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Bomber County Aviation Resource started life in late 2009, when the first designs where drawn up. Founder Craig Wise first came up with the concept in 2007, but he put the project on hold due to other commitments. Then in mid 2009 he decided to resurrect the project. Due to the size of the project Graham Platt was asked to help with the research and development, then Steve Cambers soon followed to help with the forward planning and Spotterwatch. Between the three of them ideas were coming thick and fast and Bomber County was born.

Bomber County Aviation Resource was finally launched on 1st January 2010, but after several technical problems, it was decided to shut the site down and correct the problems. In the three months the site was off line, not only were the problems fixed, but a complete re-design of the site took place, resulting in what you see now. The new look Bomber County was then re-launched on 1st January 2011, and has continued to grow since.

Graham Platt
Name: Graham Platt
Role: Chairman - Project Manager: BCAR Crash Project - Researcher - Writer

Born and raised in Lincolnshire, I've been interested in aircraft since a very early age.

I spent a lot of my childhood watching aircraft either flying over the house or at the local stations - RAF Coningsby was my 'local' but I also cycled across to Waddington, Scampton, Cranwell and Binbrook during the school summer holidays.

My interests are now in aviation history/archaeology and aviation photography. I have had several images and articles published in a variety of magazines including Air Forces Monthly and Aviation News.

Since early 2013, my main project has been the BCAR Crash Project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project has involved in-depth research into all aircraft crashes and accidents in the county of Lincolnshire over the course of the Second World War, with the objective of putting as many names to incidents as possible to highlight the human side of this important part of the county's heritage. The results of the research are being compiled into a book which will be lodged with all main libraries and aviation museums in the county, and also to be given to the air forces and national aviation museums of the countries involved. A further output of the project will be a data DVD of the material along with other articles and learning aids which will be given to all Junior and Secondary schools in the county to ensure that the heritage is kept alive and hopefully to inspire future generations to continue the work we have started.

Stuart Skelton
Name: Stuart Skelton
Role: BCAR Crash Project Deputy Project Manager - Researcher

I was Born and raised on the fence side of Lincolnshires air bases, the son of an aviation enthusiast father and mother with a camera and great panning skills, aircraft were in my blood from day one. When my father passed away, I vowed to continue travelling the country to photograph and document aircraft, his unrealised dream was to travel the world doing it, I have taken on his dream and made it reality.

I have been lucky enough to have travelled the world taking photographs and writing reports with many armed forces. My articles have appeared on “Aeroresource” and my images have been published in Combat Aircraft Magazine. Using Nikon camera bodies and various lenses I have considered myself to be incredibly lucky over the last six years.