1940 Incident Logs

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1st JanuaryHampdenL4205No.185 Sqnnr Gunby, 4 miles N of CottesmoreCoded GL-? The aircraft crashed after it stalled on overshooting Cottesmore. The sole occupant of the aircraft was the pilot, P/O E.A.C. Hill, who was killed in the crash.
2nd JanuaryWallaceK39111 AASSkidbrookeTarget towing cable caught aircraft elevators, 2 Killed.
4th JanuaryHindK5408RAFCnr CaythorpeHit HT cables.
8th JanuaryBlenheim IL1511No.219 Sqnnr GranthamForce-landed.
9th JanuaryAudaxK513412 FTSnr GranthamForce-landed on night flight, hit post during landing 1 mile northwest of the airfield.
10th JanuaryBlenheim IVN6203No.110 SqnManbyCoded VE-? The aircraft was airborne at 1015 from Wattisham for a reconnaissance sortie. The aircraft was severely damaged after it was intercepted by a flight of 5 Me110s. The aircraft crash-landed at 1425 remarkably, no injuries were reported.
12th JanuaryOxfordP18272 CFSnr WaddingtonOvershot on landing, hit hut (possibly Cranwell?).
12th JanuaryHartK3746RAFCWelbourneUndercarriage collapsed following heavy landing.
16th JanuarySpitfire IK9893No.152 SqnBroughtonCrashed in snowstorm due to engine failure.
16th JanuaryBattleL5348No.266 SqnEast KirkbyCrashed in snowstorm.
16th JanuaryHartK4945RAFCBarkston HeathStalled during forced landing in a snowstorm, aircraft tipped up on landing.
17th JanuaryBattleP5244No.266sqnSutton BridgeCrashed on takeoff.
18th JanuaryAudaxK51377 FTSDorringtonForce-landed whilst lost, hit a ditch on landing.


24th FebruaryDemonK57361 AASDonna NookThis aircraft was destroyed in a mid-air collision with turret-Demon K8196 over the Donna Nook ranges. P/O WB Hunterwas killed in the accident, P/O GW Winder died of his injuries the following day.
24th FebruaryDemonK81961 AASDonna NookTurret-Demon, involved in a mid-air collision with Demon K5736 over the Donna Nook ranges, the aircraft was badly damaged whilst making a forced landing at the Donna Nook landing strip after the collision. Pilot P/O Maurice 'Buster' Paddle and his air gunner A/P/O Jack Elmer Hatfield (RCAF) survived the accident.
24th FebruaryBlenheim IL6742No.229 SqnToynton St PeterPilot dazzled by searchlights, lost control. 3 Killed.
25th FebruaryBlenheim IL1444No.18 SqnSomercoates HavenCoded WV-? Airborne for reconnaissance to Metz. Damaged by enemy action over Germany and after crossing the North Sea crash landed near North Coates, 10 miles SE of Grimsby, Lincs. P/O J.A.E.Monette inj, Sgt J.A.H.Potter KIA, LAC A.C.Whitehill.
26th FebruaryBattleP22603Gp TTFGosberton RisegateAirborne from Mildenhall for a target-towing sortie. The pilot lost control in cloud, dived in and crashed. Sgt T. Owens KIA, AC2 W. Mahon KIA.
27th FebruaryHampdenL4153No.44 SqnGrimsbyCoded KM-? Airborne 1825 26th Feb from Waddington for a patrol sortie. The aircraft ran short of fuel on the return flight and a crash landing was made at 0250 27th Feb, 3 miles S of Grimsby, Lincolnshire. The airframe was later recoded 1888M and used as a ground instructional airframe. S/L N.B.Norris Sgt T.L.S.Smythe Sgt P.Nixon AC1 H.E.Preston.


2nd MarchHartK58867 SFTSStowgate, Deeping St JamesOverturned during forced landing caused by engine failure.
5th MarchBothaL6129Blackburn (mfr)FlixboroughCrashed whilst on a test flight.
6th MarchHurricane IL1857No.46 SqnDigbyHit tree on takeoff, 1 Killed.
7th MarchHindL7192RAFCRoxholm Hall, LeasinghamForced landing.
7th MarchHampdenL4111No.61 SqnScopwickCoded QR-? The aircraft was airborne from Hemswell at 2018 on a patrol sortie. It crashed on returning from patrol at 0530. The aircraft may have been damaged by fighters as LAC Wood's body had sustained gunshot wounds. Finn quotes the serial as LL411. F/O D.C.G. Clinkard KIA, Sgt C.C. Hobbs KIA, Sgt R.P. Glasson KIA, LAC W.K. Wood KIA.
13th MarchAnsonN5193No.50 Sqnnr GrimsbyCoded VN-? Airborne from Waddington at 1745 to search for the crew of Hampden L4064. The aircraft crash-landed south of Grimsby at 2335 after running out of fuel. P/O R.D. Wawn inj, Sgt B. Pollard inj, Sgt A. Wappnett inj, Cpl R.L.H. Smith injured.
20th MarchHampdenL4137No.144 SqnScotterCoded PL-? The aircraft crashed after the pilot lost control and dived into the ground whilst on a night training sortie.F/O R.H. Bullard-davies KIA, Sgt A. Woodward KIA, LAC D.G. Dowty KIA. Casualties quoted from Chorley, Hancock quotes 4K.
22nd MarchHurricane IL20726O TUSutton BridgeForced landing.
