1943 Incident Logs

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1st JanuarySpitfire VBEP235No.167 Sqnin the WashCollided with EP289 during dummy attack on B-17s.
1st JanuarySpitfire VBEP289No.167 Sqnin the WashCollided with EP235 during dummy attack on B-17s.
2nd JanuaryManchesterL74821660 OCUHighfield Farm, MetheringhamAirborne from Coleby Grange, having landed there from Swinderby after mistaking the airfield for Waddington, which was the crew's destination. Whilst trying to climb above a snowstorm, the flying controls iced up, and the crew abandoned the aircraft, leaving it to crash at Highfield Farm near Metheringham. F/O H.C.C. Goodyear inj, P/O G.J. Gibbings inj, the remaining 5 members of the crew were unhurt.
2nd JanuaryOxfordAB76112 (P) AFULeadenhamHit trees in a snowstorm.
3rd JanuaryOxfordT118612 (P) AFUHarlaxtonFlew into ground after takeoff at night.
4th JanuaryLancasterNKNKScamptonNo details recorded.
13th JanuaryWellington IVZ1272No.305 SqnBarrowbyCoded SM-N, Airborne 0330 13th Jan from Hemswell for mine laying operations off Brest (Jellyfish Region). Flew into a tree and crashed 0440 at Barrowby, 2 miles W of Grantham. Three are buried in the Polish Plot at Newark; F/O Krawczyk was taken to Heanor Ilkeston Road Cemetery, while Sgt Laskowski is buried in Manchester at Chorlton-cum-Hardy. F/O F.K.Krawczyk PAF KIA, P/O A.J.Plusa PAF KIA, Sgt K.Z.DutKiewicz PAF KIA, Sgt J.F.Laskowski DFM PAF KIA, Sgt S.Dorosz PAF KIA.
13th JanuaryAnsonDG83014 PAFUThorpe-on-the-HillForce-landed.
15th JanuaryOxfordV41267 PAFUSutton BridgeNo details recorded.
15th JanuaryDo217U5+KRKG2Boothby GraffoeShot down by 151 Sqn Mosquito, 3 Killed.
17th JanuaryMasterDL114RAFCnr CranwellCollided with HM314, crashed 1 mile northeast of the airfield.
17th JanuaryProctorHM3141 SSnr CranwellCollided with DL114, crashed 1 mile northeast of the airfield.
19th JanuaryLancasterNKNKScamptonCrashed on road.
21st JanuaryTiger MothT7271No.198 SqnDigbyCrashed after takeoff.
21st JanuaryLysanderV97973 OTUSkegnessCollided with AA754 whilst towing a drogue target.
21st JanuarySpitfire VBAA754NKSkegnessCollided with V9797.
23rd JanuaryWellington IR15983 OTUCranwellOverran on landing.
23rd JanuaryTyphoonDN306No.195 SqnMaltby-le-MarshForce-landed.
23rd JanuaryWellington IDV84214 OTUnr HarlaxtonAirborne 0918 from saltby for circuits and landings. Around 0940 the starboard engine cut out on takeoff, the aircraft crashed 0940 1 mile south of Harlaxton airfield. F/S F.N. Crouch RAAF inj, P/O J.N. Jotcham inj, plus 2 others injured but not named.
24th January P-38F Lightning 43-2178 84FS-78FG Goxhill Aircraft damaged cat 3 in a landing accident on this date. Pilot Wayne M Chavis.
24th JanuaryManchesterL74571654 OCUWest Bank nr SaxilbyAirborne from Wigsley at 1458, for a training sortie. Shortly after takeoff the port engine caught fire, and the aircraft force-landed at West Bank, Saxilby at 1510.
25th JanuaryOxfordW657214 PAFUWellingoreCrashed on landing.
25th JanuaryOxfordHM947RAFCCranwellHit on ground by AZ586 (which was repaired).
25th JanuaryBeaufighterJL638No.254 Sqnnr North Coates?Hit the sea whilst practising evasive manoeuvres, force-landed on the shore.
26th January P-38F Lightning 43-2135 82FS-78FG Goxhill Aircraft damaged cat 3 in a landing accident on this date. Pilot Jack R Brown.
26th JanuaryWellington IDV9273 OTUSwinesheadBroke up in the air.
26th JanuaryLancaster IW4830No.615 SqnBastonCoded QR-E. Airborne 2259 25th Jun from Syerston for Gelsenkirchen. Badly damaged by Flak and on return the Lancaster was abandoned 0430 near Baston, 9 miles SW of Spalding. The two airmen who died were taken to their home towns for burial. Sgt D.H.Pearse, Sgt A.B.Woodvine, Sgt H.W.Beasley KIA, Sgt R.C.Everett, Sgt J.Robson, Sgt K.Lloyd KIA, Sgt J.Penswick.
27th JanuaryWellington IP924021 OTUBriggAirborne from Moreton-in-the-Marsh for an evening cross-country sortie. Evidence suggests that the pilot descended through cloud to try to fix his location. In the descent, the aircraft flew into the ground near Brigg. Sgt C. Clarke KIA, Sgt H.E. Hole KIA, Sgt N.S Devereux-Mack KIA, Sgt G.B. Tarran KIA, Sgt A.V. McD Buckingham RCAF KIA.
27th JanuaryBeaufighterT3447No.143 SqnAylesbyDived in.
27th JanuaryLancaster IW4267No.57 Sqn2 miles north of CaistorCoded KM-? Crashed 2 miles NE of Caistor, whilst on a training flight. Sgt Long baled out and landed safely. Sgt W.H.Wood KIA, Sgt R.B.Wetherall KIA, Sgt E.W.Campbell KIA, Sgt R.A.Chapman RCAF KIA, P/O T.H.Anthony KIA, Sgt S.C.Bradley KIA, Sgt Long.
27th JanuaryLancaster IIIED486No.50 Sqnnr SkellingthorpeCoded VN-? Airborne 1754 27th Jan from Skellingthorpe for Dusseldorf. The aircraft was observed to climb normally and enter cloud. Shortly afterwards, the Lancaster was seen in a steep dive, from which it failed to recover and crashed near Waddington. The bomb-load exploded on impact. Sgt A.L Kitching KIA, Sgt A.L.w.Cale KIA, Sgt R.P.Edwards KIA, Sgt J.W.Wilson RCAF KIA, Sgt M.J.Barbe RCAF KIA, Sgt J.Currie RCAF KIA, Sgt J.B.White KIA.
28th JanuaryLancasterNKNKBarkston HeathNo details recorded.
28th JanuarySpitfire VR6897No.411 SqnOrbyCollided with AB847.
28th JanuarySpitfire VBAB847No.411 SqnOrbyCollided with R6897.
28th JanuaryWellington IZ889614 OTUWaddingtonAirborne at 0945 from Cottesmore for a navigation flight. On attempting to land at Waddington, the aircraft crashed near the runway at 1230 after port engine problems caused it to spin in from a left turn. F/S D.J. Farrell RCAF KIA, Sgt F.J. Emberson KIA, Sgt R. Badcock KIA, Sgt M. McMillan KIA, Sgt G.G. Nielsen KIA.
28th JanuaryWellington IIIBJ889No.199 Sqnnr South CockeringtonCoded EX-? The aircraft crashed at 1640 whilst attempting an emergency landing 1 mile north-east of South Cockerington. No injuries reported.
29th JanuaryLancasterED503No.9 SqnSibsey NorthlandsCoded WS-? Crashed at 1530hrs 29th Jan, during fighter affiliation practice, on open fen land as Sibsey, 5 miles NNE of Boston. Sgt Wishart, the rear-gunner, is buried at Dalkeith but the rest are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. The parents of the deceased later had a stone memorial cross erected at the crash site, bearing their names, while in Cambridge Regional Cemetery, a similar plaque has been placed in their memory. F/L R.L.Lind KIA, Sgt J.Doran KIA, P/O C.W.H.Cocks KIA, Sgt T.J.Henry KIA, Sgt D.A.Brown KIA, Sgt T.Wishart KIA, The crew navigator would have been absent 'Surplus to Requirement' on this type of training exercise.
31st JanuaryLancaster IIIED428No.49 SqnReephamCoded EA-Q. Airborne 0226 31st Jan from Fiskerton for Hamburg. Hit by Flak and on return crashed 0715 31Jan43, after colliding with trees, at Reepham Crossing, 2 miles ENE of Lincoln. Five of those killed are buried in Scampton (St.John the Baptist) Churchyard, while Sgt Wood is interred at Manor Park Cemetery, East Ham. F/S E.L.Cole RAAF KIA, Sgt F.S.T.S.Pittard KIA, F/O F.Ridley KIA, F/S L.Grey RAAF KIA, Sgt J.A.G.Browne RAAF KIA, Sgt W.C.Wood KIA, Sgt E.Phillips injured.
31st JanuaryWellington IZ887115 OTUHemswellAirborne from Harpwell for a night navigation exercise. The pilot attempted to land at Hemswell, but levelled off too high and the undercarriage collapsed after the subsequent heavy landing at 0556. On coming to a halt, the aircraft caught fire.


1st FebruaryWhitley VIIZ91353 OTUHubbert's BridgeForce-landed.
4th FebruaryLancaster IIIED496No.9 SqnScopwickCoded WS-P. Lost on an air test. Crashed 1600hrs 4th Feb at Young's Farm, Scopwick, after experiencing structural failure, 8 miles N of Sleaford. Sgt Land is buried in Weston Longville (All Saints) Churchyard, his four companions are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Sgt C.R.Land KIA, Sgt R.J.Packer KIA, Sgt H.F.Gullery KIA, Sgt J.T.Levesque RCAF KIA, Sgt F.V.McGonigal KIA.
6th FebruaryBlenheim IVV575712 (P) AFUHarlaxtonNo details recorded.
6th FebruaryBeaufighterT4800No.236 Sqnoff North CoatesSpun into the sea after takeoff.
6th FebruaryWellington IW566714 OTUGrant's farm, Old Leake CommonsideAirborne 0925 from Saltby for a dual instruction sortie. At 1005, the aircraft was stalled at 2000 feet with flaps and undercarriage lowered. Before being recovered from the stall, the aircraft hit the ground and burst into flames. W/O H. Murray KIA, Sgt J. Evans KIA, Sgt S.F. Peachey KIA, Sgt J. Sykes KIA, Sgt H. Sharp KIA.
7th FebruaryHampdenP21361 AASManbyLost control on approach to land.
11th FebruaryManchesterL73911485 fltFishtoft DroveAirborne from Fulbeck for an air gunnery exercise, the starboard engine failed at 1200 feet. The pilot had no option other than a forced-landing at Fishtoft drove at 1540 as he was unable to keep the aircraft airborne long enough to reach an airfield to land.
12th FebruaryBeaufighter XJL421No.236 SqnNorth CoatesCoded V - Crashed on landing at the airfield, after completing air firing tests. No injuries reported.
12th FebruaryLancaster IR56761660 HCUOldfield's farm, Sturton-by-StowAirborne from Swinderby, the aircraft broke up in flight after the starboard wing failed. The aircraft crashed at 1005 at Oldfield's Farm. F/O S.R. Jones KIA, Sgt W.T. Raeside KIA, F/O P.M. Krish KIA, F/O S. Hoy KIA, Sgt J. Westwood KIA, F/S G.W. Kennedy RCAF KIA, Sgt T.H. Jackson KIA, LAC E.R. Redfern KIA.
13th FebruaryOxfordV394814 PAFUnr SpaldingDived in during a navigation exercise 4 miles south-east of Spalding.
13th FebruaryBlenheim IL678412 (P) AFURopsleyHit HT cables.
13th FebruaryLancaster IW4836No.12 Sqnnr WragbyCoded PH-P. Airborne 1820hrs 13th Feb from Wickenby for Lorient. Crashed 2245hrs 13th Feb on return to base, coming down in Newhall Wood in the airfield circuit and some 3 miles distant. All rest in their home towns and villages. Sgt J.Martin KIA, Sgt L.Jones KIA, Sgt J.B.Reay KIA, Sgt R.V.Coombs KIA, Sgt J.Callanan KIA, Sgt D.F.Gibbs KIA, Sgt E.Hemmings KIA.
14th FebruaryManchesterL72861660 OCUWaddingtonAirborne from Swinderby at 0916 for a continuation training sortie, the starboard engine flame traps burned through at 1000 feet, causing the engine to catch fire. The aircraft was immediately force-landed wheels-up at Waddington around 1100hrs. The airframe was not badly damaged, but was struck off charge on 7th Mar.
15th FebruaryLancaster IIIED540No.100 SqnWalthamCoded HW-? Crashed 1308 and caught fire while attempting a missed approach at Waltham airfield. This was the first Lancaster written off by 100 Sqn since reforming 15th Dec 42. Previously the Sqn had operated Vildebeest torpedo biplanes in the Far East and had been wiped out within days of Japan's entry into the war. F/L N.S.L.Stent KIA, Sgt J.S.Wall KIA, P/O S.Wood RAAF KIA, Sgt D.E.M.Carson inj, Sgt E.Evans inj, Sgt W.E.Scarbrough KIA, Sgt J.E.N.Croft KIA.
16th FebruaryLancaster IIIED560No.100 SqnWalthamCoded HW-?, the aircraft crashed on the airfield at 2236 whilst night-flying. No injuries noted.
16th FebruaryBeaufighterJL612No.254 SqnManbyStalled on approach.
17th FebruaryBeaufighterX7897No.409 SqnColeby GrangeEngine failure on takeoff.
18th FebruaryP-47 Thunderbolt41-632384FS-78FGGoxhillCrashed on takeoff, belly-landed. Aircraft damaged cat 3 but repaired. Pilot Arthur Lee-White.
18th FebruarySpitfire VBW3133109OS-67OGFramptonUSAAF aircraft. Force-landed after engine failure, pilot Emmett W. Wallace.
19th FebruaryWellington XHE531No.466 SqnKirmingtonCoded HD-? Airborne 1820 19th Feb from Leconfield for Wilhelmshaven. Crash-landed on return, at Kirmington, after being badly shot about by a Me110. In the confusion, Sgt Crowhurst baled out and he is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Sgt Wilcock, the rear gunner, claimed their assailant destroyed by his return fire. Sgt R.V.Rosser Sgt D.Livingstone inj, Sgt E.F.Crowhurst KIA, Sgt F.J.Brown inj, Sgt H.Wilcock.
20th FebruaryWellington IIIBK305No.300 SqnNettleham Field Farm, NettlehamCoded BH-E, airborne at 1440 from Hemswell on an air-test sortie. The aircraft dived in out of cloud and crashed at 1450. The location given is a field named 29 acres at Nettleham Field Farm. The 2 PLA passengers were from 1st Reconnaissance Detachment, 1st Polish Armoured Division. W/O E.J. Szafran PAF KIA, Sgt J. Kramarz PAF KIA, Sgt S. Kaminski PAF KIA, Sgt A.B. Dabrowski PLA KIA, Cpl T. Kukurowski PLA KIA.
25th FebruaryOxfordN637412 (P) AFUIngoldsbyHit a tree whilst low-flying.
26th FebruaryWellington IIIZ1600No.199 SqnInghamCoded EX-C, Airborne from Ingham for Cologne and crashed almost immediately, running into the rear of another Squadron Wellington that had been forced to abort its take-off. One crew member was injured. P/O J.H.Waterfield, Sgt A.Matthews, P/O C.F.Woods, Sgt E.E.Eaton, Sgt S.L.Fawcett.
27th FebruaryLancasterW4757No.49 SqnDonna NookCoded - T - The semi-concious pilot tried to make a landing at the airfield. But the main wheel bounced onto the Air Traffic Caravan, killing the Corporal inside and causing damage to the under carriage of the aircraft. The aircraft was later repaired and return to service.
