1941 Incident Logs

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1st JanuaryWellington IR1006No.301 SqnSwinderbyPossibly a minor accident, as this incident is not recorded by Chorley or Hancock.
1st JanuaryWellington IT2517No.301 Sqnnr DigbyCoded GR-? Airborne 1558 1st Jan from Swinderby for Bremen. Shot down by an Intruder (Lt Rudolf Stradner, 1./NJG2) and crashed 2225 near Digby airfield. All are buried in Newark Cemetery. Lt Stradner was killed 9th July, without, it is believed, adding any further victories. S/L S.Floryanowicz KIA, P/O M.Olszyna KIA, F/O H.Kulbacki KIA, Sgt J.Hejnowski KIA, Sgt A.Guzowski KIA, Sgt Gackowski KIA.
1st JanuaryHurricane IP3459No.71 SqnKirton LindseyForce-landed near base.
2nd JanuaryWellington IT2518No.301 SqnWellingoreCoded GR-? Airborne 1616 1st Jan from Swinderby. Believed shot down on return by an Intruder (Uffz Arnold,1./NJG2) and crashed 0135 2nd Jan at Wellingore, 9 miles S of Lincoln. Mishandling of the flaps is also quoted as being a possible cause. Those killed are buried in Newark Cemetery. P/O B.R.Murawski KIA, P/O T.Dziubinski KIA, F/O B.Sadowski KIA, Sgt K.Sawicz KIA, Sgt G.Kasianowski KIA, Sgt Wancisiewicz inj.
2nd JanuaryHampdenX3126No.61 SqnHemswellAirborne 0312 2nd Jan from Hemswell. Turned back 70 miles short of the target with an overheating port engine. Crashed 0736 some 500 yards from the Officers Mess at Hemswell, when both engines cut through lack of fuel. F/L Powdrell inj, Sgt Horn inj, Sgt R.R.B.Durtnall Sgt Clelland.
5th JanuaryHerefordL60706 FPPThornton-le-moorEngine failure on ferry flight, landed wheels-up.
5th JanuaryHurricane IV6636No.71 SqnScunthorpeCollided with the aircraft below (Hurricane I V6983) whilst practice formation flying, causing his aircraft to go in to a tail spin. P/O P.H. Leckrone was killed in the accident and is buried in Kirton-in-Lindsey cemetery.
5th JanuaryHurricane IV6983No.71 SqnScunthorpeCollided with the above aircraft (Hurricane I V6636) whilst practice formation flying. P/O E.E. Orbison managed to return to Kirton-in-Lindsey and land safely in his damaged aircraft.
8th JanuarySpitfire IX4055No.616 SqnKirton LindseyHit on the ground by Defiant N3323 (which was repaired).
10th JanuaryHampdenNKNo.49 SqnLangworthShot down by intruder - recorded as such by Finn, though the unit is suspect here - this incident is not recorded in 49 Sqn's ORB.
10th JanuaryHe111NKNKHumberShot down by Humber AA battery.
12th JanuaryHenleyL337556 OTUSutton BridgeNo details recorded.
12th JanuaryHampdenL4045No.49 SqnNorthorpeCoded EA-Q. Airborne 0135 12th Jan from Scampton for Wilhelmshaven. Crashed 0745 at Northorpe. Witnesses to this accident say the pilot pulled up sharply to avoid flying into some houses and by doing so he lost control. P/O H.Newhouse KIA, Sgt P.C.Prosser KIA, Sgt H.Irving KIA, Sgt L.Jackson KIA.
12th JanuaryWellington IIW5373No.142 SqnBinbrookCoded QT-? The aircraft was airborne from Binbrook, but crashed immediately afterwards when the port engine failed. P/O Bilton inj, Sgt Rogers inj, Sgt Phillips inj, remaining 4 on board unhurt.
13th JanuaryHurricane IP3062No.46 Sqnnr AncasterCollided nr Ancaster, no record of other aircraft involved.
15th JanuaryHurricane INKNo.71 SqnKirton LindseyNo details recorded.
17th JanuaryHurricane IL186856 OTUSutton BridgeCrashed on approach.
18th JanuaryCierva C40L75955 RSSManbyCrashed on takeoff.
21st JanuaryManchesterL7301No.207 Sqnnr WaddingtonPossibly a minor accident? Recorded as delivered to 27 MU 21st Dec 40 but as back with A.V. Roe 18th Mar a/ac eventually crashed in Bree, Belgium 31st May 42.
27th JanuaryJu884D+CT9/KG30BostonDamaged by light AA fire from 3rd Kesteven Home Guard Battalion whilst bombing the (BMARC) armaments factory in Grantham at 1430. The bombs killed 16, wounded 15, destroyed 4 homes and damaged 20 more in the New Beacon Road area of the town. The aircraft crash-landed at 1530 in a ploughed field bordering Pilley's Lane, Boston. The aircraft was then set on fire by the crew, all of whom escaped uninjured. The aircraft was flown from an airfield near Amsterdam by Oblt Friedrich Rinck, and was the crew's 100th mission.


1st FebruaryHampdenP1328No.144 SqnWillinghamCoded PL-? The aircraft crashed at 2015 whilst flying in a snowstorm, Sgt J.K. Thurlbeck KIA, Sgt J.T. Hawthorne KIA.
1st FebruaryHampdenAD725No.61 SqnHemswellCoded QR-? The aircraft overshot on return from a training sortie in snowstorm and crashed onto a dispersal at 2000hrs. Sgt N.M. Lloyd inj, Sgt R. Guest KIA.
2nd FebruaryDefiantN3306No.255 SqnKirton LindseyStalled on approach.
2nd FebruaryBlenheim IVN5370No.101 SqnFreiston ShoreCoded SR-? The aircraft crashed on beach near Frieston. Sgt Langrish inj, Sgt H.F. Rampley inj, but died of his injuries the following day, Sgt E.W. De'ath KIA, LAC Plunkett inured.
4th FebruaryValentiaK36011 SSCranwellCollided with P8988 nr airfield.
4th FebruaryOxfordP89882 CFSCranwellCollided with K3601 nr airfield.
5th FebruaryOxfordP18162 CFSnr WaddingtonLanded wheels-up 1 mile south-southeast of airfield at night.
7th FebruaryProctor IP62341 SSCranwellSpun in on approach.
9th FebruaryHe111NKNKHumberShot down by Humber AA battery.
9th FebruaryHurricaneV6983No.71 Sqnnr RedbourneWhilst on a convoy patrol lost his bearings in thick cloud. This caused the pilot to lose control of the aircraft and it spun out from 4000ft, crashing in to the ground, killing the pilot P/O E.E. Orbison.
11th FebruaryHampdenAD719No.49 SqnGrange Farm, SudbrookeCoded EA-C, Airborne 2240 10th Feb from Scampton for Hanover. On return, shot down by an Intruder (Oblt Kurt Hermann, 1,NJG2) and crashed 0630 11th Feb 200 yards N of Sudbrooke Lane near Grange farm, Sudbrooke, 3 miles NE of Lincoln. Sgt G.M.Bates inj, Sgt J.Butterworth KIA, Sgt Blower inj, Sgt D.A.Caldwell KIA.
12th FebruaryHenleyL337556 OTUSutton BridgeForce-landed near the airfield.
12th FebruaryWellington IP9247No.149 Sqnnr DigbyCoded OJ-M, the aircraft was airborne at 1820 from Mildenhall for Hannover. On return, the crew noticed flares being fired through cloud from Waddington The aircraft crashed whilst letting down through the cloud layer in an attempt to land at Waddington. Sgt F.F. Early KIA, remaining 5 crew unhurt.
12th FebruaryWhitley IVT4213No.58 Sqnnr FulbeckCoded GE-K, Airborne 1830 11th Feb from Linton-on-Ouse for Bremen. Abandoned in the area of Bagthorpe, N of Heanor, Nottingham, after which the Whitley crashed 0330 and caught fire at Fulbeck. Sgt W.A.Fullerton P/O R.McC Carrapiett Sgt P.C.Morgan Sgt Bell Sgt Keatley.
14th FebruaryOxfordR6351RAFCBarkston HeathSwung on landing, hit gooseneck flare by runway.
14th FebruaryJu88NKNKNKShot down by AA.
15th FebruaryBeaufighterR2150No.29 SqnScopwickDived into ground.
15th FebruaryBlenheim IL8599RAFCCranwellDBR whilst taxiing.
15th FebruaryHurricane IV7606No.71 Sqnoff SkegnessDitched 3.5nm northeast of Skegness, after engaging a Heinkel HE III while on convoy protection off Flamborough Head. The Accident Investigation Board concluded the pilot did not turn on his oxygen properly and lost consciousness, causing his aircraft to spin in to the sea. P/O V.C. Keough was killed.