28th MarchHartK3151RAFCCranwellHeavy landing.


1st AprilDemonK81261 AASDonna NookTurret-Demon, blown over by gale whilst taxiing.
7th AprilSpitfire IN31951 AASManbyLanded wheels-up.
7th AprilWhitley IVK9032No.10 Sqnnr GrimsbyCoded ZA-? Airborne 2050 6th Apr from Dishforth on a reconnaissance sortie. Wrecked, on return at 0544 7th Apr when the pilot struck a tree while attempting an emergency landing, 2 miles S of Grimsby, Lincolnshire. No injuries. F/O G.W.Prior Sgt Green Sgt Mathers AC1 Henry AC1 Miller.
8th AprilHindK5547RAFCCranwellOverturned after undershooting whilst landing.
9th AprilHurricane IL1790No.229 Sqnoff GrimsbyNo further information found on this incident.
10th AprilHindK5455RAFCCranwellTipped up after tailwheel caught in a hole whilst taxiing.
13th AprilAnsonN5193No.50 Sqnnr UtterbyCrashed during air-sea-rescue sortie.
14th AprilHampdenL4065No.50 Sqnoff MablethorpeCoded VN-? Airborne 2215 13th Apr from Waddington on a mine-laying sortie. Believed to have crashed in the sea off Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire. All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/L R.J.Cosgrove KIA, Sgt F.W.Batchelor KIA, sgt G.W.Everatt KIA, Cpl J.Doran KIA.
15th AprilGauntlet IIK78831 AASDonna NookHit the beach on the range, overturned, 1 Killed.
17th AprilHampdenL4116No.61 SqnHemswellCoded QR-? The aircraft was written off after it overran the landing area whilst landing at night. No injuries reported.
17th AprilHampdenL4163No.144 SqnHemswellCoded PL-? Airborne from Hemswell on a mine-laying sortie but was unable to make any height. Collided with a cottage on the airfield perimeter and crashed, killing the entire crew. Sgt J.Windsor KIA, Sgt R.F.Carter KIA, AC1 D.Burnside KIA, Sgt W.Cuthbert KIA.
17th AprilBeaufortL4517No.22 SqnNorth CoatesOvershot on return from mining sortie.
17th AprilBlenheim IVP4836No.235 SqnNorth CoatesOvershot on landing, hit a ditch.
18th AprilHurricane IL1801No.46 Sqnnr Leadenham (Wellingore Lowfields?)Abandoned after loss of control.
22nd AprilAudaxK737012 FTSGranthamUndercarriage collapsed on landing
22nd AprilHampdenL4143No.144 SqnKirton in LindseyCoded PL-? The aircraft crashed at 1415 whilst on air test. P/O A. Robson inj, AC1 Elcoat injured.
22nd AprilHampdenP1175No.49 SqnScamptonCoded EA-? Airborne from Scampton on a mine-laying sortie. Over-ran the runway on return, crashed and damaged beyond repair. No injuries. F/O D.White Sgt N.L.Jones Sgt P.J.Hurst LAC N.Hornsby.
24th AprilHampdenP1331No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-? Airborne from Waddington on a patrol sortie. Undercarriage damaged on take-off and the Hampden was wrecked in the forced-landing that followed. The crew escaped injury. P/O L.J.Ashfield.
25th AprilHartK5801RAFCWelbournCrashed after one wing hit ground on landing.
25th AprilHindL72161 AASManbyCrashed on landing.
27th AprilBattleP667512 FTSnr HarlaxtonDived into the ground on a night sortie.


1st MayWellington ICP9276No.99 Sqnin the WashCoded LN-? Airborne 1800 30th Apr from Newmarket for Stavanger. Crashed in the Wash, cause not established. There were no survivors, but all the bodies were eventually recovered from the water. F/Sgt J.W.L.G.Brent killed, F/O H.G.Miller killed, Sgt P.C.Cunningham killed, AC1 M.J.O'Sullivan killed, AC1 D.Lilley killed, P/O G.A.H.Poole killed.
2nd MayHampdenL4098No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-? The aircraft was wrecked when the undercarriage failed to lock down causing the aircraft to crash on landing. No injuries reported.
7th MayGauntlet IIK53421 AASManbyEngine failed on takeoff, undercarriage collapsed.
7th MayBeaufortL4464No.22 SqnNorth CoatesDamaged by flak during attack on shipping, crashed on return.
7th MayBeaufortL4466No.22 SqnNorth CoatesStalled whilst landing on a training sortie, crashed on the beach, 1 Killed.
15th MayHampdenL4069No.83 SqnLouthCoded OL-O Airborne 2229 14th May from Scampton for the Ruhr. Crashed 0210 15th May near Louth, Lincolnshire. Shot down by 'friendly' fire after responding correctly to an Anti-Aircraft battery challenge. F/O N.Johnson KIA, P/O E.A.Vagg KIA, Sgt D.Wolstenholme KIA, AC1 J.G.Pickard KIA.
19th MayHartK6442RAFCCranwellSwung to avoid another aircraft and tipped up.
21st MayGauntlet IIK78891 AASTheddlethorpeSwung on landing, undercarriage collapsed.
22nd MayBeaufortL4518No.22 SqnNorth CoatesEngine failure caused forced-landing during night sortie.
