1942 Incident Logs

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4th JanuaryLysanderT14421 AASGreat CarltonForce-landed.
5th JanuaryLysanderV98655 Grp TTFSouth KymeAirborne from Swanton Morley for a target-towing sortie, the aircraft force-landed at 1330 0.5 miles northeast of South Kyme in poor weather and was written off when it came to rest in a river.
5th JanuaryBlenheim IVT19561 AASRed Farm, nr Donna NookCrash-landed.
5th JanuaryHurricane IV673456 OTUnr HolbeachCrashed Cranmore Lane, Holbeach, 1 Killed.
6th JanuaryHampdenAD896No.49 SqnSouth CarltonCoded EA-M The aircraft crashed at 0700 after stalling on approach to Scampton. Crash site was Middle Street, South Carlton. Sgt G.L. West KIA, Sgt G.T. Atkins KIA.
8th JanuaryManchesterL7459No.97 SqnConingsbyCoded OF-? Not lost on operations. No further details recorded, except that this crew had recently experienced two other crashes in: R5783; L7306.
9th JanuaryOxfordX6661RAFC4 miles southwest of DigbyCollided with Spitfire AD426, which survived. Crash site possibly near Brauncewell?
9th JanuaryHampdenAT127No.83 SqnSedgebrookCoded OL-L, Airborne 0257 from Scampton for Brest. Ran out of fuel and was wrecked in an emergency landing at Sedgebrook, 4 miles NW of Grantham. No crew injuries. Sgt E.M.Price, P/O R.N.rayne, Sgt R.K.Osborne, Sgt W.Lown.
9th JanuarySpitfire VBBL298No.92 Sqnnr DigbyCrashed near the airfield.
10th JanuaryWellington IR1414No.150 SqnAnderby CreekNot listed in Chorley's 1942 volume.
10th JanuaryWellington IIW5611No.12 Sqnnr BrumbyCoded PH-? Airborne 1803 10th Jan for Wilhelmshaven. Crashed 2330 as the result of an engine fire, 1 mile E of Brumby. The two badly injured survivors were taken Scunthorpe Hospital. The cause of the crash was attributed to failure of the port engine, followed by rapid loss of height. F/S C.F.O'Connell RNZAF KIA, Sgt D.A.Laing KIA, P/O H.A.Stickings inj, Sgt C.C.McAllister inj, Sgt T.A.Delaney KIA, F/S E.A.Parsons RCAF KIA.
11th JanuaryBeaufighterR2439No.409 SqnColeby GrangeCrashed in circuit, 1.5 miles northeast of the airfield.
13th JanuaryWellingtonNKNKKirton LindseyNo details recorded.
14th JanuaryHurricane IV660956 OTULong SuttonNo details recorded.
14th JanuaryHampdenAE292No.106 SqnPoynton Hall, ButterwickCoded ZN-? The aircraft spun in after stalling in a steep turn on a training flight. Sgt D. Lawton KIA, Sgt C.W. Wight KIA.
15th JanuarySpitfire VBAD546No.616 SqnGoxhillOverturned on landing.
15th JanuaryWellingtonZ1397No.301 SqnHibaldstowCoded GR-A Airborne 1748 15th Jan from Hemswell for Hamburg. Wrecked 2340 in a crash- landing at Hibaldstow, 7 miles SE of Scunthorpe. The crash was attributed to the pilot being taken ill through lack of oxygen. F/O Kuzmicki PAF was killed in a Liberator crash 6th Jan 44 and Sgt Sulgut PAF died when Lancaster 1 PA269 of 300 Sqn crashed during a thunderstorm 4th Feb 46. P/O Liszka PAF Sgt Niezrecki PAF inj, F/O M.Kuzmicki PAF inj, Sgt Janik PAF, Sgt Szturc PAF inj, Sgt C.K.Sulgut PAF.
16th JanuaryHampden?No.455 SqnDonna NookCrashed at the airfield, and one injury was reported. No further information found.
16th JanuaryManchesterL7495No.61 Sqnnr GrimoldbyCoded QR-? Airborne 1730 15th Jan from Woolfox Lodge for Hamburg. Ran out of fuel on the return and abandoned 0100 16th Jan in the vicinity of Grimoldby, 4 miles E of Louth. Earlier the crew had been ordered to divert to Bottesford, but lack of fuel and failure to raise the diversion station on W/T, coupled with adverse weather conditions, prompted the Captain to order his crew to bale out. F/O J.Beard, Sgt Haynes, F/S Asson, Sgt O.W.J.Pearce, Sgt Sheppard, F/S Underwood, Sgt Holmes.
16th JanuaryOxfordX6660RAFCFulbeckUndershot and hit trees whilst landing at night.
17th JanuaryHurricane IP377456 OTUGedney Drove EndNo details recorded.
17th JanuaryOxfordAB66112 FTSHarlaxtonUndershot and hit a pillbox whilst landing at night.
19th JanuaryBeaufighterR2475No.409 SqnPotterhanworthStalled and dived in.
22nd JanuarySpitfire VBAD229No.92 SqnDigbyCollided with AB188 in Digby circuit.
22nd JanuarySpitfire VCAB188No.609 SqnDigbyCollided with AD229 in Digby circuit.
22nd JanuaryHudson VAM602No.407 SqnNorth CoatesStalled on overshoot.
23rd JanuaryWellington IVZ1285No.301 Sqnoff the coastCoded GR-S, Airborne 1755 22nd Jan from Hemswell for Munster. Shot down by a night-fighter Intruder off the Lincolnshire coast. Three bodies were later washed ashore and taken for burial in the Polish Plot at Newark. The rest of the crew are commemorated on the Northolt Memorial. Sgt K.Soroko PAF KIA, Sgt P.Nocon PAF KIA, P/O W.Reda PAF KIA, Sgt BA Borecki PAF KIA, Sgt C.Kosmalski PAF KIA, Sgt A.Rokus PAF KIA.
24th JanuarySpitfire VBBL466No.412 SqnWellingoreOvershot landing.
25th JanuaryHampdenAT129No.49 SqnBransbyCoded EA-O, Airborne 1712 25th Jan from Scampton for Brest, suffered a double engine failure and crashed almost immediately, just to the S of Sturton by Stow, 8 miles NW of Lincoln. Sgt Jardine was on attachment from 408 Sqn. Sgt C.D.S.Stewart KIA, Sgt K.E.Northrop KIA, Sgt A.Hibbitt KIA, Sgt L.A.Jardine KIA.
26th JanuaryHampdenP118614 OTUnr PinchbeckAirborne from Cottesmore on a night high-level bombing practise sortie. The aircraft dived in 1 mile north of Pinchbeck at 0540, with the reason for crash not ascertained. P/O J.M. Marok RCAF KIA, P/O W.H. Lynch RAAF KIA, P/O S.S. White RAAF KIA, Sgt E. O'Connell RAAF KIA.
26th JanuaryWellington IIW5585No.12 SqnBinbrookCoded PH-D, Airborne from Binbrook at 1815 for Hannover. As the aircraft became airborne, part of the bombload fell out and exploded. 4 other aircraft were damaged by this incident. Sgt J. McKnight inj, Sgt A.G. Walker KIA, F/S J.A. Fleming RNZAF KIA, Sgt H.E. Godson KIA, Sgt H.F. Scholes inj, Sgt A.H. Coupe KIA.
29th JanuaryHerefordL61008 FPPnr WellingoreCrashed after engine failure whilst in the Cranwell circuit.


1st FebruarySpitfire VBBL322No.92 SqnDigbyCaught fire on the ground.
2nd FebruaryBeaufighterNKNo.409 SqnColeby GrangeNo details recorded.
5th FebruarySpitfire VBW3379No.133 SqnKirton LindseyHit snow bank on takeoff.
7th FebruaryProctor IP63141 SSCranwellSpun in.
7th FebruaryHampdenL4125No.49 SqnScamptonCoded EA-? Airborne from Scampton on a mine-laying sortie but struck a large bank of frozen snow and crashed on the airfield. No crew injuries. Sgt Reid RNZAF.
7th FebruaryLancasterL7542No.44 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded KM-? This was the first Lancaster to be lost. Crash-landed at Skellingthorpe after the pilot misread the airfield's wind sock. Realising his error, F/S Nicholson tried to turn onto the cross runway, but lost control and ran into a bank of hard frozen snow. The undercarriage collapsed and the aircraft was deemed to be beyond economical repair. F/S D.F.Nicholson.
11th FebruaryHampdenAE425No.106 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded ZN-? Airborne 1820 11th Feb from Coningsby for Mannheim but at a height of just 40 feet the port engine cut, causing the Hampden to swing violently and crash into trees. Amazingly, there were no crew injuries. P/O Horner, F/Sgt N.R. Stevens, Sgt Walker, Sgt Hutcheson, Sgt Porter.
13th FebruaryHampdenAD783No.455 SqnEagleCoded UB-U, Airborne 2243 12nd Feb from Wigsley on a mine-laying sortie but turned for home early after experiencing engine trouble. Crashed 0153 13th Feb at Eagle, 7 miles SW of Lincoln, while preparing to land. Sgt J.B.Kennedy RNZAF KIA, Sgt V.J.Hopwood KIA, Sgt W.L.Kelly KIA, Sgt G.A.Metcalf KIA.
