1960's Incident Logs

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11th JanuaryMeteor T.7VW472Ferry Sqn ManbyAt the end of a ferry flight the starboard undercarriage would not lock down. The pilot elected to make a wheels up landing but the canopy iced up and he could not re-locate the airfield. He was forced to make a forced wheels up landing due to low fuel.
2nd FebruaryVampire T.11XD5208 FTS SwinderbyFlew into the ground after descending through low cloud. The pilot ejected safely.
4th AprilF-100D Super Sabre56-299420 TFW USAFHolbeach Range1 killed, no other information found.
31st May Provost T.1XF901RAFCWelbySuffered engine failure, stalled and crashed while attempting a forced landing. 1 killed.
10th JuneVampire T.11XE8838 FTS SwinderbyLost power and crashed on take off. The pilot was sadly killed.
16th JuneVampire T.11XK626RAFC CranwellCrashed into a field two miles west of RAF Cranwell following engine failure after take off. No injures reported.
14th JulyVampire T.11XE8278 FTS SwinderbySuffered engine failure and controls jammed. Attempted a forced landing, but the aircraft was damaged beyond repair.
26th SeptemberMeteor T.7WH169RAFC CranwellAs part of a touch and go manoeuvre at Cranwell the student pilot carried out a successful asymmetric touchdown. He then opened only one throttle which caused the aircraft to swing off the runway onto the grass. The port undercarriage leg struck a fire hydrant sign which swung the aircraft round to an abrupt halt. No injures were reported.
24th OctoberVampire T.11XE9538 FTS SwinderbyBadly damaged in a belly landing following engine failure. Later the aircraft was declared a write off. No injures were reported.
25th OctoberVampire T.11WZ417RAFC Scampton Abandoned by the crew near Scampton following engine failure. Flt Lt. J .W. Badham and Cadet P J. Headley ejected safely.


1st FebruaryJet Provost T.3XN4602 FTSCastle Bytham Crashed after failing to recover from a spin. Student Plt. Off. I. F. Mitchinson ejected safely.
1st MarchVulcan B.1XA904No.44 SqnWaddingtonThe pilot misjudged the approach. When downwind to land on the second attempt no’s 1, 2 and 3 engines cut due to low fuel. The controls stiffened and the aircraft touched down on the extreme right of the runway. It then ran off the runway onto the grass causing the undercarriage to collapse.
23rd MarchJet Provost T.3XM3472 FTSWragbyCrashed after engine failure. The failure had been caused by shot blast particles being left after manufacture in part of the oil pump and subsequent failure of the pump. This caused main bearing failure due to oil starvation. Student P.O J. B. Fardell ejected safely
24th MarchVampire T.11WZ5138 FTSBinbrookWZ513 struck XE944 over Swinderby during a formation loop. S.Lt. L. A. Boyer in WZ513 was unaware of this but noticed handling problems. He flew to an unpopulated area and ejected over RAF Binbrook. XE944 went into a spin and crashed near RAF Swinderby killing the pilot. He had jettisoned the canopy but had insufficient time to eject.
24th MarchVampire T.11XE9448 FTSSwinderbyWZ513 struck XE944 over Swinderby during a formation loop. S.Lt. L. A. Boyer in WZ513 was unaware of this but noticed handling problems. He flew to an unpopulated area and ejected over RAF Binbrook. XE944 went into a spin and crashed near RAF Swinderby killing the pilot. He had jettisoned the canopy but had insufficient time to eject.
29th OctoberVampire T.11XD602RAFCCranwellWritten off on return to Cranwell after being overstressed in flight when it pulled 7½ G during a tail chase.


29th JanuaryMeteor T.7WF771CAWEast HaltonDived into a hill destroying a tractor and killing a cow. The crew did not abandon the aircraft and both were sadly killed.
23rd MarchVictor B.2XL159AAEEHome Farm, StubtonCould not recover from a stall while on a test flight. Navigator M.P.Evans and Flight Test Observer P Elwood were sadly killed.
5th AprilJet Provost T.3XM452RAFCRaucebyLightning struck the starboard tip tank which began to break up. The pilot lost control and the aircraft crashed one mile south of Rauceby Hospital. Cadet P. A. C.Jones ejected safely.
7th JuneHunter T.7XL610No.111 SqnSilk WilloughbyStalled and crashed while in a slow tight turn. Both crew were sadly killed.
4th SeptemberVampire T.11XD4488 FTS SwinderbyHit birds during take-off and went into a barrier.
4th OctoberVampire T.11XD4488 FTS SwinderbyStruck a flock of seagulls during take off. The pilot abandoned take off but the aircraft overran into soft ground. No injures were reported.
16th OctoberJet Provost T.3XM427RAFCnr WaddingtonFlew into the ground while on a Ground Controlled Approach to RAF Waddington. 1 killed.