24th MayHampdenP1336No.106 SqnCaenbyCoded ZN-? The aircraft hit a barrage balloon cable nr Coventry and crashed - there is confusion as to whether the crash site is Caenby or Coventry. P/O J.M.D. Irvine KIA, Sgt J.R. Collingham KIA, AC1 S.E. Firth KIA.
27th MayHampdenL4135No.144 SqnHemswellCoded PL-? The aircraft's back broke whilst taxiing with full bomb load. No crew injuries reported.
28th MayDemonK57271 AASManbyTurret-Demon, undercarriage collapsed on heavy landing.
29th MayOxfordP1980RAFCCranwellUndershot whilst landing and hit huts.


1st JuneOxfordL4583RAFCWelbournHit hedge after overshooting on landing.
6th JuneHurricane IP36666O TUSutton BridgeWheels-up landing.
8th JuneHampdenL4044No.49 SqnNorth CarltonCoded EA-R, Airborne from Scampton for Amiens but crash landed due to engine failure on the top of Carlton Hill near North Carlton, 4 miles NNW of Lincoln. All four crew members sustained injuries of varying severity. P/O Parker was awarded the GC for his efforts in saving the life of his W/Op, and, having risen to the rank of Sqdn Leader was destined to lose his life 17th Jan 43 in ED332. P/O E.D.Parker inj, P/O Lockhead inj, Sgt Lloyd inj, Sgt Robinson Injured.
8th JuneOxfordR6275RAFCBarkston HeathLanded downwind, overturned after braking.
8th JuneHampdenP4289No.50 SqnColeby GrangeCoded VN-X, the aircraft crashed at Coleby Grange at 2040 whilst on approach to RAF Waddington. This was a relatively minor accident as the aircraft was repaired and returned to service, ultimately being lost on 26/27Aug, after it ran out of fuel and forced landed on the Vliehors sandbank on the Dutch Island of Vlieland. The Hampden was captured intact and later flown to Germany for inspection.
10th JuneOxfordL9645RAFCSouth RaucebyStalled in a turn, hit a hedge 0.5 miles south of South Rauceby.
11th JuneBeaufortL4451No.22 SqnNorth CoatesEngine failure on takeoff.
12th JuneHurricane IL18956O TUSutton BridgeCrashed on landing.
15th JuneHerefordL600814O TUPickworthAirborne from Cottesmore for a bombing training sortie to be flown at 1000 feet. One engine failed in flight and the aircraft was force-landed at 1325 southwest of Pickworth with no injuries reported to the crew.
16th JuneAnsonN5067No.608 SqnGainsboroughPossibly a minor accident, as it is recorded by Finn but not by Hancock.
19th JuneHampdenP4364No.144 Sqnnr ScamptonCoded PL-? The aircraft crashed just east of RAF Scampton following an engine failure during a ferry flight. The aircraft was written off, the crew were uninjured, but two were killed and two taken prisoner just 4 days later on 23th Jun in P4363.
19th JuneHe111NKNKnr ScarthoShot down by Spitfires.
20th JuneHindK6635RAFCBarkston HeathUndercarriage collapsed following heavy landing during night sortie.
21st JuneHartK646912 FTSGranthamSwung on landing and tipped up.
25th JuneBlenheim IVN3261No.82 SqnWainfleetCoded UX-? The aircraft was lost after it hit a flagpole at Wainfleet range and crashed at 1055. The crew abandoned the aircraft, but the pilot, P/O E.J. Keeble, was killed.
26th JuneSpitfire IP9420No.222 Sqnnr HemswellForced landing.
30th JuneHampdenP4337No.61 SqnTorkseyThis may have been a minor accident as it is recorded by Finn but not by Chorley or Hancock.


1st JulyBlenheim IL1376No.29 Sqnnr WellingoreShot down by He111, one account quotes it as being 'firebombed', 2 Killed.
5th JulyBlenheim IK7156No.23 Sqnnr DigbyNo details recorded.
9th JulyHampdenP4393No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-? The aircraft crashed on landing from ferry flight at 1145 and caught fire. The crash was due to elevator controls being wrongly connected, possibly after recent repairs. No injuries reported.
9th JulyHampdenP4288No.50 SqnBranstonCoded VN-? The aircraft crashed at 1945 on approach to land at Waddington. No crew injuries.
10th JulyHurricane IP3359No.253 SqnIrby-on-HumberCrashed in poor visibility during a morning patrol. Sgt I.C.C. Glenshaw was killed in the incident. He is buried in Kelvedon St Mary Churchyard.
10th JulyBlenheim IL13581 AASGreat CarltonCrashed on sortie carrying army officers on anti-invasion defence inspection.
16th JulyHindL7176RAFCCranwellDBR whilst taxiing.
23rd JulyHindK5432RAFCBarkston HeathOvershot whilst landing and hit a wall.
24th JulyHurricane INKNo.46 SqnDigbyNo details recorded.
25th JulySpitfire IP9325No.222 SqnKirton LindseyNo details recorded.
26th JulyHartK6477RAFCBarkston HeathStalled on approach.
28th JulySpitfire IK9970No.611 SqnDigbyNo details recorded.
30th JulyHindK5386RAFCBarkston HeathUndershot on night landing, crashed 1 m southeast of airfield.
30th JulyHindK6731RAFCBarkston HeathUndershot on night landing, crashed 0.5 m southeast of airfield.