27th FebruaryLancaster IW4857No.103 SqnElsham HallCoded PM-V. Lost on a training flight. Abandoned by the crew following partial failure of the tail assembly. F/L Stubbs then attempted to land the aircraft, but crashed into a wood in the grounds of Elsham Hall near Brigg. He was cremated at Hull Crematorium and his name is commemorated on a memorial wall erected in Hull Northern Cemetery. Details of his DFM, gained while flying Wellingtons with No.75 Sqn, were Gazetted 11th Feb 41. F/L R.N.Stubbs DFC DFM KIA, F/O E.C.Lee-Brown.


1st MarchMaster IINKNKBarkston HeathNo details recorded.
1st MarchLancaster IW4137No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-L, Airborne 1825 28th Feb from Waddington for St Nazaire. Crash-landed 0025 1st Mar on return to Waddington, during which the u/c gave way and damaged the Lancaster beyond repair. All escaped injury Sgt K.J.Johnson RNZAF, Sgt J.Gray, Sgt I.F.Leeng, Sgt R.A.Edmonds, Sgt R.A.Edmonds, Sgt J.R.Tarrant, Sgt R.J.steed, Sgt G.W.Bowman.
1st MarchP-47C Thunderbolt41-633283FS-78FGnr GoxhillCollided with 41-6370 in the Goxhill airfield circuit, Pilot F/O Robert I. Ronning KIA as he was unable to bale out. Aircraft crashed on the RAF Goxhill parade ground 100 feet from the mess hall.
1st MarchP-47C Thunderbolt41-637062FS-56FGnr GoxhillCollided with 41-6332 in the Goxhill airfield circuit, pilot 1st Lt Winston S. Garth bailed out successfully but suffered a leg injury. Collision happened as this aircraft peeled off from the airfield overhead to land and collided with F/O Ronning's aircraft some 500 feet above him.
2nd March P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6386 84FS-78FG Goxhill Aircraft suffered cat3 damage in a landing accident on this date but was subsequently repaired and returned to service. Pilot Burl L Creech.
2nd MarchManchesterL72771654 HCUNorth ScarleAirborne from Wigsley at 1425 to demonstrate feathering procedures. Around 1500, the port propeller failed to disengage from the feathered position and the instructor ended the exercise and returned to Wigsley. Whilst in the circuit to land, the undercarriage refused to lower. The aircraft hit a tree whilst force-landing. F/L P.J. Stone DFC inj, Sgt R.F. Lee inj, Sgt M.W. Hanley inj, Sgt W.G. Brearley inj, Sgt M.Y. Smith inj, Sgt F.A. John inj, Sgt P. Brook KIA.
2nd MarchLancaster IR5894No.57 Sqnnr ScamptonCoded DX-T. Airborne from Scampton 1906 1st Mar for Berlin. Crashed on the return from Berlin at 0200 2nd Mar after flying into HT Cable near Riseholme, 3 miles SSE of Scampton. The three Canadians, along with Sgt Ricketts and Sgt Miller, are buried in Scampton (St John the Baptist) Churchyard. F/O F.F.Greenan RCAF KIA, Sgt J.B.Mallett RCAF KIA, Sgt F.W.Music KIA, Sgt H.H.Turkentine KIA, Sgt H.W.Ricketts KIA, Sgt F.C.E.Miller KIA, Sgt R.H.P.Roberts KIA.
2nd MarchBlenheim IL113012 (P) AFUHarlaxtonCollided with T1870.
2nd MarchBlenheim 1T187012 (P) AFUHarlaxtonCollided with L1130.
2nd MarchLancaster IIIED490No.9 SqnHeighingtonCoded WS-B, Airborne 1902 1st Mar from Waddington for Berlin. On return to Base, collided with another Squadron Lancaster when on finals for landing, coming down at Heighington, some 3 miles ESE of Lincoln. P/O Moutray, an artist, had previously flown with No.51 Squadron, his DFM being Gazetted 22nd Oct 40. F/L J.V.Verran DFC inj, Sgt E.S.Smithson KIA, P/O F.T.Johnson inj, P/O L.H.Geach KIA, P/O J.H.Moutray DFM inj, Sgt K.W.Chalk inj, Sgt K.E.W.Matthews KIA, S/L J.V.Verrans died 25th Jul04 aged 88. Obituary in the Daily Telegraph which wrongly declares his Lancaster as ED495.
5th March P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6217 82FS-78FG Goxhill Aircraft suffered cat3 damage in a landing accident on this date but was subsequently repaired and returned to service. Pilot Bryant Y Anderson.
8th MarchP-47C Thunderbolt41-638478 FGN/KForce-landed after running out of fuel.
9th MarchMasterDK979RAFCEvedonHit trees whilst low-flying.
11th MarchHalifaxDK1171660 HCULeasinghamAirborne from Swinderby 1150. Pilot lost control during a 3-engine practise whilst trying to restart the port outer engine. The aircraft crashed at 1230 between Cranwell and Leasingham. Sgt W.J. King inj, Sgt K.L. Howard inj, Sgt C.E. Towill inj, P/O Bowden unhurt, Sgt R. Stevens inj, but died later in hospital from his injuries, Sgt N. Jackson inj, Sgt S.J. Proctor injured.
12th MarchManchesterL7474No.106 SqnWincebyCoded ZN-? Lost on a training sortie.
12th MarchManchesterR58381661 HCUWickenbyAirborne from Winthorpe to demonstrate feathering procedures, during which the port engine was shut down. The pilot attempted to restart the engine at 5000 feet, but was forced to crash-land at Wickenby at 1255 after the propeller propeller jammed in fine pitch.
13th MarchOxfordX6979RAFCFulbeckUndershot and hit trees whilst landing at night.
13th MarchOxfordAP460RAFCFulbeckHit trees on overshoot.
13th MarchWellington IIIBK158No.199 Sqnnr SkellingthorpeCoded EX-G The aircraft was lost after the dinghy broke loose in flight, fouled the elevators and cause the aircraft to break up in flight. Sgt T.F. Hockley KIA, Sgt L.G. Vaughan KIA, Sgt L. Joisce KIA, Sgt A.G. Shorten RCAF KIA, Sgt A. McK Cormack KIA.
14th MarchLancaster IW4201No.57 SqnScamptonCoded DX-F. Airborne 1956 13th Mar from Scampton to lay mines in Danzig Bay (Privet Region). Badly shot about by a night-fighter and crashed 0610 14th Mar on return to Scampton. F/O W.E.Jeavons inj, Sgt B.G.Carter inj, P/O D.W.Warwick Sgt R.E.H. Hood-Morris P/O R.e.Gibbons Sgt G.Cooper inj, Sgt J.B.Hughes.
15th MarchBlenheimNKNKnr GranthamNo details recorded.
15th MarchLancasterED594No.57 SqnScamptonCoded DX-? Destroyed at Scampton following a devastating explosion caused by a bomb falling from a 57 Sqn Lancaster (W4834) which destroyed six Lancasters.
15th MarchLancasterED306No.57 SqnScamptonCoded DX-? Destroyed at Scampton following a devastating explosion caused by a bomb falling from a 57 Sqn Lancaster (W4834) which destroyed six Lancasters.
15th MarchLancasterW4112No.50 SqnScamptonCoded VN-L. Destroyed at Scampton following a devastating explosion caused by a bomb falling from a 57 Sqn Lancaster (W4834) which destroyed six Lancasters.
15th MarchLancasterW4196No.50 SqnScamptonCoded VN-? Destroyed at Scampton, following a devastating explosion caused by a bomb falling from a 57 Sqn Lancaster (W4834) which destroyed six Lancasters.
15th MarchLancasterW4823No.50 SqnScamptonCoded VN-? Destroyed at Scampton following a devastating explosion caused by a bomb falling from a 57 Sqn Lancaster (W4834) which destroyed six Lancasters.
15th MarchLancasterW4834No.57 SqnScamptonCoded DX-? This aircraft was destroyed on the ground at Scampton after a bomb accidentally released and detonated, setting off an explosion of such magnitude that five other Lancasters, three belonging to 50 Squadron, and an additional two from 57 Squadron in the immediate vicinity were destroyed, making this incident the worst accident of its type in 1943.
15th MarchDo217E-4U5+LPKG2North ThoresbyDropped bombs on the NE corner of RAF North Coates airfield, but was shot down by anti-aircraft coastal batteries. Three crew members were captured and taken to RAF North Coates.
16th MarchMaster IIIW9096RAFCCranwellCrashed on landing.
16th MarchWellington IIZ850112 FPPWickenbyCrashed on takeoff.
17th March P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6243 84FS-78FG Goxhill This aircraft groundlooped and suffered repairable damage on this date. Pilot Louis C Dion was one of the original Eagle Squadron pilots who joined the RCAF in 1939 and fought in the Battle of Britain. In 1943 he transferred to the USAAF 8th AF and continued to fly combat missions. he retired in 1963 as a major in the USAF having flown 105 different aircraft types in his career.
19th MarchMosquito IIHJ930No.410 Sqnnr Coleby GrangeDived in 1 mile north-east of the airfield, pilot possibly dazzled by searchlights.
19th MarchMosquito IVDZ427No.109 SqnNr BostonCoded HS-? The aircraft suffered structural failure and crashed on 'fenland' outside the town. F/L C.R. Henry KIA, P/O W.J. Olde KIA.
19th MarchDo217E-4NKNKin the WashShot down by 410 Sqn Mosquito and AA.
23rd MarchLancaster IW4106No.44 SqnWaddingtonCoded KM-T. W4106 was written-off after crash-landing during a night-flying detail at Waddington. Sgt D.Sharpe, Sgt T.Johnstone, Sgt R.Dash, Sgt N.Morris, Sgt E.Griffiths. No injuries.
24th MarchManchesterL74531661 HCUSwinderbyAirborne from Swinderby 1520, the port engine caught fire on takeoff. After flying a circuit on one engine, the pilot crash-landed wheels-up on the airfield. No injuries noted. The aircraft was transferred to the manufacturer for repair, but was struck off charge on 1st May before any real work had been started.
24th MarchHalifax VDG3621660 HCUSwinderbyStarted to take off from Swinderby at 1045, but the pilot lost control in the crosswind and the aircraft came to rest with both undercarriage legs torn off. Salvaged as a ground instruction airframe and reserialled as 4454M.
27th MarchBlenheim IL865112 (P) AFUGranthamHit and DBR by debris from Z5869.
27th MarchBlenheim IVZ586912 (P) AFUGranthamDived in and exploded, debris struck L8651.
27th MarchBeaufighter VIT5199No.236 Sqnnr Pye's HallCrashed whilst low-flying 1 mile north of Pye's Hall.
29th MarchBlenheim IL143712 (P) AFUStroxtonCrashed after losing control on overshoot from Harlaxton.
29th MarchBlenheim VAZ86112 (P) AFUHarlaxtonCrashed on approach.
29th MarchBeaufighter VIJL651No.254 Sqnnr North CoatesForce-landed on the beach near the airfield after the dive-brakes jammed open.
30th MarchLancaster IW4175No.97 SqnConingsbyCoded OF-U. Airborne 2151 29th Mar from Woodhall Spa for Berlin. Crashed 0445 30th Mar in Coningsby village, while circling the nearby airfield. No explanation traced. F/O Norton and F/O Francis were buried in Coningsby Cemetery, Sgt Frank was taken to Nottingham (Wilford Hill) Jewish cemetery, the others were buried in their home towns. 18th Apr the Sqn joined 8 Group. F/O P.H.Norton KIA, Sgt J.A.Peel KIA, F/O G.C.W.Francis KIA, Sgt W.Standring KIA, Sgt R.Frank RCAF KIA, F/S F.R.Birtwistle KIA, Sgt W.H.Whiting KIA.


1st April P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6379 82FS-78FG Sutton Bridge This aircraft was involved in a landing accident on this date. The aircraft was repaired and returned to service. Pilot was Robert F Brower.
2nd AprilBlenheim IVV54621 AASManbyEngine failure on takeoff.
2nd AprilLancaster IIIED7291662 HCUnr Kirton LindseyAirborne at 1330 from Blyton for a daylight training flight. The aircraft was observed on the approach shortly after takeoff with the starboard inner engine feathered and the starboard outer engine running roughly. When attempts to restart the starboard inner failed, and the aircraft was losing height, the pilot force-landed 4 miles north of Kirton Lindsey at 1400.
3rd AprilBeaufighter?No.143 SqnNorth CoatesCoded U - Two engine fitters broke out of the Guard room where they had been imprisoned and stole this aircraft. They managed to attempt a take-off on the North-South grass runway, but the aircraft swung causing the under carriage to collapse. Both men escaped and made their getaway across farmland, but were captured in Cleethorpes the following afternoon.
5th AprilOxfordX6796RAFCCranwellSpun in after engine failure on approach.
6th AprilWhitley VZ67223 OTUCranwellCrashed on approach.
6th AprilPuss MothAX868No.510 SqnCranwellDBR in a gale.
8th AprilWellington IIIBJ609No.300 SqnCorringhamCoded BH-?, the aircraft crash-landed at 1130, no injuries reported.
10th AprilLancaster IR58481660 HCUSwinderbyAirborne at 2307 from Swinderby for night type conversion training. During takeoff for another circuit at 2332 the aircraft swung and ran off the runway before corrective action could be taken, resulting in the undercarriage collapsing.
11th AprilManchesterR58411660 HCUNavenby LowfieldsAirborne from Swinderby for circuit training. During the flight one engine caught fire, possibly due to a fractured hydraulic line. The pilot had no option but to crash-land near the river Brant at 1850. F/L J.M. Whitwell AFM KIA, Sgt R. Davies KIA, Sgt H.M. Scott inj, Sgt W.J. Robinson inj, Sgt B.R. Traves inj, Sgt A.J. Brooks inj, but died later in hospital.
12th AprilWellington VIIILB2403 OTUEwerbyForce-landed 0.5 miles north-east of Ewerby following engine failure. No mention in Chorley's OTU or 1943 losses books.
12th AprilOxfordAB766RAFCnr CranwellCollided with drogue cable after takeoff.
13th AprilHampdenP43211 AASManbyLanded wheels-up.
14th AprilBlenheim IL150812 (P) AFUHarlaxtonCrashed on main east coast railway line on approach to the airfield.
14th AprilMasterT8687RAFCCranwellCrashed on takeoff.
16th AprilHalifax VDK1181662 HCUWickenbyAirborne from Blyton at 1302 for dual flight instruction. On landing at Wickenby at 1403, the aircraft shimmied violently and left the runway and ran into a ditch before it could be controlled. The airframe was recovered and sent to 4 SoTT at St Athan as 4127M.
16th AprilMosquito?No.618 SqnNorth CoatesCoded O - Crash landed on arrival from Wick. No injuries reported, but the aircraft was badly damaged.
19th AprilWellington IIW535214 OTULangtoftCoded -D, airborne 0200 from Cottesmore for a night cross-country sortie. The crew abandoned the aircraft from 10000 feet after the port propeller came off in flight. The aircraft crashed at 0230 at Langtoft. Sgt Ryan was the only injury, breaking his ankle on landing.
19th AprilP-47C Thunderbolt41-623761FS-56FGGoxhillBelly-landed, aircraft severely damaged. Pilot Louis T. Barron.
20th AprilOxfordEB804RAFCnr CranwellForce-landed wheels-up after engine failure.
24th AprilSpitfireEN828?FulstowCoded ? - Crashed after colliding with AR385 (Spitfire). No further information found.
24th AprilSpitfire VBAR385No.302 SqnFulstowCollided with EN828 (which was repaired), lost tail and crashed 6 miles southwest of North Coates.
