1939 Incident Logs

9th SeptemberHurricane IL1954No.504 SqnMetheringhamCrashed on approach during night-time sortie.
14th SeptemberAudaxK5150RAFCCranwellBounced on landing, wing hit the ground.
20th SeptemberHartK5791RAFCCranwellCrashed following stall.
20th SeptemberAudaxK5592RAFCCranwellCrashed on approach during night-time sortie.
24th SeptemberHarvardN7067Grantham SFNewton, nr GranthamCrashed after spinning in.
30th SeptemberHindK5373Abingdon SFnr CranwellHit high ground 2 miles north of Cranwell whilst low flying. 2 Killed.
6th OctoberAudaxK513012 FTSGranthamNo further details
8th OctoberBlenheim 1FL1424No.23 SqnDigbyWheels-up landing.
10th OctoberAudaxK748912 SFTSGranthamCrashed after stalling on takeoff for night sortie. 1 Killed.
13th OctoberBattleK75931 AASTheddlethorpeEngine failed on test flight, 3 Killed.
17th OctoberHampdenL4080No.50 SqnWaddingtonCoded VN-? The aircraft was damaged beyond economical repair after crashing into a hangar due to brake failure whilst taxiing. No injuries reported.
24th OctoberHindK6760RAFC SFTSCranwellBounced & overturned on landing.
27th OctoberAnsonN5204No.608 Sqnnr Humber lightshipShot down by a Hurricane, 3 Killed.
30th OctoberHampdenL4071No.83 SqnScamptonCoded OL-? The aircraft was wrecked after the pilot retracted the undercarriage too early, causing the aircraft to crash on the runway. No injuries reported.
31st OctoberHampdenL4096No.50 SqnBranstonCoded VN-? The aircraft crashed after it lost height shortly after takeoff from Waddington on a training flight. Sgt R.S.W. Cordle KIA, AC1 J.F. Burge KIA, AC2 L.J. Penteny KIA.
7th NovemberHartK5884RAFCCranwellCrashed on approach to south airfield at night, hit a cottage.
11th NovemberHampdenL4186No.106 SqnHaxeyCoded ZN-T, the aircraft crashed after it stalled during low-level bombing practice sortie on Mission range. Sgt W. Styles injured.
13th NovemberFury IIK82441 AASTheddlethorpeDived into ground during firing run on the range, 1 Killed.
15th NovemberAnson IN498212 FTSSpitalgateUndershot landing at night.
23rd NovemberHampdenL4034No.49 SqnWaddingtonCoded EA-? The aircraft flew into a hangar whilst trying to avoid the control tower during a landing attempt in poor visibility. 7 killed including some working in the hangar who were crushed when one of the engines fell through the roof. S/L P. McG Watt KIA, Cpl T.A. Keating KIA, AC1 S. Taylor KIA, AC2 F.L. Talbot KIA, AC1 L. McGarvie KIA, LAC W.G. Kelly KIA, Cpl A. Cooke injured, Cpl A. McD. Henderson KIA, AC2 M. Bastow injured.
29th NovemberBlenheim IL1452No.23 Sqnnr Gainsborough2 Killed.
29th NovemberHartK3153RAFC SFTSWellingoreBounced on landing & overturned.
1st DecemberTutorK3323No.219 Sqnnr GranthamPossibly a minor accident, as Finn records this but Hancock does not, suggesting that the aircraft may not have been wrecked.
1st DecemberTutorK3433No.219 Sqnnr GranthamStalled & crashed 1mile west of Grantham.
9th DecemberBlenheim IL8678No.229 SqnDigbyCrashed on landing.
9th DecemberBattleL5350No.266 SqnSutton BridgeLanded wheels-up.
13th DecemberAudaxK7423RAFC SFTSCranwellLost height after takeoff for night sortie, 1 Killed.
18th DecemberHartK501512 FTSGranthamUndercarriage collapsed after heavy landing following a night sortie.
18th DecemberWellingtonN2871No.9 SqnRAF North CoatesMade an emergency landing after an attack by BF.109'S during a daylight attack on Heligoland. The aircraft landed ok, but with 50% of it's fabric missing, plus major damage to the airframe. It was later repaired and flown back to RAF Binbrook.
19th DecemberBattleK76581 AASSouth Cockerington GrangeLanded wheels-up following engine failure.
31st DecemberBattleK76751 AASManbyUndercarriage collapsed on landing.