30th JulySwordfishL2759No.812 Sqn FAANorth CoatesCollided with P4161 whilst simulating a divebomb attack on 'enemy troops' 0.4 miles south of the airfield, 2 Killed.
30th JulySwordfishP4161No.812 Sqn FAANorth CoatesCollided with L2759 whilst simulating a divebomb attack on 'enemy troops' 0.4 miles south of the airfield, 2 Killed.


1st AugustBlenheim IL8509No.29 SqnWellingoreCrashed on landing.
1st AugustWallaceK60251E & WSCranwellStalled on landing, undercarriage collapsed.
1st AugustBattleL5568No.12 Sqnoff SkegnessCoded PH-? Airborne from Binbrook for a raid on the French ports used for invasion preparations, but was intercepted and shot down by own nightfighters. F/O B.E. Moss KIA, Sgt B.C. Long KIA, Sgt T.J. Radley KIA.
2nd AugustOxfordN6283RAFCnr CranwellHit lorry on approach to land.
2nd AugustHampdenP4351No.49 Sqnoff SkegnessCoded EA-? Airborne from Scampton for Kiel. Ran out of fuel and ditched 10 miles E of Skegness, Lincolnshire and close to the SS Sheraton at 0640. The crew were rescued with no reported injuries. Sgt J.Unsworth Sgt D.S.Imber Sgt McDonald LAC Allwood.
2nd AugustHampdenP4376No.83 Sqnnr WeltonCoded OL-E, Airborne 2145 2nd Aug from Scampton for Hanover. Returned early due to engine failure and crashed 2340 3-4 miles E of the airfield. Sgt S.Harpham inj, Sgt R.Beales KIA, Sgt E.J.Clarke KIA, Sgt A.E.Jackson Injured.
4th AugustHe111NKNKHumberShot down by Humber AA battery.
7th AugustHampdenL4187No.106 SqnOwston FerryCoded ZN-?, the aircraft crashed after pilot lost control. It is possible that he was dazzled by searchlights whilst on a training flight. Sgt R.F. Wilson KIA, Sgt A.S. Dalgress KIA, Sgt W.C. Goldsmith KIA, Sgt D.K. Mills KIA.
16th AugustLysanderL6861No.613 SqnFriskney FlatsCrashed after hitting the ground.
16th AugustHe111NK3/KGR 126Immingham docksShot down by AA fire.
17th AugustHampdenP4365No.144 SqnHemswellCoded PL-? Airborne from Hemswell to attack the Leuna oil refinery at Merseburg. Destroyed in a fatal crash on return to base. Cause not established. S/L P.H.Rebbeck KIA, P/O D.Hutchins KIA, Sgt B.H.Foster KIA, Sgt H.Dickinson KIA.
17th AugustHartK57997 FTSDeeping St NicholasDived in whilst instrument flying, 2 Killed.
17th AugustHurricane IL20826O TUnr Sutton BridgeNo details recorded.
18th AugustHampdenL4106No.83 SqnScamptonCoded OL-?, the aircraft hit trees 1000ft short of the runway whilst on a training flight, no injuries reported.
18th AugustDo24NKNKNKShot down by AA batteries.
19th AugustOxfordP8993RAFCBarkston HeathStalled on night takeoff.
19th AugustDo175K+BPKG3BilsbyShot down by fighters - collided with 5K+AP whilst under fighter attack.
19th AugustDo175K+APKG3BilsbyShot down by fighters - collided with 5K+BP whilst under fighter attack.
21st AugustDo17NKNKThurlbyShot down by 29 Sqn Blenheim.
21st AugustHe111NKNKSkegnessShot down by 29 Sqn Blenheim.
21st AugustHurricane INKNKNKShot down by own AA.
24th AugustDo215NKNKNKShot down by 29sqn Blenheim - PO JRD Braham.
25th AugustBlenheim IL1330No.29 Sqnnr WainfleetCrashed in the Wash, 2 killed.
25th AugustHampdenP4353No.44 Sqnnr Welton waterworksCoded KM-?, The aircraft was on an air-test sortie when it failed to gain height on takeoff, possibly due to an engine failure, and crashed shortly afterwards. No injuries reported.
26th AugustHampdenP1354No.83 Sqnoff SkegnessCoded OL-Y Airborne from Scampton for Berlin. Ditched in the mouth of The Wash on return. The crew were unhurt. F/O N.H.Svendson, DFC Sgt J.C.Threfall Sgt S.R.Gear Sgt S.Dale.
26th AugustHindK5512RAFCBarkston HeathHeavy night landing.
26th AugustHe111NKNKin HumberShot down by 29 Sqn Blenheim.
26th AugustHampdenP4380No.83 Sqnoff GrimsbyCoded OL-Z, Airborne 2050 from Scampton for Berlin, ran out of fuel on return and ditched. Crew rescued 7 hours later.
27th AugustHampdenP1317No.50 SqnHemswellCoded VN-? Airborne from Lindholme for Leipzig. Damaged by Flak and later crashed while trying to land at Hemswell. No injuries. Sgt Abbott Sgt Bryce AC1 Green Sgt Barney.
29th AugustHampdenX2897No.83 Sqnoff SkegnessCoded OL-? Airborne from Scampton 2110 28th Aug for Berlin. Ditched on return 0620 next to a trawler, no injuries to the crew, who were all rescued. F/L J.A. Pitcairn-Hill DSO DFC, F/O Watson, Sgt T. Byrne, F/O R. Stannion.