15th FebruaryHampdenX3048No.144 SqnHemswellCoded PL-? Airborne from Hemswell for Homberg. Crash-landed 2247 on return to base when the pilot, inadvertently, failed to lower the undercarriage. Extreme fatigue was judged to have been a factor. No crew injuries. Pilot S/L Lerwill. Hancock quotes destination as Hamburg, Lostbombers and Chorley quote Homberg.
16th FebruaryDefiantN3334No.255 SqnKirton LindseyCollided - other aircraft involved not recorded.
18th FebruaryHurricane IN255756 OTUSutton BridgeNo details recorded.
21st FebruaryWellington IL7874No.301 SqnSwinderbyPossibly a minor accident, this aircraft was lost on 21st Mar. This location is given by Finn as 'Swinderby' as distinct from 'nr Swinderby' which is recorded for the 21st Mar crash by him.
22nd FebruaryHurricane IR4190No.46 SqnEnderby farm, AsterbyFlew into ground, 1 Killed.
22nd FebruaryHurricane IV7074No.46 SqnEnderby farm, AsterbyFlew into ground, possibly in formation with R4190? 1 Killed.
24th FebruaryManchesterL7284No.207 SqnWaddingtonThe aircraft was damaged after a force-landing on return from ops to Brest. It was subsequently repaired and issued to 207 Sqn and then transferred to 61 Sqn.
25th FebruaryHampdenAD790No.106 SqnConingsbyCoded ZN-? The aircraft took off at 1115 on a training sortie, but both engines failed and the aircraft force-landed in a field near the airfield shortly after takeoff. No injuries reported.
25th FebruaryBeaufighterNKNKDigbyNo details recorded.
26th FebruaryOxfordR61072 CFSFulbeckShot down at night by intruder.
27th FebruaryOxfordNKNKOwston FerryNo details recorded.
28th FebruaryAnsonR974914 OTUWestwoodsideAirborne from Cottesmore for a night navigation exercise. The starboard engine failed during the flight and the aircraft force-landed at Westwoodside near Haxey.


1st MarchHampdenP4394No.144 Sqnnr WainfleetCoded PL-? Airborne from Hemswell for Hanover. Crashed 2215 1st Mar between Wainfleet Bank and Wainfleet All Saints, 6 miles SW of Skegness, due to engine failure. P/O D.H.Skinner inj, Sgt F.E.Darnell KIA, Sgt J.F.Shutt KIA, Sgt R.J.Jones KIA.
1st MarchHampdenAD763No.106 SqnConingsbyCoded ZN-? Airborne at 1505 from Ternhill on transfer from 24 MU to 106 Sqn. The aircraft crashed at 1550 with the undercarriage collapsing on landing. No injuries reported.
2nd MarchSpitfire IX4613No.266 SqnGedney HillLost wing and crashed.
2nd MarchHampdenAD723No.61 SqnCaistorCoded QR-? Airborne 2001 1st Mar from Hemswell for Cologne. Crashed in bad weather, 0500 2nd Mar near Caistor, 11 miles SW of Grimsby. Sgt K.G.Cooper KIA, Sgt H.Windle KIA, Sgt M.Gough KIA, Sgt G.Hall KIA.
2nd MarchHampdenAD737No.144 SqnHemswellCoded PL-? The aircraft undershot whilst landing with engine problems. No injuries reported.
4th MarchSpitfire VW337553 OTUKirton LindseyNo details recorded.
4th MarchDefiantN1794No.151 Sqnnr StamfordNo details recorded.
6th MarchBeaufighterR2182No.29 SqnWellingoreUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
10th MarchHampdenAD720No.144 SqnBishop NortonCoded PL-? Crashed almost immediately after take-off from Hemswell for Dusseldorf at Bishop Norton. Sgt T.D.Leitch KIA, Sgt T.W.Little KIA, Sgt D.Laing KIA, Sgt F.Asbrey KIA, Hancock quotes destination as Cologne, lostbombers quotes Dusseldorf.
10th MarchJu88R4+CH1/NJG2-1Terrington St ClementsNo details recorded.
13th MarchManchesterL7313No.207 SqnWaddingtonCoded EM-C. Airborne from Waddington for Hamburg but as the Manchester accelerated down the runway it was a attacked by a Ju88 Intruder (Fw Hans Hahn 3./NJG2 operating from Gilze Rijen in Holland). Somehow, F/O Matthews got the bomber into the air but moments later crashed and exploded at Whisby. Sgt Cox was thrown clear and survived, despite losing one of his legs. This was the first Manchester loss, and in his report Fw Hahn timed his combat at 2200, claiming it to be a 'Hudson'. F/O H.V.Matthews DFC KIA, Sgt J.Marsden KIA, Sgt H.C.Redgrave KIA, Sgt R.D.Welch KIA, Sgt W.A.W.Cox inj, Sgt H.W.Hemingway KIA.
13th MarchDo17U5+DAKG2off SkegnessShot down by P/O Braham, 4 Killed.
14th MarchJu88R4+GM1/NJG2-4Smith's farm, DovendaleShot down by Widdows, serial given by Finn as R4+6H, 3 Killed.
14th MarchBeaufortL9798No.22 SqnNorth CoatesCrashed whilst landing on return from shipping strike sortie.
14th MarchHe111V4+MKKG1off IngoldmellsShot down by S/L Guy Gibson, 3 Killed.
19th MarchHenleyL33791 AASnr North CoatesHit the ground whilst low-flying 2.5 miles north of the airfield.
19th MarchOxfordV32282 FTSBarkston HeathUndershot landing at night and overturned.
21st MarchWellington IL7874No.301 Sqnnr SwinderbyCoded GR-? The aircraft was lost after it overshot whilst landing at Swinderby. Sgt B. Chrzanowski KIA, P/O J. Korycinski KIA, Sgt K. Lenczowski KIA.
22nd MarchBlenheim IVT2038No.18 SqnBarkstonCoded WV-M, Airborne 2339 from Boscombe Down. Crashed on return at Barkston, 4 miles NNE of Grantham. P/O G.H.Cowings KIA, P/O R.Daniel KIA, Sgt E.A.Lee KIA.
22nd MarchHe1115J+KNKG4ImminghamForce-landed near the County Hotel after hitting a balloon cable.
23rd MarchOxfordP1828RAFCBarkston HeathUndershot whilst landing at night and hit a tree.
25th MarchHurricane IP3767No.401 Sqnnr DigbyForce-landed 1 mile north of the airfield, 1 Killed.
26th MarchTiger MothR495317 EFTSNorth WithamDived in during a turn.
30th MarchHurricane IN250256 OTUSutton BridgeCrashed on takeoff.
31st MarchHampdenP206214 OTUWoolfox LodgeAirborne from Woolfox Lodge for night flying, the pilot lost control on approach and crashed near the airfield at 0420. Sgt K.E. Holder KIA, P/O M.J. West KIA, P/O J.E Richmond KIA, Sgt F.S Jessop KIA.


3rd AprilWhitley VP4947No.77 SqnWaddingtonCoded KN-? Airborne 1904 3rd Apr from Topcliffe for Brest. Iced up and crashed 2240 while making a second circuit of Waddington. The Whitley is reported to have stalled at 300 feet before diving into the ground and bursting into flames. Sgt K.G.W.Kyle KIA, Sgt W.E.Godfrey KIA, Sgt P.C.L.Wicks KIA, F/S A.L.Kennedy KIA, Sgt Engel Inj. F/S Kennedy had already survived a number of serious crashes during 1940, badly injuring his back 10th Jun 40.
6th AprilValentiaK36031 SSSkellingthorpeHit trees whilst carrying out a forced landing near Skellingthorpe.
7th AprilBattleP676912 FTSHarlaxtonCrashed on landing.
8th AprilHampdenP209214 OTULittle BythamAirborne from Cottesmore on a night practise-bombing sortie. One engine failed in flight and the aircraft crash-landed at 2215. Some reports have the landing as in a field, others as straddling the main east coast railway line. Confusion may be due to P1240 crashing in the same location on the same day.
8th AprilHampdenP124014 OTULittle BythamAirborne from Cottesmore for night flying training, the aircraft was reportedly shot down by an intruder at 0050. Sgt R.J. Holborow KIA, P/O W.E. Cochrane KIA, Sgt W.J. Cunningham KIA.
17th AprilMaster IN756056 OTUSutton BridgeCrashed on landing.
17th AprilHurricane IL155556 OTULong SuttonForce-landed at Long Sutton.
17th AprilHampdenAD761No.144 Sqn2 miles from Hemswell (Bishop Norton?)Coded PL-? The aircraft was airborne from Hemswell on a mining sortie. It was shot down by an intruder (Fw Hans Hahn, 3/NJG2) 4 minutes after takeoff and crashed 2 miles east-northeast of the airfield. Sgt H. Kirby KIA, Sgt W.A. Tyler KIA, Sgt V.G. Elliott KIA, Sgt G. Walsh inj.
