1945 Incident Logs

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1st JanuaryLancaster IIIPD368No.9 SqnBardneyCoded WS-A. Airborne 0750 1st Jan from Bardney to attack the Dortmund-Ems Canal at Ladbergen and crashed almost immediately. Sgt Dawes was not seriously injured. F/O J.W.Buckley RAAF, Sgt K.E.Dawes inj, F/O W.C.Shutler, F/O A.Nolan, F/S I.L.Moore RAAF, Sgt R.G.Round, Sgt R.A.C.Copperwaite.
1st JanuaryLancaster ING127No.50 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded VN-D. Tasked to bomb the Mittelland Kanal near Gravenhorst but swung out of control on take- off, whereupon the undercarriage collapsed. No injuries, but the Lancaster was written off. Crew details are omitted from 50 Sqn records and details of the incident have been obtained from the Accident record Book. Such practices of ignoring take-off accidents were not unusual at this stage of the war. F/O Sagar and all his crew, presumably the personnel involved in this incident were all killed a few days later.
1st JanuarySpitfire VBBL66953 OTUAshby nr ScunthorpeStalled whilst low-flying and crashed.
1st JanuarySpitfire VBEN85853 OTUKirton LindseySwung on landing and crashed into a hedge.
1st JanuaryAnsonNK8457 FTSSutton BridgeOvershot on landing and crashed into an earth bank.
1st JanuaryLancaster IIING252No.9 SqnBardneyCoded WS-R. Airborne 0747 1st Jan from Bardney to bomb the Dortmund-Ems Canal at Ladbergen. Dived into the ground shortly after becoming airborne, due to loss of power on one or both port engines. Of those killed, three are buried in Harrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery. F/O Newton RCAF came from Rockwood, Michigan, while P/O Stevens RCAF had married Margaret Jean Slide Stevens from Batford, Hertfordshire. It is further recorded that the crew's regular engineer, Sgt Gregory, was destined to team up with F/O E.I.Waters RNZAF, whose own regular flight engineer, Sgt Booth, had been killed in this accident. F/O C.S.Newton RCAF KIA, Sgt C.Booth KIA, F/S P.Grant KIA, P/O R.C.Flynn RCAF inj, Sgt L.G.Kelly KIA, F/S E.H.Cooper RCAF KIA, P/O R.S.Stevens RCAF KIA.
2nd JanuaryLancaster ING421No.150 SqnBardneyCoded IQ-M. This aircraft was lost on its first operation with a total of seven hours. Airborne 1510 2nd Jan from Hemswell for Nuremburg. Homebound, collided in the air 2310 with a 153 Sqn Lancaster (PB515), both Lancasters crashing at Sudbrooke, 3 miles NNE of Lincoln. They were buried in their home towns. F/O G.L.Russell KIA, Sgt G.Hargreaves KIA, F/S P.H.Rodwell KIA, F/S F.Jones KIA, Sgt J.G.Hammond KIA, Sgt J.T.Frampton KIA, Sgt G.E.W.Redmile KIA.
2nd JanuaryLancaster ILL898No.100 Sqnoff GrimsbyCoded HW-L, Dived into the sea at 1003 from 5,500 feet while carrying out bombing practice. All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/L V.Weatherley RNZAF KIA, Sgt J.Dubois KIA, F/O W.S.Cameron KIA, F/O R.Warwick KIA, Sgt P.Share KIA, Sgt G.H.Thirkettle KIA.
2nd JanuaryLancaster IIIPB515No.153 SqnSudbrookeCoded P4-N. Airborne 1455 from Scampton. Collided with NG421 on return from Nuremburg. Lostbombers quotes 9th Aug 44, crashed at Sudbrooke Crew List PB515: F/O D.C Reid RCAF KIA, Sgt R.C Richards RCAF KIA, Sgt C. R Pogson RCAF KIA, F/Sgt H.V Durling RCAF KIA, Sgt R.Taylor KIA, Sgt D.D. Hoskins RCAF KIA, F/S A.J Eberle RCAF KIA.
2nd JanuaryP-51B Mustang43-2480837 6FS / 361 FGnr Sutton BridgeLost control & spun in 1 mile from airfield, pilot Marion C. Kelly bailed out.