13th FebruaryHavoc I (Turbinlite)AH4801459 fltHibaldstowOvershot in flapless landing.
14th FebruaryHalifaxL95761652 OCUWickenbyPossibly a minor accident as not recorded in Chorley's 1942 or OTU volumes.
15th FebruaryHampdenL602014 OTUGosberton RisegateAirborne from Cottesmore on a night sortie when one engine caught fire. The crew bailed out at 2020 and the aircraft subsequently crashed. This aircraft originally left the production line as a Hereford.
17th FebruaryHurricane IZ705255 OTUHemingbyHit the ground in snowstorm.
17th FebruaryHudson VAM567No.407 SqnNorth CoatesRudder jammed by broken aerial.
20th FebruaryLancasterL7538No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded EM-? The aircraft landed at Waddington at 1527 at too high a speed, swung off the runway into a ditch causing the undercarriage to collapse, Finn quotes this as L7358 of No. 97 Sqn.
22nd FebruaryWellington IR1463No.150 SqnGoulcebyCoded JN-? Airborne 2000 21st Feb from Snaith on an intruder sortie. While descending through cloud in order to establish their position, the bomber crashed 0330 22nd Feb into a field at Asterby Top Farm, Goulceby, 7 miles SW of Louth. P/O Birkes inj, F/S D.Wormleighton KIA, Sgt J.E.Blackburn KIA, F/S J.E.McAllister KIA, Sgt E.F.Rawlings KIA, F/S O.D.Iland injured.
25th FebruaryOxfordX7074RAFCFulbeckUndershot on night landing and hit a gun emplacement.
25th FebruaryHudson V?No.53 Sqnnr North CoatesCoded K - Crashed 3 miles SW of the airfield whilst on transit from Limavady. No injury's were reported.
25th FebruaryHurricane IICBN284No.253 SqnYewfield Farm, Holton-le-MoorCrashed following engine failure.
26th FebruaryHudson V?No.53 SqnNorth CoatesCoded Q - Aircraft belly landed at the airfield on return from operations. No further information found.
26th FebruaryDefiantN1762No.288 SqnColeby GrangeNo details recorded.
28th FebruaryBeaufighterT3015No.409 SqnNorth ThoresbyCrashed following engine fire.
28th FebruaryHampdenAE218No.50 Sqnnr SkellingthorpeCoded VN-? Airborne 1755 27th Feb from Skellingthorpe for Kiel. Ran out of fuel and crashed 0220 28th Feb as the crew were preparing to land. No crew injuries. F/S R.Johnson, Sgt Booker, F/S D.L.Barrie, Sgt Denman.


1st MarchHudson V?No.53 Sqnnr North CoatesForce landed in a field 4 miles S of North Coates. One crew member was reported as being slightly injured.
7th MarchHampdenAE387No.50 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded VN-? The aircraft swung in strong wind on takeoff at 1630 and crashed, catching fire. P/O P.W.W.Nock inj, LAC H. Lees KIA.
9th MarchOxfordN4842RAFCStoke RochfordRan out of fuel, belly-landed Grange Farm, Stoke Rochford.
9th MarchDefiant IIAA403No.151 Sqnoff SkegnessDitched whilst on convoy patrol.
10th MarchHalifax IIR9450No.35 Sqnoff MablethorpeCoded TL-K. Airborne 1916 9th Mar from Linton-on-Ouse for Essen. Cause of loss not established. Crashed 2300 in the sea some 30 miles off Mablethorpe. All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/S C.C.W.Ganly KIA, P/O P.V.Barthel KIA, Sgt A.T.Bennett KIA, Sgt G.Cartwright KIA, Sgt R.J.G.Jones KIA, Sgt R.M.Mules KIA.
12th MarchManchesterL7474No.106 Sqnnr WincebyCoded ZN-? Bounced on landing from a training sortie, the crew were unable to lock the port undercarriage leg down. The aircraft was abandoned nr Horncastle at 2335 and crashed 0.5 miles north of Winceby. Glazed ice on the windscreen was a factor in the initial landing problem.
12th MarchManchesterR58381661 HCUWickenbyDuring a training flight, propeller feathering was demonstrated at 5000 feet. After this demonstration, the port propeller would not unfeather. The pilot attempted to land at Wickenby, but overran into a ditch, causing the starboard undercarriage unit to collapse.
13th MarchManchesterNKNKSpilsbyShot down - no Manchesters reported shot down at Spilsby on this date.
13th MarchOxfordV4150RAFCBarkston HeathHit the ground whilst overshooting at night.
15th MarchHurricane IICZ3783No.253 SqnHibaldstowCrashed on takeoff.
15th MarchOxfordAB64112 FTSSpitalgateCollided with AP645 on takeoff.
15th MarchOxfordAP64512 FTSSpitalgateCollided with AB641 on takeoff.
15th MarchSpitfireNKNKWellingoreNo details recorded.
16th MarchSpitfire VAX4353No.133 Sqnoff MablethorpeHit the sea in hazy conditions.
17th MarchHampdenX2912No.49 SqnScamptonHit by AE227 taxiing - repaired?
17th MarchHampdenAE227No.49 SqnScamptonHit X2912 whilst taxiing - repaired? – AE227 shot down Germany 28th Aug.
18th MarchWhitley VP50523 OTUCranwellCrashed on college roof on approach - not listed in the OTU losses book.
20th MarchLancasterL7570No.97 Sqnnr FriestonCoded OF-B, Airborne from Woodhall Spa for a mine-laying sortie off the Frisian Islands (Nectarines Area). Visibility was poor at the time and as the Lancaster climbed away, its starboard wing tip grazed the roof of a house. This resulted in a crash landing at 1500 20th Mar on the beach at Frieston, 4 miles E of Boston. The crew escaped injury, and although little damaged, the Lancaster was swamped by the incoming tide and written off. Aircraft was subsequently recovered once the load of sea-mines had been removed. F/O E.E.Rodley, P/O Colquhoun RCAF, Sgt Healey, Sgt Merralls, Sgt Cummings, Sgt J.Crisp, Sgt Ratcliffe.
21st MarchGladiator IIN55831401 Met fltQuadringHit a tree whilst flying in fog.
21st MarchManchesterNKNKWaddingtonPossibly a minor ground accident as Chorley does not list this crash.
23rd MarchOxfordAT6591518 BATFPickering's Farm, DunholmeAirborne from Dunholme Lodge with a 49 Sqn crew. At 1440 the aircraft hit HT cables on approach to the airfield and crashed near Pickering's Farm, to the south of the airfield. F/O H.M. McGuffie KIA, Sgt T.D. Dakin RCAF KIA, Sgt L.D.J. Crozier RCAF KIA.
24th MarchLancasterL7531No.44 SqnConingsbyCoded KM-? Airborne from Coningsby 1445hrs but crashed almost immediately when part of the port wing leading edge lifted, causing the bomber to career out of control and finish up, wrecked, near the station bomb dump. Miraculously, the crew escaped serious injury, despite smashing into a crane before coming to a stop. S/L T.H.Boylan NB. a possible conflict in date. 24/03/42 or 23/04/42?
25th MarchManchesterL7486No.50 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded VN-? Lost on training sortie.
25th MarchWellington?No.142 SqnDonna NookCoded R - Aircraft crashed at 2030, no injury's were reported.
25th MarchHudson VAM584No.53 SqnDonna NookCrashed on landing.
27th MarchBeaufighterT3142No.409 SqnLeverton nr BostonStalled and spun in.
28th MarchLancasterR5501No.207 SqnBracebridge HeathCoded EM-G, the aircraft collided with DK973 at 1320 whilst on a training flight. Both aircraft crashed on Canwick Hill, just to the E of Bracebridge Heath, 2 miles S of Lincoln. Date quoted by lostbombers as 6th Aug. Sgt N.A. Lingard KIA, Sgt D.A.Wood KIA, Sgt R.W. Cox KIA, Sgt T.C. Massey KIA.
28th MarchMaster IIDK973NKBracebridge HeathCollided with R5501. Lt J.D. Linaker KIA.


1st AprilMaster IINKNKBarkstonNo details recorded.
2nd AprilOxfordV332215 PAFUKirmingtonNo details recorded.
2nd AprilOxfordV395215 PAFUKirmingtonNo details recorded.
3rd AprilSpitfire IIAP8438No.133 SqnEpworthCollided with P8595.
3rd AprilSpitfire IIAP8595No.133 SqnEpworthCollided with P8438.
3rd AprilHurricaneNKNo.121 SqnKirton LindseyNo details recorded.
5th AprilHudson IIIT9434No.59 SqnNorth CoatesCrashed on takeoff.
6th AprilHampdenAT216No.50 SqnThorpe-on-the-HillCoded VN-? Airborne 0029 6th Apr from Skellingthorpe for Cologne. Crashed 0034 at Thorpe-on- the-Hill, 6 miles SW of Lincoln. It is presumed the pilot lost control as he climbed away from the airfield. F/O R.Seeley-King KIA, Sgt G.L.Quincy KIA, Sgt G.C.S.Skelton KIA, Sgt J.Hardy KIA, This crew were the last to lose their lives on Hampden operations with 50 Sqn. The Manchester conversion training was now completed, and the last remaining Hampdens were withdrawn. Since the outbreak of war, 50 Sqn had lost a total of 104 Hampdens.
