFC CranwellCollided with the above aircraft (WR194). 2 killed.
19th FebruaryMeteor T.7WL478RAFCTheddlethorpe All SaintsStalled and spun in on asymmetric overshoot. 1 killed.
4th MayProvost T.1XF882RAFCLondonthorpeAbandoned while in an inverted spin.
20th JulyVampire T.11XD627RAFC CranwellHit trees while recovering from a dummy RP dive. Landed safely but was damaged beyond repair.
24th SeptemberProvost T.1XF884RAFC Barkston HeathSwung on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
10th NovemberHunter F.4XF953RAFFC ManbySuffered a bird strike and landed back at base. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.
28th NovemberCanberra B.2WH699RAFFCClaythorpeControl lost after take-off from RAF Strubby. The aircraft yawed and was abandoned. Sqdn Ldr P.M. Walker and Wg Cdr C. E. Ness ejected safely, but Wg Cdr F.G. Woolley was sadly killed.