3rd JanuaryLancaster IW43761662 HCUBlytonAirborne 1047 from Blyton for dual circuit & landing practise. Training went normally for 15 minutes, but whilst performing pre-takeoff checks at 1103, undercarriage folded and aircraft was DBR. F/L W.A. Rainey DFC inj, remaining 4 Polish crew unhurt.
3rd JanuaryBlenheim VAZ94712 (P) AFUHarlaxtonHit on the ground by AZ960(which was repaired).
4th JanuarySpitfire VW357553 OTUnr Stainfield?Landed wheels-up 5 miles south of Wickenby.
4th JanuaryLancasterND861No.103 Sqnin the HumberCoded PM-H. Left Elsham Wolds at 1424 on a training flight, but flew into a snowstorm and crashed at 1440 into the Humber near Hull. All the crew are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. P/O C.J Weight, P/O G.E. Widdicombe, F/O M.D. Pickersgill, Sgt H.G. Backway, Sgt C.F. Hillier and Sgt C Lloyd.
4th JanuaryLancaster INF924No.101 SqnLudford MagnaCrash-landed, transferred to 5MU, eventually struck off charge May 1947.
4th JanuaryP-51D Mustang44-15036374 FS / 361 FGnr HolbeachCrashed, pilot John R. Wilson Jr KIA, no further details.
5th JanuaryBlenheim VAZ99312 (P) AFUSpitalgateHit tree on approach.
5th JanuaryLancaster IIIPB348No.57 Sqnnr MablethorpeCoded DX-T, Airborne 0045 5th Jan from East Kirkby to attack the German garrison at Royan dominating the mouth of the River Gironde. after becoming airborne, the crew encountered very severe icing and within a few minutes both starboard engines ceased to function. Attempts to feather the two engines were unsuccessful and their plight worsened as the ASI became affected by the icing. Bombs were jettisoned but after forty- five minutes of flying, the crew were obliged to abandon the aircraft. Subsequently, the wreckage of the aircraft was found on the beach between the Lincolnshire resort of Mablethorpe and nearby Theddlethorpe St.Helen. No injuries reported. F/O A.R.Curran RAAF, Sgt D.Howells, Sgt R.Denholme, Sgt E.Starmer, Sgt N.Ward, Sgt H.Terry, Sgt F.Gregan.
5th JanuaryDakota43-4872748 TCS / 313 TCGnr PinchbeckCrashed near West Pinchbeck, possibly 4 Killed, pilot Harry R. Klaus.
6th JanuaryLancaster IILL6361668 HCUBottesfordAirborne 1010 on a training sortie, landed safely, but at 1126 whilst taxiing, one starboard engine caught fire due to incorrect fit of a warning light transmitter retaining nut. Minor damage, but aircraft SOC.
7th JanuaryOxfordP89115 SFTSSutton BridgeUndershot whilst landing at night.
7th JanuaryBeaufighter XNE756No.236 SqnDonna NookUndercarriage collapsed on landing, aircraft hit building.
7th JanuaryLancaster IIIPD317No.630 SqnEast KirkbyCoded LE-G. Airborne 1645 7th Jan from East Kirkby to Munich but the port engine failed soon after becoming airborne. Bombs were jettisoned and the crew returned to base but on touchdown at 1759 the Lancaster bounced and the pilot opened the throttles in an attempt to go round again. However, the port wing tip dropped and the Lancaster cart-wheeled across the airfield, F/O Billings sustaining injuries that necessitated the amputation of an arm. The two airmen killed are buried in their home towns. The remainder of the crew, it is reported, made a good recovery. F/O G.E.Billings inj, Sgt S.Harris inj, F/S A.Hobson KIA, F/O L.Knowles inj, Sgt J.Duncan inj, Sgt D.A.Holloway KIA, F/S D.Todd RAAF injured.
8th JanuaryWellington XNC954105 OTUnr WoottonEngine fire caused forced landing 1.5miles south-southwest of Wootton, aircraft hit a pole on landing. Not listed in Chorley's OTU losses book.
10th JanuaryMaster IIDL2387 FTSSutton BridgeTakeoff failed due to ice.
