Willoughby Hills Landing Ground History

RFC Willoughby Hills Landing Ground
(Map edited to show runways)
RFC/RAF Roundal
Airfield Code:N/AGoogle Earth Co-ordinates:
52°59'19.77"N  0°0'57.65"E
Not known
Station History

Willoughby Hills was a class 2 Landing Ground situated 3km ENE of Boston Church. The LG was established for use by No.38 (Home Defence) Squadron while operating over South Lincolnshire. Willoughby was originally unlit, but was upgraded at some point to lit status, which suggests its use as a night Landing Ground. A detachment from No.38 Sqn moved in immediately after the LG opened in September 1916.

No records state the exact area covered by the LG, but they indicate around 25 acres was used. After Willoughby closed the land was returned to farm land, which it’s still used for today. There is no evidence left on the site of its former use.

Aircraft and Squadrons
Summer 1916Landing Ground opened.
September 1916No.38 Sqn (Detachment)No.38 Sqn left the Landing Ground in May 1919.
June 1919Landing Ground closed.