9th AprilHudson VAM877No.53 Sqnnr Donna NookCrashed 3 miles north of Donna Nook after night takeoff.
10th AprilSpitfire VBAD305No.412 Sqnnr WaddingtonCollided with BL242, crashed 1 mile south of Waddington.
10th AprilSpitfire VBBL242No.412 Sqnnr WaddingtonCollided with AD305, crashed 1 mile south of Waddington.
11th AprilHampdenAT187No.144 SqnWright's farm, HolbeachCoded PL-? Airborne from North Luffenham. Suffered single engine failure on return. Crashed 0245 11th Apr whilst attempting an emergency landing at Wrights Farm, Sutton Bridge, Holbeach. Sgt H.D.Smith inj, Sgt W.Allen RAAF KIA, Sgt G.Johnstone KIA, Sgt F.Woodfield KIA.
12th AprilOxfordT116815 PAFUKirmingtonHit HT cables on approach.
12th AprilBoston IIIW8334No.226 SqnHemswellHigh-speed stall during demonstration flight, 4 Killed.
13th AprilMaster IIDK840RAFCBarkston HeathUndershot on landing and hit a wall
13th AprilWellingtonNKNKCranwellNo details recorded.
14th AprilHampdenAT219No.420 SqnNorth HykehamCoded PT-C, Airborne 2138 14th Apr from Waddington for Dortmund and crashed 2145 at North Hykeham on the SW outskirts of Lincoln. It is believed that the Hampden suffered a double engine failure and the pilot was trying to regain the airfield. P/O W.J.Murray RCAF KIA, P/O WF McCarthy RCAF KIA, Sgt KA Johnson KIA, Sgt K.A.Birch KIA.
15th AprilWellington IVZ1468No.301 SqnYoungwood nr BardneyCoded GR-I, Airborne 2144 14th Apr from Hemswell for Dortmund. Hit by Flak which damaged the aircraft's radio and fuel tanks. Crash-landed 0340 15th Apr short of fuel, at Youngwood near Bardney. Degree of damage not established. Sgt S.Krzystyniak PAF, P/O K.Szrajer PAF, F/O R.Walczak PAF, Sgt C.Harmuszkiewicz PAF inj, Sgt I.Adamczyk PAF, Sgt L.Abakonowicz PAF injured.
15th AprilSpitfire VBBL300No.412 SqnWellingoreForce-landed.
15th AprilSpitfire VBBL409No.412 SqnWellingoreCrashed after force-landing near airfield.
15th AprilWellington IIZ8586No.305 SqnWrootCoded SM-A, Airborne 2221 14th Apr from Lindholme for Dortmund. Ran out of fuel on the return and crash-landed at Wroot, 9 miles E of Doncaster, Yorkshire. The two men killed are buried in the Polish Plot at Newark Cemetery. F/O S.Sznidel PAF KIA, F/O K.W.Konopasek PAF, F/O K.Joszt PAF inj, Sgt K.Pasich PAF KIA, Sgt B.Sedzimir PAF, Sgt W.Szmidt PAF.
17th AprilOxfordAB75312 (P) AFUHarlaxtonUndershot and hit a tree on night approach.
19th AprilHurricane IICZ3831No.253 Sqn5 miles south of Louth (Maidenwell?)Spun in during mock combat.
20th AprilWellington IT28343 OTUNorth RaucebyCrashed whilst in Cranwell circuit.
20th AprilHampdenAD869No.420 SqnWispingtonCoded PT-L, airborne at 0030 from Waddington for a night cross-country sortie. The aircraft crashed shortly afterwards and burst into flames on impact. Sgt H.H. Davis RCAF KIA, Sgt J.C. Pritchard RCAF KIA, Sgt G.G.J. Laronde RCAF KIA, Sgt G.A. Player KIA.
22nd AprilOxfordV352415 PAFUKirmingtonSwung on takeoff.
23rd AprilLancaster IL7531No.44 SqnConingsbyHolmes quotes crashed on takeoff at CGY 23rd Apr, Finn quotes 1943.
24th AprilWellingtonNKNKHemswellNot listed in Chorley's 1942 volume, so may have been a minor ground accident.
25th AprilWellington IR166111 OTUWaddingtonAirborne from Steeple Morden for a night cross-country sortie. The aircraft undershot the runway on landing and crashed into the station sewage works. Sgt D.M. Telford KIA, Sgt D.C. Marsden inj, F/S C.A. Parke RCAF KIA, P/O H.J. Snelling KIA, Sgt H.W. Woodward inj.
26th AprilDefiantN1762No.288 SqnColeby GrangeUndershot whilst landing at night.
29th AprilHampdenP130314 OTUGunby, nr GranthamAirborne from Cottesmore for single-engine flying practise. The pilot lost control at 200ft and the aircraft dived in. Sgt W.J. Nicholls RAAF KIA, Sgt J. McW. Stewart KIA.
30th AprilLancasterR5541No.97 Sqnnr WragbyCoded OF-? Crash-landed 1525 30th Apr approximately. 4 miles E of Wragby, during circuit practice. F/S A.I Altree inj, F/S C.W.Brown inj.


4th MayOxfordAT73915 PAFUBarnetbyHit the ground following engine failure.
4th MayTyphoonR7646No.56 SqnCranwellNo details recorded.
5th MayWellington IX9816No.103 SqnElsham WoldsCoded PM-? The aircraft landed short of the runway and hit a fence. A fire broke out which destroyed the airframe. Sgt J.G. Blandford inj, Sgt F.B. Swinfin inj, Sgt G. Quested inj, P/O J.W. Craig inj, Sgt G.McC McGawn KIA.
5th MayLancasterR5553No.97 SqnWoodhall SpaCrash-landed at airfield after sustaining flak damage over Stuttgart.
7th MayWellington IR1610No.300 SqnHemswellCoded BH-?, the aircraft sank back onto the runway after takeoff and crashed, due to the throttles retarding.
7th MaySpitfire VW3410No.306 SqnKirton LindseyBounced and swung on landing, undercarriage collapsed.
8th MayWellington IZ116121 OTUBeckinghamAirborne from Moreton-in-the-Marsh for a night cross-country sortie. During the flight, the port engine caught fire. The aircraft had been partially abandoned when it crashed into a tree at 0250. Sgt R.I. Hart inj, Sgt P.W.S. Brooke inj, Sgt H.H.J. Rohrlach RAAF KIA, Sgt W.L. Williams RAAF KIA, Sgt I. McN. Fergusson KIA, Sgt T.J. Tighe RCAF unhurt.
8th MaySpitfire VAD265No.306 SqnKirton LindseyOverran on landing.
9th MayManchesterR5778No.50 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded VN-? Airborne 2147 8th May from Skellingthorpe for Warnemunde. Hit by Flak while approaching the target, and soon afterwards the starboard engine failed. The Manchester landed safely at Skellingthorpe, but following a technical inspection, the bomber was declared a write off and was SOC 15th May. Sgt J.B.Wilkie, Sgt Byres, Sgt J.W.Campbell, Sgt Benn, Sgt D.W.Baird, Sgt E.W.Finch. Five members of this crew were lost 30/31 May operating a 106 Sqn Manchester (L7456) on loan to 50 Sqn against Cologne. R5778 also had an earlier accident: Struck concealed gun pit whilst making way for departing aircraft and the undercarriage collapsed. The gun pit was hidden by nets and snow. Repaired on Station (ROS) 13th Feb.
10th MayHurricane IN2482RAFCnr GranthamForce-landed.
10th MayHavoc II (Turbinlite)AH4781459 fltHibaldstowLanded wheels-up.
11th MayHudson VV9163No.59 SqnNorth CoatesBelly landed at the airfield after returning from operations.
13th MayManchesterL7519No.50 SqnThurlbyCoded VN-? Lost on training sortie.
15th MayHudson VAM864No.407 Sqnnr Woodhall SpaCrashed 0.5 miles north of Woodhall Spa on return from a convoy attack.
16th MayHampdenP212016 OTUSaxilbyAirborne from Upwood on a night navigation sortie, the pilot lost control at 10,000ft and spun in at 2359. One crew member, believed to be an air gunner, successfully abandoned the aircraft before it crashed. P/O W.H. Parr KIA, F/S D.C. Macnab RCAF KIA, F/S K.G. McKee RCAF KIA.
17th MayHudson V?No.59 Sqnnr Donna NookCoded M - Crashed in deep water 2 miles N of the airfield. The crew sadly perished.
17th MayOxfordV366615 PAFUSnellandEngine failed, stalled on force-landing.
20th MayLancasterL7581No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-R, struck P2094 & X3149 on takeoff. Airborne from Waddington 1555hrs 20th May on airtest but before attaining flying speed the leading edge of the port wing failed and the Lancaster veered from the runway, colliding with two Hampdens belonging to 420 Squadron. W/O E.W.Wright.
20th MayHampdenP2094No.420 SqnWaddingtonHit by L7581.
20th MayHampdenX3149No.420 SqnWaddingtonHit by L7581.
21st MayOxfordV416815 PAFURead's Island, in the HumberDived in from cloud.
21st MayOxfordW664912 (P) AFUHarlaxtonCrashed whilst overshooting at night
25th MayManchesterNKNo.207 SqnSkellingthorpePossibly a minor ground accident as Chorley does not list this crash. 207 Sqn were converted to Lancasters by this date, so the unit may be incorrect.