14th JanuaryLancaster IIIND822No.460 SqnLudford MagnaCoded AR-N. Airborne 1903 14th Jan from Binbrook to attack the synthetic-oil producing plant at Merseburg/Leuna. Heard, faintly, on R/T at 2148 and landing instructions were passed. Nothing further was heard and at 2214 the Lancaster crashed near Ludford Magna Airfield. F/S Peterson died from his burns 20th Jan; with the other RAAF members of the crew he is buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. Sgt Forrest is buried in Hebburn Cemetery on the S bank of the River Tyne. P/O G.d.Walker RAAF KIA, Sgt J.G.Forrest KIA, F/S R.W.Hamilton RAAF KIA, F/S K.Hutchings RAAF KIA, F/S E.R.winton RAAF KIA, F/S L.R.Barnden RAAF KIA, F/S B.B.Peterson RAAF injured.
15th JanuaryOxfordV41267 PAFUSutton BridgeCrashed due to wing hitting the ground whilst overshooting.
15th JanuaryWellington XIIIJA144EAASnr WalthamLanded wheels-up following engine failure.
15th JanuaryHurricane IIcLF3951690 BDTFMetheringhamAirborne 1541 from Metheringham for a fighter affiliation sortie. Landed 1631, ran for 50 yards normally, then port undercarriage leg collapsed.
15th JanuaryLancaster IIILM6191668 HCUWestboroughAirborne 1820 from Bottesford for night bombing practise. Crashed 2030 after overshooting, map ref S55 1 inch 312641. F/O I.V.L. Thompson RAAF KIA, F/S J. Rawlinson KIA, Sgt J.G. Hazelden KIA, Sgt C.B.C. Mann KIA, F/S A.B. Thomas RAAF KIA, Sgt D.G. Brun KIA, Sgt G.F. Ashby injured.
15th JanuaryLancaster IPA160No.300 SqnHemswellCoded BH-E. Airborne 1916 14th Jan from Faldingworth to bomb the synthetic oil refinery at Leuna. Returned successfully to base and was positioning downwind in the home circuit when it hit the ground at 0325 15th Jan near Goltho Hall in the aerodrome circuit. Four of the crew were injured, one seriously, though none are named in the Squadron Records. F/O M.Kozubski PAF, Sgt A.Jackowski PAF, P/O A.Kosciukiewicz PAF, Sgt E.Micko PAF, Sgt M.Periak PAF, Sgt G.Sigall PAF, Sgt T.Niemied PAF.
16th JanuaryB-24J Liberator42-51471855 BS / 491 BGStowgate farm, Deeping st JamesForce-landed in bad weather, pilot Frank G. Rose, no further details recorded.
19th JanuaryLancaster IW41541667 HCUSandtoftAirborne 2055 for circuits and practise bombing. On return at 2110 aircraft bounced onto the grass. Pilot tried to get back onto the runway, but starboard wheel hit a ditch 80 yards from the runway collapsing the undercarriage.
19th JanuaryBeaufighter XNV118No.254 SqnNorth CoatesFlew into snow on overshoot, lost control and crashed onto the beach.
22nd JanuaryOxfordLX7467 FTSSuttertonCrash-landed following engine failure.
28th JanuaryStirlingLK4001660 HCUMorton Hall, nr SwinderbyAirborne 1605 from Swinderby for conversion training. Shortly before 1730 both inner engines failed at 1400ft, and the aircraft made a forced landing near Morton Hall. Last serious Bomber Command HCU Stirling incident of the war.
29th JanuaryBeaufighter XNV421No.236 Sqnnr North CoatesLanded wheels-up 2.5 miles south-southwest of the airfield (nr Pye's Hall?) following engine failure.
29th JanuaryDakota42-2534232 TCS / 314 TCGHarlaxtonLanding accident, pilot Wallace R. Johnson, no further details.


1st FebruaryLancaster IIIME302No.170 SqnHemswellCoded TC-U, undercarriage collapsed after aircraft swung on takeoff for Ludwigshaven and hit a ditch.
