Lincolnshire Crash Logs

In this section you will find information on all military aviation incidents from the Great War (1914) to present day within the county. Please click on the relevant year that you require information for to view all incidents recorded for that year. If you are looking for a particular crash location or aircraft serial, then please use the search function.

(Please note that the search is only date, aircraft type, serial number, Sqn or crash location capable. The search will NOT accept the Air Force they were flying for.)

Please note that this listing is not exhaustive and despite checking may still contain errors or omissions. The listing will be updated in the future to fill any gaps that may exist. If you have additional information on any of the crashes / accidents listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please also note that information has been sourced and cross-checked from multiple sites during the compilation of the listing.

Sources for this compilation have included:

In order to aid our research and to increase the accuracy of our site, we need some help.

We have come across many instances of conflicting information in reference books that we've used in compiling the site, and this has prompted us to try to use original materials wherever possible now to maintain accuracy. We are looking for source material relating to the airfields in Lincolnshire such as Squadron and Station ORBs, logbooks, photographs etc. We're not necessarily looking for originals - we understand that the originals carry great sentimental and historical value - but copies, good-quality digital images, or similar will be fine.

If anyone with such material is able to assist us, or make the material available for us to copy, we would be most grateful.