17th AprilJu88R4+BM4/NJG2Gothic House /Hurn's farm, French Drove, Gedney HillPossibly shot down by another intruder aircraft after being attacked near Ely, 3 Killed.
17th AprilHurricane IP378556 OTUHolbeachCaught fire and dived in.
19th AprilOxfordV3219RAFCAncasterCrashed at Valley farm, Ancaster whilst overshooting at night.
20th AprilOxfordV343715 PAFUFulbeckLost control on takeoff, Finn quotes location as Kirmington.
21st AprilBattleP667412 FTSStroxton nr HarlaxtonShot down by enemy aircraft.
23rd AprilOxfordR63722 CFSnr FulbeckHit a tree after takeoff.
24th AprilTutorK48142 CFSnr CranwellNo details recorded.
26th AprilWellington IR1619No.301 SqnSwinderbyCoded GR-? The aircraft was written off after crashing at 2155 following a heavy landing on the starboard undercarriage leg. The aircraft was destroyed in the fire that broke out in the crash. No crew injuries recorded.
27th AprilDefiantN3389No.96 Sqnnr WellingoreCrashed 4 miles south of Wellingore (Normanton heath?).
29th AprilTutorK34482 CFSBeckinghamCrashed as each pilot thought that the other had control.
29th AprilBeaufighterR2265No.29 SqnWellingoreCrashed on takeoff.


3rd MaySpitfire IIAP8269No.65 Sqnnr GranthamPilot Sgt C.J. Bowles was killed in the incident, and is buried in Kirton-in-Lindsey. No other information on the incident found.
4th MayOxfordW657712 FTSSpitalgateSwung on takeoff and overturned.
4th MayDefiantN3333No.255 Sqnnr LincolnEngine exploded east of Lincoln.
4th MayJu88V4+BSKG1BourneShot down by nightfighter, crashed on the Butcher's Arms pub, 3 Killed plus 7 in the pub.
4th MayUNK E/ANKNKMablethorpeEnemy aircraft.
7th MayWellingtonR3169No.75 SqnTrinity Sands, in the HumberCoded AA-? Airborne from Feltwell for Hamburg. After crossing the east coast on return, the aircraft collided with barrage balloon cables and crashed into the river Humber. Sgt D.L. Nola RNZAF KIA, Sgt A.C. Mee RNZAF KIA, P/O C.F. Page KIA, Sgt J. Hall KIA, Sgt W. Russell KIA, Sgt Craven injured.
8th MayDo17R4+GKNJG2CarringtonShot down by 25 Sqn Beaufighter, 1K.
8th MayHampdenX3062No.83 Sqnoff Mablethorpe Coded OL-Z, Airborne 2225 8th May from Scampton for Hamburg. Outbound, shot down by an Intruder and crashed in the sea off Mablethorpe. All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. P/O F.K.Gill KIA, P/O G.D.G.Hudson KIA, Sgt R.C.H.Blatchford KIA, Sgt H.W.Francis KIA.
8th MayHe111NKNKThorneyNo details recorded.
9th MayBlenheim IL12831 AASManbyLanded wheels-up and caught fire.
9th MayHe111NKNKin the HumberNo details recorded.
9th MayUNK E/ANKNKGranthamShot down.
11th MayTiger MothN717656 OTUSutton BridgeDestroyed in an air raid (Hancock quotes the type as Harvard, based on US civil reg aircraft, but that aircraft was built 1945).
12th MayJu88F1+BSKG76ScamptonShot down by AA, crashed in Rectory Lane in the village.
15th MayJu88NKNKoff Spurn HeadNo details recorded.
16th MayOxfordP1881RAFCCranwellStalled, crashed following loss of elevator control.
17th MayHampdenP2099No.106 SqnUffingtonCoded ZN-K, The aircraft stalled and crashed whilst trying to perform an emergency landing. P/O S.J. Harvey KIA, Sgt R.R. Adams inj, Sgt W.A. Campbell KIA, AC2 T. Kane KIA.
17th MayHurricane IIZ3232No.402 SqnMetheringhamCrash location given as 5 miles south of Metheringham.
17th MayOxfordR6342RAFCCranwellStalled on takeoff whilst avoiding another aircraft.
18th MayBattleR736312 FTSnr GranthamShot down by enemy aircraft 3 miles south of airfield.
18th MayOxfordV357912 FTSnr HarlaxtonEngine failed on takeoff, landed wheels-up 1 mile southwest of the airfield.
21st MayHampdenAD898No.83 SqnDunholme LodgeCoded OL-K, the aircraft was airborne at 1735 on a transit flight to Dunholme Lodge. It crashed on landing there at 1745. Sgt O.N. Stromberg KIA, AC2 M.F. Cross KIA, AC2 J. Metcalf KIA.
27th MayTutorK34712 CFSFulbeckUndershot and hit an air-raid shelter.


1st JuneTutorK3266RAFCHough-On-The-HillEngine failed during practise forced-landing, aircraft struck a hedge. 1.5 miles south of Hough-on-the-hill.
2nd JuneHurricane IP316256 OTUTerrington St JohnCollided with Blenheim W9114.
4th JuneHe111NKNKin the HumberShot down by Humber AA battery.
5th JuneHurricaneNKNo.255 SqnHibaldstowNo details recorded.
5th JuneHe1115J+FS8/KG4South RestonDamaged by 25 Sqn Beaufighter, crew apart from pilot abandoned aircraft over the sea, 4 Killed Finn quotes aircraft as shot down by 255 Sqn Hurricanes.
6th JuneBlenheim IVV5646No.86 SqnNorth CoatesEngine failed on takeoff, crash-landed.
11th JuneSpitfire IIP8130No.452 SqnSutton BridgeCrashed on take-off.
13th JuneWellington IR1348No.301 SqnSwinderbyCoded GR-? Airborne at 2307 for Osnabruck. The aircraft overran on landing on return at 0201 and struck Wellington X3163/GR-K (later repaired) which had landed at 0127 from the same operation.
14th JuneHampdenAE129No.44 SqnSouthrey Coded KM-? Airborne 2330 13th June from Waddington for a minining operation off the Friesian Islands (Nectarines region). Returned early and crashed on final approach, cause unknown, 0050 at Southrey, 8 miles WSW of Horncastle. Sgt S.P.C.Saunders KIA, Sgt J.R.Miller KIA, Sgt R.Greenaway KIA, Sgt JGT Dickson KIA.
14th JuneJu88R4+AM1/NJG2-4in the WashShot down by nightfighter near Sutton Bridge.
15th JuneHurricaneV7604No.121 SqnOld LeakeAircraft abandoned.
18th JuneWellington IW5354No.12 SqnBinbrook Coded PH-? The aircraft caught fire whilst being refuelled and was destroyed.
18th JuneHampdenAD926No.144 SqnHemswell Coded PL-? Airborne from Hemswell for Cologne. On return, overshot and crashed 0430 18th June, finishing up just beyond the airfield perimeter. No crew injuries. Sgt Caesar-Gordon, P/O Pringle Sgt Horton, Sgt E.W.Thompson.
19th JuneHampdenP2068No.49 SqnWelton Cliff farmCoded EA-? The aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff due to engine failure. Sgt J.L. Alden inj, 2 other unnamed crew members also injured.
19th JuneHurricane IP321056 OTUnr Donna NookForce-landed on approach to Donna Nook (Hancock quotes aircraft as ditching).
21st JuneHurricaneP3097No.121 SqnBrattlebyPilot lost consciousness while carrying out aerobatics, causing the aircraft to crash in to the ground, killing the pilot P/O L.L. Laughlin.
21st JuneManchesterL7310No.207 SqnDunston PillarCoded EM-H, lost on an air test flight, crashed following engine failure on takeoff, 2 Killed.
21st JuneOxfordR6141RAFCBarkston HeathEngine failure after takeoff on night sortie, crashed 1 mile east of the airfield.
22nd JuneJu88R4+JH1/NJG2-4Haines farm, Deeping St JamesShot down by 25 Sqn Beaufighter, 2 Killed.
24th JuneDo217-E4NK1/KG2in the WashShot down by 151 Sqn Mosquito.
26th JuneHampdenX3060No.49 SqnScampton Coded EA-? Airborne 2320 25th June from Scampton to lay mines off the Friesians (Nectarines Region). Weather prevented the laying of their mines and the aircraft returned with the full load. Over-ran the runway on return to base at 1430 26th June and cart wheeled into a field. No crew injuries. P/O D.B.Falconer Sgt Stuart Sgt Knowling Sgt Drinkwell in due course P/O Falconer gained the DFC and AFC, rising in rank to Wing Commander before being killed on operations 30th Dec 44. He is buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery after being lost with PB621.
