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Bennington's sauces

Benningtons Sauces

Stuck for something different for a Christmas present? Want to 'light the afterburners' at teatime? Or maybe you're just looking for something to warm you through after a cold crisp autumn/winter day spent taking in the County's aviation heritage sites?

Mark Burrell and his team at Bennington's Original Sauces, based just outside the County in Newark, have produced a range of aviation-related chili sauces made from fresh ingredients. Each sauce has it's own unique flavour and characteristics.

The sauces range from mild to extremely hot. The Lancaster is the mild sauce, a lime & lemon chilli drizzle which works well with seafood and lighter meats. The four sauces based on Naga chillies are tomato-based with subtle variations on flavour and definite steps up in heat between each one. Typhoon is a medium heat, Tornado is a hot sauce, the Hurricane is rated 'very Hot' and the appropriately-named Spitfire is labelled 'Extremely Hot'.

Unlike a lot of commercial hot sauces, this range obtain their heat from the chillies themselves and do not use capsaicin extract. This means that the sauces are more about the flavours than the sheer amount of heat. They do live up to the ratings on the labels, but are sufficiently tasty to be used as dips or table condiments rather than brought out for trying as a dare.

Benningtons do not have a website as of yet, but the sauces can be bought from Flavour Station or direct from Benningtons at a growing number of local events. You can contact Benningtons via Twitter via @Benningtonsgb

International Bomber Command Centre

International Bomber Command Centre

The first phase of this project is now complete - the Spire is in place and surrounded by the etched metal walls containing the names of those killed whilst serving with numbers 1 & 5 Groups in Bommber Command during the Second World War. Further funding is still needed to complete the planned works on this important site. Please consider donating to this worthwhile project and show that the sacrifice and memories of Bomber Command veterans will never be forgotten. Please click on the above image for more details or to make a donation.

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