24th AprilTiger MothDE688No.402 SqnDigbyHit dispersal pen on takeoff.
27th AprilWellington XMS491No.196 SqnHazel Grove, New WalthamCoded ZO-? Airborne 0002 27th Apr from Leconfield for Duisburg. Crash-landed 0515, due to engine failure while returning to base, at Hazel grove, New Waltham, 3 miles S of Grimsby. No injuries reported. P/O W.H.Mallison, P/O E.J.Weston, Sgt J.S.Checketts, Sgt E.Walls, Sgt R.C.Bullivant RCAF.
28th AprilBlenheim IL142812 (P) AFUSpitalgateOverran into a quarry on takeoff.
29th AprilBlenheim IL680212 (P) AFUSpitalgateLanded wheels-up.


1st MaySpitfire IIP8048CGSSutton BridgeNo details recorded.
1st MayManchesterL74681660 HCUSwinderbyAirborne from Swinderby at 1645 for dual type conversion. Approaching to land at 1730 an engine caught fire and the aircraft was well alight when it landed. Airframe damage was slight and the airframe was taken to 12 SoTT at Melksham as a ground instructional airframe and allocated the serial 3732M.
3rd MayLancaster IR57581660 HCUSwinderbyAirborne at 2222 from Swinderby for night type conversion. At 0022 whilst taking off for another circuit, an engine failed, causing the aircraft to swing and it ran off the runway hitting a drain before it could be brought to a halt.
3rd MayLancaster IED762No.57 SqnScamptonCoded DX-? The aircraft crash landed at 0202 after stalling on approach to Scampton. No injuries reported, this aircraft was repaired by the manufacturer but was subsequently coded 4011M and allocated to 4 SoTT as an instructional aid. It did not fly again after the accident.
4th MayBlenheim IK712612 (P) AFUSpitalgateDamaged in a heavy landing.
5th MayMasterW879716 FTSMoulton PeasgateCrashed during forced-landing.
6th MayWellington IZ106814 OTUnr North WithamAirborne 0115 from Cottesmore for a ninth training flight. The aircraft was recalled due to poor weather, but the pilot was unable to locate the airfield and crashed after stalling whilst low-flying.
8th MayProctor IP63061 RSCranwellCrashed on landing.
11th MayMosquito IIHJ936No.410 SqnColeby GrangeUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
12th MayWellington IIIBK12329 OTUScotterthorpeAirborne 1215 from North Luffenham for local circuit flying but strayed from the airfield and crashed at 1240. Sgt F.T. Allen KIA, Sgt J.S. Harris KIA, Sgt J.A. Douglas RAAF KIA.
12th MayWellington IIIBK35318 OTUnr Belton, GranthamAirborne at 1425 from Finningley to practice single-engine flying. The pilot lost control at 1530 whilst at 2000 feet and the aircraft dived in. S/L E.P. Zakrzewski PAF KIA, F/O T.M. Opulski PAF KIA, Sgt M.J. Frankiewicz PAF KIA, Sgt R. Drapala PAF KIA, Sgt T. Pasternak PAF KIA.
13th MayOxfordN62967 AA CUoff North CoatesDived into the sea on approach after engine failure.
13th MayWellington XHZ410No.166 SqnKirmingtonCoded AS-? The aircraft was burned out after a photoflash ignited on the ground and set fire to the airframe. No injuries reported.
13th MayB-17F Fortress42-2975296 BGin the WashCrew list: P Capt Derrol W Rogers, CP 2 Lt Norville J Gorse, N 1 Lt Joe L Hudson, B 1 Lt George D Rawlings, E T/Sgt Basil F Maxwell, RO T/Sgt Robert L Bennett, BTG S/Sgt Alfred G Miles, WG S/Sgt Edwin C Wolfkuhle, WG S/Sgt Robert Dominick, TG S/Sgt Edward C Youngers

Shortly after taking off from Grafton Underwood the left waist gun, stored internally, accidently discharged while being checked by the gunner. The bullets injured the gunnner and seriously injured the tailgunner, as well as shooting away the right stabiliser and damaging the controls. Returning to base six crew members, included the two injured gunners, baled out safely. A/c was flown to the Wash area of the North Sea, where the bombs were jettisoned and the navigator and bombardier baled out safely. The pilot and co-pilot came down in the sea off Blakeney Point, Norfolk. When recovered the pilot was dead, and co-pilot was suffering from exposure. Info from Bishop & Hey Losses of the 8th. RNLI report for this incident: “At about 4.45 P.M. information was received that an aeroplane had come down in the sea off Blakeney Point. The weather was fine with a strong S.W. breeze and a choppy sea. An exercise of the lifeboat had just been carried out by the District Inspector of Life-boats, Commander T. G. Michelmore, R.D., R.N.R., and when permission to launch had been given by the naval authorities the motor life-boat Foresters Centenary put out again at 5.3 P.M. Guided by a smoke float, dropped by a searching aeroplane, the life-boat picked up an American airman at 6.20 P.M. He was unconscious and though the crew tried artificial respiration for over two hours, they could not revive him. Another airman had been rescued by the R.A.F. rescue launch from Wells, and she spoke to the life-boat and reported that the others had baled out over the land, and that the whole crew of the aeroplane were accounted for. The lifeboat then returned to her station, arriving at 8.30 P.M. - Rewards, £19 18s. 9d.”
14th MaySpitfire VAW3130No.288 Sqnnr GoxhillForce-landed whilst in the Goxhill circuit.
14th MayLancaster IIIED452No.49 SqnFiskertonCoded EA-F, Airborne 2150 13th May from Fiskerton for Pilzen. Overshot and crashed 0103 14th May on early return to base with severe engine problems. No serious injuries reported. Sgt J.Morrison, Sgt T.J.Page, Sgt J.Dorian, Sgt H.C.Annett, Sgt R.I.Green, Sgt G.Green, Sgt H.J.Maggs.
16th MaySpitfire IP932653 OTUnr Navenby Spun in 0.5 miles east of Navenby. F/O K.A. Stevenett was killed in the incident, and buried in his home village of Navenby.
16th MayBlenheimK717412 (P) AFUSpitalgateHit a hedge after engine failure on takeoff.
16th MayHurricane IV70251 AASnr LouthForce-landed.
18th MayBlenheim IVV574351 OTUSpitalgateCrashed on landing after undercarriage jammed.
18th MayLancaster IR59171660 HCUSwinderbyAirborne from Swinderby at 1107 for day type conversion. On returning to the airfield to land, the pilot was unable to lower the flaps more than 10 degrees, resulting in a much faster than normal approach and landing run. The aircraft was traveling at such speed that it overran the runway into a ditch, shearing the undercarriage.
19th MaySpitfire IX476853 OTUCross Roads, Moortown Station, South KelseyDived in. Sgt C.R.S. Williams was fatally injured in the crash.
20th MayB-17F Fortress42-29768368BS-306BGRippingale Fen, nr DunsbyCoded BO:N, This aircraft took off with 4 other aircraft from the same squadron at 1000 from Thurleigh, to practice bombing over the Wash. The weather was excellent, and on the return leg of the trip the 5 aircraft let down to do a formation low-level attack practice. At 1115, this aircraft caught the ground, tearing off the ball turret and seriously damaging the starboard inner (#3) engine. The pilot. 1st lt Maxwell V Judas, climbed slightly to allow the crew to take up positions for a crash-landing, which he performed around 3 minutes later near Dunsby, between Sleaford and Bourne. The aircraft was a write-off but all 8 crew on board were uninjured. Unfortunately, 1st lt Judas along with 5 others who survived this crash were taken prisoner at Waddewarden near Emden when the B-17 they were flying (42-3214) was shot down.
21st MayLancaster IIIED824No.100 SqnWalthamCoded HW-E, Airborne 2154 20th May from Waltham on a mining sortie. Turned back early after the port inner failed and crash-landed 0022 21st May while attempting to land at Base. No injuries reported. Aircraft written off. Sgt C.E.White, Sgt J.Martin, Sgt L.C.Dowdell, Sgt H.C.West, Sgt S.Bashford, Sgt A.Fanciscone RCAF, Sgt C.W.Smith RCAF.
25th MayWellington XHF492No.305 Sqnnr Appleby steelworksCoded SM-M, the aircraft dived in on fire from approximately 1000 feet crashing at 1130. Evidence to the enquiry suggested that the pilot may have lost consciousness. F/O B. Baster PAF KIA, P/O W.K. Koczapski PAF KIA, F/S E. Miksza PAF KIA, Sgt A. Niznik PAF KIA, Sgt K. Bialobrzeski PAF KIA, Cpl J. Berdecha PAF KIA.
26th MayWellington IL7796CGSSutton BridgeCrashed on landing.
28th MayBlenheim IL660912 (P) AFUStroxtonCrashed following engine failure on takeoff from Harlaxton.
28th MayWellington XHE4873 OTUWelbourn Lowfields?Spun in 2 miles west of Wellingore. This crash does not feature in Chorley's OTU or 1943 losses books.
28th MayWellington XHZ358No.199 SqnInghamCoded EX-?, the aircraft overran on landing at 1600hrs.


3rd JuneWellington XHE920No.199 SqnInghamCoded EX-? The aircraft left the grassed flight area on landing at 2340 and ran into a ditch.
5th JuneBlenheim IVT19861 AASManbySwung on takeoff and hit two other (unrecorded) Blenheims.
6th JuneLancaster IIIEE145No.617 SqnScamptonCoded KC-T, lost on a training flight- undercarriage collapsed after failing to brake on landing on wet grass.
8th JuneMaster IN7764RAFCCranwellCollided with BG558 on approach.
8th JuneOxfordBG55817 SFTSCranwellCollided with N7764 on approach.
9th JuneLysanderV990129 OTUHolbeachAirborne 0945 from Bruntingthorpe for a banner towing sortie. At 1030, the aircraft approached too fast to the narrowest part of the landing area, overran and hit a bank. The crash was ascribed to pilot unfamiliarity with type (1022 hrs total, but only 2 on Lysander's) and unfamiliarity with the airfield. P/O C.G. Key injured.
9th JuneLancaster IIIED879No.103 SqnElsham WoldsCoded PM-E, Taking off from Elsham Wolds swung out of control and ran into a ditch. A fire developed and though the crew escaped injury, the Lancaster was so badly damaged that a technical inspection ruled out any possibility of repair. F/S A.E.Egan.
10th JuneWellington XHE594No.305 SqnHemswellCoded SM-? The aircraft crashed at 1603 due to engine failure on approach to land from a training sortie.
11th JuneLancaster IED8331654 HCUSwanpool, LincolnCoded UG-S, airborne from Wigsley to practice 3-engined flying. The aircraft hit the ground with a wingtip whilst turning at low altitude with the starboard inner feathered. It crashed into houses on Highfield Avenue, destroying or badly damaging numbers 22, 24, 25 and 27 injuring 4 civilians on the ground, 2 of whom died later of their injuries, and killing a further 3 outright. The rear turret separated from the airframe on impact and was found upside-down on the footpath at the rear of 18 Royden Grove with the gunner still inside. He was the only survivor of the crew. Crew: Sgt W. Featherstone KIA, Sgt E. Kirk KIA, Sgt E.R. Broad KIA, Sgt A.M. Milne KIA, Sgt P.R. Farnell KIA, Sgt R.W.E Peacock KIA, Sgt C.H. Malkin inj. Civilians: Mrs L.M. Thacker K, Mstr A. Thacker (3) K, Mr. Whitby inj, but died of his injuries, Mstr L. Whitby (4) inj, but died of his injuries, Miss M. Marriott (12) K, Mstr H. Bishop inj, Miss E. Bishop injured.
13th JuneOxfordLW778RAFCCranwellStalled on takeoff and dived in.
15th JuneSpitfire IIP798553 OTUDigbyDived in out of cloud.
16th June P-47D Thunderbolt 42-7985 350FS-353FG Goxhill This aircraft groundlooped and suffered repairable damage on this date. Pilot was Irvin E Vennell.
16th JuneBlenheim 1L123312 (P) AFUSpitalgateOverran on landing.
17th JuneLancaster IIIW5007No.50 Sqnnr Elsham WoldsCoded AR-O. Airborne 2302 16th Jun from Binbrook for Cologne. Flak damage to the hydraulic system. crashed while attempting to land at Elsham Wolds airfield. The four Commonwealth airmen and Sgt Gent are buried in Brigg Cemetery. The pilot and his engineer were taken to their respective home towns. Sgt S.J.Straith KIA, Sgt R.T.Harman KIA, Sgt J.C. Plummer RAAF KIA, Sgt L.M.McDonnell RAAF KIA, Sgt D.S.Gent KIA, Sgt W.Brodie RCAF KIA, Sgt N.O.B.Flitcroft RAAF KIA.
17th JuneBlenheim IVZ57301 AASManbyEngine failure on takeoff.
17th JuneLancaster IIIEE140No.100 SqnWalthamCoded HW-C, airborne 2300 16th Jun from Waltham for Cologne. Badly shot up by a Ju88 and on return to base at 0350 crash-landed and was SOC 27th Jun. Sgt L.H.Wright Sgt J.Robinson inj, P/O W.Bentley Sgt T.J.O'Dea Sgt T.J.McLeod Sgt S.C.Hodges sgt J.McKean.
17th JuneP-47D Thunderbolt42-7902350FS-353FGGoxhillDamaged in a landing accident, aircraft was repaired and returned to service. Pilot Tom Lorance Jr.
17th JuneP-47D Thunderbolt42-7926351FS-353FGGoxhillThis aircraft was written off (cat 5 damage) in a landing accident, pilot was David C. Kenney.
18th JuneLancaster IED439No.83 SqnSwatonCoded OL-N. Airborne 1010 18th Jun from Wyton on a training detail. Crashed at High Gate Farm near Swaton, 7 miles SE of Sleaford. F/S Cummings and Sgt Taylor were buried at Grantham cemetery, but Sgt Kuker is buried in Henley-on-Thames Cemetery, Badgemore, Oxfordshire. F/S K.K.Cummings RAAF KIA, Sgt H.W.Luker RAAF KIA, Sgt F.W.Wilcox KIA, Sgt J.Roughly KIA, Sgt H.W.Cheshire KIA, Sgt N.Woodcock KIA, Sgt R.A.Taylor RCAF KIA, Cpl T.J.Bond KIA, Cpl F.N.Sloss KIA.
18th JuneLancaster IW4374No.12 SqnHolton-cum-Beckering nr ApleyCoded PH-D. Lost on a training flight. Crashed 0435hrs 18th Jun at Holton-cum-Beckering, 3 miles SSE of Wickenby airfield, while preparing to land after completing a Bullseye exercise. The two Commonwealth airmen are buried in Holton-cum-Beckering (All Saints Churchyard). Sgt J.BLindup RNZAF KIA, Sgt J.G.Lewis KIA, Sgt E.Salmers RCAF KIA, Sgt R.A.Collins inj, Sgt E.Lax KIA, Sgt C.B.Anderson inj, Sgt F.Mills inj, Note: It is believed that P/O R.D.Spence and Sgt C.W.Young may have been involved with this flight, if so, both survived.
18th JuneSpitfire VBEP465No.402 SqnDigbyUndercarriage collapsed after aircraft bounced on landing.
19th JuneLancaster IW4932No.50 SqnGrange-de-Lings nr DunholmeCoded VN-? Crashed 0156 19th Jun 2 miles SE of Dunholme Lodge Airfield, whilst engaged on night-bombing practice. The three Canadians and Sgt Landers are buried in Lincoln (Newport) cemetery while the others were taken to their home towns. Their average was 21. Sgt J.E.Hill KIA, Sgt R.D.Landers KIA, Sgt N.G.Smith RCAF KIA, Sgt D.H.Nicholls KIA, Sgt W.N.Lancaster KIA, Sgt J.W.Feagan RCAF KIA, Sgt T.J.Shields RCAF KIA.
