1945-1949 Incident Logs

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3rd SeptemberWellington B.10LP65726 OTUJobson's BridgeFlew in to the ground during a night navex. All 5 personnel on board were sadly killed.
4th SeptemberLancaster B.1PA308No.166 Sqn ConingsbyThe under carriage jammed and belly landed on the runway. No injures were reported.
13th SeptemberOxford T.1P68091690 Flt HarlaxtonThe wing caught fire while on approach to the base. No further information recorded.
25th SeptemberSpitfire F.5BBM31617 SFTSnr ManthorpeBelly landed.
1st OctoberTiger Moth T.2N664519 FTS CranwellLanded on top of NL925 while landing at the base.
1st OctoberTiger Moth T.2NL92519 FTS CranwellDestroyed after N6645 landed on top of it. Destroying both aircraft.
8th OctoberLancaster B.1NG304No.166 Sqn KirmingtonAircraft banked and dived in on 3 engine training. All 6 crew killed including Flt Sgt P.W.Youngman.
9th OctoberMosquito B.4DZ611No.109 Sqn Woodhall SpaAircraft swung on landing and the under carriage collapsed. Both Flt Lt J.W.L.Alford (RAAF), and Flt Sgt J.Murphy were not hurt.
17th OctoberMosquito B.4DZ606109 Sqn Woodhall SpaThe under carriage collapsed while taxiing. No injures reported.
25th OctoberMosquito FB.26KB561109 Sqn WickenbyA tyre burst on landing and caused the under carriage to collapse. No injures reported.
7th NovemberLancaster B.1PD238No.617 Sqn WaddingtonSwung on take-off and raised under carriage to stop. No further information found.
13th NovemberSpitfire LF.16TB32817 SFTSHarlaxtonNo further information found.
27th NovemberMosquito NF.30NT376No.264 Sqn SpitalgateAircraft overshot landing and hit a Nissan Hut, and was destroyed by fire.
30th OctoberLancaster B.1NN8141660 HCU SwinderbyTyre burst on landing, causing the aircraft to swing. No injures reported.
5th DecemberSpitfire LF.9MK211CFESutton BridgeBelly landed near the airfield.
13th DecemberOxford T.1HM79417 SFTS Coleby GrangeAircraft swung on landing and hit HM723 (which was later repaired).
15th DecemberLancaster B.7NX674No.617 Sqn WaddingtonHit birds during take-off and crash landed in fields near the base. No further information found.