29th JuneManchesterL7315No.61 SqnBishop's Bridge, nr GlenthamCoded QR-? One engine caught fire in flight due to a conrod failure. The aircraft, which was on a training sortie, crash-landed. Of the two onboard, the wireless operator abandoned the aircraft and landed safely by parachute, the pilot was killed. P/O C.G. Colborne KIA. Chorley quotes the location as 'in the vicinity of Grantham'. Finn quotes Grantham as the location too. Bishop's Bridge is quoted by Hancock.
30th JuneWellingtonR1508No.115 SqnManby Coded KO-T, Airborne 2315 29th Jun from Marham for Hamburg. Crash-landed at RAF Manby, on return. NFD. Sgt F.S.Payne Sgt G.G.Soames Sgt Ashcroft Sgt H.Vernon Sgt H.Tucker Sgt Charlton (lost bombers, Chorley and Hancock quote crash as being at Manby, Finn quotes Walmsgate, Louth location).
30th JuneHurricaneV711156 OTUSutton BridgeAircraft landed wheels-up following engine failure.
30th JuneManchesterL7427No.97 SqnSpaldingStarboard engine failed in flight during intensive engineering trials. Yawed, unable to maintain height. Force-landed in a field 2 miles E of Spalding. DeclaredCat.R(B) (i.e.Beyond repair on site. Must be dismantled and delivered to a repair facility) 3rd July. To 43GDA 3rd July. (43GDA = Group Deposit Account. Used to dispose of lost or damaged aircraft from Units to salvage and repair organisation's. Denotes 43 Group, Andover.) a/ac finally destroyed over Germany 9th Apr 42. Finn quotes serial as L7247.


3rd JulyHampdenX3059No.83 SqnScamptonCoded OL-A Airborne from Scampton at 1010 for a training sortie. At 1120, whilst in flight, one engine failed, and the aircraft crashed between 1 and 2 miles south of the airfield. Sgt Adams inj, Sgt J.E. Foster KIA.
5th JulyMaster IN794156 OTUnr FosdykeForce-landed.
5th JulySpitfire IIAP8085No.452 SqnFen Lane, North SomercoatesAircraft was attacked by a Ju 88 while on a night flight from RAF Digby to Donna Nook. Sgt A.G. Costello (RAAF) was killed in the incident, and buried in Kirton-in-Lindsey cemetery.
8th JulyTiger MothT60654 EFTSNormanbyForce-landed 0.5 miles east of Normanby. Some confusion whether this is Normanby in Lincs or York's, but given that the aircraft was based at Brough, is more likely.
9th JulySpitfire?No.65 SqnNorth CoatesCrashed on landing at the airfield. No further information found.
10th JulyProctor IP62751 SSLeasinghamStalled whilst low-flying in poor visibility
11th JulyBattleP6571No.12 SqnWainfleet SandsForce-landed (12 Sqn stopped flying battles in Nov 1940, this may be a station flight aircraft?).
14th JulyBlenheim IVT19581 AASManbyCrashed on landing.
17th JulyMaster IN756056 OTUSutton BridgeCrashed on landing.
20th JulyOxfordT106012 FTSHarlaxtonHit ground whilst overshooting.
20th JulyBeaufortAW208No.86 SqnNorth CoatesEngine failed on takeoff.
22nd JulyHampdenAD983No.44 SqnLincoln Coded KM-? Airborne 2255 21st June from Waddington to lay mines off the Friesian Islands (Nectarines Region). Crashed 0400 on the Greestone Steps, staff residence for Lindum Hall School for Girls at Lincoln. Miss Fowler, the senior French mistress, died after being trapped in the burning building. Sgt D.M.Bruce KIA, Sgt W.R.B.Relyea RCAF KIA, Sgt J.A.Connoly KIA, Sgt P.J.Lynch KIA.
24th JulyJu88R4+LMNJG2BonbyShot down by anti-aircraft fire while attacking RAF Elsham Wolds. J. Beblow, H. Ladges and F. Heineman were all killed.
25th JulyMaster IN751056 OTUin the WashLost a wing in flight.
25th JulyOxfordAB68912 FTSBarkston HeathUndershot whilst landing at night.
25th JulyHampdenAE234No.50 SqnThurlbyCoded VN-? Airborne 2240 from Swinderby for Hanover. Engine failure shortly after take-off and crashed near Thurlby, 7 miles SSW of Lincoln. All are buried in Thurlby (St.Germain) Churchyard. Sgt C.G.Montgomery KIA, Sgt R.H.Rampton KIA, Sgt W.Ellsley KIA, Sgt A.E.Medden KIA.
25th JulyWellington IR114811 OTUSpaldingAirborne from Bassingbourn on a night cross-country sortie, the aircraft crashed 2355 just west of Spalding and caught fire. P/O R.M. Hill KIA, P/O C.H. Brown KIA, Sgt K.G. Chamberlain inj, Sgt E. Shipley KIA, P/O C.E.B. Jones KIA, F/S F.C. Crook KIA.
25th JulyWellington IT2576No.301 SqnHemswellCoded GR-D The aircraft hit trees on takeoff and crashed. F/O W. Rebuszynski PAF KIA.
26th JulyHampdenX3151No.49 Sqnnr ScamptonCoded EA-T, Airborne 2225 25th July from Scampton for Hanover. Crash-landed 0514 26th July on return to base. Engine failure due to lack of lack of fuel, 2 miles S of the airfield. No crew injuries. P/O Coole P/O King Sgt Evans Sgt Newall.
27th JulyHurricaneZ3317No.121 SqnLincolnCollided with Z3422 over the city, abandoned, several killed in the city.
27th JulyHurricaneZ3422No.121 SqnLincolnCollided with Z3317 over the city, abandoned, several killed in the city.
29th JulyHampdenAD902No.50 SqnSwinderbyCoded VN-? Airborne 2200 28th July from Swinderby to lay mines in Kiel Bay. Encountered severe electrical storms, which led to partial failure of the instruments and radio equipment. The mine was jettisoned in safe condition NE of Hull and the Hampden crash-landed 0430 29th July at Swinderby. No crew injuries. P/O Christophers Sgt Glenn Sgt Thompson Sgt Bullin.
29th JulyBeaufortAW209No.86 Sqnnr GrimsbyForce-landed after engine fire.
29th JulySpitfire IIAP7755No.411 Sqnoff GrimsbyMissing, presumed ditched off Grimsby, 1 Killed.
30th JulyHampdenAD970No.106 Sqnoff Skegness PierCoded ZN-? Airborne from Coningsby at 1035 on an air-test sortie. The aircraft stalled whilst low flying over the sea and crashed 0.5 miles south of the pier. Sgt Lockyer and AC1 Sissons escaped uninjured, but sadly Sgt S.E. Thurston was KIA
30th JulyHudson VAM719No.407 SqnNorth CoatesDived in 0.5 miles south of the airfield.
31st JulyHampdenAD755No.44 SqnCarlton-le-MoorlandCoded KM-? Airborne 2340 30th July from Waddington for Cologne. Crash-landed 0115 31st July at Carlton-le-Moorland, 9 miles SW of Lincoln whilst returning early with an engine failure. No crew injuries. Sgt J.G.Armstrong Sgt C.R.Morley RCAF Sgt J.Flint Sgt S.C.Edwards This crew were destined to be killed 16/17Aug 41 in AE239.
31st JulyHampdenP212814 OTUScamptonAirborne from Cottesmore, the crew encountered bad visibility and the aircraft crashed at 1130 whilst attempting to land at Scampton.


1st AugustHampdenAD966No.44 SqnLincolnCoded KM-R, the aircraft crashed at 1710 near South Park in Lincoln. Sgt G.M. LeBlanc-Smith KIA, Sgt G.D. Dodds RCAF KIA, Sgt A. Forsythe KIA, AC1 T.B. Jeffcote KIA, AC1 A.D. Clark KIA.
2nd AugustHurricane IV706456 OTULuttonCrashed following engine failure.
2nd AugustSpitfire IX4176No.412 SqnSilk WilloughbyCollided with another Spitfire (which was repaired)
2nd AugustProctor IP63101 SSCranwellSpun in.
5th AugustBeaufortNKNKNorth CoatesNo details recorded.
7th AugustHurricane IIBZ3344No.401 SqnConingsbyHit by return fire in engagement, crash-landed at Coningsby.
8th AugustHampdenAE124No.50 Sqnnr SwinderbyCoded VN-? Airborne from Swinderby for a mining operation off the Friesian Islands (Nectarines Region), but the port engine cut shortly after airborne and the Hampden crashed just outside the airfield perimeter. No serious injured reported. P/O Milnes P/O R.F.B.Temperley Sgt Graver Sgt Bigby. P/O Temperley, however, was destined to be KIA, 25th Aug in AE320.
9th AugustHampdenAE259No.61 Sqnnr FosdykeCoded QR-? Airborne 2216 8th Aug from North Luffenham for Kiel. On return the crew passed over an Allied Convoy off Spurn Head and were promptly fired upon. Damaged, the Hampden crash-landed 0530 near Fosdyke on the N bank of the Welland, close to where the river enters The Wash, some 6 miles SSE of Boston. No crew injuries. P/O Metcalfe P/O McCulloch Sgt Ashurst Sgt McKeown.