25th MaySpitfire??North CoatesAircraft tipped on it's nose whilst landing at the airfield, after one under carriage leg collapsed. No injury's were reported.
26th MayMaster IIIW853116 PFTSnr BourneNo details recorded.
26th MaySpitfire VIBR172No.616 SqnFen Lane, DunholmeNo details recorded.
30th MayManchesterNKNo.83 SqnScamptonMay have been a minor ground accident, not mentioned in Chorley's 1942 losses book. 30th May was the day of the first 1000 bomber raid on Cologne.
30th MayWellington IN30081 AASManbyCaught fire whilst running up.
31st MayWellington IR1234No.103 SqnKirmingtonCoded PM-? The aircraft was airborne from Kirmington on a transit flight. Shortly after takeoff, the port engine reduction gear failed, causing the propeller to come off. The aircraft stalled and spun into the ground near the airfield. Sgt L.W. Flowers KIA, Sgt G.C. Roberts KIA, Sgt A.A. Conisbee KIA, Sgt B.C. Slowly KIA, F/S N. Ryder inj, Sgt E. Robinson injured.
31st MayWellington IIIX3448No.150 SqnMottram's Farm, FaldingworthCoded JN-N, Airborne 2315 30th May from Snaith for Cologne. Crashed 0215 31st May at Mottrams Farm, Faldingworth, 4 miles SW of Market Rasen. The Wellington burst into flames on impact. Sgt S.B.Shaw KIA, Sgt R.G.Peverill RAAF KIA, Sgt J.C.Dean KIA, Sgt G.L.Mustoe RAAF KIA, Sgt L.Beck KIA, Sgt K.Aird RAAF KIA.
31st MayHampdenAE399No.420 SqnWaddingtonCoded PT-P Airborne 2305 30th May from Waddington for Cologne. On return to base at 0403 31st May, the pilot lost control as he touched down, and collided with a parked Lancaster belonging to the Conversion Flight (R5842). In addition to the injuries sustained by the two Hampden crew members, two airmen in the Lancaster, were also hurt. R5842 was repaired and re-entered Bomber Command service with 49 Sqn Conversion Unit. F/S W.K.McDermid RCAF inj, F/S L.H.Gardiner RCAF inj, Sgt Waddington, Sgt Wilkinson.


2nd JuneWellingtonZ1410No.142 SqnThoresby BridgeCoded QT-Z. Airborne 2302 1st Jun from Grimsby for Essen. Turned back with failing engines and crashed 0022 2nd Jun at Thoresby Bridge bursting into flames on impact. Sgt Stanley has no known grave. P/O D.P.McDonald RCAF KIA, Sgt R.L.Cox RCAF KIA, Sgt T.Sleeman KIA, Sgt A.Smith KIA, Sgt W.T.Stanley KIA, Sgt C.M.Harrison injured.
3rd JuneBeaufighterR2479No.409 SqnHoldinghamNo details recorded.
5th JuneOxfordP680412 FTSnr HowshamHit a tree at Pepperdale farm whilst low-flying.
6th JuneHampdenL413314 OTUnr SkillingtonAirborne from Saltby for flying training. During the flight speed was lost and the aircraft spun in at 1345 near Mere Barn Farm, South Stoke, on the Lincolnshire border. P/O R.H. Broadley KIA, Sgt H.G. Thurgar KIA, Sgt R.L. Norris KIA, Sgt J.D Henning RAAF KIA.
6th JuneLancaster IR5515No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-A. Crash-landed 0335 6th Jun during night flying practice at Waddington. The accident was attributed to a fast landing, resulting in the Lancaster running off the end of the runway. P/O L.M.Tomkins Sgt D.Skinner injured.
7th JuneHalifax IIW1145No.405 Sqnnr BinbrookCoded LQ-S. Airborne 2351 6th Jun from Pocklington. Abandoned, due to both outer engines failing, and crashed 0145 4 miles SW of Binbrook Airfield. As the crew parachuted, sheets of flame could be seen flaring from the port outer engine. F/S W.B.Blizard RCAF, Sgt M.D.Rea RCAF, Sgt Elt, Sgt Money, Sgt Mitchell, Sgt Nutt, Sgt Butler, Sgt Witherick.
7th JuneHampdenN90701 AASoff SaltfleetConverted from a Hereford. Aircraft dived into the sea 3 miles off Saltfleet.
10th JuneProctor IP62471 SSKirkby la ThorpeHit HT cables.
11th JuneWellington 1T289818 OTUHemswellAirborne at 1528 from Hemswell on a navigation sortie, but lost power and and was unable to maintain height. The aircraft crashed just outside the airfield.
18th JuneWellington IIW5381No.12 SqnRothwell topCoded PH-? The aircraft encountered bad weather on a training flight and flew into a hillside. P/O J.G. Power RCAF KIA, Sgt R.G. Burton inj, Sgt Howard inj, Sgt Shelley injured.
22nd JuneMaster IIDK985RAFCBarkston HeathStalled on approach.
23rd JuneHampdenAD786No.420 SqnBoothby PagnellCoded PT-L, Airborne 2325 23rd Jun from Waddington to lay mines off Lorient (Artichokes Region). Crashed 2347 at Boothby Pagnell, 5 miles SE of Grantham. Sgt Hiley, who had gained an immediate DFM during operations to Stuttgart May 42, was admitted to Grantham Hospital. NFD. F/S F.S.Hiley DFM, RCAF inj, F/S G.H.Germain RCAF KIA, Sgt G.D.Johnson KIA, Sgt K.C.Little RCAF KIA.
25th JuneDo217-E4U5+AB1/KG2in the WashShot down by 151 Sqn Mosquito.
27th JuneWellington IP9230CGSSutton BridgeCaught fire running up.
28th JuneLancasterNKNKnr BostonNothing mentioned in Chorley's 1942 volume.


1st JulyHurricane IIAZ2415RAE, FarnboroughSutton BridgeTesting rocket projectiles which exploded, taking the wing off, crashed at Bridge farm.
2nd JulyHampden TB1AT239No.415 SqnDonna NookCrash-landed following engine failure.
2nd JulyHampdenNKNKWaddingtonPossibly a minor ground accident as Chorley does not list anything at Waddington on this date, though 420 Sqn were active that night on a raid to Bremen.
2nd JulySpitfire IIAP8583CGSnr CrowlandCollided with P2067.
2nd JulyHampden P206714 OTUnr CrowlandCollided with P8583 – unit may be incorrect, Hancock quotes 14 OTU but there is no mention of this in Chorley's OTU losses book.
3rd JulyJu88M2+KKKFG106AswardbyShot down by 303 Sqn Spitfires, crashed at Odlin's Farm.
3rd JulyJu88M2+BKKFG106BaumberShot down by 303 Sqn Spitfires, crashed at Limes farm, 4 killed.
6th JulyWellington IL7774CGSnr WinglandForce-landed.
6th JulyHavoc IAX91451 OTUCranwellCrashed in the village, not recorded in the OTU losses book.
8th JulyBlenheim IVR366917 OTUnr WellingoreAirborne from Upwood, the aircraft lost power in flight and crashed at 1740 near the airfield.
10th JulyLancaster IL7568No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-? The aircraft overran the runway whilst landing at night and crashed through the airfield perimeter hedge. No injuries reported.
16th JulyOxfordR634915 PAFUKirmingtonCollided with P8982 (which survived) on approach in poor visibility
19th JulySpitfireNKNKLittle PontonNo details recorded.
21st JulyAnson Mk I / Tiger Moth?16 Group CC-Station FlightDonna NookBrought Air Vice Marshall Baker from RAF North Coates to Donna Nook for a demonstration on flare dropping. When a Luftwaffe night Intruder dropped incendiary bombs causing slight damage to both aircraft. No injury's were reported.
21st JulyBothaL6355NKin HumberOn test flight.
21st JulyLancaster IR5576No.106 SqnConingsbyCoded ZN-? R5576 departed Coningsby for a practice bombing sortie but crashed almost immediately after take-off due to failure of the port inner engine. Eye witnesses to the tragedy state that the Lancaster climbed slowly to about 200 feet, before stalling and falling near the airfield. P/O W.B.Carlyle RCAF KIA, P/O G.R.Hanna RCAF (P2) KIA, Sgt A.M.Blyth KIA, Sgt J.K.Marshman RAAF KIA, Sgt R.M.Mathieson KIA, F/S A.G.Gibson RCAF KIA, F/S J.E.S.Walker RCAF KIA, Sgt J.Teevin KIA, LAC H.R.Forster KIA, AC1 G.E.Smith KIA.
21st JulyOxfordAP45715 PAFUKirmingtonLost control overshooting at night.
22nd JulyMaster IIDL117RAFCCranwellDBR in an accident.
22nd JulyHavoc II (Turbinlite)AH4781459 fltHibaldstowBelly-landed - possible duplicate - same aircraft had same accident reported 10th May also by Hancock.
23rd JulyDo217EF8+CN5/KG40Gedney Hill / Fleet FenShot down by 408 Sqn Hurricane and 409 Sqn Beaufighter.