10th JanuaryMosquito PR.16RF9708 OTUBillinghayLost control due to engine problems, and broke up while in a dive. 2 killed.
11th JanuaryHorsa IIRZ11521 HGCU Elsham WoldsAircraft destroyed by fire after a heavy landing.
14th JanuarySpitfire VbBL47417 SFTS HarlaxtonUnder shot the landing.
14th JanuaryBeaufort T.2aML47617 SFTS WaddingtonForce landing after engine problems.
15th JanuarySpitfire LF.16TB52517 SFTS HarlaxtonUnder carriage raised to soon after take-off. Aircraft sank back on to the runway. No injures reported.
16th JanuaryBeaufort T.2aML56117 SFTS SpitalgateBounced on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
16th JanuaryBeaufort T.2aML56717 SFTS Barkston HeathDamaged during a heavy landing.
18th JanuaryHarvard T.2bFT17319 FTS CranwellCollided with FX228 while in the circuit. 1 killed.
18th JanuaryHarvard T.2bFX22819 FTS CranwellCollided with FT173 while in the circuit. 1 killed.
23rd JanuaryMartinet TT.1NR4662 APS SpilsbyCollided with MS723 (aircraft survived) while target-towing. 2 killed.
24th JanuaryAnson T.1EG1131380 TCUNorth SeaWent missing on a ferry flight. 5 killed.
24th JanuarySpitfire LF VbP858517 SFTSnr ManbyRan out of fuel in bad weather. Crash landed near the airfield.
28th JanuaryMosquito B.16MM121No.109 Sqnnr SpilsbyLost in bad weather on a ferry flight. The aircraft was abandoned and crashed. 1 killed.
30th JanuaryHarvard T.2bKF4677 SFTSnr SkillingtonFlew into the ground during a snowstorm, whilst on a night navex. 1 killed.
7th FebruaryTiger Moth T.2N659119 FTS DigbyAircraft blown over by wind whilst taxiing.
25th FebruaryMosquito B.25KB419No.109 SqnHemswellSwung on landing and the under carriage collapsed.
25th FebruaryMosquito B.25KB533No.109 Sqn HemswellSwung on landing and the under carriage collapsed.
28th FebruaryLancaster B.1PB9001660 HCU SwinderbyAircraft tailwheel collapsed on landing causing the aircraft to swing. It was destroyed by fire.
14th MarchLancaster B.1NG283No.300 Sqnnr FaldingworthAircraft swung on overshoot and belly-landed near the base.
15th MarchMosquito B.16PF519No.139 Sqnnr HemswellSuffered engine failure on approach and crashed 1 mile north of the base.
15th MarchHorsa IIRX55521 HGCUElsham WoldsTug lost power on take-off. Glider hit ground and broke up.
21st MarchHarvard T.2bFT26917 SFTS SpitalgateSuffered engine failure on approach and crash-landed.
27th MarchAlbemarle GT.6V185121 HGCU Elsham WoldsAircraft wing hit the runway during a single engine landing, causing the under carriage to collapse.
27th MarchHurricane F.2cPZ7371687 BDT Fltnr BassinghamNo further information recorded.
28th MarchSpitfire LF.16SM30917 SFTSHarlaxtonBelly-landed.
29th MarchHorsa IIRX55921 HGCUBarton-on-HumberUndershot landing in a field and the under carriage collapsed.
4th AprilHarvard T.2bFX41219 FTSNorth SeaCrashed during a night navex 2 mile north of Theddlethorpe Range. 1 killed.
6th AprilSpitfire LF.5bAB1941687 BDT Flt BinbrookHit a vehicle whilst taxiing.
10th AprilOxford T.1HN41517 SFTSSpitalgateLost height on a 1 engine approach and hit the ground. Causing the under carriage to collapse.
16th AprilAnson T.1MG90319 FTS CranwellAircraft swung on take-off and the under carriage collapsed.
26th AprilHorsa IIRX77721 HGCUnr Elsham WoldsCartwheeled while attempting to land.
30th AprilSpitfire LF.16TB86217 SFTS DigbyThe aircraft was abandoned after a collision with RK849.
7th MayLancaster B.3RF262No.300 Sqn FaldingworthSwung on take-off causing the under carriage to collapse. The aircraft then caught fire.
14th MayMaster T.2W9036EAAS ManbyUndershot the landing due to engine failure, and caused the under carriage to collapse.
22nd MaySpitfire LF.16TB3477 SFTS HibaldstowRetracted the under carriage too soon, which caused the aircraft to sink back onto the runway.
5th JuneSpitfire LF.16SM19717 SFTS Barkston HeathEngine failure on approach caused the aircraft to belly land.
6th JuneMustang F.3FB357No.315 Sqn ConingsbyEngine failure during a night navex forced an emergency landing.
14th JuneSpitfire LF.16SM28817 SFTS HarlaxtonEngine failure on take-off caused the aircraft to undershoot on approach back to the base.
18th JuneSpitfire LF.16TD26517 SFTS HarlaxtonBelly landed by mistake.
20th JuneMosquito FB.6TA56013 OTUHolbeach DroveHit HT cables on a low-level navex and broke up. 2 killed.
1st JulySpitfire LF.5bW34391687 BDT Flt BinbrookOvershot the landing and tipped the aircraft on it's nose.
16th AugustHarvard T.2bFS7647 SFTS HibaldstowHit the ground during a low level roll. 2 killed.
19th AugustOxford T.1NM59719 FTS CranwellEngine caught fire while on run-up.
20th AugustHarvard T.2bKF7447 FTSKirton-in-LindseyBelly landed by mistake at night.
27th AugustWellington GR.13JA618EAAS ManbyLost height while on a single engine approach and hit the ground.
28th AugustLincoln B.2RF441No.61 Sqn WaddingtonSwung while taxiing and the under carriage collapsed.
29th AugustLincoln B.2RF485No.97 Sqn ConingsbyCaught fire while in the hangar.
2nd SeptemberLancaster B.3PA9661660 HCU SwinderbyEngine cut (on purpose) during take-off. Aircraft then swung and hit trees. 1 killed.
17th SeptemberHarvard T.2bKF2197 SFTS Kirton-in-LindseyHit control van on night take-off.
2nd OctoberHarvard T.2bFT29517 FTS SpitalgateEngine stalled while landing.
19th OctoberProctor C.1P631323 Grp Comms Fltnr SurfleetAircraft ran out of fuel while lost during bad weather. The crew abandoned.
31st OctoberOxford T.1LB4757 SFTSnr Barton-on-HumberEngine failure. No other details found.
3rd DecemberMosquito B.16PF572No.139 Sqn ConingsbyHit a flock of birds during take-off. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.


