Skegness (Burgh Road) Landing Ground History

RFC Skegness (Burgh Road) Landing Ground
(Map edited to show runways)
RFC/RAF Roundal
Airfield Code: N/AGoogle Earth Co-ordinates:
53°09'11.51"N  0°19'39.28"E
Not known
Station History

With the outbreak of war in 1914, fears arose that the Germans would carry out mass raids over Britain. To address the problem it was decided that a number of aircraft would be strategically placed along the East Coast. Squadron Commander Samson led a flight of several different type aircraft to Skegness only a few days after a declaration of war was made. The aircraft were all drawn from a Eastchurch Squadron, two off which crashed on the journey to Skegness.

On 25th August, Squadron Commander Samson was called to London for further orders, and a few days later all the aircraft at Skegness left to re-join their Squadron. It is not known for sure if any aircraft undertook any patrol flights while at Skegness, but it is thought it was doubtful. With all the aircraft departing, that was the end of the temporary aerodrome/landing ground.

It is not known the actual size of the temporary aerodrome/landing ground, only its location. Today the area is covered by a housing estate, and there is no trace of its former use.

Aircraft and Squadrons
August 1914Landing Ground opened.
August 1914Landing Ground closed.