29th AugustHampdenP1334No.83 Sqnnr ScamptonCoded OL-? Airborne from Scampton to attack the oil installations at Gelsenkirchen. Returned early and crash landed 2150 29/Aug while trying to land. No serious injuries reported. S/L Collier, DFC P/O Turner Sgt Johnson P/O B.A.de Bressey.
30th AugustHurricane IL20636O TUHolbeachForce-landing.
31st AugustHampdenP2135No.49 SqnScamptonCoded EA-? Airborne from Scampton 1615 on a ferry flight. The aircraft stalled and crashed near the western edge of the airfield. Sgt R.F. Roberts KIA, AC1 T. Robinson KIA, AC1 G.W. Snowden KIA, AC1 S. Hall KIA. The AC1s were most likely groundcrew being transported.


1st SeptemberBlenheim IVZ5724No.235 Sqn4m SE of Lincoln (Branston?)Engine failure on navigation training flight.
3rd SeptemberBeaufortL9879No.22 SqnNorth CoatesUndershot landing at night after raid on Flushing.
3rd SeptemberHurricane IL16546O TUnr Sutton BridgeCollided with L1833.
3rd SeptemberHurricane IL18336O TUnr Sutton BridgeCollided with L1654.
3rd SeptemberBattleL57116O TUSutton BridgeNo details recorded.
3rd SeptemberHampdenP2063No.144 SqnHemswellThis was most likely a minor accident, as the aircraft was reported as lost 22nd Nov over Norway.
4th SeptemberDefiant IN1628No.264 SqnNorthorpeCrashed after takeoff from Kirton Lindsey. Both F/O D.K.C. O'Malley and Sgt L.A.W. Rasmussen (RNZAF) were killed in the incident. Both are buried in the Kirton-in-Lindsey cemetery.
4th SeptemberWallaceK60371 SSMartin DalesHit HT cables, 1 Killed.
5th SeptemberHampdenP4378No.144 SqnHemswellCoded PL-? Airborne from Hemswell for Hamburg, overshot on landing on return from the raid an stalled whilst going round for a second attempt at landing, 3 killed / 1 injured.
6th SeptemberHe111NKNKNKHit by AA over Midlands, crashed Lincs.
8th SeptemberHurricane IL172759 OTUGedney DykeNo details recorded.
16th SeptemberLysanderP1724No.613 SqnScothernForced landing.
15th SeptemberBlenheimP4853No.235 Sqnnr North CoatesCrashed in a field near the airfield. No injuries were reported.
16th SeptemberSpitfire IL1036No.616 Sqnoff Donna NookCrashed into the sea after running out of fuel following pursuit of a Ju88 north of Cromer.
17th SeptemberHurricane IR4185No.151 Sqnnr BiscathorpeHit during combat, forced landing, 1 Killed.
19th SeptemberWallaceK60331 SSCranwellUndercarriage collapsed in heavy landing.
21st SeptemberOxfordL9693RAFCBarkston HeathHit tree during takeoff at night.
24th SeptemberSpitfire INKNo.616 SqnKirton LindseyNo details recorded.
24th SeptemberOxfordP8829RAFCnr South RaucebyOne wing hit a wall whilst low flying 1 mile west of South Rauceby.
24th SeptemberHurricane IV7432No.151 Sqnnr WaddingtonCollided with P3306.
24th SeptemberHurricane IP3306No.151 Sqnnr WaddingtonCollided with V7432.
24th SeptemberHampdenX2911No.61 SqnHemswellCoded QR-? Attempting to take off at 2303 24th Sep from Hemswell for Calais but collided with another 61 Sqn Hampden (P4397). Sgt Hills was killed and the rest of the crew injured. P4397 was repaired and later served with No.14 OTU. P4397 was not lost on operations. Sgt J.E.Hills KIA, Sgt Mills inj, Sgt Keet inj, Sgt T.P.Fenwick Injured.
24th SeptemberHampdenP4397No.61 SqnHemswellCoded QR-? Struck by X2911 whilst it was taking off at 2303, P4397 was repaired and later served with No.14 OTU. P4397 was not lost on operations.
27th SeptemberHurricane IN23576O TUSutton BridgeSpun in on approach.
27th SeptemberHampdenP2096No.83 Sqnnr ScamptonCoded OL-?, the aircraft crashed on approach to Scampton during a training flight. No injuries reported.
28th SeptemberWallaceK60231 SSGranthamHeavy landing.
28th SeptemberHampdenP4392No.44 SqnLincolnCoded OL-P, Airborne from Scampton for Lorient. Abandoned over Lincolnshire on return after the crew were unable to locate Scampton. The Hampden crashed on to the St.Matthias Church in Lincoln. P/O D.D.Snooke KIA, P/O C.L.Turner Sgt K.McKenzie P/O E.C.Brighouse In the book 'Lincolnshire Air War 1939-45' by S.Finn. P/O Snooke is reported to have killed after being impaled on railings in Yarborough Road, Lincoln. Other sources state he died after his parachute became entangled with the Hampden.
30th SeptemberJu88NKNKDonna NookShot down by 151 Sqn Hurricanes.
30th SeptemberHe111NKNKSW of SkegnessNo details recorded.


1st OctoberHampdenP2135No.49 SqnScamptonThis may have been a minor accident as it is recorded by Finn but not by Chorley or Hancock.