17th JanuaryHarvard T.2bKF25117 FTS SpitalgateBelly landed by mistake at night.
22nd JanuaryOxford T.1MP4277 SFTS Kirton-in-LindseyOvershot the runway during a night landing.
23rd MarchHarvard T.2bKF41619 FTS CranwellCrashed during a night overshoot. 2 killed.
10th AprilWellington T.10PG393201 AFS SwinderbyEngine caught fire in the air and belly landed on approach.
14th AprilMosquito B.16PF574No.109 Sqn ConingsbyUnder carriage collapsed whilst landing.
5th MayMeteor F.4EE578CFEnr BracebySuffered structural failure while intercepting Spitfires.
23rd MayLincoln B.2RF365No.61 Sqn WaddingtonSwung while on a night GCA (Ground Controlled Approach), and hit the ground. 2 killed.
5th JuneWellington T.10NC474210 AFSnr Witham-on-the-HillDived in out of the cloud while on a navex. 3 killed.
21st JulySpitfire LF.16TE2407 SFTS HibaldstowEngine failure during approach caused heavy landing. Resulting in the aircraft hitting Nissan Huts.
22nd JulyHarvard T.2bKF6547 SFTS Kirton-in-LindseyCrashed on approach during a heavy rainstorm. 1 killed.
23rd JulyHarvard T.2bFX2597 SFTS Kirton-in-LindseyDived in from a night overshoot. 1 killed.
25th JulyHarvard T.2bKF5791 FTS SpitalgateLost power on take-off and hit a hedge.
15th AugustHarvard T.2bFX2531 FTS SpitalgateHit a tree during a night approach in bad visibility.
9th OctoberMosquito B.16PF597231 OCUWest Fen, StickneyLost height after a night take-off from Coningsby and crashed. 2 killed.
21st OctoberLincoln B.2RF467No.83 Sqn HemswellBounced on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
26th NovemberHarvard T.2bFT3531 FTS FolkinghamDuring a practice forced landing, the aircraft suffered engine failure, stalled and crashed.


21st JanuaryWellington T.10LR134No.201 Sqnnr SwinderbyFlew into the ground during a night navex, 1 mile SW of the airfield. 3 killed.
23rd JanuaryLincoln B.2RF391No.97 Sqn HemswellForced landing caused by engine failure. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.
31st JanuaryMosquito FB.6HR494204 AFSnr SpitalgateDived in out of cloud during a night navex 1mile South of the airfield. 2 killed.
17th FebruaryMosquito B.16PF408No.109 Sqn ConingsbyOvershot during a night landing, causing the under carriage to collapse.
15th MarchLancaster B.7NX771EAAS ManbyUndershot during a 3 engine landing. The aircraft crash-landed and caught fire.
24th JuneMosquito B.16PF407231 OCU ConingsbyOvershot during take-off and abandoned.
14th JulyMosquito B.16PF578No.109 Sqn WaddingtonOvershot the landing and raised the under carriage to help stop the aircraft.
14th JulyMosquito B.16PF593No.109 Sqn WaddingtonAbandoned on the approach to the airfield, due to running out of fuel.
14th JulyMosquito B.16PF602231 OCU ConingsbyUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
14th JulyMosquito B.35TK633No.139 Sqnnr WaddingtonDived in out of the cloud during a night navex. 2 killed.
12th AugustWellington T.10RP566201 AFS SwinderbyAircraft caught fire on start up.
4th SeptemberSpitfire F.22PK435No.504 Sqn East KirkbyBelly landed.
18th SeptemberMosquito T.3VA887No.139 Sqn ConingsbyAircraft stalled and spun during a slow roll over the airfield. 2 killed.
19th OctoberLincoln B.2RF475No.100 Sqn HemswellSwung on take-off causing the under carriage to collapse.
26th OctoberMosquito B.35TK628No.139 Sqn ConingsbySwung on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
28th OctoberSpitfire LF.16TE475EAAS ManbySuffered engine failure while on approach and belly landed.
4th DecemberWellington T.10RP432201 AFSBlackmore Farm, nr AuburnUnder carriage damaged during take-off. Then lost power and crash landed.
11th DecemberAnson T.21VS5831 ANS WaddingtonDuring a night Ground Controlled Approach (GCA), the aircraft hit rough ground and overturned.
20th DecemberWellington T.10NB131201 AFS SwinderbyUnder carriage jammed and forced to belly land.
20th DecemberMosquito B.35VP189231 OCU ConingsbySwung on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.