1st FebruaryLancaster INF912No.61 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded QR-? Airborne 1542 1st Feb from Skellingthorpe, but the port outer engine cut as the Lancaster became airborne. Exercising considerable skill, S/L Horsley succeeded in flying a very tight circuit and one minute later he crash-landed on the airfield. as he touched down, there was an explosion, followed by fire. Those killed are buried in their home towns. F/S Chapman won the CGM, Gazetted 9th May 44, for steadfastly remaining at his post, despite being severely wounded, while on operations to Nuremburg 30/31 Mar 44. F/S Sherriff's DFM was published 25th May 45. He was a Regular airman whose Service Number suggests entry to the Service in the ate 1920's or early 30's. S/L H.W.Horsley AFC KIA, W/O H.J.Pyke KIA, F/S S.Fleet KIA, F/S V.D.Merrow KIA, F/S L.Chapman CGM KIA, F/S A.A.Sherriff DFM KIA, Sgt R.T.Hoskisson inj, S/L Horsley and Sgt Hoskisson were successful evaders from LM718.
1st FebruaryP-47D Thunderbolt42-2881063 FS / 56 FGnr Bourne?Collided with unknown aircraft and crashed 12 miles north of Peterborough, pilot Frank M. Ogden.
2nd FebruaryHalifax VIINP757No.408 SqnNorth WithamCoded EQ-B, Airborne 2010 2nd Feb from Linton-on-Ouse to bomb the synthetic oil refinery at Wanne-Eichel but whilst outbound the crew experienced engine problems of such severity that at 2110 they were forced to abandon the Halifax, leaving it to crash at North Witham, 9 miles SSE of Grantham and just to the W of the A1 below the village of Colsterworth. Two of the crew sustained quite serious injuries and a third was less seriously hurt. Their names are not identified in Squadron records. F/O J.D.Baird RCAF, Sgt P.J.A.O'Connell, F/O J.M.Black RCAF, F/O E.A.Kapanuik RCAF, WO2 W.G.Hudson RCAF, F/S R.G.Hughes RCAF, F/S W.J.Baty RCAF.
2nd FebruaryMosquito VIPZ245No.239 SqnDeeping st NicholasLanded wheels-up after engine problems.
3rd FebruarySpitfire VBEP75953 OTUHibaldstowCollided with AR427 (repaired) whilst taxiing.
3rd FebruaryLancaster IIIPB457No.101 SqnLudford MagnaCoded SR-V, caught fire inside a hangar.
4th FebruaryLancaster IIIND792No.619 SqnStrubbyCoded PG-R, undercarriage collapsed after aircraft overran on landing from a training flight.
5th FebruaryHarvard IIKF22817 FTSWellingoreUndershot on night landing and hit a hut.
5th FebruaryBeaufighter XLZ155No.236 Sqnnr North Coates (Humberston Fitties?)Propeller unfeathered on approach, aircraft crashed 3 miles NW of North Coates.
7th FebruaryLancaster IPB478No.83 SqnConingsbyCoded OL-E. DBR when a bomb exploded during loading of NG453 at Coningsby 9th Feb.
7th FebruaryLancaster IIIJA6841668 HCUBottesfordAirborne 2158 from Bottesford for night dual circuits and landings. During a 3-engined overshoot, pilot inadvertently raised flaps too early and the aircraft hit the ground at 2208 and caught fire. F/O J.L. Walker DFC inj, F/O F.G. Wilkinson RCAF inj, Sgt C.M.L. Thomson inj, remaining 4 crew unhurt.
9th FebruaryWellington XIIIMF310EAASManbySkidded during single-engine landing.
9th FebruaryLancaster IPB478No.83 SqnConingsbyCoded OL-E. DBR when a bomb exploded during loading of NG453 at Coningsby 9th Feb.
9th FebruaryLancaster ING453No.83 SqnConingsbyCoded OL-?. Aircraft destroyed at Coningsby when a bomb detonated after falling from its trolley. PB478 also destroyed in this accident. Not lost on operations.
10th FebruaryMosquito VIHR1782 GSUNew YorkHit a building whilst low-flying, 2 killed.
10th FebruaryLancaster IPB812No.460 SqnCaythorpeCoded AR-?. Crashed whilst on a training flight, dived in, 6 Killed – no crew names recorded.