11th AugustOxfordV358612 FTSnr GranthamLost control in cloud, dived in 1.5 miles from Spitalgate.
12th AugustHudson VAM544No.407 Sqnnr Donna NookUndershot whilst landing at night.
14th AugustWellington IIW5536No.12 Sqnnr GrimsbyCoded PH-M Airborne 2130 14th Aug from Binbrook for Rotterdam. On return, shot down by a Ju88C Intruder (Ofw Robert L_ddeke, 1./NJG2) and crashed 0230 15th Aug near the Humber river. The two injured airmen were admitted to Grimsby and District General Hospital, where Sgt Wakeford died from his injuries. Sgt Cameron Sgt Cook Sgt Price inj, Sgt K.Harrison KIA, Sgt A.Wakeford inj, Sgt Thorpe.
14th AugustDefiantT3934No.409 SqnColeby GrangeHit trees on night approach.
15th AugustHampdenAE262No.49 SqnScamptonCoded EA-? Airborne 2058 14th Aug from Scampton for Braunschweig. Over-ran the runway on return and crashed 0320. Visibility was poor and this was a contributory factor. No crew injuries. Sgt Owen Sgt Donald Sgt A.Kettlewell Sgt Drinkwell.
15th AugustDefiantNKNo.264 SqnNKNo details recorded.
16th AugustBeaufortAW206No.86 Sqnnr North CoatesDitched 2 miles offshore from North Coates.
16th AugustHe111NKNKin the HumberShot down by Humber AA battery.
16th AugustBlenheim IVV693556 OTUnr Sutton BridgeNo details recorded.
16th AugustWellington IIW5532No.104 SqnSouth LevertonCoded EP-M Airborne 2327 16th Aug from Driffield for Cologne. Crashed 0002 17th Aug at South Leverton, 6 miles SSW of Gainsborough. Cause of crash not established. Police Constable Hollingsworth of East Retford Police Station narrowly escaped death when the bomb-load exploded as he helped organise a rescue attempt. Sgt W.T.R Stephenson RCAF KIA, Sgt J.W.Nolan KIA, F/S S.C.Steward KIA, Sgt K.Hutchinson KIA, Sgt I.H.A.henderson KIA, P/O P.J.Murphy KIA.
17th AugustSpitfire IIa?No.65 SqnNorth CoatesUndershot the landing and hit a ridge ripping off one of the U/Clegs receiving CAT C damage. The aircraft was a presentation machine "Mary P Lyle Luck". No injuries were reported.
18th AugustWellington IR1641No.300 SqnHemswellCoded BH-Z Airborne 2335 18th Aug at Hemswell for Duisburg but crashed almost immediately due to premature retraction of the under-carriage and burst into flames. Shortly afterwards, the bomb-load exploded. Those killed are buried in Newark Cemetery. Sgt K.Ceglinski KIA, Sgt S.Kuropatwa KIA, Sgt Wybaniec inj, F/O A.Paszkowski Sgt Kordys, Sgt Glucklick.
18th AugustBeaufortW6471No.86 Sqnnr Donna NookHit ground after takeoff, 1K.
18th AugustHampdenAD919No.106 SqnChapel HillCoded ZN-? Airborne 2310 18th Aug from Coningsby for Cologne. Engine failure after take-off resulted in a forced-landing 2315 at Chapel Hill, 10 miles NW of Boston. Sgt Field inj, P/O Finlayson inj, Sgt Norman inj, Sgt Wright injured.
18th AugustHe111NKNKoff Spurn HeadShot down.
20th AugustOxfordAB75712 FTSnr Grantham?Collided with AB708.
20th AugustOxfordAB70812 FTSnr Grantham?Collided with AB757.
21st AugustDo17NKNKoff MablethorpeOne of a pair shot down by 611 Sqn.
21st AugustDo17NKNKoff MablethorpeOne of a pair shot down by 611 Sqn.
25th AugustHampdenX3121No.83 SqnWhale Jaw Farm, HackthornCoded OL-F, Airborne 2030 24th Aug from Scampton for Dusseldorf. Collided in the air at 0250 on return with a 49 Sqn Hampden AD967, both aircraft falling near Whale Jaw Farm, Hackthorn. 7 miles NNE of Blackthorn. F/L A.J.G.Mills DFC KIA, Sgt J.A.A.Somerville KIA, Sgt B.V.Mason KIA, F/S D.I.Sharp KIA.
25th AugustHampdenAD967No.49 SqnWhale Jaw Farm, HackthornCoded EA-H, Airborne from Scampton for Dusseldorf. Collided in the air at 0250 20th Aug with an 83 Sqn Hampden X3121, both aircraft falling near Whale Jaw Farm, Hackthorn, 7 miles NNE of Lincoln. Sgt O.B.McMahon KIA, Sgt G.Upton KIA, Sgt ID McKinnon KIA, Sgt E.Welbourne KIA.
25th AugustHampdenAE223No.83 SqnScamptonCoded OL-V, Airborne 2030 24th Aug from Scampton. Landed 0225 25th Aug but after taxiing into the dispersal there was an explosion and the Hampden burst into flames. In addition to the crew, four members of the ground staff died in the explosion, caused, it is believed, by a loose bomb falling from the aircraft when the bomb doors were opened for inspection of the bay. P/O V.C.O.R.Maybury KIA, P/O T.G.M.Macintyre KIA, Sgt E.J.Clarke KIA, Sgt R.Scholes KIA, Cpl W.Inkpen KIA, LAC L.S.Rayment KIA, AC1 W.R.Stevenson KIA, AC2 C.Ogden KIA.
25th AugustBeaufighterX7582No.25 Sqnnr Kirton LindseyCrashed on takeoff 2 miles southwest of the airfield (nr Blyborough?).
27th AugustHampdenX2991No.50 Sqnnr SwinderbyCoded VN-? Airborne 2250 27th Aug from Swinderby but failed to climb away and crashed just outside the airfield perimeter. No crew injuries. P/O Ferrie, Sgt Redwood, Sgt Holland, Sgt Hawkins.
27th AugustBlenheim IVV57302 OTUnr Donna NookForce-landed 1.5 miles north of Donna Nook.
28th AugustHampdenAD917No.44 SqnPotterhanworthCoded KM-P, Diverted to and landed 0330 28th Aug at Horsham St.Faith after a mining operation from Waddington the night before. Crashed 10.00 28th Aug while returning to Waddington, the Hampden tried to land on the Waddington decoy (Q) site near the real airfield. Sgt B.W.Johnson inj, Sgt S.Mallen KIA, F/S W.H.Saville inj, Sgt E.A.Windsor injured.
29th AugustHampdenP441225 OTUClaypoleAirborne from Balderton for circuit and landing training, but the pilot lost control on the approach and crashed into the village at 1340. Sgt beaumont was critically injured in the crash and died on 6th Sep in Newark hospital. Sgt S.V. Beaumont injured.
30th AugustHampdenAE229No.50 SqnBassinghamCoded VN-? Airborne 2135 29th Aug from Swinderby for Frankfurt. Crashed 0430 onto a 'Q' site at Bassingham, 8 miles SSW of Lincoln. F/S I.P.Mapp inj, Sgt K.S.Furley Sgt Welford inj, Sgt E.R.James unhurt.
30th AugustHampdenP429825 OTUClaypoleAirborne from Balderton for night circuit training. The pilot lost control whilst banking towards the runway. The aircraft crashed at 0115 in the village.
31st AugustHampdenAD939No.44 Sqnnr WaddingtonCoded KM-? The aircraft collided with 412 Sqn Spitfire P8586 at 1210. P/O P.R. Owen KIA, Sgt D.G Forbes KIA, AC2 F.B. Prest KIA. AC2 Prest, was an Initial Training Wing candidate.
31st AugustSpitfire IIP8586No.412 Sqnnr WaddingtonThe aircraft collided with AD939, pilot was F/O W.R. Hughes RCAF - fate not recorded.
31st AugustHurricane IV750756 OTUSutton BridgeLanded wheels-up.
31st AugustOxfordX6932RAFCBarkston HeathUndershot and hit a wall.
31st AugustBeaufortAW213No.86 SqnNorth CoatesCrashed on takeoff, 1 Killed.


1st SeptemberManchesterL7422No.207 SqnWaddingtonCoded EM-V, badly damaged by a nightfighter - the tail section was particularly severely damaged in the attack. During repairs, the airframe was converted to mk1A standard. It was finally written off on training flight 26th Oct.
1st SeptemberWellington IX9813No.103 SqnElsham WoldsHit HT cables on approach - not mentioned in Chorley's works, information from Hancock's list.
2nd SeptemberBeaufighterR2469No.409 SqnMetheringhamStalled at low altitude.