20th JuneBlenheim IL112412 (P) AFUDentonAircraft abandoned after colliding with K7077 (which was repaired) and crashed at Denton.
20th JuneBlenheim IL113512 (P) AFUSpitalgateUndercarriage collapsed whilst aircraft was running up on the ground.
21st JuneWellington XHF591No.300 SqnHeighingtonCoded BH-?, airborne at 1017 from Hemswell for an altitude test. The aircraft dived in out of cloud and crashed at 1050. F/O F.J. Pokorniewski PAF KIA, F/O Z.A. Kretkowski PAF KIA, Sgt H. Czarkowski PAF KIA, Sgt T. Szczurzynski PAF KIA, Sgt B. Kot PAF KIA.
21st JuneBeaufighter VI?No.254 SqnDonna NookCoded U - Overshot the landing at the airfield and crashed through a hedge. No injuries were reported.
22nd JuneBeaufighter X?No.236 SqnDonna NookCoded U - Crash landed at the airfield after sustaining damage on operations. No injuries were reported.
22nd JuneHalifax IIHR785No.158 SqnLincolnCoded NP-G. Airborne 2311 21th Jun from Lissett for Krefeld. On the return flight, for reasons unknown, the bomber dived from 15,000 feet and crashed 0400 into Brant Road, Lincoln. F/O Freeman and Sgt Hanford are buried in Thurlby (St.Germain) Churchyard; the others were taken to their home towns. Sgt K.C.Smart KIA, Sgt K.E.G.White KIA, Sgt W.C.T.Dempsey KIA, P/O R.N.Freeman KIA, Sgt R.P.Hansford KIA, Sgt A.W.Raffles KIA, Sgt G.J.Hanrahan KIA.
23rd JuneLysanderV9496USAAFGoxhillUnit unknown, engine failed, no further details.
24th JuneBlenheim IL850812 (P) AFUSpitalgateDamaged propellers in a heavy landing.
25th JuneLancaster IIIED968No.12 SqnStenigotCoded PHP-, Disintegrated in mid-air whilst on a training flight and crashed at Stenigot, 5 miles SW of Louth. Sgt's Aston, Soluk and Rennick were all taken to Cambridge city cemetery while the others were claimed by their relatives for burial in their home towns. Sgt H.G.Yeo KIA, Sgt C.W.Robinson KIA, Sgt M.R.Aston KIA, Sgt G.A.Huddlestone KIA, Sgt R.Sneesby KIA, Sgt P.soluk RCAF KIA, Sgt J.S. Rennick RCAF KIA.
26th JuneLancaster IW4830No.61 SqnBastonCoded QR-E, Airborne 2259 25th Jun from Syerston for Gelsenkirchen. Badly damaged by Flak and on return the Lancaster was abandoned 0430 near Baston, 9 miles SW of Spalding. The two airmen who died were taken to their home towns for burial. Sgt D.H.Pearse Sgt A.B.Woodvine Sgt H.W.Beasley KIA, Sgt R.C.Everett Sgt J.Robson Sgt K.Lloyd KIA, Sgt J.Penswick.
26th JuneLancaster IIIEE149No.619 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded PG-U, Airborne 2245 25th Jun from Woodhall Spa for Gelsenkirchen. Severely damaged by Flak and following a technical inspection was SOC as being beyond economical repair. No injuries. Sgt C.Fuller Sgt G.A.Wilson Sgt R.Stevens Sgt L.Eaude Sgt R.S.Sprackman Sgt V.Crookes Sgt R.Trahair. Sgt Fuller was commissioned after this incident. Tragically, he and all his crew were to lose their lives 18th Oct in EE109.
26th JuneStirlingR91981665 HCUWoolfox LodgeTaking off at 1408 from Woolfox Lodge, the aircraft was caught by a strong cross wind gust which sent the aircraft crashing out of control. Finn quotes the unit and location incorrectly as 416 Sqn and Digby.
26th JuneBlenheim IVV59231 AASManbyCrashed on takeoff.
27th JuneBoston IIIABZ268No.342 Sqnoff SkegnessDitched 7 miles northeast of Skegness.
27th JuneBoston IIIABZ376No.342 Sqnoff SkegnessDitched 7 miles northeast of Skegness.
28th June P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6528 351FS-353FG Goxhill This aircraft was involved in a taxiing accident resulting in repairable damage on this date. Pilot was Herbert K Field.
28th JuneLancaster IED315No.460 SqnBinbrookCoded AR-P, hit an obstruction after undershooting the airfield on landing from a training sortie.
29th JuneLancaster IIIEE199No.12 SqnEast BarkwithCoded PH-U, Takeoff 0016hrs 29th Jun from Wickenby for Cologne, but failed to become airborne and crashed , some 4 miles E of the airfield. No injuries reported, despite being fully loaded for the operation. Sgt L.F.Jeffries, Sgt J.Irwin, Sgt C.N.Roy RCAF, P/O E.B.Oldham, Sgt W.T.Seward, Sgt G.W.Addinsall RAAF, Sgt J.M.Seaton.
29th JuneWellington XHE922No.166 SqnNr IngoldmellsCoded AS-S, Airborne 2345 28th Jun from Kirmington. Outbound, the Wellington was abandoned and allowed to crash 0020 some 3 miles N of Skegness. Sgt Whittaker baled out successfully, but accidentally released his parachute and fell to his death. He is buried in Widnes Cemetery. P/O W.B.McGinn, Sgt R.Hadley, Sgt J.R.Whittaker KIA, Sgt G.I.Turnbull, Sgt R.Henshaw.
29th JuneP-47D Thunderbolt42-7977HQ Sqn-353FGnr GoxhillThis aircraft took off from Goxhill on a camera-gunnery sortie in the local area. The aircraft was seen to be below the clouds at less than 2000feet, when at 1515hrs it was seen to perform a turn or part of a roll and struck the ground at a steep angle near Goxhill airfield. The aircraft was destroyed in the crash and pilot 1st Lt William M. Mathias was killed.
29th JuneSpitfire VEP121No.416 SqnDigbySpun in on approach after stalling due to engine failure.


1st JulySpitfire VBBL655No.416 Sqnnr BillinghaySpun in from cloud nr Dorrington Dyke, 2 miles southwest of Billinghay, 1 Killed.
2nd JulyMagisterL5947No.44 SqnBracebridge HeathControls jammed and aircraft hit a house.
3rd July P-47D Thunderbolt 42-7909 350FS-353FG Goxhill This aircraft suffered repairable damage in what is described as a taxiing incident involving members of the squadron's groundcrew on this date.
3rd JulyLancaster IIIDV172No.460 SqnBinbrookCoded AR-? Bombs accidentally jettisoned on the ground, exploded and destroyed the aircraft and set fire to R5745.
3rd JulyLancaster IR5745No.460 SqnBinbrookCoded AR-? Caught fire on the ground as a result of DV172's accident.
3rd JulyBlenheim IL146312 (P) AFUSpitalgateCrashed on takeoff.
4th JulyManchesterR57701660 HCUSwinderbyAirborne 1140 from Swinderby for dual circuit training. Whilst taking off as part of the exercise at 1200 one of the engines lost power and the pilot raised the undercarriage to stop the aircraft from running off the airfield. Subsequent investigation discovered foreign matter contamination in the carburetor of the failed engine.
5th JulyBlenheim IL140412 (P) AFUSpitalgateUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
5th JulyBlenheim IK711712 (P) AFUHarlaxtonUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
5th JulyStirling IBF3391665 HCUWoolfox LodgeTook off at 0057 from Woolfox Lodge for night solo circuits, but swung to starboard and before being brought under control the aircraft collided with a vehicle and came to rest amongst buildings, where it caught fire. F/O L.G. Kennett inj, Sgt S.L. McGarrigle inj, P/O H.T. Ramsden inj, Sgt G.J. Line inj, Sgt N.F. Cook RCAF inj, P/O Cubby unhurt, Sgt Sanders unhurt.
6th JulyLysander IIIR90741 AASWaddingtonCrashed on landing.
6th JulyBlenheim IL847012 (P) AFUSpitalgateUndercarriage retracted on the ground.
6th JulyBeaufighter XLX826No.236 Sqnoff the mouth of the HumberDitched in the North Sea after engine failure.
7th JulyLancaster IIIDV1691662 HCUBlytonAirborne at 1955 from Blyton for a night navigation flight. On returning to Blyton at 0345, the aircraft overran on landing and was DBR after running into an obstruction.
7th JulyLancaster IED4141662 HCUBlytonAirborne at 0115 from Blyton for circuits and landings. At 0135 a misunderstanding between instructor and pupil during a cockpit drill led to the aircraft overrunning the runway and colliding with an obstruction.
8th JulyBeaufighter XJM217No.254 Sqnnr Anderby Creek?Crash landed 1 mile south of Huttoft Bank after an engine fire.
9th JulyHurricane IV68101 AASManbyEngine failure on takeoff.
9th JulyWellington XHF489No.166 Sqnnr KirmingtonAirborne at 1130 from Kirmington for a dual flying sortie. The aircraft force-landed at 1140 in a field near the airfield after both engines lost power. 3 crew were slightly injured, but were not named.
10th JulyBlenheim IL676312 (P) AFUHarlaxtonUndercarriage collapsed on landing following engine failure.
10th JulyLancaster IED757No.57 SqnNorth CarltonCoded DX-K, crashed at Morrison's Farm North Carlton, 1 mile S of Scampton whilst performing an Air Test. No injuries reported. Sgt T.J.Piggin.
11th JulyBlenheim IL119512 (P) AFUHarlaxtonOverran on landing.
11th JulyWellington XHE345No.305 SqnInghamCoded SM-P, the aircraft was attempting a single-engined circuit with the port engine shut down when the starboard engine burst into flames. Crash landed at 1520. F/O Z. Poplawski PAF inj, F/O M. Duckiewicz PAF inj, Sgt G. Nanieczkowski PAF inj, Sgt W. Cander PAF inj, F/O O. Luctkowski PAF injured.
11th JulySpitfire IX455153 OTUKirton LindseyNo details recorded.
12th JulyDo217U5+ELKG2in the North SeaShot down by 410 Sqn Mosquito 10 miles east of the Humber.
13th JulyDo217NKNKin HumberShot down by 307 Sqn Mosquito.
13th JulyJu88NKNKNorth ThoresbyShot down by Beaufighter.
11th JulyJu88NKNKNorth ThoresbyShot down by Beaufighter.
14th JulySpitfire IX481853 OTUin Humber nr GooleNo details recorded.
16th JulyBeaufighter XIJL883No.143 SqnNorth ThoresbyDived in during fighter affiliation exercise.
17th JulyBlenheim IK707712 (P) AFUHarlaxtonDamaged in heavy landing.
18th JulyBlenheim IVT18781 AASManbyCrashed on takeoff.
18th JulyWellington IIIBK2351485TTG Fltnr ApplebyAirborne from Fulbeck with 4 senior officers from course 11 of the Senior officers' Assessment Course on board to observe a gunnery and fighter affiliation demonstration. Whilst engaged in the fighter affiliation demonstration north of Brigg, structural failure of the wings occurred and the aircraft crashed 1 mile southeast of Appleby.W/O J.W. Heard KIA, F/S D. Breslin DFM KIA, G/C B.E. Lowe KIA, G/C R.V.M. Odbert KIA, W/C A.W.S. Matheson KIA, S/L P. Brandon-Trye KIA.
18th JulyMasterDM132RAFCnr Belvoir CastleHit wires whilst low flying 1 mile northeast of Belvoir Castle.
20th July P-47D Thunderbolt 42-7988 350FS-353FG Goxhill This aircraft suffered repairable damage (cat 3) in a landing accident on this date. Pilot was Thomas E Smith.
24th JulyMasterW8458SDUPostland?Reported as crashed nr 'Postlen Station' - as this aircraft was from the Signals development Unit, post land would be an obvious location due to the 'Chain Home' station there.
24th JulyP-47C Thunderbolt41-6586352FS-353FG ClaxbyThis aircraft took off as the lead aircraft of a pair from Goxhill for high-altitude formation training work. Having completed the exercises at 29000 feet, the pilot 1st Lt Harry H. McPherson led his wingman in a steep dive through cloud heading for home. The wingman, Lt Kipfer, pulled out of the dive at 18000 feet as he had a problem with his ears blocking. Lt McPherson's aircraft continued its dive and crashed into the ground with no attempt made to pull out of the dive. The accident board concluded that Lt McPherson lost consciousness in the dive and was killed in the crash.
24th JulyP-47D Thunderbolt42-7912352FS-353FGWoottonThis aircraft took off from Goxhill as one of a pair for high-altitude formation practice. After 30 minutes' work, the element leader decided to descend. At 15000 feet, the leader Lt Newman, sighted a bomber at around 11500 feet, and brought his pair of aircraft in for a mock attack pass. Both Mustangs passed below the bomber and rejoined formation. Shortly afterwards Lt Jack D. Lepird disappeared from Lt Newman's sight. The wreckage of Lt Lepird's aircraft was found near Market Rasen, having dived in at high speed from a steep angle.
25th JulyWellington XHF472No.305 SqnTrusthorpeCoded SM-S, Airborne 2249 24th Jul from Ingham for Hamburg. On return, crash-landed at Trusthorpe coast, 2 miles SSE of Mablethorpe due to fuel shortage. No injuries. F/S S.M.Grzeskowiak PAF, F/O L.Lewicki PAF, Sgt W.Paluszkiewicz PAF, Sgt W.Taraskiewicz PAF, Sgt S.Rutkowski PAF, F/S Grzeskowiak and Sgt Rutkowski were destined to be KIA, 25th Jul in HZ467.
26th JulyLysander IIIT1459CGSHolbeachTailwheel collapsed on landing.
26th JulyLancaster IIIJA688No.460 SqnBinbrookCoded AR-G2, Airborne 2158 25th Jul from Binbrook for Essen. Hit by incendiaries over the target, and on return to base at 0224 26th Jul, the Lancaster stalled on short finals and crashed. Three crew members needed treatment for superficial injuries. F/S L.J.Christensen RAAF, F/O R.H.Chadwick, Sgt P.A.Moore, Sgt W.C.Hart, Sgt K.W.Hewitt, Sgt G.W.R.Moyse, Sgt J.H.Shaughnessy.
29th JulyBlenheim IL129512 (P) AFUHarlaxtonRaised undercarriage to stop after engine fire on takeoff run.
29th JulyLancaster IIIED468No.50 Sqnnr SkellingthorpeCoded VN-A, Airborne from Skellingthorpe for Hamburg, crashing almost immediately. The wreckage caught fire and with a full load eventually exploded. The crew were uninjured. Sgt E.W.A.Clarke, Sgt H.S.Cammish, Sgt J.H.Jowett, Sgt J.Barough, Sgt F.J.Hobbs, Sgt R .Stokes, Sgt R.V.Pooley.
31st July P-47D Thunderbolt 42-22470 352FS-353FG Goxhill This aircraft suffered repairable (cat 3) damage in a landing accident on this date and was subsequently returned to service. Pilot Edmund M Fogarty.
31st JulyBlenheim IL493312 (P) AFUnr HarlaxtonCrashed on approach to the airfield following an engine fire in the air.


2nd AugustWellington IIIX380018 OTUWrootAirborne 1510 from Finningley to practice single-engine flying. At 1530 the aircraft dived to earth and crashed at Wroot. Sgt L.A. Charlton KIA, Sgt R.H. Smith KIA, F/S E.H. Sherman RAAF KIA, Sgt J.W. Perry KIA.
