Moorby Landing Ground History

RFC Moorby Landing Ground
(Map edited to show runways)
RFC/RAF Roundal
Airfield Code:N/AGoogle Earth Co-ordinates:
53°10'13.71"N  0°03'35.45"W
1 x 700 yards & 1 x 570 yards
Station History

Moorby was a class 1 day Landing Ground, situated 1.5km NNE of Moorby Church. Originally the LG was unlit, but was later upgraded for night use. The LG was established in December 1916, and immediately housed a detachment from No.38 (Home Defence) Squadron. Bringing with them the Avro 504 and Royal Aircraft Factory FE.2’s. No.38 Sqn finally left in May 1918, and the LG was re-assigned to No.90 (Home Defence) Squadron, but no personnel were ever posted there.

Moorby LG contained two grass landing strips, one of 700 yards, and the other 570 yards. In total the LG covered 82 acres off former farm land. After the LG closed in June 1919, it was returned to farm land, which it’s still used for today.

Aircraft and Squadrons
December 1916Landing ground opened.
December 1916No.38 Sqn (Detachment)No.38 Sqn left the Landing Ground in May 1918.
May 1918No.90 SqnLanding Ground transferred from No.38 Sqn.
June 1919Landing ground closed.