3rd SeptemberHampdenAE116No.50 SqnWaddingtonAirbourne 1940 from Swinderby on 2nd Sep, destination Copenhagen Harbour. On arrival back at the airfield, the starboard engine cut out, and a one engine circuit of the airfield was made.Mist prevented the airfield from being seen and the aircraft made a forced landing in a ploughed field going through a fence in the process. It was later determined that the fuel gauges were inaccurate. No injury's were reported. Pilot P/O Carter, P/O Davidson, Sgt Layne, Sgt Gilmore.
3rd SeptemberHampdenX3025No.44 SqnWaddingtonThe aircraft was written off after it was hit whilst on the ground by AE157 which was landing in poor weather on return from a mine laying sortie. Some confusion exists over the location of the accident - Chorley quotes Waddington, Hancock quotes Coningsby.
3rd SeptemberHurricaneNKNo.136 SqnRedbourneSgt T.S. Hewland (RNZAF) was killed. No other information was found.
3rd SeptemberHampdenAE157No.50 SqnWaddingtonCoded VN-? Airborne 1935 2nd Sep from Swinderby on a Gardening sortie. Landed 0320 3rd Sep at Waddington in poor visibility and collided with a 44 Sqn Hampden (X3025). Both machines were extensively damaged and subsequently written off. No crew injuries. P/O Ferrie, P/O Bartley, Sgt Holland and Sgt Hawkins.
4th SeptemberOxfordP1079RAFCnr GranthamStalled whilst force-landing following engine failure, hit a tree.
5th SeptemberWellington IX979518 OTUWaddingtonAirborne from Bramcote. The aircraft crashed into vehicles and came to rest against a hangar after leaving the runway during a Lorenz approach to land in fog at 1130. F/O M. Sukniewicz PAF KIA.
6th SeptemberOxfordP1937RAFCBarkston HeathHit trees on approach
6th SeptemberHampdenX2921No.44 SqnBranston Hill Farm ( Branston Hall farm?)Coded KM-Z, Airborne 2115 from Waddington on a mining sortie at Kiel (Melon region), but failed to climb away and crashed 2117 at Branston Hill Farm near the airfield. The mine exploded on impact. Sgt A.A.Watt KIA, Sgt J.R.Newcombe KIA, Sgt A.D.Wimbush KIA, Sgt E.S.Cox KIA.
8th SeptemberHudsonNKNKNorth CoatesHit by a Beaufighter.
9th SeptemberManchesterNKNKConingsbyPossibly a minor accident - this incident is not mentioned in Chorley's works nor in Hancock's listing. Info from Finn V2.
9th SeptemberHampdenP4285No.44 SqnConingsbyCoded KM-U, Airborne from Scampton for Kassel. Crashed 0350 9th Sep with failing engines, colliding with trees as the crew tried to land at Coningsby. P/O Anekstein Sgt J.G.Armstrong inj, Sgt Walker inj, Sgt Campbell.
9th SeptemberHampdenAD805No.49 SqnNorth CarltonCoded EA-R, Airborne 2005 8th Sep from Scampton for Kassel. Crash-landed 0632 low on fuel at Lenn Farm, North Carlton, 5 miles NNW of Lincoln. Sgt Hardisty died from his injuries 8th Dec. P/O Jones Sgt Thorndyke Sgt Taylor Sgt T.H.Hardisty injured.
10th SeptemberWellington IX987225 OTUSouthreyAirborne from Finningley for night bombing training. The aircraft hit farm buildings at 2145. F/L D.J. Bassett KIA, Sgt F.V. Martin KIA, Sgt W.G. Kilsby KIA, Sgt G.F. Large KIA, F/S T. Highton DFM KIA, Sgt M.J. Byrne KIA.
13th SeptemberSpitfire IIAP7522No.65 Sqnnr LudfordWing came off recovering from a dive, and crashed 4 miles southwest of Binbrook. The aircraft was taking part in a "Tiger" army invasion excercise. Sgt R. Donaldson was killed.
13th SeptemberManchesterL7306No.97 SqnConingsbyCoded OF-? The aircraft was written off after crashing due to the starboard tyre bursting on takeoff at 2020, following which the aircraft caught fire. No injuries reported to the crew apart from minor bruising.
15th SeptemberManchesterL7318No.207 SqnSouth HykehamCoded EM-K, lost on return from a transit flight from Haverigg in Cumbria where the groundcrew on board had been repairing another Manchester. The aircraft dived in from the circuit and crashed. F/O E.E.G. Crump KIA, P/O J.P.A. Sawyer KIA, P/O J.R. Clements RCAF KIA, Sgt N.A. Mathison KIA, LAC L.W. Carter KIA, LAC J.F Riding KIA, LAC H.F. Winter KIA, AC1 R. Boyd KIA, AC2 J.W. Grace KIA, AC2 J. Lister KIA.
15th SeptemberHurricane IIAZ3667No.121 SqnHigh ToyntonDived in 2 miles east of Horncastle. Sadly, Earl Wallace Mason was killed immediately on impact.
16th SeptemberHampdenAD930No.44 SqnHarmstonCoded KM-L, Airborne 1835 15th Sep from Waddington for Hamburg. Ran out of fuel and crashed 0317 16th Sep at Harmston, 5 miles S of Lincoln, after flying into trees on the approach to land at Waddington. Sgt C.E.Musgrave inj, Sgt J.Endersby inj, Sgt LR Cox KIA, F/S J.Barry KIA.
16th SeptemberHampdenAE362No.83 SqnScamptonCoded OL-S, Airborne 1830 15th Sep from Scampton for Hamburg. Crashed on return to base trying to land in fog. P/O J.Bromiley inj, P/O W.L.Rowe Sgt S.Isherwood P/O E.Goodman
16th SeptemberHampdenAE365No.83 SqnScamptonCoded OL-N, Airborne 1830 15th Sep from Scampton for Hamburg. Crashed on return to base while trying to land in thick fog. No crew injuries. F/O W.Cunning Sgt J.Urquhart Sgt T.Dalby Sgt G.Cox.
19th SeptemberJu887T+IKKFG66Donna NookDamaged by naval AA, force-landed.
20th SeptemberMaster IN796356 OTUSutton BridgeCrashed on takeoff.
21st SeptemberWellington IL7886No.103 Sqnnr Market RasenCoded PM-? Airborne from Elsham Wolds for Frankfurt. Ran out of fuel on return and with no response to calls for assistance, the Wellington was abandoned 0410 21st Sep four miles NNW of Market Rasen. P/O K.H.Wallis. Crew names not appended.
21st SeptemberWellington IR1271No.57 Sqnoff GrimsbyCoded DX-? Airborne 1935 20th Sep from Feltwell for Berlin. Ditched following a fire in the starboard engine and loss of power from the port engine. The five survivors were taken into Grimsby, where they were admitted to the local RN Hospital. Sgt Sherriff is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Sgt J.C.McGeach Sgt S.H.Dunn RCAF Sgt C.G.Freeman Sgt D.J.O.Pyre Sgt J.H.Sherriff KIA, Sgt E.E.Hartland.
21st SeptemberHampdenAD872No.144 SqnKirkby on BainCoded PL-? Airborne from North Luffenham for Frankfurt. Crashed 0250 4 miles NNE of Coningsby Airfield. Fog was the biggest contributory factor. Sgt Giovetti was a Portuguese national serving with the RAF. F/O W.P.Carroll KIA, Sgt L.Smith KIA, Sgt P.A.Giovetti KIA, Sgt C.Kellington KIA.
21st SeptemberWellington IR1539No.103 SqnHolbeachCoded PM-? Airborne 1902 20th Sep from Elsham Wolds for Frankfurt. Crashed on return at Frogs Abbey Gate near Holbeach, 7 miles ENE of Spalding, after trying to make an emergency landing in fog. Sgt A.H.Rex KIA, Sgt G.K.Procter RCAF KIA, P/O A.G.Stanes KIA, Sgt E.G.Paul KIA, Sgt EGB Lennon KIA, Sgt Bennett injured.
24th SeptemberWellington IR1510No.300 SqnKirton LindseyCrashed during circuit practise 1 mile east of the airfield.
26th SeptemberOxfordV3692RAFCnr BrauncewellHit trees in mist 1.5 miles northwest of Brauncewell.
27th SeptemberOxfordN4600RAFCnr KirmingtonRan out of fuel after becoming lost on a sortie, crashed after engine failure on approach 1 mile from Kirmington.
28th SeptemberManchesterL7375No.97 SqnSibseyCoded OF-B, lost on an air test sortie after starboard propeller jammed in fine pitch.
28th SeptemberOxfordP1085RAFCBarkston HeathSwung on takeoff, raised undercarriage to stop.