10th FebruaryHurricane IIPZ7441690 BDTFSeacroft, nr SkegnessAirborne from Metheringham 1016. Collided with Lancaster PB146 during fighter affiliation exercise after turning below the Lancaster, aircraft abandoned and crashed near Seacroft station at 1101, F/L I.H. Hanlon injured.
10th FebruaryLancasterPB146No.189 SqnSeacroft, nr SkegnessCollided with PZ744 after following it into a turn, aircraft survived and landed safely, 1 Killed (Navigator).
13th FebruarySpitfire VBAD38653 OTUHibaldstowCrashed on approach.
13th FebruaryLancaster INF932No.550 SqnApleyCoded BQ-B2, Airborne 2139 13th Feb from North Killingholme on Operation Thunderclap (Dresden), but twenty minute after departure collided with a 300 Sqn Lancaster (PA185) also en-route to Dresden. The bodies of the two Air Gunners were found but the rest of the crew could not be identified and they are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. At 42, Sgt Smith was one of the oldest airmen to have been KIA, on Bomber Command Operations in WW11. F/L E.S.Allen KIA, Sgt E.T.Smith KIA, F/S G.A.Dennison KIA, F/S G.A.Maginley KIA, P/O J.R.Byrne KIA, Sgt R.G.Crump KIA, F/O J.E.Murray-Shirreff KIA.
13th FebruaryLancaster IPA185No.300 SqnApleyCoded QR-V, Airborne 2147 13th Feb from Faldingworth for Operation Thunderclap (Dresden). Twelve minutes later, still in the climb, collided with a 550 Sqn Lancaster (NF932). Both aircraft exploded and fell at Stotts farm, Apley, 3 miles SW of Wragby. Only three bodies could be identified and taken to Newark fir burial in the Polish Plot. They are all commemorated on the Northolt Polish Memorial. W/O M.Mykietyn PAF KIA, Sgt A.Jameliniec PAF KIA, W/O J.Placzek PAF KIA, F/S M.F.Ogorzal PAF KIA, Sgt A.Kacmarz PAF KIA, F/S B.Nizinski PAF KIA, Sgt L.S Goldowski PAF KIA.
16th FebruaryB-17G Fortress43-38779615 BS / 401 BGnr BardneyCoded IY-O, named “Rough But Right” Flak damaged on mission 209 to Gelsenkirchen, the pilot 1st Lt George W. McKay reported that he was only able to fly straight and level, and was putting the aircraft on autopilot to allow the crew to bale out safely. The aircraft was abandoned with no injuries to the crew and crashed near Bardney at approx 1845.
18th FebruaryStirlingNKNKSwinderbyPossibly a minor accident, as this is not recorded in Chorley's books.
19th FebruaryP-51D44-14915436 FS / 479 FGSutton BridgeCoded 9B-? Crashed into a hangar on the airfield. Pilot Richard C. Morton.
19th FebruaryOxfordLX3337 FTSSutton BridgeIn hangar hit by 44-14915.
19th FebruaryOxfordMP2787 FTSSutton BridgeIn hangar hit by 44-14915.
20th FebruarySpitfire VW364053 OTUHibaldstowCrashed on overshoot.
20th FebruarySpitfire VBAR39653 OTUHibaldstowCrashed on overshoot.
23rd FebruaryLancasterNKNKCaythorpeNot recorded in Chorley.
24th FebruaryLancasterSW277No.61 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded QR-? Damaged beyond repair when RF137 exploded on the ground at Skellingthorpe.
24th FebruaryLancaster IIIRF137No.61 SqnSkellingthorpeCoded QR-E. Exploded 1846 on its dispersal pan at Skellingthorpe. Earlier in the day RF137 had been involved in an aborted raid on the Dortmund- Ems canal and it is probable that the accident occurred as the bomber was being de bombed. LAC Wilson is buried in Cambridge City Cemetery, his two colleagues were taken to their home towns. LAC Higgins was aged 41. Eleven other airmen were injured in this accident. SW277 was damaged beyond repair by the explosion. LAC B.Burnell KIA, LAC C.H.Higgins KIA, LAC H.G.Wilson KIA.