2nd AugustWellington XHF455No.166 SqnKirmingtonCrashed after engine failure on takeoff, no further details.
3rd AugustBlenheim IL676212 (P) AFUSpitalgateHit hedge after overshooting on landing.
3rd AugustLancaster IIILM322No.57 SqnScamptonCoded DX-X. Airborne 0120 3rd Aug from Scampton for Hamburg and crashed almost immediately. The wreckage caught fire, but the crew, who apart from the pilot, are not named escaped unhurt. The six Lancasters waiting in line for take-off had to be cancelled. F/O E.T Hodgkinson.
6th AugustMartinetHP3181485 TTG FltEagleAirborne 1621 from Fulbeck for a fighter affiliation exercise. Spun in and crashed at 1645 at Eagle. W/O K. Felus PAF KIA.
7th AugustLancaster IW4133No.9 SqnBardneyCoded WS-S. Whilst engaged in the course of a night-cross-country exercise, crashed 0140 7th Aug and burst into flames in the Bardney airfield circuit. Sgt Wyatt and Sgt Meres RAAF are buried in Lincoln (Newport) Cemetery; the others were taken to their home towns and villages in the UK Sgt J.B.Davis KIA, Sgt J.D.Lofthouse KIA, Sgt P.C.Wyatt KIA, Sgt S.Robertson KIA, Sgt J.H.Stevens KIA, Sgt E.Taylor KIA, Sgt F.Meres RAAF KIA.
9th AugustMaster IIDL851RAFCNorthorpeCrashed after catching fire in the air.
10th AugustBlenheim IK705012 (P) AFUAllingtonCrashed whilst attempting to land on the Allington Q-site.
10th AugustHalifax IIHR981No.51 Sqnnr Kirton LindseyAirborne 2140 10th Aug from Snaith for Nuremburg. Crashed 2210 into a building at Snitterby House farm near Kirton in Lindsey. A fire developed and a child trapped in the wreckage of the house was killed. P/O Silvester is buried in Clacton Cemetery. P/O W.J.McPherson inj, P/O F.S.Moores inj, P/O A.T.Ellis inj, Sgt R.T.Payne inj, P/O C.A.H.Silvester KIA, P/O J.Grudzien inj, P/O W.E.Clow injured.
16th AugustLancaster IIIJA896No.57 SqnScamptonCoded DX-D. Airborne 2029 15th Aug from Scampton for Milan. Overshot the runway on return to Scampton and crashed 0447 16th Aug. F/S Haskins was critically injured and died within a few hours of the accident. Along with P/O Smithers, he is buried in Scampton (St.John the Baptist) Churchyard. The others who were killed were taken to their own home towns. P/O J.Smithers RAAF KIA, Sgt D.J.Rose KIA, F/O A.J.Organ KIA, Sgt A.G.Luxford KIA, P/O Bladen inj, Sgt Burgess inj, F/S R.H.Haskins RAAF injured.
17th AugustDo217U5+DRKG2Irby-on-HumberShot down by AA fire, crashed on Walk Farm.
18th AugustHalifax IIHR981No.51 Sqnnr HemswellAirborne 2140 10th Aug from Snaith for Nuremburg. Crashed 2210 into a building at Snitterby House farm near Kirton in Lindsey. A fire developed and a child trapped in the wreckage of the house was killed. P/O Silvester is buried in Clacton Cemetery. P/O W.J.McPherson inj, P/O F.S.Moores inj, P/O A.T.Ellis inj, Sgt R.T.Payne inj, P/O C.A.H.Silvester KIA, P/O J.Grudzien inj, P/O W.E.Clow injured.
19th AugustOxfordX6770RAFCCranwellHit building after overshooting on landing.
20th AugustMaster IIW9094RAFCCranwellCrashed on landing.
21st AugustMaster IIDK860RAFCBarkston HeathUndercarriage jammed, aircraft overshot on landing.
21st AugustLancaster IED732No.100 SqnWickenbyCoded HW-L On take-off from Wickenby during a training cross-country exercise, the Lancaster swung and collided with a parked Lancaster JA922 belonging to No.12 Sqn. This aircraft was subsequently repaired on station. ED732 was written off. F/S Simes inj, Sgt V.H.Pears KIA, Sgt J.G.Wookey inj, Note. As in so many training accidents, full details of the crew have not been recorded, but it is believed that six were injured in what was a very serious crash. F AM78 shows the Lancaster as arriving with 100 Sqn 14th Mar and having a trouble free service until this crash.
22nd AugustSpitfire IR670653 OTUBarrow-on-HumberSpun in.
23rd AugustLancaster IW4323No.103 SqnElsham WoldsCoded PM-C. While being started at Elsham Wolds for the Berlin operation of that night, the bomb load was accidentally jettisoned, the incendiary load ignited and the aircraft was totally destroyed. No crew injuries. However, a Sqn Lancaster in the next dispersal, ED767, captained by F/L D.W.Finlay, attempting to taxi clear of the burning wreckage, was severely damaged in the explosion, and the W/Op, Sgt H.Wheeler, was killed by shrapnel. ED767 was repaired and put back in service with No. 576 Sqn and was SOC 15th May 47.
23rd AugustOxfordT114116 FTSnr SedgebrookAbandoned after control lost in cloud.
23rd AugustMaster IIDL284RAFCnr Wellingore?Spun in 3 miles north-northwest of Cranwell.
23rd AugustLancaster IIIED652No.100 SqnWalthamCoded HW-C, Started take-off roll 2040 23rd Aug at Waltham bound for Berlin but swung off the runway out of control and came to a stop when its undercarriage collapsed. No injuries reported. F/S D.C.Dripps RAAF, Sgt H.Jones, P/O J.E.Stewart RCAF, Sgt W.T.Sibley, Sgt D.Campbell, Sgt R.Gillies, Sgt A.F.W.N.Croft.
25th AugustWellington XHE349No.166 SqnKirmingtonCoded AS-? Airborne 2012 from Kirmington for a mining sortie off the Frisian Islands. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair on return to base at 0036 wen it hit a vehicle parked on a dispersal pan.
27th AugustMosquito IIDZ305No.410 Sqnin the WashCrashed 6 miles north of Sutton Bridge, 2 Killed.
27th AugustWellingtonNKNKSutton BridgeNo details recorded.
27th AugustBeaufighter XJM216No.254 Sqnoff North CoatesDived into the sea 2 miles offshore of North Coates during a gunnery practise sortie.
28th AugustLancaster IIIED827No.57 SqnScamptonCoded DX-Z, Airborne 2103 27th Aug from Scampton for Nuremburg. Crashed, due battle damage on return to Scampton 0417 28th Aug. No injuries reported. P/O R.D.Hazlewood, Sgt L.H.Howling, F/O J.Simms, F/O G.Johnson, Sgt J.Sherriff, Sgt J.L.Brooks, Sgt J.McFalls.
28th AugustLancaster IIIED946No.57 Sqnnr Scampton?Coded DX-E, Airborne 1258 28th Aug from Swinderby to return to Scampton on a training flight, but due to lack of fuel both inboard engines cut and the Lancaster crash- landed 1301 in a field 1 mile from the airfield. No injuries reported. Sgt J.B.Josling.
30th AugustLancaster IW4175No.97 SqnConingsby villageCoded OF-U. Airborne 2151 29th Aug from Woodhall Spa for Berlin. Crashed 0445 30th Aug in Coningsby village, while circling the nearby airfield. No explanation traced. F/O Norton and F/O Francis were buried in Coningsby Cemetery. Sgt Frank was taken to Nottingham (Wilford Hill) Jewish cemetery; the others were buried in their home towns. 18th Aug the Sqn joined 8 Group. F/O P.H.Norton KIA, Sgt J.A.Peel KIA, F/O G.C.W.Francis KIA, Sgt W.Standring KIA, Sgt R.Frank RCAF KIA, F/S F.R.Birtwistle KIA, Sgt W.H.Whiting KIA.


1st SeptemberLancaster IW43141662 HCULaughtonAirborne from Blyton for a night cross-country exercise. The aircraft flew into the ground near Laughton at 0325. F/S L.W. Martin RAAF KIA, F/S W. Bradshaw KIA, F/S J.M. Borthwick RAAF KIA, F/S P.R. Good RAAF KIA, F/S S.A. Grant RAAF KIA, Sgt T. Stearman KIA, Sgt G. Howard KIA.
4th SeptemberMaster IIW9017RAFCnr CaistorShot down by an intruder.
6th SeptemberBlenheim IL130112 (P) AFUSpitalgateUndercarriage retracted on the ground.
7th SeptemberLancaster IIIED975No.9 SqnMintingCoded WS-Y, Airborne 1949 6th Sep from Bardney. Crashed on return from Munich 0435hrs 7th Sep at Minting, 5 miles NW of Horncastle. P/O W.E.Siddle inj, Sgt R.W.Moseley inj, Sgt R.C.T.Lodge inj, P/O K.J.H.Hills inj, Sgt J.W.Culley Sgt R.E.Jones inj, Sgt C.C.Moore RCAF injured.
8th SeptemberLancaster IW47731662 HCUBlytonAirborne from Blyton at 2210 for a night exercise. On return at 0255 the aircraft clipped a house roof with the main wheels and landed on one wheel, causing the undercarriage to collapse.
8th SeptemberBlenheim IVAZ99612 (P) AFUSpitalgateCrashed on approach after port engine failed.
9th SeptemberSpitfire VP7289CGSnr Long SuttonHit the ground whilst low flying 3 miles north of Long Sutton, possibly near Black Barn? 1 Killed Finn gives the serial as P7287.
12th SeptemberWellington XHE9251481 BG fltRothwell TopAirborne at 1451 from Binbrook, crash-landed 1500 on Rothwell Top after starboard engine failed on takeoff.
14th SeptemberMaster IIAZ670RAFCnr GlenthamDived in during aerobatics, 1 mile northeast of Glentham.
15th SeptemberBlenheim IL144012 (P) AFUWalthamPilot became lost, swung on landing at Waltham, aircraft caught fire after undercarriage collapsed.
15th SeptemberBlenheim VAZ95212 (P) AFUWalthamCrashed on landing.
15th SeptemberLancaster IIIED448No.49 SqnDunholme LodgeCoded EA-M, Crash-landed 2058 15th Sep at Dunholme Lodge whilst on a training flight. No injuries reported . F/S E.G.Oglesby.
19th SeptemberBlenheim IL671012 (P) AFUSpitalgateLanded wheels-up.
19th SeptemberBlenheim IL679612 (P) AFUnr Boothby PagnellCollided with L1312.
19th SeptemberBlenheim IL131212 (P) AFUnr Boothby PagnellCollided with L6796.
20th SeptemberWellington XHE3501485 BG fltnr Broadholme?Airborne from Skellingthorpe 1537 for air gunnery training. As the aircraft climbed out, both engines cut out. The pilot was unable to turn back and crash-landed 3 miles northwest of the airfield. P/O W.G. Baker inj, Sgt J. Pemberton inj, Sgt A. Kirkman inj, P/O R.A. Baker DFC KIA, Sgt T.C. Newton inj, Sgt A. Bracey KIA, Sgt T. Baker KIA.
21st SeptemberOxfordLX327RAFCnr Cranwell?Stalled whilst avoiding a collision and spun in.
22nd SeptemberBlenheim IL6760RAFCCaythorpeForce-landed.
23rd SeptemberWellington XHE26582 OTUSkellingthorpeCoded -Y, airborne at 0957 from Ossington. Whilst in flight the port engine began misfiring and was shut down at 1500 feet. The crew decided to head for Skellingthorpe and on approach, the undercarriage was manually pumped down. On being notified that they were trying to land downwind, the pilot attempted to overshoot but stalled and crashed at 1027, after which the aircraft caught fire. F/L W.S. Meyer DFC inj, Sgt A.G.S. Watkins inj, Sgt J.W. Eunson inj, Sgt W.J. Saxby injured.
23rd SeptemberB-17F Fortress42-3183327BS-92BGDeeping St NicholasCoded UX:O, this aircraft took off from Podington at 0459 bound for a target in the port area of Nantes in France. During the assembly of the bomber formation, the aircraft caught fire and exploded, subsequently crashing due to structural failure caused by the explosion and fire. 7 of the crew baled out and were able to return to duty - pilot 2nd Lt Henly M Ogburn, Co-pilot 2nd Lt Sam J Lucas, navigator 2nd Lt Victor E Barnett, bombardier 2nd Lt James T Corrigan, top turret gunner S/Sgt Paul Q Tumblin, waist gunner S/Sgt Ed R Eubank and tail gunner S/Sgt Raphael C Simeroth. 3 of the crew were unable to escape and were killed - radio operator S/Sgt Edward A Komski, ball turret gunner S/Sgt William H Wills and waist gunner T/Sgt Joseph E Martin. The aircraft crashed at Deeping St Nicholas.
23rd SeptemberLancaster IW4948No.57 SqnDribyCoded DX-S. Airborne 1918 22nd Sep from East Kirkby for Hanover. Intercepted by an intruder on the return to base and shot down 0043 23rd Sep over Driby, 9 miles SSE of Louth. The two survivors managed to parachute as the bomber fell out of control. The three RAAF airmen are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. P/O G.A.Duff RAAF KIA, Sgt A.Cherrington F/O P.N.Rolfe KIA, Sgt R.C.Brown Sgt H.R.Ellmer KIA, Sgt R.P.Smith RAAF KIA, F/S W.Pryde RAAF KIA.
24th SeptemberLancaster IW4923No.101 SqnLudford MagnaCoded SR-N2, Airborne 1835 23rd Sep from Ludford Magna. Returned safely at 0335 albeit badly damaged by Flak. Following a technical inspection W4983 was SOC 12th Oct. AM Form 78 reports that W4923 was damaged on operations 28th Sep. This report is noted but discounted as it is most likely that the 8 is a misprint of 3. F/O C.P.McManus, Sgt K.Jones, P/O G.D.Spyers, P/O B.K.Petyt, Sgt A.E.Rosen, Sgt C.H.Downs, Sgt Kent.
24th SeptemberHalifax IILW283No.158 SqnWragbyCoded NP-V. Airborne 1851 23rd Sep from Lissett for Mannheim. Homebound, crashed 0220 at Wragby, 11 miles NE of Lincoln. F/O Clapson was very seriously injured and he was admitted to Lincoln Military Hospital. Sgt Sykes needed attention to a fractured ankle. It is believed that F/O Clapson made a good recovery, but he did not fly again on operations with 158 Sqn. F/O D.H.w.Clapson RAAF inj, Sgt M.C.Scully, Sgt R.A.Neild RAAF, Sgt G.Sykes inj, Sgt G.P.Finlay, Sgt C.H.M.Wilson, P/O E.A.Harris RAAF, F/S Neild, Sgt Finlay, Sgt Wilson and F/O Harris were destined to be KIA, 23rd Oct in LW259.
26th SeptemberWellington ICT288411 OTUCastle BythamCoded OP-L, airborne from Westcott for a night cross-country sortie. The starboard engine failed the flight, but the pilot was able to maintain altitude until 2240 when the lower cylinders partially detached from the port engine. The aircraft was abandoned by all crew apart from the rear gunner, and crashed at Park Ground Farm. Sgt H.G. Bright KIA.
26th SeptemberLancaster IW49371660 OCUSwinderbyAirborne 2014 from Swinderby for night conversion training. On touchdown at 2209, the aircraft began to swing, but the trainee pilot corrected the swing successfully. Unfortunately, just as the rudders were again centralised, the instructor's foot jammed between the rudder pedals and the aircraft ran off the runway, causing the undercarriage to collapse.
28th SeptemberLysanderV9813CGSnr HolbeachForce-landed.