24th JulyWellington IIIBJ595No.115 Sqnoff GrimsbyCoded KO-S, Airborne from Marham for Duisburg. On return obliged to ditch in the North Sea 10 miles off Grimsby. All survived and were rescued, unharmed, from their dinghy. F/S Boutiller, Sgt W.Scott, Sgt a.Gallagher, Sgt A.Clark, Sgt T.Clarke.
25th JulyWellington IIW5437No.12 SqnNorth CoatesCoded PH-? Airborne 0023 25th Jul from Binbrook for Duisburg. Returned early due to overheating engines and crash-landed 0430 at North Coates airfield. No crew injuries. Following a technical inspection, the Wellington was SOC 21st Sep. Sgt W.Foster, Sgt J.W.E Ross, Sgt A.Crawford, Sgt C.A.Manchur RCAF, Sgt E.W.Green.
25th JulyLancaster IR5683No.106 SqnButterwick mud flatsCoded ZN-? Airborne 0010 25th Jul from Coningsby. Exploded in mid-air on the outbound track and crashed on mudflats at Butterwick, 4 miles ENE of Boston. Five days later, the London Gazette published details of the awards made to F/S Appleyard and F/S Darvill. F/S G.Appleyard DFM KIA, Sgt R.L.Beaddie KIA, F/S M.Darvill DFM KIA, F/O R.B.Smith RCAF KIA, Sgt J.W.Grimwade RAAF KIA, Sgt L.W.Young KIA, Sgt J.D.Davie KIA.
26th JulyProctor IIZ72191 SSRoxholm hallHit a tree whilst low flying.
27th JulyWellington IIZ8526No.12 SqnBinbrookCoded PH-? Airborne 2350 26th Jul from Binbrook for Duisburg. Landed back at base 0522, whereupon some incendiaries fell from the aircraft, setting fire to the Wellington's undersurfaces. Degree of damage not recorded.. P/O D.W.Rowe, Sgt R.L.S.Ritchie, Sgt L.D.Graves, Sgt J.Sharp, Sgt C.Black.
28th JulyHalifax IIW1218No.103 SqnLudboroughCoded PM-? The aircraft stalled and spun in whilst on a training flight. Sgt S.W. Stockford KIA, Sgt W.J. Birmingham RAAF KIA, Sgt D.C. Cochrane KIA, Sgt L.J. Storey KIA, F/S S.N. Ryder KIA, F/S F.L.J. Harnett RCAF KIA, F/S A.F. Pearson RCAF KIA.
29th JulyWellington IIW5424No.12 SqnBinbrookCoded PH-D. Airborne 2337 29th Jul from Binbrook for Saarbrucken and crashed almost immediately. All are buried in Binbrook (St.Mary) Churchyard. Sgt W.Foster KIA, Sgt G.F.Stephens KIA, Sgt C.A.Manchur RCAF KIA, Sgt J.W.E.Ross KIA, P/O M.H.James KIA.
29th JulyDefiant ASR1AA360No.278 SqnNorth CoatesHit by a Hudson (AM694?) whilst on the ground.
29th JulyHampdenAT113No.408 SqnDry DoddingtonCoded EQ-A, the aircraft crashed at 1516hrs whilst on an air-test from Balderton prior to the Saarbrucken raid that night. The aircraft crashed into a field of oats 2 miles south-east of the airfield. The two air cadets were both 16 years old and had been taken up for an air experience flight. S/L L.B.B. Price DFC RCAF KIA, Sgt I. Hughes KIA, Cdt G. Hughes ATC KIA, Cdt K.R. Cousin Wood ATC KIA.
30th JulyHampdenP539714 OTUnr Market DeepingAirborne from Cottesmore for a night flying sortie. The aircraft collided with AE192 (which survived and was repaired) and crashed 1 mile northwest of Market Deeping.
30th JulyJu88NKNKThorneyNo details recorded.
31st JulyHampdenAD762No.415 SqnNorth CoatesReturned early from a convoy attack with engine trouble, overshot and crashed.


1st AugustMaster IIIW8598Digby SFDigbyOverturned on landing.
1st AugustHavoc 2AH484NKHibaldstowNo details recorded.
1st AugustHalifax IIR9379No.103 Sqn-CFElsham WoldsAirborne from Elsham Wolds for a general training flight including a climb to high altitude. On return, whilst downwind and turning to the left, the port outer engine failed and the aircraft stalled and spun in from 400 feet 0.25 miles from the airfield. Sgt W.J. Bagley KIA, Sgt S. Lightowler KIA, Sgt J.A. Henson KIA, Sgt A.E. Finney KIA, Sgt J. Munro KIA, Sgt J.W. Keane RNZAF KIA, Sgt O.D. Hancock KIA, P/O A. Simons KIA, Sgt T.L. McDonald KIA, Sgt L.J. Langan KIA, Sgt T.W. Dinsdale KIA, Sgt C.H. Morgan KIA.
4th AugustHurricane IIBBD728No.486 Sqn2 miles east of Scampton (Grange-de-Lings?)Abandoned after fumes filled the cockpit.
5th AugustMaster IT8675RAFCCranwellCrashed on takeoff.
5th AugustWellington IX967526 OTUBurton CogglesAirborne at 2045 from Wing for a night navigation exercise. During the flight the starboard outer engine conrod broke, damaging the cylinders and causing the engine to catch fire. The aircraft was aircraft abandoned at 2330. Sgt G.R. Phipps RCAF KIA.
5th AugustP-38F Lightning41 - 3441271FS-1FGGoxhillDamaged in a landing accident, aircraft severely damaged (cat4) pilot John D. Elland jr.
6th AugustHalifax IIW1225No.103 Sqnin the HumberCrashed into the Humber on return from Duisburg, 7 killed.
7th AugustDo217U5+DRKG2Shire Wood, RevesbyShot down by 68 Sqn Beaufighter.
9th AugustP-38F Lightning41-7635 94FS-1FGKirton LindseyDamaged in a landing accident, aircraft severely damaged (cat 4) pilot Jack C. Kille.
10th AugustOxfordV362912 (P) AFUnr GranthamLost control during a night training sortie, crashed 1 mile west of Grantham.
10th AugustManchesterL74311654 HCUConingsbyWhilst landing at night, the starboard undercarriage leg collapsed due to drifting on a heavy landing at 2130. The aircraft was repaired on site on 15th Aug and returned to service with 1654 HCU 3rd Oct, becoming a ground instruction airframe coded 3772M.
10th AugustWellington IR150522 OTUnr CranwellAirborne from Wellesbourne Mountford for a night cross-country sortie. The aircraft lost its starboard propeller around 0500 whilst in flight. The pilot headed for Waddington but the crew was unable to make contact by radio or see the flarepath. At this point, just north-east of Cranwell airfield, the port engine began to fail. All bar 1 of the crew bailed out successfully. F/S C. Toronczuk RCAF KIA.
11th AugustHampdenAE15514 OTUEdenhamCoded GL-S Airborne from Saltby for night low-level bombing training. The aircraft crashed 0330 whilst working the Grimsthorpe range. F/S R.P. Davies RCAF KIA, F/S J.H. O'Connor RCAF KIA, Sgt D.H. Barton RAAF KIA.
12th AugustLancaster IR5732No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-G. Airborne from Waddington 2255 11th Aug for Mainz. Returned to base early with failing engines and crashed 0112 12th Aug whilst on finals. The pilot reported he was unable to prevent the Lancaster from drifting left of the flare path and though he opened the throttles to overshoot, the Lancaster failed to respond and crashed. No injuries. F/S H.H.Taylor, Sgt W.Harberenke (P2), F/S L.Edwards, Sgt L.Edwards, Sgt J.H Bellewe, Sgt R.E.W.Williamson, Sgt C.A.Foster, Sgt A.E.Williams.
12th AugustHurricane IICBN227No.253 Sqnoff the coastPresumed crashed into the sea during a Havoc co-operation sortie.
13th AugustLancaster IL7534No.50 SqnSwinderbyCoded VN-Z. Aircraft written-off following a collapsed undercarriage during continuation training at Swinderby. Sgt P.H.Blaskey.
13th August Wellington IIIBJ588No.150 Sqn4 miles west of Scotter (Owston Ferry?)Coded JN-? Airborne 2205 12th Aug from Snaith for Mainz. Returned early, cause unknown, and crashed while making an emergency landing some 4 miles W of Scotter, 5 miles S of Scunthorpe. Sgt D.J.H.Beaton KIA, P/O F.Mcreavy inj, F/S N.R.Rowe RNZAF KIA, Sgt J.Taylor KIA, Sgt J.Pike inj.
14th AugustSpitfireNKNKHibaldstowNo details recorded.
14th AugustOxfordV421415 PAFUGreat LimberLost sight of the Kirmington flarepath, crashed and overturned on the Gt Limber Q site.
14th AugustBeaufighterX8146No.409 SqnColeby GrangeUndershot whilst landing.
14th AugustHurricaneZ3261NKTetneyCrashed after unknown incident. The New Zealand pilot was killed.
14th AugustHurricane IICZ3261No.253 Sqnnr GrimsbySpun in 5 miles south-east of Grimsby.
15th AugustWhitley VBD2063 OTUCranwellUndershot whilst landing, not listed in the OTU losses book.
16th AugustHampdenP11611 AASoff MablethorpeEngine failure whilst practise-bombing off the coast, crashed into the sea, 4 Killed.