1st OctoberHurricane IL18716O TUnr Sutton BridgeCrashed on approach.
2nd OctoberHe111A1+CHKG53Chapel St LeonardsShot down by 151 Sqn.
2nd OctoberHe111NKNKNorth SomercotesShot down by AA battery.
4th OctoberHurricane IL17056O TUSutton BridgeForced landing near airfield.
4th OctoberWallace IIK60301 SSnr SleafordCollided with R5950 over Cranwell, crashed near Sleaford.
4th OctoberOxfordR59502 SFTSnr SleafordCollided with K6030 over Cranwell, crashed near Sleaford.
4th OctoberWallace IIK60611 SSCranwellUndercarriage collapsed after heavy landing.
5th OctoberHampdenX2963No.144 SqnHemswellCoded PL-? Airborne from Hemswell for a mine-laying sortie in the Elbe Estuary. Undershot on return while trying to land in a near gale. The undercarriage was torn off, but the crew escaped without injury. S/L G.F.Lerwill Sgt C.Gibson Sgt R.H.Black Sgt Duckworth.
5th OctoberHampdenX2977No.83 Sqnnr ScamptonCoded OL-? Airborne from Scampton for gelsenkirchen. Encountered severe icing and the crew elected to make an early return. Crashed 2055 near Hemswell Airfield, Lincolnshire while trying to land. Sgt Hawkes inj, Sgt C.A.Sherwood KIA, Sgt Gilmour inj, Sgt E.S.Phillips injured.
5th OctoberSpitfire INKNo.616 SqnKirton LindseyNo further details recorded.
5th OctoberHe111NKNKHumberShot down by Humber AA battery.
8th OctoberHurricane IL20836O TUSutton BridgeCaught fire, crashed near airfield.
8th OctoberTutorK61032 FTSAncasterHit HT cables near Ancaster, 2 Killed.
9th OctoberHurricane IV7376No.1 Sqnoff coastShot down by Ju88, serial also given as V7378 by Finn.
12th OctoberBlenheim IL1472No.29 SqnWellingoreCrashed on takeoff.
13th OctoberBattleL5428No.142 Sqnnr TorkseyCoded WT-? Airborne at 1820 from Binbrook for Calais. The aircraft ran out of fuel on return,was abandoned, and crashed 2 miles north of Torksey. Serial given as L5421 by Finn.
14th OctoberSpitfire INKNo.616 SqnKirton LindseyNo further details recorded.
15th OctoberHurricane IL17136O TUSutton BridgeForced landing near airfield.
16th OctoberHurricane IL20036O TUSutton BridgeStalled and crashed on landing.
17th OctoberHampdenX2997No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-? Airborne from Waddington for the Leuna synthetic oil plant at Merseburg. Crashed on return at 0130 17th Oct into a disused Hangar on Waddington airfield while trying to land in fog. S/L H.P.Broad inj, Sgt Hammond inj, Sgt H.Rossiter inj, Sgt J.M.McLean injured.
17th OctoberBeaufortL9856No.22 SqnSutton BridgeReturned from op with flak damage.
17th OctoberHampdenP2122No.144 SqnCaenbyOnly recorded in Finn, not recorded by Hancock or Chorley, so this may have been a minor accident?
18th OctoberSpitfire INKNo.616 SqnBroughtonNo details recorded.
21st OctoberWhitley VP5058No.58 Sqnoff CleethorpesCoded GE-F Airborne 1800 20th Oct from Linton-on-Ouse to bomb the Skoda armament factory at Pilsen. Ditched 0540 in the River Humber due N of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. Despite being close to the shore, the crew spent 3 hours in their dinghy before being rescued. For three members of this crew, this was their second crash in less than a week. Possibly attributed to being shot down by Humber AA (S.Finn) See: T4150. F/O B.Brooke inj, Sgt C.S.Halley RAAF Sgt Henderson Sgt Greene Sgt Duncan.
22nd OctoberBattleP2327No.142 SqnBinbrookCoded WT-? The aircraft was wrecked on a training flight when it crashed in poor visibility near Binbrook. P/O McGregor Macdonald unhurt, Sgt Woodruff inj, Sgt Duckers inured.
22nd OctoberBattleL5391No.142 Sqnnr BinbrookCoded WT-?, the aircraft was on a training sortie when it was wrecked in a forced landing 6 miles north of Binbrook (Irby on Humber?).
23rd OctoberSpitfire INKNo.616 SqnKirton LindseyNo details recorded.
25th OctoberHurricane IL2047No.151 SqnDigbyCrashed on landing.
26th OctoberHurricane IR4184No.151 SqnDigbyDived in near Coleby Grange after night takeoff from Digby, 1 Killed Finn quotes this aircraft as collided with V7437.
26th OctoberHurricane IV7437No.151 SqnDigbyCrashed near Coleby Grange after night takeoff, 1 Killed. Finn quotes this aircraft as collided with R4184.
28th OctoberSpitfire INKNo.616 SqnKirton LindseyNo details recorded.
28th OctoberHampdenX3027No.49 Sqnoff Skegness pierCoded EA-A, Airborne from Scampton for Hamburg. Outbound, shot down by an Intruder (Lt.Volker, 1NJG2) and crashed into the sea off Skegness. The body of P/O Ballas-Andersen was never found. He is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. P/O J.R.Bufton KIA, P/O K.Ballas-Andersen KIA, Sgt R.F.Robertson KIA, Sgt F.J.W.Bichard KIA.