28th SeptemberLeopard MothX92951 Gp Comms FltWickenbyBlown over on landing, most likely a minor accident not resulting in the aircraft being written off.
28th SeptemberHalifax VDK252No.428 SqnLudford MagnaCoded NA-O. Airborne 1919 27th Sep from Middleton St.George for Hanover. Turned back at 2215 after encountering very severe icing. On reaching Hull the port inner engine failed, followed almost immediately by the air speed indicator and starboard inner. Six baled out, as ordered, but then P/O Kogan saw a flare path and he crash-landed, wheels retracted, at Ludford Magna Airfield. No injuries reported. P/O K.Kogan RCAF, Sgt L.F.Edmonds, F/O F.D.Jackman RCAF, P/O M.J.Johnson RCAF, Sgt E.O.H.Knowles, Sgt J.Silverman RCAF, Sgt J.M.Custeau RCAF.
28th SeptemberLancaster IIIED875No.166 Sqnnr CaistorCoded AS-? Airborne 1943 27th Sep from Kirmington for Hanover. Returned early and after acknowledging landing instructions, crashed on Cain Hill just to the S of Caistor. Sgt Smith RCAF was buried in the Cambridge City Cemetery; the others were buried in their home towns. W/O C.J.w.Boone KIA, Sgt D.L.Dick KIA, Sgt E.A.Pack KIA, Sgt T.Warhurst KIA, Sgt R.Davis KIA, Sgt J.P. Nyland KIA, Sgt G.R.Smith RCAF KIA.
28th SeptemberLancaster IIIED941No.57 Sqnnr East KirkbyCoded DX-V, On return from the Hannover raid the previous night, the crew diverted to RAF Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. In the late afternoon of the 28th whilst returning to East Kirkby, eye-witnesses reported the Lancaster approaching base, but while preparing to land, both port engines cut and the bomber crashed on the N side of RAF East Kirkby. P/O Hargrave is buried at Upwell Baptist Chapelyard, Sgt Reeve is buried in Orston (St.Mary) Churchyard, while F/S Penny is buried in Brompton Cemetery, Kensington P/O G.M.Hargrave KIA, Sgt W.Reeve KIA, F/S G.E.Penny KIA, Sgt J.S.whittle Sgt G.Huxtable Sgt D.F.Hall Sgt A.A.Smith.
28th SeptemberLancaster IIIJA965No.101 Sqnnr WickenbyCoded SR-K2, Airborne 1937 27th Sep from Ludford Magna. Homebound, shot down by an Intruder and crashed 0120 28th Sep near Wickenby airfield. Sgt Phillips was the ABC Operator. P/O Skipper and P/O Liersch are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. The others were taken to their home towns and villages. Sgt Kerr's father was a serving army officer, Major H.B.Kerr MC. P/O D.W.Skipper RAAF KIA, Sgt P.L.Hands KIA, Sgt T.C.Kerr KIA, Sgt J.D.Gulliver KIA, Sgt P.Meredith KIA, Sgt W.J.Phillips KIA, Sgt S.Harris KIA, P/O R.V.Liersch RAAF KIA.
29th SeptemberLancaster IIIED648No.9 Sqnoff MablethorpeCoded WS-D, Airborne at 1820hrs 29th Sep from Bardney for Bochum. Crashed in sea due to a defective altimeter some 5 miles off Mablethorpe. Roughly nine hours later the survivors were found by an Air Sea Rescue HSL. Sgt Taylor's body was recovered from the sea on 16th Oct and he is buried in Manby (St.Mary's) churchyard. P/O Beames is commemorated on panel 123 of the runnymede Memorial. F/L L.G.A.Hadland, F/O R.V.Comans (P2), Sgt K.N.Taylor KIA, Sgt D.S.Greenwood, P/O K.H.Beames KIA, Sgt J.Gaskell, Sgt A.D.Tire, Sgt C.Davis.
29th SeptemberLancaster IIIED983No.619 SqnCadwell HillCoded PG-W. Airborne 1821 29th Sep from Woodhall Spa for Bochum. On return and while flying in low cloud, struck high ground at Cadwell Hill, some 5 miles W of Mablethorpe. The accident happened at 0005 30th Sep. Of those killed, Sgt Bowditch and F/O McKay were taken to Cambridge City Cemetery, while the others were taken to their home towns. Sgt Billingham being cremated at Wandsworth. P/O E.Mearis KIA, Sgt P.Bowditch KIA, Sgt R.L.Cooper inj, F/O A.C.McKay RCAF KIA, Sgt R.Armstrong inj, Sgt J.A.G.Billingham KIA, Sgt R.T.E.Davies KIA.
30th SeptemberLancaster IR56851667 HCUFaldingworthAirborne from Faldingworth at 1142 for a training flight, but the port outer engine lost power on takeoff, and the aircraft crashed 1 mile east of the airfield at 1218 whilst trying to land. W/O R.F. Quarterman inj, Sgt C.J. Adair inj, F/S T.D. Crossland RCAF KIA, Sgt H.M. Greene RCAF inj, Sgt T.P. Duffy RCAF inj, Sgt T.H. Kennedy inj, Sgt Naney unhurt.
30th SeptemberHalifax IILW263No.78 SqnScunthorpeCoded EY-E. Airborne 1804 29th Sep from Breighton for Bochum. Homebound, on regaining the east coast, the crew were unable to pin-point their position and after searching for some while, crashed into a wooded area on the Foxhill Road near Scunthorpe. Sgt Cherry's DFM was Gazetted 10th Dec. P/O E.E.Kitchen DFC Sgt R.Cherry DFM P/O D.J.Polman KIA, Sgt T.H.Sharpe KIA, Sgt H.E.M.Watson inj, F/S D.F.Booth P/O G.T.Gilby DFC.


1st OctoberHalifax VDG2751660 HCUBardneyCoded -A, Airborne from Swinderby for general flying practise. The crew consisted on instructor pilot, 2 trainee pilots, three flight engineers, a navigator a bomb aimer and a wireless operator. The aircraft spun and broke up nr Bardney airfield. F/L V. Duxbury DFC KIA, F/O J.W. Moore KIA, Sgt H.W.F. Russell KIA, Sgt R.H. Bassett KIA, Sgt D.R. Pavitte KIA, Sgt G.C. Edwards KIA, Sgt J.B. Eastman KIA, F/S F.H. Roe RCAF KIA, Sgt W.E. Ellwood KIA.
1st OctoberWellingtonNKNKSutton BridgeNo details recorded.
2nd OctoberTiger MothNKNKnr BourneNo details recorded.
3rd OctoberLancaster IIIJB346No.103 Sqnnr Elsham WoldsCoded PM-? Airborne at 0900 from Elsham Wolds on an air-test sortie. The aircraft crashed just after takeoff and caught fire, location given as Turnpike farm. Sgt E.J. Andrews KIA, Sgt T.H. Clapp KIA, Sgt A.J. Tait KIA, Sgt W.G. Parker RCAF KIA, Sgt H. Featherstone KIA, Sgt S. Otty KIA.
4th OctoberLancaster IIIED583No.100 SqnNorth ThoresbyCoded HW-X, Disintegrated in the air 1250 during altitude test and familiarisation exercises near North Thoresby, 7 miles SE of Cleethorpes, scattering debris over a wide area. some of the wreckage fell in the village, destroying a chapel and damaging a number of houses. Fortunately, no villagers were injured. The crew composition was unusual in that the seven men comprised , two pilots, two Flight engineers, a Navigator, a Bomb aimer and a Wireless Operator, but no Air Gunners. F/S J.T.Goozes KIA, Sgt R.F.Worsey KIA, Sgt C.A.Green KIA, Sgt W.e.J.Giles KIA, Sgt J.A.Baker KIA, Sgt J.A.Rogers KIA, Sgt W.F.Bristow KIA.
4th OctoberLancasterNKNKSwinderbyPossibly a minor accident as not recorded in lostbombers or Chorley.
4th OctoberBlenheim IL836712 (P) AFUHarlaxtonNo details recorded.
5th OctoberBlenheim IL116912 (P) AFUSpitalgateCrashed on takeoff.
5th OctoberLancasterNKNKSwinderbyPossibly a minor accident as not recorded in lostbombers or Chorley.
7th OctoberBlenheim IL836712 (P) AFUHarlaxtonUndercarriage collapsed in heavy landing.
7th OctoberBlenheim IVBA20912 (P) AFUSpitalgateCrashed after losing power on takeoff.
7th OctoberBeaufighter XJM210No.254 SqnNorth CoatesUndercarriage collapsed after the aircraft skidded on landing and ran into a ditch.
8th OctoberLancaster IIIED839No.619 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded PG-C, airborne at 2258 from Woodhall Spa for Hannover. The aircraft swung on the takeoff run, the undercarriage collapsed and the aircraft slid to a halt. A fire broke out which totally destroyed the aircraft.
8th OctoberWellington XHF590No.300 SqnInghamCoded BH-X Airborne 2316 7th Oct from Ingham on a mine laying sortie. Crash-landed 0236 and damaged beyond repair, having returned to base with its mine load intact. Weather conditions were poor. No injuries reported. F/S J.Zoltznski PAF, Sgt F.Janicki PAF, Sgt J.Pulaski PAF, Sgt Ratajczak PAF, Sgt J.Szczeblewski PAF.
9th OctoberLancaster IIIED993No.166 SqnKirmingtonCoded AS-? Airborne 2240 8th Oct from Kirmington for Hanover. Outbound, a fire broke out in the port outer, necessitating an early return. While preparing to land, the port inner cut and the Lancaster crashed 0025 9th Oct and burst into flames. Sgt Croxon was thrown clear on impact, while Sgt Davidson survived after the tail section broke away from the fuselage and was carried clear of the fire. W/O R.P Rabett KIA, Sgt T.Roberts KIA, Sgt R.Gratwick KIA, Sgt J.O'Reilly KIA, Sgt R.Davies KIA, Sgt E.Croxon Sgt L.Davidson.
9th OctoberHalifaxNKNKSwinderbyPossibly a minor accident, as not recorded in lostbombers or Chorley.
15th OctoberBarracuda IIBV825Blackburn'snr ScunthorpeDived in from cloud after engine fire, crashed 2 miles south of Scunthorpe (nr Bottesford?) 1 Killed.
17th OctoberStirling IIIEH960No.196 SqnGat Sand, in the WashCoded ZO-X, the aircraft was on an air-test sortie when control was lost due to excessive vibration 4 of the 7 killed have no known graves. F/O J.L. Deans DFC KIA, Sgt K.L. Wallace KIA, F/O F.J. Chapman KIA, Sgt T. McDonnell KIA, Sgt J.L. Lane KIA, F/S N. Butts DFM RCAF KIA, F/L J.G. Griffith KIA.
18th OctoberLancaster IIIJB411No.49 SqnFiskertonCoded EA-L, Airborne 1143 18th Oct from Fiskerton on a training sortie, swung off the runway and came to a halt with its u/c smashed. The newly delivered Lancaster was subsequently written-off. F/S R.Brunt. Newly promoted to W/O, R Brunt was killed with all his crew 26th Nov against Berlin in JB362.
21st OctoberLancasterEE184No.44 SqnNorth Sea, off GrimsbyCoded KM-B, the aircraft took off from Dunholme Lodge at 1726hrs on October 20th bound for Leipzig. The crew bombed the target successfully, but on return the starboard centre fuel tank failed to supply the engines when selected due to flak damage severing the main tank feed line. The crew used up all other remaining fuel until the engines cut out over the North Sea. The aircraft was ditched successfully within sight of land in heavy seas. All of the crew except the pilot escaped the aircraft successfully, but the navigator fell into the sea off the leading edge of the wing whilst looking for the pilot. Both the pilot and navigator subsequently drowned. No trace was found of the navigator, Sgt Connor, but the body of the pilot, F/Sgt Robert Hamilton Watts, was washed ashore in the southern Hetherlands some weeks later. He is buried in the Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian cemetery. F/Sgt Watts had been granted a commission on October 20th but the news had not been relayed to him before take-off. Pilot P/O RH Watts killed, Sgt DM Pearce unhurt, Sgt JN Connor killed, Sgt R Gilmour unhurt, Sgt R Hogg unhurt, Sgt H Young unhurt, Sgt PN Denness unhurt.
22nd OctoberMosquito IVDZ434No.109 Sqnnr BourneCoded HS-? The aircraft broke up after control lost in cloud whilst on a training flight. F/O F.R. Jackson DFM RAAF KIA.
23rd OctoberLancaster IIIJB148No.100 Sqnnr LouthCoded HW-O. Airborne 1801 22nd Oct from Waltham for Kassel. Crashed into the side of a hill at Harrison Top near North Elkington and some 3 miles NW of Louth. The accident happened as the crew were returning to Waltham. Those killed are buried in their home towns. P/O P.R.Andrews KIA, Sgt J.D.Game inj, Sgt D.T.Mead inj, Sgt M.Simpson KIA, Sgt P.H.Finnegan inj, Sgt M.O.Lye KIA, Sgt R.A.Barrett injured.
23rd OctoberLancaster IW4927No.460 SqnBinbrookCoded AR-C, Airborne 1811 22th Oct from Binbrook for Kassel. Hit by Flak and further damaged by falling incendiaries. Returned safely at 2358 and following a technical inspection was SOC 31st Oct. It is reported that the rear turret was shot away but there are no indications to suggest that P/O Dunstan was a casualty. F/S J.H.Clark, Sgt E.P.Clemens, F/S L.V.Murray RAAF, F/S S.Francis RAAF, F/S L.H.Richards, F/S V.J.Hegarty RAAF, P/O R.C.Dunstan RAAF.
24th OctoberBlenheim IL151312 (P) AFUHarlaxtonLanded wheels-up after the undercarriage jammed.
27th OctoberProctor IP63041 SSCranwellCollided on the ground with HM313 (which was repaired).
27th OctoberSpitfire IIP8312RAFCnr NavenbyCollided with C-47A 42-24069 of the 434 TCG and crashed 2 miles west of Navenby.


3rd NovemberHalifax VLK954No.428 SqnSouth KymeCoded NA-E Airborne 1647 3rd Nov from Middleton St.George. Cause of loss not established. Cause of loss not established. Crashed 2133 at South Kyme, 7 miles NE of Sleaford. Apart from Sgt Weigh, all are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. At 18, P/O MacKenzie RCAF was one of the youngest Canadians to be KIA, on bomber operations. F/O R.G.Eaton RCAF KIA, F/O A.K.Hodgkinson RCAF KIA, Sgt a.E.Moss KIA, F/O L.L.Whitham RCAF KIA, P/O B.A.Elmore RCAF KIA, Sgt A.F.Weigh KIA, Sgt H.B.Shimwell KIA, P/O A.E.MacKenzie RCAF KIA.
7th NovemberSpitfire IIP866711 APCnr BlytonNo details recorded.
7th NovemberHalifax VEB1871664 HCUnr FulbeckAirborne at 2010 from Fulbeck for a transit flight back to Croft after landing to take on fuel earlier in the day. The aircraft crashed out of control after the port outer engine failed on takeoff.
8th NovemberBeaufighter XLZ408No.236 Sqnnr Belchford?Hit the ground whilst descending in poor visibility, location recorded as Blackford.
8th NovemberBeaufighter X?No.236 SqnConingsbyCoded ? - Crashed after being on operations and caught fire. No injuries were reported.
10th NovemberLancaster IIIED8121660 HCUDunholme LodgeAirborne 1853 from Swinderby for a Bullseye sortie. The aircraft dived steeply from a good height causing the wings to fail before the aircraft hit the ground at 2145. The cause of loss of control could not be positively determined, though evidence was found of an in-flight fire breaking out before the crash. P/O S.G.Scutt KIA, Sgt C.W.H. Baughen KIA, Sgt I.C. Brough KIA, F/O J.K. Paterson KIA, Sgt F.D. Grant KIA, Sgt W. Halliwell KIA, Sgt E.W. Plowman KIA, AC1 N. Wade kia.