28th SeptemberHampdenAE376No.49 SqnBurton ParkCoded EA-E, Airborne 0009 29th Sep from Scampton for Frankfurt. Suffered double-engine failure and crashed 0020 at Burton Park Estate N of Lincoln. The Hampden burst into flames on impact. Sgt A.C.Walker KIA, Sgt T.H.Smith KIA, Sgt R.E.Greenhalgh KIA, Sgt A.Raine KIA.
29th SeptemberWellington IR12783 OTUSkellingthorpeNo details recorded.


1st OctoberOxfordV3556RAFCCranwellForce-landed on the airfield after engine fire.
1st OctoberSpitfireW3556AFDU, DuxfordNew YorkForce-landed.
3rd OctoberAnsonR331014 OTUnr Sutton St JamesAirborne from Cottesmore for a flight navigation exercise sortie. The aircraft was abandoned in bad weather at 2320 and crashed 1 mile west of Sutton st James. The pilot, F/L B.J.A. Rennie MC , may have been badly injured in this incident, as his death is recorded at Cottesmore 16 days later, though it cannot be proven that the cause was this crash as no injuries are recorded.
7th OctoberOxfordV40346 BATFFenton by StubtonAirborne from Waddington for beam-approach training at night, the aircraft was ordered to be abandoned by the regional control officer.
7th OctoberOxfordV40336 BATFLeadenhamAirborne from Waddington for beam-approach training at night, the aircraft was ordered to be abandoned by the regional control officer.
9th OctoberHampdenL41641 AASnr ManbyCrashed in bad weather on approach.
9th OctoberWhitley VZ9204No.58 Sqnoff SkegnessCoded GE-? Airborne 0040 11th Oct from Linton-on-Ouse for Essen. Ditched 0825 some 11 miles ESE of Skegness. at 1135, the Skegness RNLI lifeboat, 'Anne Allen', rescued the crew from the water. Sgt E.E.Jones P/O McKenzie, Sgt Carmichael, Sgt Harwood and Sgt Fraser.
9th OctoberOxfordAB76712 FTSDysart Rd, GranthamCollided with Ju88 R4+NL.
9th OctoberJu88R4+NLNJG2Dysart Rd, GranthamCollided with Oxford AB767.
11th OctoberOxfordV3593RAFCFulbeckNo details recorded.
11th OctoberManchesterL7325No.97 SqnConingsbyAircraft damaged after one engine caught fire on landing at Coningsby. This must have caused fairly minor damage as the aircraft was repaired and reissued to 25 OTU on 21th Oct according to Holmes. Date and unit given as 10th Nov and 9 Sqn by Finn in his book 2 - this may have come about due to an incident on that date with 25 OTU which resulted in the aircraft returning to AVRO.
12th OctoberBlenheim IVZ9737No.21 SqnKingerbyHit a tree, 3 killed.
12th OctoberOxfordN4824RAFCBarkston HeathNo details recorded.
13th OctoberWhitley VZ6761No.102 SqnMarket DeepingCoded DY-? Airborne 1839 12th Oct from Topcliffe for Nuremburg. Crashed 0513 13th Oct at Market Deeping, 10 miles SW of Spalding, after running out of fuel. No crew injuries. Sgt J.W.Stell, RCAF Sgt J.M.M.Wilson, Sgt D.C.Wilson, Sgt C.Miller and Sgt O.T.McIlquham.
14th OctoberOxfordAP459RAFCnr FulbeckUndershot on night landing following engine failure, crashed 0.25 miles east of the airfield.
15th OctoberOxfordP1080RAFCnr CranwellCollided with X6937 0.5 miles west of the airfield.
15th OctoberOxfordX6937RAFCnr CranwellCollided with P1080 0.5 miles west of the airfield.
16th OctoberWellington IR1217No.103 SqnElsham WoldsCoded PM-? Airborne 0103 17th Oct from Elsham Wolds for Duisburg. Hit by Flak in the port engine, which burned intermittently after clearing the Dutch coast. Base was reached at 0659 and landed safely. Following inspection the Wellington was SOC. P/O Jones, P/O Smith, Sgt Mills, Sgt Edwards, Sgt Yates, Sgt Leake.
16th October???North Coates beachA friendly aircraft with 2 Polish aircrew crashed NE of Saltfleetby. The aircraft is thought to be a Hawker Henley, but no records can confirm this.
16th OctoberAnsonW262625 OTUClaypoleAirborne from Balderton for night circuits and landings. The aircraft crashed in Claypole village at 2130. Sgt E.H.C. Hardman KIA.
21st OctoberHampdenP1212No.408 SqnHalthamCoded EQ-T, Airborne 1814 20th Oct from Syerston for Bremen. Crashed 0045 21th Oct at Haltham, 4 miles SSW of Horncastle, while trying to land at Coningsby. This was the first Sqn loss since commencing operations 11/12 Aug 41. Sgt D.G.Bradley RNZAF KIA, Sgt A.T.McMillan RCAF KIA, Sgt Coles injured, Sgt R.A.Stansfield KIA.
21st OctoberHampdenAD746No.106 Sqnnr ConingsbyCoded ZN-?, airborne 1830 20th Oct from Coningsby for Bremen. Crashed 0225 21st Oct on return to Coningsby after stalling on approach due to engine failure. No crew injuries. Sgt Cooke Sgt Fry Sgt Goodwin Sgt Gowan.
21st OctoberOxfordAB65312 FTSDentonOvershot and hit a tree.
21st OctoberManchesterR5783No.97 SqnFriskneyCoded OF-V. Airborne 1822 20th Oct from Coningsby for Bremen. Ran out of fuel on return and crash-landed on marshy ground at Friskney, 8 miles SW of Skegness. No injuries reported. This crew had survived a previous crash-landing 13th Sep in L7306 The aircraft was recovered, repaired and re-issued to No.83 Sqn. Sgt G.H.Hartley, Sgt Appleyard, Sgt J.Canham, Sgt Dean, Sgt Baker, Sgt Mayland Sgt Gross. This crew were all injured in a further crash 8th Jan 42 in L7459.
22nd OctoberProctorR75301 SSnr SudbrookeLost wing whilst taking avoiding action.
22nd OctoberOxfordV363211 FTSInghamHit tree whilst performing circuits at night.
22nd OctoberWellington IIW5393No.12 SqnBinbrookCoded PH-?, Airborne 1800 21th Oct from Binbrook for Bremen. Crashed 0055 22th Oct into a row of Airmen's Married Quarters while trying to land at base. No report of civilian casualties. Sgt J.K.Millar KIA, Sgt G.L.McInerny KIA, Sgt L.W.Rogers KIA, Sgt P.F.Tracey KIA, Sgt M.R.Forty KIA, Sgt Taylor inj. Finn quotes serial as R5593.
24th OctoberDefiantL7020No.307 SqnKirton Lindsey?No details recorded.
26th OctoberManchesterL7422No.207 SqnHardings Farm, LinwoodCoded EM-V The aircraft was lost after the starboard propeller was unfeathered but the pilot failed to turn on the ignition, causing the aircraft to lose height and crash-land. No injuries reported, but the aircraft had a complement of 13 onboard at the time, including several air cadets.
26th OctoberHurricane IIBZ3918No.253 SqnRothwell Park, nr CaistorDived in during a dawn patrol. Reason unknown, but Sgt L.G. Horsfall (RAAF) was killed.
27th OctoberBlenheim IVT240012 Gp AAC fltDorringtonForce-landed.
27th OctoberHampdenNKNKDunholme LodgePossibly a minor accident - this incident is not mentioned in Chorley's works nor in Hancock's listing. Info from Finn V2.
28th OctoberSpitfire?No.65 SqnNorth CoatesCrashed on landing at the airfield. No further information found.
29th OctoberOxfordL4626RAFCRaucebyControl lost in bad weather, hit a tree.
29th OctoberOxfordR5942RAFCGreat GonerbyDived into ground in a snowstorm.
29th OctoberHampdenX3021No.106 Sqnoff the coastCoded ZN-? Airborne 2150 29th Oct from Coningsby for Schiphol. Battle damaged crashed into the sea off the Lincolnshire coast. The body of Sgt Panting was recovered. His crew are commemorated on the Runnymede memorial. Sgt T.L.Panting KIA, Sgt F.R.Lamin KIA, Sgt G.E.Bradleu KIA, Sgt D.C.Cranston KIA.
29th OctoberSpitfireAD178No.266 SqnSedgebrookHit ground in a blizzard, confusion over location, may be Sedgefield


3rd NovemberOxfordNKNKCranwellNo details recorded.
4th NovemberOxfordNKNKFulbeckOne of a pair - one landed on top of the other.
4th NovemberOxfordNKNKFulbeckOne of a pair - one landed on top of the other.
4th NovemberOxfordV3245RAFCFulbeckCrashed whilst night-flying.