28th OctoberBattleL50271 AASoff Donna NookCrashed in sea.
29th OctoberBlenheim IL1503No.29 SqnWellingoreCrashed on takeoff.
29th OctoberBeaufortL9800No.22 Sqnoff North CoatesCrashed into the sea after takeoff, 4 Killed.
29th OctoberJu88NKNKnr Donna NookShot down by AA battery.
30th OctoberBlenheim IVT2246No.101 SqnColeby, nr ScunthorpeCoded SR-? Airborne from West Raynham, the aircraft crashed into a wood nr Coleby at 2300 on return from Germany. P/O J.M. Cave KIA, Sgt J.G. Hitchen KIA, Sgt C.J. Gooderick KIA.
30th OctoberHe111NKNKnr SkegnessShot down by 1 Sqn Hurricane.
31st OctoberAnsonN964912 FTSBoothby PagnellSpun out of control and crashed into a wood.


1st NovemberHurricane IL185156 OTUTydd st MaryDived into ground.
3rd NovemberHampdenP4381No.83 Sqnnr FiskertonCoded OL-? The aircraft crashed after it hit a tree whilst turning at low-level 1 mile east of Fiskerton. No injuries reported.
4th NovemberHampdenX3029No.49 Sqnnr ScamptonCoded EA-D Airborne 0135 from Scampton for Kiel in very heavy rain and crashed almost immediately. Hancock quotes 5 miles west of Scampton, possibly Bransby as location. No crew injuries. Sgt R.E.Richman Sgt G.R.Davies LAC Upton Sgt Reid.
9th NovemberHampdenP2079No.144 SqnHemswellCoded PL-? Airborne from Hemswell for Munich. Abandoned 0330 9th Nov, due to engine failure. 5 miles short of RAF Hemswell. No injuries reported. Sgt R.H.Pearman Sgt S.R.Streeter Sgt H.E.Turner Sgt L.W.Jones.
9th NovemberHampdenP4402No.83 Sqnnr LouthCoded OL-D. Airborne from Scampton for Munich. On return crashed, out of fuel, after being abandoned by the crew, 0235 9th Nov, at Low Farm, 4 miles W of Hemswell airfield. No injuries. P/O J.A.Munday Sgt F.A.Constable Sgt R.L.Thomas Sgt T.Bale.
9th NovemberOxfordR64022 FTSnr FulbeckHit trees on approach to Fulbeck at night.
9th NovemberJu88NKNKin the WashShot down by AA whilst bombing a minesweeper.
11th NovemberOxfordL9648RAFCStickneyGot lost on navigation exercise, pilot force-landed near Stickney and hit a ditch.
14th NovemberBattleL53037 FTSPinchbeckCaught fire, crew abandoned aircraft, which crashed near Pinchbeck.
14th NovemberHampdenX2995No.44 Sqnnr WaddingtonCoded KM-? Airborne 0115 14th Nov from Waddington for Hamburg but stalled ar 800 feet and dived into the ground 1 mile E of the airfield. P/O Cuthbert inj, P/O K.L.Millar KIA, Sgt D.Pewsey KIA, Sgt E.Egar KIA.
14th NovemberHampdenX3006No.61 SqnHemswellCoded QR-? Started the take-off 0027 14th Nov at Hemswell for Hamburg, but left the runway and crashed into a Nissen hut in one of the dispersals. F/L A.Moncrieff KIA, Sgt E.F.Edwin KIA, Sgt R.Sinclair KIA, Sgt C.E.Russell KIA.
19th NovemberHurricane IL165956 OTUSutton BridgeUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
19th NovemberHampdenX3056No.144 Sqnnr WithernCoded PL-? Airborne from Hemswell for Lutzkendorf. Abandoned, short of fuel and in bad weather near Withern, 7 miles SE of Louth. No crew injuries. P/O Hartop Sgt Kirby Sgt Burns Sgt Daniels.
22nd NovemberHampdenX2987No.61 SqnHemswellCoded QR-? Airborne from Hemswell for Duisburg. Crashed on return to base at 2315 22nd Nov when the Hampden undershot the runway and hit the bomb-dump. Sgt R.S.C.Ivatt KIA, Sgt R.Pelham KIA, Sgt R.W.Smith inj, Sgt F.Bissell inured.
24th NovemberAnsonR339814 OTUnr Castle BythamAirborne from Cottesmore on a night flying sortie. Around 2005 the aircraft may have received some form of challenge signal, as P/O Fraser attempted to fire off the colours of the day in response from the aircraft's Verey pistol. However, whilst doing so, it went off inside the cockpit, temporarily blinding the crew and lacerating one of the pilot's eyes. The aircraft was force-landed shortly afterwards.
25th NovemberOxfordR59542 CFSFulbeckSwung on takeoff for night sortie and hit a tree.
25th NovemberHampdenP1320No.106 SqnPickencoteCoded ZN-?, the aircraft crashed at 1900 after the pilot lost control during a night-flying training sortie. Sgt Bagnall inj, Sgt E.F. Carthew KIA, Sgt M.C. Mair KIA, Sgt Canham injured.
25th NovemberWellingtonR117351 MUnr AlfordCrew bailed out over Alford.