16th AugustLancaster IR5489No.44 SqnBranstonCoded KM-X. Airborne from Waddington on a daylight cross-country sortie. On return to Waddington after a 4 hour sortie, the pilot reported a fire in the starboard inner engine and requested the flight engineer (Fletcher) to feather it and to press the fire extinguisher button for that engine. Unfortunately, the flight engineer feathered the starboard outer engine and with the aircraft configured for landing, the loss of power caused it to stall and yaw. The aircraft crashed onto pigsties in the village. All crew bar the flight engineer and bomb aimer were rescued alive by the farmer, Dick Taylor, and Fred Kirk, a local butcher. This incident is recorded on a brass plaque inside the Home Guard club in Branston, and was the subject of an article in the Branston parish newsletter for summer 2010. Sgt R.Easom inj, Sgt J.Fletcher KIA, Sgt D.Pullinger RNZAF KIA.
17th AugustOxfordV3235RAFCnr SpitalgateHit trees on approach at night.
18th AugustTyphoonR7644No.56 SqnMoultonTail broke off in a dive, 1 Killed.
19th August P-38F Lightning 41-7617 71FS-1FG Goxhill Took off from Goxhill on a formation training flight. Shortly after takeoff the pilot, 2nd Lt Robert R McCord had problems with the starboard propellor controls and also the undercarriage leg on the same nacelle. He returned to Goxhill and made an emergency landing with the starboard undercarriage main leg retracted. No injuries in this accident although the aircraft was severely (cat 4) damaged and salvaged on the same date.
19th AugustP-38F Lightning41 - 760494FS-1FGKirton LindseyCrashed after structural failure. Pilot Charles W. Oakley KIA.
20th AugustOxfordNKNKWest PinchbeckNo details recorded.
20th AugustOxfordAB71812 (P) AFU4 miles southeast of SpitalgateLost tail in collision with AB666 (which survived and was repaired), crashed possibly near Bitchfield?
22nd AugustTiger MothT77561459 fltHibaldstowCrashed on takeoff.
22nd AugustMaster IIDL864RAFCWellingoreBounced on landing and stalled.
23rd AugustDo217F8+CNKG40Gedney HillShot down by 409 Sqn Beaufighter.
23rd AugustDo217?NKKG2?off MablethorpeShot down by 25 Sqn Beaufighter.
24th AugustDo217NKNKAylesbyShot down.
24th AugustTiger MothT71154 EFTSCrowleHit ground whilst low-flying
25th AugustMaster IIDL337RAFCWellingoreHit by DL188 (which was repaired) whilst parked.
27th AugustHurricane IICBN232No.253 Sqnoff MablethorpeCrashed into the sea 0.5 miles out.
27th AugustHavoc IINKNKHibaldstowNo details recorded.
27th AugustMaster IN9016RAFCnr DigbySpun in 2 miles northwest of Digby.
28th AugustLancaster IR5664No.44 Sqnnr WaddingtonCoded KM-R, Airborne 2117 27th Aug from Waddington for Kassel. Lost the use of the port outer engine over Munster, and on return to base at 0228 28th Aug the Lancaster overshot the runway and crashed into a field several miles beyond the airfield. No injuries reported. Sgt W.V.Richards Sgt J.W.Hargreaves Sgt G.H.Roberts Sgt C.Thurley Sgt A.C.Stockley P/O I.M.Wood Sgt W.S.Gregory This crew were destined to be shot down 23rd Sep. See R5905.
29th AugustMagisterL8226No.253 Sqnnr Kirton LindseyForce-landed 1 mile northeast of Kirton Lindsey.
29th AugustMaster IIDK825RAFCCranwellHit N4794 whilst landing.
29th AugustOxfordN4794RAFCCranwellHit by DK825.
31st AugustHampdenP120514 OTUGrimsthorpeCoded -D1, airborne from Cottesmore for a low-level bombing sortie. Crashed on the Grimsthorpe bombing range 1545 after being unable to recover from stabilised yaw at low altitude. P/O D.F. Foy RCAF was badly burned in the crash, and died from his injuries the next day.


1st SeptemberHalifax IIBB216No.405 SqnChapel st LeonardsCoded LQ-D, Airborne 2303 1st Sep from Topcliffe for Saarbrucken. While crossing the E coast at 2344, the port engine caught fire and although the blaze was quelled, structural failure of the port wing followed and the order to bale out was given. At least two of the crew fell into the sea and were drowned, and the Halifax crashed at Chapel St.Leonards, 5 miles NNW of Skegness. Sgt N.A.MacKenzie RCAF KIA, Sgt J.R.Alexander inj, P/O L.B.Mason inj, Sgt Kaucharik inj, Sgt C.G.Eagles RCAF KIA, Sgt H.Stone KIA, F/S L.D.Dawdy RCAF KIA.
2nd SeptemberBlenheim IV?No.143 SqnNorth CoatesAircraft belly landed at the airfield after a under carriage problem. No injury's reported.
3rd SeptemberOxfordW656617 SFTSCranwellUndershot landing at night, Finn quotes serial as W6506.
3rd SeptemberOxfordAS87112 (P) AFUnr SpitalgateEngine failed on takeoff and exploded, aircraft dived in and crashed south of the airfield.
4th SeptemberOxfordBG65715 PAFUnr KirmingtonStalled on night approach.
5th SeptemberManchesterL7521No.50 SqnWaddingtonCoded VN-? Lost on training sortie, starboard prop jammed feathered, aircraft stalled and crashed on approach.
6th SeptemberOxfordNKNKSpitalgateNo details recorded.
7th SeptemberWellington IP92351 AASManbyHit a hill 2 miles south east of Louth after takeoff, possibly near Legbourne.
9th SeptemberOxfordBG27015 PAFUnr KirmingtonFailed to climb after takeoff, hit rising ground 1 mile south-southeast of the airfield.
10th SeptemberWhitley VBD27924 OTUnr HemswellAirborne 2010 from Honeybourne for a night navigation exercise. Approximately 2 hours into the flight the starboard engine caught fire and the crew bailed out as they were unable to see the Hemswell flarepath after being guided to the airfield in response to an SOS, aircraft crashed 2-3 miles south west of the airfield.
15th SeptemberOxfordV3212RAFCnr CranwellAircraft abandoned after in-flight fire.
15th SeptemberWellington IIIX3796No.419 Sqnnr GrimsthorpeCoded VR-C, the aircraft crashed 3 miles west of Grimsthorpe after failing to recover from steep dive during an air-test sortie. W01 J.A. Clark RCAF KIA, F/S W.H. Pickering RCAF KIA, Sgt R.A. Kinnee RCAF KIA, P/O J.A. Hay RCAF KIA, F/S E.M. Harney RCAF KIA, Sgt G.W. Wilson RCAF (ground staff) KIA, LAC W.R.A. Jahnke RCAF (ground staff) KIA, LAC E.D. Lawley RCAF (ground staff, on leave when killed) KIA, LAC L.O. Luten RCAF (ground staff, on leave when killed) KIA.
17th SeptemberMaster IIDL119RAFCCranwellHit by DL193 (which was repaired) whilst parked.
19th SeptemberLancaster IR5689No.50 Sqnnr ThurlbyCoded VN-N. Airborne 1915 18th Sep from Swinderby on a Gardening sortie (area not known). Crash-landed at Thurlby, when both port engines failed as the crew prepared to land. Sgt Gibbons RCAF is buried in Newark-upon-Trent Cemetery. Sgt E.J.Morley RAAF, P/O G.W.M.Harrison, Sgt H.Male, Sgt S.C.Garrett, Sgt J.W.Dalby, Sgt J.Fraser, Sgt J.R.Gibbons RCAF KIA.
19th SeptemberBeaufighterX8106No.409 SqnColeby GrangeOverran whilst landing and hit a building.
19th SeptemberMaster IIDL115RAFCnr CranwellStalled whilst recovering from a dive near the airfield.
19th SeptemberHalifax IIDT481No.460 SqnLudford MagnaCrashed at Ludford whilst on a training flight, no further details given of cause. Sgt S.A. Solomons RAAF KIA, Sgt F.E. Bishops RAAF KIA, Sgt A.J. Betteridge KIA, F/O H.S. Brander RAAF KIA, Sgt F.R. Keys RAAF KIA, F/S A.R. Morant RAAF KIA, F/S J.T. Sutton RAAF KIA, Cpl W.J.R. Hazleton RAAF KIA.
20th SeptemberOxfordN627115 PAFUScamptonRan off the taxy track.
21st SeptemberBeaufighter VIEL322No.236 SqnNorth CoatesCoded O - Suffered engine failure and crashed whilst in the circuit on return from a patrol on the edge of the airfield. 2 crew members were killed.
22nd SeptemberHalifax IIW1243103 Sqn CFElsham WoldsCoded PM-B, airborne from Elsham Wolds to practise overshooting on three engines. At 1215 the aircraft stalled in the circuit whilst still on 3 engines, rolled inverted and crashed. W/O R.J. Fulbrook DFC KIA, F/S F.W. Hill KIA, WO2 N. Hrehorak RCAF KIA, Sgt D.R. Evans KIA, F/S R.L. McCulloch RCAF KIA.
22nd SeptemberWhitley VZ91491481 TTFnr BinbrookAirborne from Binbrook, the pilot was obliged to force-land close to the airfield 5 minutes after takeoff due to the ailerons jamming.