5th NovemberHampdenAE434No.455 SqnWitham House nr BassinghamCoded UB-G, Airborne from Swinderby for a mining operation off the Friesian Islands (Nectarines Region). Landed back at Coltishall 0740 5th Nov. Left Coltishall 1030 to return to Swinderby but crashed after engine failure at 1126 5th Nov at Bassingham, 8 miles SW of Lincoln. Sgt Jones inj, Sgt Kirk inj, Sgt Baunes inj, Sgt Shimmons injured.
7th NovemberJu88NKNKLouthShot down by Beaufighter (pilot Widdows).
9th NovemberSpitfire VBW3238No.92 Sqnnr ScopwickForce-landed.
11th NovemberBeaufighterR2471No.409 SqnColeby GrangeOverran and ran into a ditch.
11th NovemberHampdenX3135No.49 SqnHackthorn HallCoded EA-? The aircraft was lost at 1616 after the pilot lost control in a steep turn and crashed. Sgt K. Bryant KIA, AC2 W.H. Fulcher KIA.
11th NovemberTiger MothN9117North Coates SFDonna NookStalled at low altitude.
11th NovemberHampdenNKNKNKBlew up on ground - no record of this in Chorley's works nor in Hancock's list. Info from Finn V2.
15th NovemberSpitfire VW3444No.92 SqnDigbyCrashed whilst landing at night.
15th NovemberSpitfire VBAD293No.92 SqnLincolnCollided with AB847 which survived.
15th NovemberMagisterL8151No.616 SqnThoresby BridgeNo details recorded.
16th NovemberJu88S4+BLKFG506Beeches Farm, TheddlethorpeForce-landed after attacking RAF North Coates.
16th NovemberBlenheim IVV542117 OTUnr GranthamAirborne from Upwood for a cross-country sortie. The crew encountered bad weather and bailed out at 1330, the aircraft crashed near Sedgebrook.
18th NovemberWellington IR12783 OTUSkellingthorpeNo details recorded.
18th NovemberOxfordX6659RAFCFulbeckHit a tree on approach at night.
19th NovemberMagisterL8332No.92 SqnWellingoreSpun in 1 mile southwest of Wellingore.
21st NovemberLysander IIP171412 Gp Flt AACDigbyCrashed on overshoot.
21st NovemberSpitfireNKNKSkellingthorpeNo details recorded.
21st NovemberHurricane IP320956 OTUSutton BridgeCrashed at Wingland.
23rd NovemberManchesterL7300No.207 SqnFiskerton (in a lake)Coded EM-F, lost on a transit flight. Crashed 1530 while turning finals to land at Waddington. The pilot reported that the Manchester yawed to starboard and though he opened both throttles to full power, the bomber struck the ground hard, whereupon it skidded into Fiskerton Lake, some 8 miles E of Lincoln. P/O Roper was an American serving with the RCAF and he eventually completed a full tour of operations, thus becoming the first American national to do so in RAF Bomber Command service. Subsequently, he transferred to the USAAF and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. P/O A.W.Hills P/O F.Roper RCAF P/O S.E.Patterson.
23rd NovemberBeaufortX8927No.86 SqnNorth CoatesCrashed on landing after engine failure on return from a mine laying sortie.
24th NovemberOxfordR6394RAFCFulbeckEngine failure on takeoff, crashed 1.5 miles southwest of the airfield.
25th NovemberWellington IVZ1243No.142 SqnWalthamCoded QT-? The aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff when it stalled whilst climbing away. Sgt C.M.A.B. Brett KIA, Sgt C. Jakins KIA, Sgt N. Borrows KIA, Sgt H.M. Exley KIA, Sgt K.W. Light RAAF injured.
25th NovemberHampdenAD759No.49 SqnScamblesbyCoded EA-?, the aircraft spun and crashed at 1455. Sgt R.F. Hough KIA, Sgt G.E. Smith KIA.
26th NovemberWellington IT2999No.103 Sqnnr Elsham WoldsCoded PM-P, Airborne 1740 26th Nov from Elsham Wolds for Emden. Force-landed 2205 in the circuit on return to base when the port engine cut and the Wellington was unable to maintain height. No injuries reported. Degree of damage not established. P/O Ward Sgt Wright, Sgt Kellough, Sgt Hyman, Sgt Harris, Sgt Thompson. Finn quotes serial as T2991.
26th NovemberWellington IZ1144No.75 Sqnnr WrangleCoded AA-? Airborne 1830 26th Nov from Feltwell for Emden. Abandoned 2315, low on fuel and engines misfiring, 10 miles N of Wrangle, a village on the Lincolnshire coast 8 miles NE of Boston (crash site near Ashby-by-Partney?). Sgt Giddens, Sgt Truscott, Sgt Smith, Sgt O'Grady, Sgt Davy, Sgt Rains. Finn quotes serial as X1144.
29th NovemberHurricane IIaZ2639No.43 Sqnnr SwinderbyHit ground in bad visibility.


1st DecemberHampdenP1202No.50 Sqnnr CanwickCoded VN-? Airborne 1657 30th Nov from Skellingthorpe for Hamburg. Ran out of fuel and force-landed 0120 1st Dec just 2 miles E of the airfield on return to base. Sgt Williams, Sgt W.J.Johnston inj, Sgt Smith, Sgt Caunce.
1st DecemberWhitley VZ9211No.58 Sqnoff GrimsbyCoded GE-Q, airborne 1641 30th Nov from Linton-on-Ouse for Hamburg. On return, ditched off Grimsby, alongside a trawler. The crew were immediately picked up safe and sound. P/O Earp, P/O McKenzie, Sgt Carmichael, Sgt Stewart, Sgt Cairns.
2nd DecemberBlenheim IVAZ94112 (P) AFUPoynton HeathNo details recorded.
4th DecemberWellington?No.150 SqnNorth Coates beachNo further information found.
7th DecemberOxfordAB70412 FTSSpitalgateCrashed on takeoff.
9th DecemberSpitfire VAD349No.412 SqnWellingoreUndershot whilst landing at night.
9th DecemberOxfordAP46712 FTSHarlaxtonStalled whilst recovering from a dive, hit the ground inverted.
11th DecemberOxfordT1052RAFCnr RoxholmCollided near Cranwell with AD291, 1 Killed on Oxford, P/O Magee (author of High Flight) killed in AD291.
11th DecemberSpitfire VAD291No.412 Sqnnr RoxholmCollided near Cranwell with T1052, 1 Killed on Oxford, P/O Magee (author of High Flight) killed in AD291.
11th DecemberHurricane IIZ3239No.253 Sqn2.5 miles west of HibaldstowSpun in.
13th DecemberOxfordR5943RAFCSudbrook nr AncasterForce-landing after engine failure, hit a tree.
15th DecemberHampdenP5393No.83 SqnScamptonCoded OL-T, whilst preparing to depart on a gardening sortie, collided on the ground at Scampton with AE374 as both aircraft taxied towards the runway. The impact caused the mine on P5393 to explode, wrecking both aircraft. P/O The Hon.W.R.C.B.Parker KIA, Sgt H.Standen inj, Sgt C.Love KIA, Sgt L.King injured.
15th DecemberHampdenAE374No.83 SqnScamptonCoded OL-R, Whilst departing for Brest, collided on the ground at Scampton with another Sqn Hampden as both aircraft taxied towards the runway. The impact caused the mine aboard P5393 to explode, wrecking both aircraft. Sgt Thompson and his crew escaped serious injury. Sgt J.M.Thompson, Sgt J.Ryan, Sgt J.Rooney, Sgt P.N.Foster.
16th DecemberBeaufighterR2321No.409 SqnColeby GrangeNo details recorded.
16th DecemberBeaufighterR2468No.409 SqnColeby GrangeCrashed on the airfield.
17th DecemberHavoc I (Turbinlite)BD1201453 fltStowgate nr CrowlandSpun in, crashed on the level crossing, 3 Killed.
18th DecemberManchesterL7490No.97 SqnConingsbyCoded OF-U, Airborne 0930 from Coningsby for Brest. Damaged by Flak in the target area which wounded F/L Wright. On return to base the Manchester stalled and crashed. The Flak damage is believed to have been a contributory factor. F/S Pendrill was an experienced pilot and had gained an immediate DFM for devotion to duty on recent operations. W/C Balsdon was the Sqn CO. W/C D.F.Balsdon KIA, F/S G.E.A.Pendrill DFM KIA, Sgt H.Bischlager RCAF KIA, Sgt J.L.Gibson RCAF KIA, Sgt F.Y.D.Kerr KIA, Sgt R.T.Bray KIA, Sgt L.W.Jones KIA, F/L R.A.Wright KIA.
18th DecemberHampdenAE354No.49 SqnScamptonCoded EA-S, the aircraft crashed on overshoot in bad weather. No injuries reported.
19th DecemberHudson?No.407 SqnNorth CoatesHit another aircraft while landing at the airfield. One injury was reported, but no further information found.
19th DecemberBeaufighterNKNKColeby GrangeNo details recorded.