26th NovemberHampdenX3064No.61 SqnNorton Place, Spital-in -the-StreetCoded QR-? Airborne from Hemswell for Kiel. Crashed 0140 26th Nov at Spital-in-the- Street, There were no survivors. Sgt J.Hopkins KIA, Sgt G.F.Williamson KIA, Sgt E.P.Fenwick KIA, Sgt Clarke KIA.
26th NovemberHampdenX3125No.50 SqnSaltfleetCoded VN-? Airborne 1720 25Nov40 from Lindholme for Kiel. Crash landed 0315 26th Nov, out of fuel, at Saltfleet. 8 miles NE of Louth. All were quite badly hurt in the crash, but Sgt Crum is known to have made a good recovery and on 7th Mar 41the London Gazette carried the details of his DFM. On 17th Apr 42, he was shot down and taken prisoner while taking part in the famous Lancaster daylight raid on Augsburg by 44 and 97 Sqn in L7548. Sgt H.V.Crum inj, Sgt Adams inj, Sgt McAlwane inj, Sgt Barley injured.
27th NovemberHampdenP2125No.83 SqnScamptonCoded OL-L Airborne 0305 26th Nov from Scampton for Cologne but failed to climb away and struck a hedge and crashed adjacent to the airfield. No serious injuries reported. Sgt Baxter Sgt Powell Sgt Robinson Sgt Hunt.
28th NovemberBeaufighterR2140No.29 SqnPotterhanworthAircraft abandoned following engine failure, crashed near Potterhanworth.
29th NovemberBeaufortL9792No.22 SqnNorth CoatesHit a ditch when aircraft undershot on landing, aircraft cartwheeled and was wrecked.
29th NovemberGauntlet IIK53341 AASHaughOverturned on force-landing after engine failure.
29th NovemberBlenheim IL1505No.29 SqnWellingoreDBR on taxiing into another aircraft at night
29th NovemberHampdenX2966No.44 SqnSutton-on-SeaCoded KM-? Airborne from Waddington for Le Havre. Crash landed, out of fuel, 0200 29th Nov on the beach at Sutton-on-Sea, 2 miles SSE of Mablethorpe. No crew injuries. Sgt Hubbard Sgt Drakesford Sgt Boswell Sgt Williams.


6th DecemberTutorK34122 CFSCranwellBlown over in a gale.
7th DecemberHampdenX3028No.49 SqnWeltonCoded EA-S, Airborne from Scampton to attack airfields in NW France. Crashed 0010 7th Dec at Welton, 5 miles NNE of Lincoln, after the pilot lost control. Sgt Barrier was badly injured, but his crew did not survive. Sgt Barrier inj, F/O K.W.Michie KIA, Sgt G.V.Davenport-Jones KIA, Sgt T.Goldie KIA, Sgt Goldie had survived a crash 17th Oct in X2900.
7th DecemberJu88F6+HMAKG 122SkidbrookeAttacked by 611 Sqn Spitfires, force landed near Jackson's at Skidbrooke.
11th DecemberOxfordN4848RAFCnr Barkston HeathFlew into ground 1 mile south of Barkston Heath.
12th DecemberHurricane IL186456 OTUSutton BridgeCrashed on landing.
14th DecemberWhitley VN1485No.78 Sqnin the WashCoded EY-? Airborne 1636 13th Dec from Dishforth for Kiel. Abandoned, on return, over The Wash, with the loss of three lives. P/O M.L.Stedman KIA, Sgt D.Angell KIA, Sgt F.Waldren Sgt F.T.Allcock KIA, Sgt E.A.Grunsell.
17th DecemberHurricane IL182056 OTUSutton BridgeCrashed on approach.
18th DecemberAnsonN514712 FTSnr HarlaxtonCrashed into a wood near the airfield due to sudden fog at night.
18th DecemberBeaufortL4516No.22 SqnMarshchapelEngine failure after takeoff for Wilhelmshaven, aircraft stalled and crashed, 4 Killed.
19th DecemberProctor IP65011 SSCranwellControl column came loose on takeoff.
19th DecemberBlenheim IL6612No.29 Sqnnr LeadenhamHit trees whilst low flying, 2 Killed.
20th DecemberOxfordV3215RAFCLondonthorpeCrashed into a wood after night takeoff from Cranwell.
20th DecemberHampdenX2981No.61 SqnTheddlethorpe rangeCoded QR-? The aircraft exploded over Theddlethorpe range whilst testing an Imp mine. F/L F.E.H. Cooper KIA, P/O E.N. Ward KIA, Sgt S. Evans KIA.
21st DecemberJu88R4+KLNJG2South CockeringtonHit by Manby AA guns, crashed Mill Hill.
23rd DecemberOxfordV3229RAFCBelton ParkFlew into the ground after night takeoff from Cranwell.
28th DecemberWellington IR1035No.300 SqnSwinderbyCoded BH-? Airborne 1625 28th Dec from Swinderby for Antwerp. Crashed 1 mile WSW of base while trying to land at 2124. The pilot was killed on impact, and Sgt Wegrzyh died from his injuries in Station Sick Quarters, Swinderby. P/O A.Krynski KIA, F/O Golko inj, P/O Szymanski inj, Sgt Graczyk inj, Sgt Wegrzyn inj, Sgt Szuczynski injured.
29th DecemberBattleP676612 FTSHubbert's BridgeForce-landed and hit railway embankment.
29th DecemberOxfordP1071RAFCCranwellStalled on takeoff, spun in.