5th JanuaryMeteor F.4VT123No.245 Sqn SpilsbySuffered engine failure during landing, which caused the aircraft to swing and then cart wheel. 1 killed.
5th FebruaryHarvard T.2bKF443RAFCnr Brant BroughtonAircraft stalled and spun. 2 killed.
7th FebruaryWellington T.10RP554201 AFS SwinderbyHit building while taxing at night.
16th FebruaryMosquito B.35VP186231 OCU Woodhall SpaWrong prop feathered by mistake and belly landed on the runway.
24th FebruaryWellington T.10RP485201 AFSnr SwinderbySuffered engine failure while on a single engine approach, and crash landed 1 mile ESE of the airfield.
4th MarchWellington T.10RP513201 AFS SwinderbyOverstressed during a dive which caused damage beyond repair.
8th AprilWellington T.10RP553201 AFS SwinderbySuffered engine failure during take-off, and landed in a field next to the airfield.
22nd AprilMosquito FB.6RS521CGSNorth SeaBroke up in a dive during a mock attack. Crashed 4 mile south of Spurn Point. 1 killed.
29th AprilMosquito B.35TA716231 OCUnr ConingsbyYawed while on a night approach and hit trees, 2 miles NW of the airfield.
23rd MayWellington T.10RP493201 AFS SwinderbyUndershot while attempting a single engine landing.
26th MayWellington T.10NA912201 OCU SwinderbyUnder carriage collapsed on landing.
28th JuneProctor C.3HM368BCCF WaddingtonSwung on landing causing the under carriage to collapse.
15th JulyLincoln B.2RF471No.61 Sqnnr WhisbyCrashed 4 miles WNW of RAF Waddington during instrument flying.
22nd JulyWellington T.10NA713201 AFS SwinderbyTyre burst on take-off and ground looped.
24th JulyTiger Moth T.2DE5899 RFSnr BriggHit the ground in a downdraft while on a low level navex.
25th JulySpitfire F.14RM737CFEHolbeach RangeHit by debris from a RP attack.
23rd AugustWellington T.10NB115201 AFSnr Norton DisneyHit the ground on a night overshoot. 2 killed.
15th SeptemberMosquito B.35TA617No.109 Sqn ConingsbyCollided with VR798 during a BoB flypast. Made it back to the airfield where it crash landed.
18th OctoberHarvard T.2bKF254RAFC ConingsbyUndershot a night landing at the airfield and hit trees.
29th OctoberExpediter44-870751134 SAS CranwellUnder carriage collapsed during landing.
4th NovemberHarvard T.2bKF140RAFCBrant BroughtonAbandoned during a night navex after running out of fuel.
22nd NovemberMosquito B.35VP193231 OCUnr Sandy BankHit trees after take-off and caught fire. 2 killed.
24th NovemberLincoln B.2RF470No.57 Sqn WaddingtonSwung on a 3 engine overshot and crash landed.
20th DecemberMosquito B.35TH984SFnr WaddingtonFlew in to the ground on a night overshoot, 1.5 miles south of the airfield. 1 killed.
30th DecemberWellington T.10LN657201 AFSBassinghamCrashed on overshoot from RAF Swinderby. 3 killed.

January - August 1945

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