22nd SeptemberOxfordAP46415 PAFUKirmingtonUndershot landing at night.
23rd SeptemberHalifax IIW7814Rolls-RoyceHolland House farm nr BostonNo details recorded.
26th SeptemberMasterNKNKCranwellNo details recorded.
26th SeptemberWhitley VZ67573 OTUWainfleet sandsForce-landed on the beach at Wainfleet.


1st OctoberOxfordX6935RAFCCranwellCollided with Master T8488 (which was repaired) on approach to the airfield.
2nd OctoberWhitley VAD6933 OTUCranwellHit a tree whilst in the circuit.
2nd OctoberB-17F41 - 24492367BS-306BGWeston Hills, nr CowbitTook off from Thurleigh for a formation practice-bombing sortie over the area near Spalding. The aircraft crashed following structural failure during a rapid dive from height. The dive was commenced by the pilot to save one of the gunners who had suffered severe anoxia due to a failure in his oxygen supply. Pilot Lt William W. Ely KIA, Co-pilot lt Edwin F Patterson KIA, Navigator 2nd Lt William H Kuhlman KIA, Bombardier 2nd Lt Robert P Cameron Jr KIA, Engineer T/Sgt Dudley E Fuller KIA, Gunner Pvt Clinton M Goller KIA. Ball-turret gunner Sgt Raymond E McAskill and tail gunner S/Sgt William E Kellum baled out and survived the accident.
5th OctoberManchesterL7386No.57 SqnScamptonCoded DX-? The aircraft crash-landed on the airfield at 1445 after an engine fire. No injuries reported.
6th OctoberBeaufighter Mk IIFV8204No.143 SqnNorth CoatesCoded Z - Suffered a engine cut on take-off causing the aircraft to fall on one wing. No injury's were reported.
6th OctoberManchesterL74731485 fltDunholme LodgeAirborne from Dunholme Lodge at 1440, an engine failed on climb out at just 50 feet. The pilot managed to turn the aircraft for a short circuit and crash-landed on the airfield with all crew members uninjured.
8th OctoberMasterDL124RAFCCranwellCollided with DL282 on approach.
8th OctoberMasterDL282RAFCCranwellCollided with DL124 on approach.
9th OctoberWellington IDV77615 OTUHolbeach MarshReported to have been wrecked when it crash-landed, no further details known as accident card was not completed.
10th OctoberWellington IIIBK311No.150 SqnElsham WoldsCoded JN-? The pilot lost control on approach to the airfield due to extremely windy conditions and crashed at 1521. The aircraft caught fire and was burnt out. Sgt W.H. Allworth injured but subsequently died from his injuries, Sgt R. Ziser RAAF KIA, W/O E.H. Herbert KIA, Sgt N.D. Green KIA, Sgt N.C. Meyers RCAF KIA, Sgt Brown unhurt.
11th OctoberAiracobraBX28752FGKirton LindseyDamaged in an incident, no further details.
12th OctoberOxfordP186812 (P) AFUnr HemswellCrash-landed at decoy site (Toft Grange?) after becoming lost.
13th OctoberWhitley VT41413 OTUCranwellCrashed on overshoot.
13th OctoberWellington IIIBK279No.142 SqnGrimsbyNo details recorded.
16th OctoberWellington IIIX3960No.142 Sqnnr LudboroughCoded QT-Q. Airborne 1903 15th Oct from Waltham for Cologne. On return, crashed 0012 near Ludborough, 5 miles NNW of Louth. prior to the crash, the crew had made radio contact with base and had been given instructions to orbit the airfield at 2,000 feet. Sgt Patenaude was an American from Cohoes, New York, serving with the RCAF. F/S R.J.L.Cole RCAF KIA, Sgt W.S.Walker KIA, F/S C.G.MacLennan RCAF KIA, Sgt H.G.Lester KIA, Sgt R.A.Patenaude RCAF KIA.
17th OctoberAiracobraBX20052 FGKirton LindseyDamaged in an incident, no further details.
20th OctoberBeaufighter VIEL280No.236 SqnNorth Coates beechBoth elevators were seen to detach from the aircraft whilst in the air, causing the aircraft to crash. All 3 crew members were killed.
28th OctoberSpitfireNKNKGoxhillPossibly Eagle Sqn - 3 Spitfires collided.
28th OctoberSpitfireNKNKGoxhillPossibly Eagle Sqn - 3 Spitfires collided.
28th OctoberSpitfireNKNKGoxhillPossibly Eagle Sqn - 3 Spitfires collided.
29th OctoberMasterDK982RAFCnr NormantonFlew into the ground at night 1 mile northeast of Normanton.
29th OctoberWhitley VZ91373 OTUCranwellSwung on landing and hit Wellington LA967 (which was repaired).
31st OctoberLancasterW4239No.97 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded OF-L. Crashed in the Woodhall Spa circuit, while trying to land at the end of a Bullseye flight. The accident was attributed to the outer port propeller coming out of coarse pitch and over speeding. No casualties reported or the condition of the aircraft. Sgt W.MacLeod.


4th NovemberOxfordAT6631518 BATFGrange Farm, BrattlebyAirborne from Scampton to carry out a meteorological test flight, using the blind-landing beam as an aid. During the test, the pilot reported problems with the beam receiver, and was ordered to head towards North Luffenham. At 1430, the aircraft struck trees at Grange Farm and crashed. F/L C.H. Butt RNZAF KIA, F/O R.S. Shaw RCAF KIA.
5th NovemberMasterT8387RAFCCranwellHit DK833 on the ground.
5th NovemberMasterDK833RAFCCranwellHit by T8387 on the ground.
7th NovemberBeaufighter IIFT3434No.143 SqnDonna Nook beachCoded M - Crashed into shallow water. One person killed.
7th NovemberHurricaneBE581No.532 Sqnnr MablethorpeForce-landed at night and hit a hedge on the Q-site 1 mile west of Mablethorpe.
8th NovemberLancaster IR5916No.9 SqnWaddingtonCoded WS-R. Airborne Waddington 1746 7th Nov for Genoa. On return to base, and while preparing to land, collided with another 9 Squadron Lancaster (W4265) and crashed 0200 8th Nov in the airfield circuit. F/O K.A.Mackenzie DFC RCAF KIA, Sgt J.J Taafe KIA, Sgt A.R.Billington KIA, Sgt K.T.J.Adams KIA, Sgt R.E. Werren KIA, Sgt D.J.Wicks KIA, Sgt H.R.Willacy KIA.
8th NovemberLancaster IW4265No.9 SqnWaddingtonCoded WS-L. Airborne at 1753hrs 7th Nov for Genoa. On return to base, collided with another 9 Squadron Lancaster (R5916/WS-R). Four of the crew, Sgt Perchard, who came from Trinity in the Channel Island of Jersey, and the three RCAF men, are buried in Lincoln (Newport Cemetery). F/S A.J.McDonald RCAF KIA, Sgt J.W.Bowes KIA, F/S D.L.Grimes RCAF KIA, Sgt D.D.Low RCAF KIA, Sgt N.Curd KIA, Sgt R.G.G.Anthony KIA, Sgt R.C.Perchard KIA.
8th NovemberHavoc IIAH458No.538 SqnHibaldstowRan off taxy track and hit a building.
8th NovemberHalifax IIW1253No.158 Sqnin the HumberCoded NP-M, Airborne 1725 7Nov42 from Rufforth for Genoa. Homebound, ran low on fuel and ditched 0430 in the River Humber. In the moments before the bomber went into the water, two crew members baled out but both drowned, while a third crew member was killed on impact. Sgt Purchase was admitted to Station Sick Quarters, Brough. P/O D.Beveridge Sgt A.E.F.Wheeler Sgt L.Purchase inj, Sgt M.A.Goldstein KIA, F/S M.F.Carlin KIA, Sgt R.W.Stockton RCAF KIA, Sgt D.G.Culver RCAF inj, P/O Beveridge, Sgt Wheeler and Sgt Culver were to experience another traumatic crash within a week of this incident in W7859.
8th NovemberHampdenP5343CGSSutton BridgeNo details recorded.
10th NovemberLancaster IW4262No.57 SqnBurgh-on-BainCoded DX-? Airborne 1721 10th Nov from Scampton to lay mines in the mouth of the River Gironde. Crashed 2223 10Nov43 into high ground at Burgh on Bain near Binbrook. Poor visibility was a contributory factor. F/S R.R.Abercrombie KIA, Sgt A.B.Jackson KIA, Sgt J.H.Barry RNZAF KIA, Sgt W.H.Warren RAAF KIA, F/S M.G.Everard KIA, Sgt J.E.Young KIA, Sgt F.O.Button KIA.
13th NovemberOxfordV390512 (P) AFUHoughamCollided with Whitley Z9134 - date also given as 19th.
14th NovemberLancaster IR5569No.97 Sqnnr BrattlebyCoded OF-B. Encountered adverse weather during a 'Bulls Eye' exercise and the crew tried to land at Scampton. The pilot misjudged his first approach and while attempting to go round again, the Lancaster stalled and dived into the ground at Brattleby, 6 miles NNW of Lincoln, and burst into flames. Sgt Collings died from his injuries in Bracebridge Hospital. Sgt K.P.Mercer RCAF KIA, Sgt G.G.Plimmer KIA, F/O J.W.Marshall KIA, F/O F.Mayes KIA, F/s A.e.shelson RCAF KIA, Sgt K.V.G.Collings inj, Sgt A.E.Trott KIA.