10th NovemberLancaster IIIJB533No.49 SqnFiskertonCoded EA-P, On take-off at 2056 10th Nov from Fiskerton, fully laden outbound for Modane, one of the port engines cut and the Lancaster swung off the runway, its undercarriage collapsing in the process. A fire broke out and further damage was caused in the explosion that followed. No injuries reported. Written Off. W/O E.M.Webb.
11th NovemberLancaster IW49021654 HCUHackthornCoded UG-Q, Airborne 1730 from Wigsley for a night-flying exercise. Crashed at 2245 after the pilot lost control whilst avoiding another aircraft at night in poor visibility. Finn quotes the date as 19th Nov P/O R.L. Barton-Smith KIA, Sgt F.J. Snedker inj, Sgt H.D. Ryder KIA, Sgt C.W. Wilkes inj, Sgt R.J. Huish KIA, Sgt W.B. Crawford RAAF injured.
11th NovemberMaster IIIW857753 OTUHibaldstowCrashed on landing.
16th NovemberSpitfire IIP782653 OTUnr BlytonCollided with P7293.
16th NovemberSpitfire IIP729353 OTUnr BlytonCollided with P7826.
16th NovemberLancaster IIDS847No.432 SqnCammeringhamCoded QO-? Lost on a training flight. aircraft abandoned 1 mile west of Ingham airfield after an engine fire, crashed in Long Lane.
17th NovemberLancaster IED422No.166 Sqnnr KirmingtonCoded AS-? Crashed whilst on training exercise. Collided with trees and crashed 0411 17th Nov, bursting into flames near Kirmington Airfield. W/O Merralls had previously served with 97 Sqn, details of his award Gazetted 11th Jun. along with F/O Maddex he is buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. F/L Walker was the Sqn's Engineer Leader. F/O H.Mitchell KIA, Sgt P.G.Edyvean-Walker KIA, F/O J.D.Maddex KIA, Sgt F.F.Clarke W/O E.Merralls DFM KIA, Sgt D.G.B.Day KIA, Sgt C.Cushing F/L D.E.walker injured.
17th NovemberLancaster IIIJB315No.57 SqnMavis EnderbyCoded DX-? Crashed into high ground near Mavis Enderby on a training sortie. Both were taken back to their native Scotland; P/O Simpson for burial in Glasgow (Riddrie Park) Cemetery and Sgt Hall to the Glasgow Crematorium, which is situated in the grounds of the Western Necropolis at Maryhill. P/O A.G.Simpson KIA, Sgt D.H.Hall KIA.
18th NovemberBlenheim IL128712 (P) AFUHarlaxtonNo details recorded.
18th NovemberBlenheim IL8660RAFCCranwellHit by T8725 whilst on the ground.
18th NovemberMaster IT8725RAFCCranwellHit L8660 whilst taxiing.
19th NovemberBlenheim IVT19851 AASManbyCrashed on landing.
22nd NovemberLancaster IL7574No.467 SqnWaddingtonCoded PO-? crashed on take-off. This was the oldest Lancaster written off under operational circumstances in 1943 with a total of 334 hours. On take off from Waddington crashed into a building after suffering an engine failure. Three crew men were hurt. Sgt C.C.Schomberg RAAF, Sgt H.Steele, F/S L.R.Seton RAAF, Sgt C.Gifford RAAF, F/S B.W.Fitzgerald RAAF, Sgt H.A.Brown RAAF, P/O L.J.Calderwood RAAF - Of note is that this was the first operation since the aircraft was seriously battle-damaged on the Munich raid 21/22 Dec 42 and repaired. It was re-issued to 467 Sqn 7th Nov.
22nd NovemberLancaster IDV291No.101 SqnLudford MagnaTake-off from Ludford Magna for Berlin ABC duties but swung off the runway out of control. A fire broke out and the Lancaster was damaged beyond repair. No injuries reported. P/O E.Wallace, Sgt L.Crooks, Sgt P.L.Cairns, Sgt R.Grundy, Sgt L.Condon, Sgt J.E.Dunbar, Sgt J.Powney, P/O C.Clothier.
23rd NovemberBlenheim IL871512 (P) AFUHarlaxtonundercarriage collapsed on landing.
23rd NovemberLancaster IDV327No.9 SqnBardneyCoded WS-N, Airborne 1657hrs 23rd Nov from Bardney for Berlin. On return, overshot the first approach due to a failure of the u/c to lock down. while turning to port at 500 feet for a second attempt, the Lancaster went into a shallow dive, veering all the while to starboard and crash-landed 2350hrs 23rd Nov at (Woodem, Lincs? - place not on maps), near the airfield. No injuries were reported, though all were destined to lose their lives while raiding Berlin again on 1/2 Jan 44 in JA711. P/O G.Ward, Sgt J.Sutton, Sgt E.D.Keene, Sgt G.L.James, Sgt G.F.K.Bedwell, Sgt N.F.Dixon, Sgt W.L.Doran RCAF.
23rd NovemberLancaster IIIJB465No.12 SqnWickenbyCoded PH-V, Crashed on take-off from Wickenby (Time not recorded) for Berlin. Aircraft swung off the runway, tearing away the undercarriage. No injuries. Sgt D.C.H.Maxwell, Sgt P.H.Lambert, Sgt Harrison, P/O C.W.Kruger RCAF, Sgt H.I Willcock, Sgt F.W.Peppiatt RCAF, Sgt W.F.H.Smedmore.
23rd NovemberLancaster IIIED656No.9 SqnBelchford / ScamblesbyCoded WS-V. Airborne 1708hrs 23rd Nov from Bardney for Berlin. On return crashed 2345hrs 23rd Nov between Belchford and Scamblesby, 6 miles SSW of Louth. The injured airmen were taken to the RAF Hospital Rauceby. It is believed that severe icing may have caused the altimeter to fail, or present a false reading. F/O Hinton had been with the Sqn a mere four days after completing his training 1661 HCU. P/O Robinson is buried in the Irish Republic. The others who died have been taken away to various cemeteries in the UK, including Cambridge City Cemetery where Sgt Taylor now rests. P/O N.J.Robinson KIA, F/O C.G.Hinton (P2) KIA, Sgt R.G.Taylor KIA, F/S T.R.Davis KIA, F/S B.J.Pitman KIA, Sgt W.E.Jones KIA, F/S L.E.Mitchell inj, Sgt J.Casey inj.
24th NovemberLancaster IIIJB647No.460 SqnKelsternCoded AR-? Crashed on a training flight. Same serial reported lost over Germany 20th Dec as EA-T with 49 Sqn.
24th NovemberBlenheim IL128712 (P) AFUHarlaxtonCrashed on landing. Finn quotes serial as L1281.
24th NovemberBeaufighter XLZ187No.236 Sqnnr Donna NookCoded H - Involved in a mid-air collision with a unidentified Blenheim from RAF Manby. The crew bailed out and were resuced by a rowing boat from Bull Fort. The aircraft came to rest in shallow water just north of Donna Nook. No further information found on either the crew or the unidentified Blenheim.
24th NovemberLancaster IIIJB229No.49 SqnChapel st LeonardsCoded EA-S, Airborne 1703 23rd Nov from Fiskerton for Berlin. On return, force-landed 0024 24th Nov on the beach at Chapel St.Leonards nr Skegness due to a faulty altimeter. F/O D.G.Turner, Sgt J.K.Finlayson inj, Sgt J.N.Hughes inj, F/O W.Pearce inj, Sgt L.H.Nightingale inj, Sgt J.N.Bennett inj, Sgt T.D.Horne, F/O Turner, with three of this crew were destined to be KIA, 22/23 Mar 44. See ND672.
25th NovemberMosquito IIDZ298No.264 SqnColeby GrangeCrashed on landing.
25th NovemberOxfordAP4581 RSCranwellHit a hut on overshoot.
26th NovemberLancasterNKNKWaddingtonNo details recorded.
26th NovemberLancaster IIIED873No.106 Sqnnr MetheringhamCoded ZN-? airborne 1725 26th Nov from Metheringham for Berlin. Turned back following loss of power from one engine and crashed 2015 26th Nov into a field near the airfield. P/O R.F.Neil, Sgt M.J.Sheryn, Sgt J.F.Harmes, F/O G.L.Ashman, F/S T.J.Robertson, Sgt R.P Prothero, Sgt A.L.Parker injured.
26th NovemberMosquito IVHX957No.21 SqnLeverton Marsh One crew member landed by the aircraft wreckage, and the second crew member landed by the Sailors Home public house on sea lane, Old Leake. No further information found.
27th NovemberLancaster IIDS712No.408 Sqnnr LincolnCoded EQ-G. Airborne 1711 26th Nov from Linton-on-Ouse for Berlin. After leaving the target area, flying at 21,000 feet in the vicinity of Magdeburg, hit by Flak at 2118 which wounded Sgt Robert in his left foot. At 2240, over the Isomer, a JU88 attacked and though their attacker was evaded, problems were experienced with the starboard inner engine. Eventually, the crew reached the Fiskerton area, where the starboard outer engine failed, followed by a malfunction in the rudder trim mechanism. The order to abandon was given, but the escape hatch jammed. subsequently, the Lancaster was crash-landed 0100 on a sewage disposal plant 2 miles SE of Lincoln. Sgt Robert was taken to the Military Hospital in Lincoln. F/S R.T.Lloyd RCAF, Sgt H.Nightingale, F/O J.F.Fowler RCAF, F/S G.E.Cameron RCAF, Sgt L.lane, Sgt E.Williams, Sgt M.A.Robert RCAF.
27th NovemberLancaster IIIJB235No.49 SqnFiskertonCoded EA-C, Airborne 1728 26th Nov from Fiskerton for Berlin. Crashed 0103 27th Nov in the 'Funnel' at Fiskerton on return for a FIDO approach and landing and burst into flames. Of those who died, Sgt Richardson was conveyed to Cambridge City Cemetery for burial, the others were taken back to their home towns. Sgt R.J.Richardson RAAF KIA, P/O H.Lowe (P2) KIA, Sgt H.G.Boswell KIA, Sgt H.Carr KIA, Sgt Winterborn inj, Sgt L.H.Cartwright KIA, P/O Lane inj, Sgt M.O.Mahoney inj, This crew were lost on their first operation.
27th NovemberLancaster IIIJB354No.12 SqnWickenbyCoded PH-O, Airborne 1705hrs 26th Nov from Wickenby for Berlin. On return to base touched down 0036hrs 27th Nov but swung off the runway and was damaged beyond repair. No injuries reported. P/O R.S.Yell RAAF, Sgt w.J.C.MacDonald RCAF, P/O K.R.Middlemiss RCAF, Sgt T.a.Finch, F/S J.H.Nutt, Sgt K.B.Reeves, Sgt S.Bates.
27th NovemberLancaster IIIJB464No.12 SqnBinbrookCoded PH-D, Airborne from Wickenby (Time not recorded) for Berlin. Severely damaged by Flak. Sgt Twitchett, on return, diverted to Binbrook and landed successfully with wheels retracted. No injuries. Sgt A.G.Twitchett, Sgt D.Leatherbarrow, Sgt D.Robertson, Sgt S.Burnell, Sgt C.W.Farrant, P/O M.Hewitt, Sgt P.F.J.Sykes RCAF.
27th NovemberLancaster IIIJB554No.100 SqnWalthamCoded HW-K2, Airborne 1644 26th Nov from Waltham for Berlin. crash-landed 0037 27th Nov after undershooting the runway on return to Base. The wreckage caught fire, but the crew managed to scramble clear relatively unscathed. P/O L.J.Stow, Sgt J.E.Lamb, Sgt A.D.Walker, Sgt D.R.Tapper, Sgt R.K.A.Grainger, Sgt M.R.Shear, Sgt D.J.Devlin.
27th NovemberLancaster IIILM362No.626 SqnLissingtonCoded UM-A2. Airborne 1712 26th Nov from Wickenby for Berlin. Undershot on return to Wickenby and crashed 0010 at Lissington, 4 miles NNW of Wragby. No injuries. F/L V.Wood, F/O J.Wilkinson (P2), Sgt C.G.Davis, P/O L.N.Kirby, F/S G.H.Wood, Sgt W.Cruickshank, Sgt S.F.Hare, F/S R.Hornby.


1st DecemberBeaufighter VI?No.254 SqnNorth CoatesCoded U - Crashed at the end of the runway at the airfield, after returning from a patrol. No injuries were reported.
2nd DecemberBlenheim IL119612 (P) AFUnr Hungerton HallCrashed after takeoff from Spitalgate.
2nd DecemberBlenheim VAZ94112 (P) AFUPonton HeathCrashed after takeoff from Harlaxton, Finn quotes the date as 3rd.
2nd DecemberMaster IT8494RAFCCranwellUndercarriage collapsed whilst taxiing.
2nd DecemberLancaster IIIW4999No.625 SqnKelsternCoded CF-G, airborne 1650 2nd Dec from Kelstern. Returned to base and while preparing to land both port engines cut, causing an immediate crash-landing at 2350 during which the Lancaster collided with an obstruction and was wrecked. No injuries reported. W/O Aslett, Sgt Bott and Sgt Cooper transferred to PFF and were killed, together, 23rd Apr 44, during operations to Laon. See; ND592. W/O P.R.Aslett, Sgt D.M.Blackmore, Sgt J.W.Bott, Sgt H.B.Cooper, Sgt C.L.Jennings, F/S R.A.Verry, P/O R.O.Budd, Sgt E.B.Thomas.
3rd DecemberBlenheim IVN35261 AASManbyHit a vehicle whilst being towed.
4th DecemberLancaster IIIJB140No.467 SqnWaddingtonCoded PO-? Started the take-off run at 0016 4th Dec from Waddington but both port engines cut on the roll and the Lancaster swung violently, leaving the runway. Before the Lancaster could be brought under control, it struck the parked Lancaster JB138 (61 Sqn). This aircraft was subsequently repaired and put back in service. F/S Frizzell died from his injuries 5th Dec and is buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. also buried here is Sgt L.M.Parker, who was a ground crew member of the Sqn, and who is believed to have been killed in this accident, while a Sgt Hobba is reported to have been injured. F/O C.I.Reynolds RAAF, Sgt W.King, F/S E.A.Joyce RAAF, F/S K.N.B.Davies RAAF, F/S h.M.Vellenoweth RAAF, Sgt R.H.Keating, F/S C.R.Frizzell injured.
4th DecemberHurricane IVLD885No.438 SqnDigbyOverran on landing & hit a hedge.
5th DecemberLancaster IIIDV270No.101 SqnBinbrook HallCoded SR-E. Lost on a training flight. Airborne 1658 5th Dec from Ludford Magna. Crashed 2028 5th Dec near Binbrook Hall. Sgt Anderson was an acclaimed athlete who ran for Great Britain against France in the 1935 International Match. A Memorial to the crew now stands amongst the trees at Scallow Wood. F/O F.E.Oliver KIA, Sgt A.D.Wells KIA, F/O W.Reid KIA, Sgt J.W.Anderson KIA, Sgt R.Spierling KIA, Sgt S.G.Burton KIA, Sgt R.S.Bradbury KIA.
9th DecemberLancaster IIIED8111660 HCUBlankney FenAirborne from Swinderby on a navigation sortie, the crew were advised to divert to Spilsby due to adverse weather at Swinderby. At 1745, whilst searching for Spilsby, the aircraft flew into the ground in bad weather at Glebe Farm. F/S E.E. Franke RAAF inj, Sgt P. Entwistle inj, Sgt J. Mellor inj, WO2 K.R. Schiller RCAF KIA, F/S Knight unhurt, Sgt W.M. Hall injured.
