Leadenham Landing Ground History

RFC Leadenham Landing Ground
(Map edited to show runways)
RFC/RAF Roundal
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53°3'18.12"N  0°33'46.41"W
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Station History

Leadenham airfield was situated on the Lincoln Edge above Leadenham village, with the south-eastern corner of Leadenham's 86 acre aerodrome just north of the Leadenham, Brauncewell, Ruskington road. Its location is marked by a historical sign.

Leadenham was created as an airfield for No.38 Squadron RFC to operate from, and provide home defence against the threat of Zeppelin attacks. No.38 Squadron remained here until 1918 when it was sent to the Western Front. It was replaced by No.19 Squadron, which was used as a training squadron.

At the end of the Great War, No.19 Squadron was disbanded. A detachment of No.90 Squadron operated here for a short while, with the Squadron HQ remaining at Buckminster. The airfield finally closed after No.90 Squadron departed in June 1919.

No traces remain of this former flying field, although North Kesteven District Council have erected a marker panel on the junction of Pottergate road and Long lane on what would have been the north east corner of the old field.

Aircraft and Squadrons
1916Station opened.
September 1916No.38 Sqn RFCOperating the Royal Aircraft Factory FE.2. Left Leadenham in May 1918.
1918No.19 Sqn RFCOperating the Sopwith Dolphin. Left Leadenham in 1918.
August 1918No.90 Sqn RFCOperating the Avro 504. Squadron disbanded in June 1919.
July 1919RAF Leadenham closed.