25th FebruaryLancaster IME4901660 HCUSwinderbyAirborne 1505 to demonstrate 3 engined landings. AC crashed 1515 from 300ft with port outer feathered. F/O J.E.Gibberd DFC RAAF KIA, S/L J.B.Sayers AFC MID KIA, F/S H. Hayes KIA, F/S/D.W. Dunthorpe KIA, W/0 H.B. Jones KIA, W/O H.W. Bennett KIA, F/S T.V.W. Rigby injured.
26th FebruaryLancaster IIIPB243No.12 Sqnnr Market RasenCoded PH-D. Aircraft was wrecked at Stainton-le-Vale. This aircraft was not lost on operations.
26th FebruaryLancaster IIDS8381668 HCUBottesfordtaxiing at 1420 to take off, pilot overused his brakes, missed the turn onto the runway and ran off into soft ground, severely damaging the propellers as he tried to power onto a firmer surface.


2nd MarchLancaster IIIND572No.57 SqnRuskington FenCoded DX-?. Collided with ME473 on a fighter affiliation exercise and crashed near Ruskington.
2nd MarchLancaster IIIME473No.207 SqnRuskington FenCoded EM-M. Collided with ND572 (57 Sqn) over Lincolnshire during a fighter affiliation exercise. Not lost on operations.
3rd MarchLancaster IME7811651 HCUWoolfox LodgeAirborne 1903 from Woolfox Lodge on op supporting main force ops over Germany and Norway. Approaching to land at 0048, speed decayed to 80mph, pilot tried to correct, lost control and crashed just outside the airfield. F/O D.F. Law KIA, Sgt R. Leigh KIA, F/O P.N. Young KIA, F/O W.J. Trice KIA, Sgt H. Vaudrey KIA, Sgt S.J. Webb KIA, Sgt W.G. Kneen injured.
3rd MarchLancaster INN8091660 HCUSwinderbyAirborne 0015 from Swinderby for night conversion training. On landing at 0030, starboard tyre burst, aircraft departed runway and undercarriage collapsed.
3rd MarchSpitfire VBM64553 OTUHibaldstowCrashed during night flying sortie.
4th MarchSpitfire VW337553 OTUKirton LindseyCrashed on takeoff.
4th MarchLancaster IIIME442No.44 SqnBrocklesby ParkCoded KM-V. One of twenty RAF bombers shot down in the UK by Intruders from the Luftwaffe Operation Gisella. Airborne 1842 3rd Mar from Spilsby to attack the Dortmund-Ems Canal at Ladbergen. Homebound and in UK airspace, picked up by an Intruder and shot down 0100 4th Mar to crash amongst trees in Grannington Park on the Brocklesby Estate near Frimsby. F/O Ryan and Sgt Birch are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery; the others are buried in their home towns, the two air Gunners both coming from Liverpool. F/O J.J.F.Ryan RAAF KIA, Sgt T.H.Jarman KIA, F/S R.R.Russell KIA, F/S H.J.Terry KIA, Sgt H.Birch KIA, Sgt H.Payne KIA, Sgt W.H.Rogan KIA.
4th MarchLancaster IIING502No.460 SqnLangworthCoded AR-J. At around 0130 4th Mar, shot down by a Ju88 flown by Fw Heinrich Conse of 7./NJG5 and crashed, burning, into fields near the Barfield House, Langworth, some 7 miles NE of Lincoln. The two men who were killed are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. F/O W.B.Warren, Sgt A.Streatfield KIA, F/S S.Gannon, F/S F.D.Kelly, F/S R.E.D.Avey RAAF KIA, F/L R.D.Grinter, Sgt R.J. Jackson.
4th MarchLancasterND3871651 HCU3 miles N of Woolfox LodgeCoded BS-K, Airborne from Woolfox Lodge on diversionary force op supporting main force. Shot down by an intruder approx 0100. 6 Killed, 1 inj, Those killed are buried in various cemeteries in UK. Three are buried in Cambridge City Cemetery. F/S A.Howard KIA, Sgt A.W.Darling KIA, Sgt W.J.Pullan KIA, F/O K.C.Millar KIA, F/S R.B.Wilson RNZAF KIA, Sgt A.W.Taylor KIA, Sgt J.Thompson injured.