11th DecemberGladiator IIN2310521 Met Sqnnr Old LeakeCrashed 1 mile east of Old Leake.
13th DecemberBeaufighter X?No.236 SqnDonna NookCoded W - Crash landed at the airfield causing the runway to be blocked for 3 days, owing to the waterlogged state of the airfield. No injuries were reported.
15th DecemberLysanderW6955CGSHolbeachOverran on landing.
16th DecemberHalifax VEB1851667 HCUNewton Ings farm, Newton by Toft Airborne from Faldingworth for a night exercise. Crashed at Newton Ings farm, Newton by Toft, at 2325 shortly after takeoff. Sgt R.T. Stoneham KIA, Sgt H. Poole KIA, F/S H.M. Tait RCAF KIA, Sgt J. Pennington KIA, F/F K.F. Wightman RCAF KIA, Sgt R.L. Cox KIA, F/O A.R. Cameron RCAF KIA.
16th DecemberLancaster IIIJB657No.460 SqnMarket StaintonCoded AR-S Airborne 1632 16th Dec from Binbrook for Berlin. On return at 2312 radioed to say the Lancaster had clipped a tree at 2348 a further message indicated the crew were firing Verey cartridges. Crashed into a wood near Market Stainton, 12 miles SW of Louth. All are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery their average age was 23. F/O Randall, a graduate of Sydney University, held a Bronze Life Saving medal. F/O F.A.Randall DFC RAAF KIA, Sgt J.Mckenzie KIA, F/S W.K.Halstead RAAF KIA, F/O H.G.D.Dedman RAAF KIA, Sgt H.H.Petersen RAAF KIA, F/S C.G.Howie RAAF KIA, Sgt R.A.Moynagh RAAF KIA.
16th DecemberLancaster IIIJB670No.103 SqnUlceby, nr Elsham Coded PM-? Airborne 1637 16th Dec from Elsham Wolds for Berlin and collided three minutes later with a 576 Sqn Lancaster, both bombers coming down at Ulceby. Apart from Sgt Furrie, who was taken back to Scotland for burial in New Stevenston (St Patricks) Roman Catholic Cemetery at Bothwell, all are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. F/S Richter, F/O Jaques and Sgt Flampton had been attached from 576 Sqn. F/S V.Richter KIA, Sgt F.S.Copping KIA, F/O C.R.Jaques KIA, Sgt T.L.H.Kay RAAF KIA, Sgt P.Coopman KIA, Sgt C.W.Plampton KIA, Sgt F.A.Furrie KIA.
16th DecemberLancaster IIILM332No.576 SqnUlceby, nr Elsham Coded UL-B2. Airborne 1636 16th Dec from Elsham Wolds for Berlin and collided three minutes later with a 103 Sqn Lancaster (JB670) airborne from Elsham Wolds at 1637 and also part of the Berlin raid. Both Lancasters crashed at Ulceby. There were no survivors from the fourteen aircrew involved. At 18, Sgt Cull was the youngest Bomber Command crewman to lose his life. F/S F.R.Scott RAAF KIA, Sgt S.V.Cull KIA, Sgt G.G.Critchley KIA, F/S P.M.C.Ellis KIA, Sgt J.H.Caldwell KIA, Sgt B.P.Wicks RAAF KIA, Sgt J.W.Ross KIA.
16th DecemberLancaster IIILM385No.166 Sqnnr CaistorCoded AS-? Airborne 1625 16th Dec from Kirmington for Berlin. Crashed on return at 2359 on high ground at Caistor on return. The three Commonwealth airmen and Sgt Hine were buried in Cambridge City Cemetery; the others were taken to their home towns. Sgt S.F.Miller KIA, Sgt T.Rudden KIA, Sgt H.G.A.Hine KIA, Sgt B.W.Haney RCAF KIA, F/S J.H.Murphy RAAF KIA, Sgt H.E.Miles KIA, Sgt W.W.J.llen RCAF KIA.
16th DecemberLancaster IIIJB639No.166 Sqnnr Barton-on-HumberCoded AS-Z. Airborne 1620 16th Dec from Kirmington for Berlin. Crashed 2335 16th Dec on return coming down at Barton-upon-Humber, 12 miles NE of Scunthorpe. Sgt Thompson and Sgt Perry were buried in Cambridge City Cemetery; the others were taken to their home towns. F/S A.E.Brown KIA, Sgt C.G.Thompson KIA, Sgt H.A.Williams KIA, Sgt W.N.Griffin KIA, Sgt L.D.Perry KIA, Sgt E.V.Smith KIA, Sgt D.W.Inglis KIA.
16th DecemberLancaster IIIED951No.625 SqnGayton-le-WoldCoded CF-A. Airborne 1645 16th Dec from Kelstern for Berlin. Crashed on return at 2356 into the side of a hill near Gayton-le-Wold. The injured were taken to Louth County Hospital. Sgt Taylor is buried in Leicester (Gilroes) Cemetery. Sgt Draycott in Wigton Cemetery. 2Lt G.E.Woolley USAAF inj, Sgt S.A.Shannon KIA, F/L G.E.Shannon inj, Sgt G.A.Draycott KIA, Sgt D.Pascoe inj, Sgt F.R.Johnson inj, Sgt G.A.Richards injured.
16th DecemberHalifax IIDT6691662 HCUCorringhamAirborne from Blyton for a night navigation exercise. Crashed at Corringham at 2335 whilst on approach to land. F/S G.M. Vautier RCAF KIA, Sgt R.E.C. Bottle KIA, F/S J.E. Findley RAAF KIA, F/S E. Hoskings RAAF KIA, F/S N.R.B. Toy RAAF KIA, Sgt E.J. Strawbridge RAAF KIA.
16th DecemberLancaster IIIJB560No.100 Sqnnr KelsternCoded HW-N, Airborne 1613 16th Dec from Waltham for Berlin. Crashed on return in bad weather near Kelstern airfield. W/C Holford and WO2 Wareham are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. The others were taken back to their home towns. W/C Holford was 100 Sqn Commanding Officer. W/C D.W.Holford DSO DFC KIA, Sgt J.Wunderley KIA, WO2 H.B.Wareham RCAF KIA, Sgt R.E.Mason KIA, Sgt R.Mackay inj, F/S H.Whygrew KIA, F/S D.Bolinbroke injured.
16th DecemberLancaster IIIJB596No.100 SqnBarnoldby-le-BeckCoded HW-H, Airborne 1618 16th Dec from Waltham for Berlin. Crashed 2300 17th Dec due to bad weather conditions at Barnoldby-le-Beck, 5 miles SW of Grimsby. Those killed were taken to their home towns for burial. F/O R.L.Proudfoot KIA, Sgt S.D.Viggers KIA, Sgt L.Noyes inj, Sgt J.Bamford KIA, Sgt B.Heaton KIA, Sgt B.Phillips inj, Sgt F.H.Taylor injured.
16th DecemberLancaster IIIJB704No.460 Sqnnr BinbrookCoded AR-? Airborne 1622 16th Dec from Binbrook for Berlin. Undershot on return to Binbrook and crashed 2157 into a field bordering the airfield. No injuries. F/S K.J.Goodwin RAAF, Sgt I.V.Browse, F/S V.W.Dellitt RAAF, F/S E.A.Hennessey RAAF, P/O J.N.Morris RAAF, Sgt F.Clarkson. Seventh crew member not identified.
16th DecemberLancaster IIIJB715No.12 SqnHaintonCoded PH-U, Airborne 1614hrs 16th Dec from Wickenby for Berlin. On return crashed 2354hrs 16th Dec at Hainton, 9 miles WSW of Louth. Sgt Whitley was critically injured and died shortly after being admitted to Louth Hospital. Both Australians are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery whilst the others are buried in various towns and villages within the UK. F/S H.R.H.Ross RAAF KIA, Sgt F.G.Clark KIA, F/L A.Walker KIA, Sgt H.D.G.Aldiss KIA, Sgt H.R.McDowell RAAF KIA, Sgt A.T.Broome KIA, Sgt R.A.Whitley injured.
17th DecemberHalifax VLL120No.161 Sqnoff SkegnessCoded MA-W. SOE-assigned. Airborne 2115 16th Dec from Tempsford to fly a cargo drop on "OPERATION WHEEL WRIGHT 47". They went down to Angoul me and in the target area met with high patchy cloud, rain showers and thick fog covered the ground. There was no response on 'Rebecca' from the target or from two special 'Eureka' beacons that were set up in this area. On the way back they flew over a well lit aerodrome, SE of Thouars (35 km south of Saumur) where night flying was taking place - 'No action developed'. With bad weather at base and at the two diversions, Swinderby and Woodbridge, Caldwell decided to bale his crew out in the Spilsby area at 0545. All landed safely (including their pet Fox terrier). The Navigator broke his ankle. The aircraft crashed into the sea near Skegness after they had been airborne 8.30 hours. W/O W.A.Caldwell Sgt Mottison F/S Morris inj, Sgt R.F.Philp, F/S Wilson, Sgt Grant, Sgt Matthews, Sgt Snell.
17th DecemberLancaster IIIJB674No.100 SqnWaitheCoded HW-Q. Collided in the air with another 100 Sqn Lancaster (JB678) bound for Berlin, both Lancasters falling at 0040 17th Dec near Grimsby. Three are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. The others were taken to their home towns in England and the Irish Republic. F/S A.J.Kevis KIA, Sgt D.S.Watson KIA, W/O W.H.Harris MiD KIA, F/S J.R.Bateman RCAF KIA, Sgt R.M.J.Gaffney KIA, P/O R.A.Van-Walwyk KIA, Sgt T.E.Cain KIA.
17th DecemberLancaster IIIJB678No.100 SqnWaitheCoded HW-F. Airborne 1646 16th Dec from Waltham to Berlin. Collided in the air with another 100 Sqn Lancaster (JB674), both Lancasters falling at 0040 17th Dec near Grimsby. Sgt Wallace died of his injuries 8th Jan 44. He is buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. The others were all taken to their home towns. Sgt G.C.Denman KIA, Sgt A.H.Johnson KIA, Sgt I.A.Redman KIA, Sgt H.L.Blackwell KIA, Sgt J.W.Christmas KIA, Sgt R.G.Read KIA, Sgt C.B.Wallace RCAF inj.
17th DecemberLancaster IIIIDV173No.460 SqnNormanbyCoded AR-? Airborne 1625 16th Dec from Binbrook. Crashed 0017 in bad weather into a field at Normanby Site near Caistor. P/O Garment was taken to his home town for burial. W/O M.Stafford, Sgt F.D.Dixon inj, Sgt W.F.H.McIntyre, P/O C.E.Hanson, F/S R.Mansfield, Sgt J.Davies, P/O H.H.Garment KIA.
17th DecemberLancaster IIIDV283No.101 SqnCammeringhamCoded SR-P, Airborne 1617 16th Dec from Ludford Magna for Berlin. Ran out of fuel and abandoned 0014 17th Dec successfully near Ingham airfield, crashed Blackthorne Hill Farm. No injuries. F/O A.C.Lazenby, Sgt G.Lindsay, P/O W.Craig, P/O J.McClure, Sgt A.Wilton, Sgt G.Beckett, Sgt D.Stevens, Sgt R.S.Brown.
17th DecemberLancaster IIIEE150No.619 Sqnnr Woodhall SpaCoded PG-F, Airborne 1635 16th Dec from Woodhall Spa for Berlin. Outbound, badly shot about by a night-fighter, but showing great skill and determination of purpose, the crew pressed on to the target and completed their task. On return to base, crashed 0140 17th Dec near the airfields outer beacon. F/L Tomlin gained an immediate First Bar to his DFC and F/S Brookes was awarded an immediate DFM, both decorations being Gazetted 25th Jan 44. F/L Tomlin and his crew had survived a previous crash-landing again on return from Berlin 27th Nov. See: EE168 F/L A.H.Tomlin DFC and Bar F/S A.E.Brookes DFM, P/O T.A.Peatfield, F/S Aveline, F/S J.Simkin, Sgt R.W.Thompson, Sgt W.Dunham, W/O E.S.Evans.
18th DecemberBeaufighter XLX858No.236 Sqnoff North CoatesEngine failed during a fighter affiliation sortie, ditched 2 miles north of North Coates.
19th DecemberWellington XHF598No.300 SqnHackthornCoded BH-M, airborne 1100 from Ingham on an air-test sortie. The aircraft crashed at 1111 1 mile south-west of Hackthorn. F/O J.A Ochedzan PAF KIA, Sgt F.A. Bluj PAF KIA.
20th DecemberWellington ICX982314 OTUFolkinghamAirborne from market harborough for a cross-country flight. The aircraft force-landed downwind at 1400hrs on the airfield which was still under construction. It is believed that the crew had partially abandoned the aircraft prior to the forced-landing. The only injury was Sgt R.V. Ind who suffered back injuries.
23rd DecemberMaster IIAZ586RAFCCaistorCaught fire on the ground.
23rd DecemberBlenheimNKNKRopsley woodNo details recorded.
24th DecemberLancaster IIIED730No.550 Sqnnr FulstowCoded EQ-G2, Airborne 0007 24th Dec from Waltham for Berlin. Collided in the air, outbound and climbing through 12,000 with a 100 Sqn Lancaster (ND327) also outbound for Berlin. Both bombers crashed 0040 near Fulstow, 6 miles N of Louth. The two Canadians are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery; the others were taken to their home towns for burial. Sgt H.F.J.Woods KIA, Sgt D.G.Davies KIA, Sgt M.Giles KIA, F/S J.R.E.Legere RCAF KIA, Sgt L.F.Wright KIA, Sgt J.C.Atherton RCAF KIA, Sgt J.McConnell KIA.
24th DecemberLancaster IIIND327No.100 Sqnnr FulstowCoded HW-? Climbing out of Waltham en-route Berlin collided at 12,000 feet with a 550 Sqn Lancaster (ED730), both bombers crashing 0040 24th Dec near Fulstow, 6 miles N of Louth. The two Canadians were taken for burial at Cambridge City Cemetery, while the others were taken to their home towns and villages. remarkably, Sgt Theobalds name is commemorated on Panel 9, Column 2, of the Malta Memorial. F/S W.R.Cooper KIA, Sgt G.W.Claydon KIA, Sgt A.R.Laurence KIA, Sgt G.W.Guest RCAF KIA, Sgt R.W.Theobald KIA, Sgt J.A.Jordan RCAF KIA, Sgt J.Rawson KIA.
27th December B-17F Fortress 42-30221 368BS-306BG in the Wash Coded BO:G, this aircraft took off from Thurleigh as the lead aircraft for a squadron formation training flight. At 100hrs the aircraft flying in the right-wing position in the formation (B-17F 42-30841 piloted by 2nd Lt Nelson W Hardin) collided with this aircraft causing severe damage. This aircraft was pointed out to sea on a safe heading and the crew all baled out successfully. Crew were pilot 1st Lt J P Toombs, co-pilot 2nd Lt Taylor L Leedy, navigator 2nd Lt E P West, engineer S/Sgt G J Peterson, radio operator S/Sgt J B Poston, gunner S/Sgt A F Klepper, gunner Sgt C O Metz and passenger 2nd Lt Robert K Welter. B-17F 42-30841 landed safely at Thurleigh but was written off due to damage received in the collision.
27th DecemberBlenheim IVV61201 AASIrby-on-HumberHit a tree.
28th DecemberBlenheim IL125012 (P) AFUStoke RochfordLanded wheels-up.
30th DecemberPiper L-4B Cub43-657482 BGnr Sutton st EdmundHit wires, no further details. Accident report not listed on the AAIR website.