6th JuneHunter F.6XF449No.19 Sqn BinbrookCaught fire while taxiing for take off due to fuel leaking into the starter bay. The pilot pulled off the taxiway and vacated the aircraft. No injures were reported.


6th MayValiant B.1WZ363No.148 SqnWest Farm, Market RasenThe aircraft dived into the ground following an overshoot at RAF Binbrook at night. F/S F.C. Wells, F/L G.A. Mills, F/L J.R. Stringer, F/L L.R. Hawkins and Sgt R. Noble were all sadly killed.
15th JuneJet Provost T.3XN580RAFCScopwickCrashed after the aircraft had caught fire. Flt Lt. G. A. Etches and Flt Lt. Denham ejected safely.
27th JulyJet Provost T.4XP6827 FTSScotterCrashed after flying into power lines during a low level exercise. F.O. David Thomas Burkey was sadly killed. F.O. Burkey had just completed his training and was due to pass out a week later.
7th OctoberVulcan B.2XM601No.9 Sqn ConingsbyControl was lost during the climb out from a night asymmetric overshoot. The two pilots ejected but were killed due to the angle of the aircraft when they left. The three rear crew were also killed when the aircraft crashed.


5th MarchVarsity T.1WL680CAWStewtonWritten off in a forced landing after an engine cut during an asymmetric overshoot at RAF Manby. No injures were reported.
25th MayVulcan B.2XM576No.27 Sqn ScamptonCrashed landed after drifting to the left and attempting to overshoot during an unsuccessful asymmetric approach. It came to rest in a car park but all the crew escaped safely.


2nd MayMeteor F.8WL106No.85 Sqn BinbrookDuring take off the undercarriage was raised too soon. It sank back onto the runway scraping the ventral and under wing tanks. The pilot managed to get airborne and made an emergency landing, which burst the starboard tyre causing the aircraft to swing off the runway. No injures reported.
23rd MayF-100D Super Sabre56-299648 TFW USAFCarlton-le-MoorlandNo further information found.
14th JuneVarsity T.1WF334BCBSUlcebyFollowing a mid-air collision attempted a forced landing but struck a tree and was written off. Several of the Varsity occupants parachuted to safely but one crew member, who stayed with the aircraft, was killed when the aircraft struck a tree.


6th AprilVulcan B.2XL385No.617 Sqn ScamptonBurnt out on the runway when No 1 engine exploded during take off. The five crew and an ATC cadet escaped safely despite 40 tons of fuel catching fire. No injures were reported.
10th JunePrefect TX.1WE9802 GCSpitalgateCart wheeled after the wing tip struck the ground. No injures were reported.


29th AprilLightning F.6XS924No.5 SqnBeelsby FarmCrashed following loss of control shortly after take off from RAF Binbrook. It was to rendezvous with a Victor for a flypast over Scampton to mark the stand-down of Bomber Command. Flt Lt Al Davey was sadly killed.
13th MayCanberra B.2WH944231 OCU WaddingtonWritten off when a tyre burst on landing causing the aircraft to swing off the runway. No injures were reported.
19th JuneCanberra T.19WH714No.85 Sqn BinbrookRan into a hedge when the brakes failed while taxing to the fire dump. No injures reported.


9th JulyPhantom FGR.2XV395228 OCUHorncastleCrashed while on approach to RAF Coningsby after the crew ejected due to stiffening of the controls caused by loss of hydraulic pressure. Flt Lt. F. M. Pearson and Flt Lt. J. E. Rooum ejected safely.
23rd JulyJet Provost T.3XN630RAFC CranwellDamaged beyond repair when it sank back after take off when the undercarriage was raised too early. It belly landed and skidded off the runway. No injures were reported.
18th DecemberF-100D Super Sabre56-300120 TFW USAFLeverton OutgateNo other information found