4th MarchLancaster IIIME323No.12 Sqnbetween East Stockwith and BlytonCoded PH-P, Shot down by an Intruder during a night training flight and crashed 0110 4th Mar between Stockwith and Blyton, two villages 3 miles NW and NE respectively from Gainsborough. The five Australians were buried in the Cambridge City Cemetery and the other two were taken to their home towns. P/O A.G.Thomas KIA, F/S T.McCaffray KIA, F/S E.L.Horstmann RAAF KIA, F/S W.N.Pridmore RAAF KIA, F/S G.E.Davis RAAF KIA, F/S A.Cryer RAAF KIA, F/S A.H.Weston RAAF KIA.
4th MarchLancaster IIIPB476No.12 SqnUlceby CrossCoded PH-C, Shot down on a training sortie by an Intruder, crashing 0029 4th Mar at Weekly Cross on the A16,near Alford, where four were buried in the local cemetery. The average age for the crew was 22 F/O N.A.Ansdell KIA, Sgt R.F.D.Shafer KIA, F/O A.Hunter KIA, F/O A.G.Heath KIA, Sgt R.O.Parry KIA, Sgt A.H.Walker KIA, Sgt W.Mellor KIA.
4th MarchHalifax IIIMZ680No.76 Sqnnr CadneyCoded MP-R, Airborne 1823 3rd Mar from Holme-on-Spalding Moor for Kamen. On return, while positioning to join the circuit, attacked from below by an Intruder whose fire set light to the starboard outer engine and fuel tanks. All baled out, about 0115, some getting clear from less than 600 feet and landing in the vicinity of Cadney, 3 miles SSE of Brigg. Most sustained injuries of a minor nature, but Sgt Shearman was very badly hurt and was destined to spend many months undergoing hospital treatment. P/O H.Bertenshaw inj, Sgt H.Wood, F/S G.Austin, F/S G.F.H.French, F/S D.Skilton, Sgt M.Shearman inj, Sgt L.Sporne.
4th MarchHalifax IIINA680No.347 Sqnnr CranwellCoded L8-H. Lost returning from mission to Kamen. Airborne 1812 3rd Mar from Elvington, Homebound, shot down by an Intruder and crashed about 0105 near RAF Cranwell. Five, as ordered, baled out, but Sgt Le Masson FFAF, the Flight Engineer was wounded and unable to help himself. Cne Laucou, without hesitation, remained at the controls and made a desperate, but unsuccessful, attempt at a forced-landing. Cne P.Laucou FFAF KIA, Sgt P.le Masson FFAF KIA, Asp L.Viel FFAF, Sgt H.Giroud FFAF, Sgt C.Pochont FFAF, Sgt M.Hemery FFAF, Sgt P.Charriere.
4th MarchHalifax IIINR250No.466 SqnYawlingate, FriskneyCoded HD-N, airborne from Driffield at 1843 for Kamen, which was bombed at 2205. On return, the aircraft was shot up by an intruder at approximately 0040. The crew baled out over Waddington, aircraft crashed into a cottage at Friskney killing 2 in the cottage. There have been other reports of the crash site being variously near Skellingthorpe or at Thirkleby Wold, West Lutton, near Driffield. Sgt P. Stewart injured.
4th MarchLancasterJB6991651 HCUon airfield at Woolfox LodgeCoded BS-F, Airborne from Woolfox Lodge on diversionary force op supporting main force. Shot down by an intruder approx 0135. F/L D.J.Baum KIA, Sgt J.A.W. Smith KIA, F/O D.C. Davies KIA, F/S R. Warne KIA, F/S C.E. Gardener RNZAF KIA, F/O K.R. Brook DFC RAAF KIA, Sgt T. Platt KIA.
4th MarchC-46 Commando44-77654313 TCGin the HumberShot down and crew killed by friendly fire – in this case Humber AA batteries.
4th MarchJu88-G6C9+RR7 / NJG5Hackthorn Rd, WeltonROC Observer J.P.Kelway ROC was killed when the Ju88 shot up his car on the Welton to Spridlington road. Moments later, the enemy Intruder crashed, killing its crew, after flying into telegraph wires. They were buried a few days later in Scampton (St.John The Baptist) Churchyard.