14th NovemberOxfordN663414 PAFUNormantonOverturned in forced-landing at Skegby Farm after becoming lost in poor visibility.
17th NovemberLancaster IR5753No.50 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded VN-C. Crashed on landing during a training detail and caught fire at Skellingthorpe. Sgt A.L.Kitching.
19th NovemberHalifax IIBB209No.158 SqnCastle BythamCoded NP-G. Airborne 1739 18th Nov from Rufforth for Turin. Homebound, hit by Flak 55 km SE of Paris. Subsequently abandoned 0250 and left to crash at Stockton Hall Farm, Castle Bytham, 11 miles SSE of Grantham. Sgt Benford was an American serving in the RCAF and soon after this incident he was transferred to the USAAF. Sgt S.M.Benford RCAF, Sgt E.Heweston, Sgt R.V.Ledger, Sgt M.Smith RCAF, Sgt M.Rees, Sgt F.C.Howe, Sgt J.R.Griffen.
25th NovemberLancaster IR5694No.207 SqnEastonCoded EM-F. Airborne 1500 25th Nov from Langar for Bad Zwischenahn. Crashed and burst into flames near Easton, 6 miles SSE of Grantham. F/L R.J.Hannah DFC KIA, Sgt P.J.Thompson (P2) KIA, F/S J.K.B.Lee KIA, Sgt B.L.McK Jenkin KIA, Sgt A.Roberts KIA, Sgt J.B.Burton KIA, Sgt E.R.D.Piper KIA, Sgt J.Sanders KIA.
26th NovemberMasterDK986RAFCCranwellBounced and stalled on landing.
27th NovemberLancaster 1R59081661 HCUScamptonAirborne from Scampton at 1925 for a night flying exercise, the aircraft landed heavily from an approach at 2015, due to the pilot misjudging his height and believing he was 50 feet higher up than the aircraft's actual altitude. The impact broke the aircraft's undercarriage.


1st DecemberManchesterR58361661 HCUScamptonAirborne from Scampton at 1505 for a daylight training sortie. The aircraft returned to the airfield as dusk was falling. The approach was too high, and at approximately 1710 the aircraft stalled onto the runway from an altitude of some 15 feet, damaging the airframe beyond repair.
1st DecemberBeaufighter IIFV8198No.143 SqnDonna Nook beachCoded N - Crashed on on route to Donna Nook airfield. No injury's reported.
4th DecemberBeaufighter IIFV8150No.143 SqnNorth Coates beachCoded R - Suffered engine failure while landing at the Donna Nook.
5th DecemberHalifax IIR95311658 CUScunthorpeAirborne from Riccall for a day cross-country flight. The aircraft was seen flying quite low at around 1300hrs when it spun in after banking steeply. Around a dozen people on the ground were injured and damage was done to several civilian properties by the crash. F/S D.C. Cameron RCAF KIA, Sgt R.J Marshall KIA, F/S J.C. Macaulay KIA, Sgt C.F. Bonorino KIA, Sgt J.A. Barrett-Lennard RAAF KIA, Sgt H.G. Jenkins KIA, Sgt R.F. Pretty inj.
6th DecemberMaster IIW9014RAFCBarkston HeathForce-landed.
6th DecemberWellingtonNKNKDigbyNo details recorded.
7th DecemberBeaufighter IIFT3436No.143 SqnNorth CoatesCoded K - Whilst taking off, a strong cross wind caught the aircraft causing it to hit a Lysander from No.278 SAR Sqn, ripping the wing off the Beaufighter.
9th DecemberHudson IN7404CGSSutton BridgeCrashed on takeoff.
9th DecemberLancaster IW4250No.57 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded DX-K. Airborne at 1746 9th Dec from Scampton for Turin. It stalled and crashed 1 mile N of Woodhall Spa airfield. The injured were taken to RAF Hospital Rauceby, where Sgt McPherson and Sgt McLeod died soon after being admitted. F/S G.H.Ramey RCAF KIA, Sgt K.W.Pharoah KIA, P/O A.J.McLaughlin RCAF KIA, Sgt W.O.Lundy inj, Sgt J.F.Macpherson inj, F/S R.B.Dion RCAF KIA, Sgt T.N.McLeod injured.
10th DecemberLancaster IW4168No.61 SqnSwinderbyCoded QR-? Airborne 1747 9th Dec for Turin. On return, overshot and crashed 0235 10th Dec at Swinderby Airfield. No injuries reported. Sgt H.Goodwin, Sgt H.D.Lewis, F/SJ.W.Patterson, Sgt L.S Hampnett, Sgt G.Walker, Sgt S.Smith, Sgt T.R.Jones.
10th DecemberHurricane IW9244No.288 Sqnnr ScunthorpeCaught fire in flight, crashed.
10th DecemberHalifax IIW7668No.158 SqnScamptonCoded NP-? - Not mentioned in Chorley's 1942 book.
10th DecemberMaster IINKNKBarkston HeathNo details recorded.
11th DecemberLancaster IW4117No.50 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded VN-R. Aircraft crashed on training flight. This aircraft crash-landed on return to Skellingthorpe from a night cross-country. No injuries reported. There is an unconfirmed report that the aircraft was repaired and joined 44 Squadron Nov 44.
11th DecemberHampdenAE425No.106 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded ZN-? Airborne 1820 11th Dec from Coningsby for Mannheim but at a height of just 40 feet the port engine cut, causing the Hampden to swing violently and crash into trees. Amazingly, there were no crew injuries. P/O Horner, Sgt Walker, Sgt Hutcheson, Sgt Porter.
13th DecemberLancaster 1W41281660 HCUScamptonAirborne from Swinderby at 1120 for dual circuit training. At 1200 the pupil pilot bounced the aircraft on touchdown. The instructor pilot raised the undercarriage after the pupil opened the throttles to go around. Unfortunately the aircraft sank back towards the runway and the port mainwheel was torn off. The pilots kept the aircraft under control and made a wheels-up landing at Scampton. The airframe was salvaged and became a ground instruction aid at 10SoTT, Kirkham with the serial 3609M.
15th DecemberSpitfire VBAD269No.303 SqnNormanby-le-WoldCrashed in bad weather.
17th DecemberWellington IR160314 OTUHarlaxtonAirborne at 2310 from Cottesmore for night flying. The aircraft force-landed at 0100 on Harlaxton airfield after engine structural failure (cylinder bracing struts failed).
18th DecemberOxfordBG18114 PAFUNorton DisneyAircraft abandoned after crew became lost in fog.
19th DecemberWellington IVZ1393No.305 SqnHemswellCoded SR-W, lost control on takeoff at 1715 and skidded through a fence.
20th DecemberBlenheim INKNKBarkston HeathNo details recorded.
20th DecemberWellington IIIBK180No.150 SqnKirmingtonCoded JN-? Crashed at 1530 whilst the pilot was attempting to overshoot and go round for another approach after misjudging his first due to crosswinds. Sgt P.R. Hall inj, Sgt Elliott inj, Sgt Barnes inj, Sgt's Rogers and Peacock unhurt.
21st DecemberLancaster IW4182No.9 SqnBracebridge HeathCoded WS-B. Airborne 1815hrs 20th Dec from Waddington for Duisburg. On return collided in the circuit with a 44 Squadron Lancaster (W4259), both aircraft falling out of control into Canwick Road, Bracebridge Heath 2 miles S of Lincoln. Sgt L.C.Hazell KIA, Sgt E.A.Gardiner KIA, Sgt W.T.Miller KIA, Sgt H.T Hatley KIA, Sgt C.H.S.Brooks KIA, Sgt E.F.Sharples KIA, Sgt E.W.Walker KIA.
21st DecemberLancaster IW4259No.44 SqnBracebridge HeathCoded KM-P. Collided with 9 Squadron Lancaster W4182. Both aircraft had departed Waddington at 1815 for Berlin. Both aircraft fell out of control into Canwick road, Bracebridge Heath, 2 miles S of Lincoln. F/S A.C.Elgar KIA, Sgt G.D.McCready RCAF KIA, P/O V.N.Giri KIA, Sgt A.J.Easton KIA, Sgt R.I.Gunter KIA, Sgt C.Harmston KIA, Sgt E.Jackson KIA.
22nd DecemberMaster IIDL112RAFCBarkston HeathStalled during forced landing after engine failure.
22nd DecemberMaster IIDL959RAFCnr DigbyLanded wheels-up near the airfield after engine failure.
23rd DecemberBlenheim IL128712 (P) AFUHarlaxtonCollided with L8721.
23rd DecemberBlenheim IL872112 (P) AFUHarlaxtonCollided with L1287.
28th DecemberLancaster IR5548No.97 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded OF-A. Burnt out on the ground at Woodhall spa following ignition of a photo-flash flare. No injuries to personnel reported.
29th DecemberP-38F Lightning43 - 207882FS-78FGGoxhill Damaged (cat 4) in a landing accident, pilot Stephan L White.
31st DecemberBeaufighterX8192No.409 Sqnnr GainsboroughCollided with EL184.
31st DecemberBeaufighterEL184No.409 Sqnnr GainsboroughCollided with X8192.