6th MarchLancaster IIIME386No.207 SqnBostonCoded EM-G, Airborne 1734 5th Mar from Spilsby to attack the synthetic-oil plant at Bohlen. On return, crashed in the River Witham near Boston. Of the four who were killed, Sgt Cobden was taken to Cambridge City Cemetery, while the others were taken to their home towns. F/O A.H.Wakeling KIA, F/S G.L.Dickenson KIA, Sgt D.J.Browne KIA, Sgt W.T.G.Cobden KIA, Sgt T.Beattie Sgt J.E.L.Brett Sgt A.J.P.Clark.
6th MarchBeaufighter XNV185No.254 SqnNorth CoatesOvershot on single-engined landing, crashed on the beach.
7th MarchOxfordPH4137 FTSnr SpaldingPropeller shattered by bird strike, dived in 2 miles south of Spalding.
10th MarchLancaster IIIJB2281668 HCUFiskertonAirborne 1115 from Bottesford for cross-country sortie. Port outer failed, pilot feathered the engine but was unable to trim sufficiently to stop the aircraft turning to port. Landed approx 1150 at Fiskerton and swung off the runway with undercarriage folded. Sgt H.L. D'arcy inj, Sgt L.A. Mitchell inj, remaining 6 crew unhurt.
11th MarchLancaster ILM130No.463 SqnBlankneyCoded JO-N. Christened 'Nick the Nazi Neutralizer'. Completed 48 operations. Lost on a night fighter affiliation sortie, collided with PZ740. P/O N.H. Orchard RAAF KIA, F/S R.F. Neale KIA, Sgt D.A. Charles KIA, Sgt H. Rollins KIA, Sgt W.F.H. Elcome KIA, Sgt B.J. Patch KIA, Sgt H. Shaw KIA.
11th MarchHurricane IIcPZ7401690 BDTFBlankneyAirborne 2043 from Metheringham for a night fighter affiliation sortie with LM130. Collided with LM130 at around 2100, crashed in Asholt's field, Blankney. F/O S.F. Parlato DFC RNZAF KIA.
11th MarchBeaufighter XNE218No.254 Sqnnr BinbrookFlew into ground 0.75 miles southeast of Binbrook airfield, 2 Killed.
12th MarchLancaster ILM131No.103 SqnElsham villageCoded PM-V, Airborne 1303 from Elsham Wolds. Struck by a bomb which became embedded in the main planes. On regaining the Lincolnshire coast, the crew baled out leaving their crippled Lancaster to fall near the village of Elsham, 9 miles ENE of Scunthorpe. Sgt Carter's body was found nearby, his parachute having failed to deploy. he is buried in Denton (St.Margaret) New Churchyard. F/O B.F.Wright RCAF, Sgt F.E.Carter KIA, W/O J.Coulson, F/S G.R.Tracey RCAF, Sgt B.heath, F/S K.Coleman, F/S A.J.Bocinfuso RCAF.
13th MarchWellington XLP40229 OTUNorth Killingholme?Airborne at 1140 from Bruntingthorpe for a cross-country sortie. One engine was shut down in flight due to falling oil pressure. The aircraft landed 1500hrs too far down the runway and retracted undercarriage to stop.
16th MarchLancaster IHK7491662 HCUBlytonAirborne from Blyton 1615 for dual circuit training. At 1650 instructor demonstrated a 3 engined overshoot, but selected wrong flap setting. AC climbed to 100ft, turned 180 degrees, crashed and caught fire. F/O A.C. Blackie inj, F/S R.J. Scott RNZAF inj, F/S L.A. Potter inj, F/O L.V. Scott inj, Sgt T.B. Browne RNZAF inj, Sgt I.E. Peate inj, Sgt J. Ellerby KIA.
16th MarchLancaster IND869No.44 Sqnoff SkegnessCoded KM-M, Airborne 1743 16th Mar from Spilsby for Wurzburg but crashed eighteen minutes later into the sea off Skegness. The bodies of F/L Shephard and Sgt Mitchell were recovered, the latter being found some 300 yards off the town's pier, and taken to Cambridge City Cemetery. The others are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial/ F/L W.H.Shephard KIA, Sgt A.W.Beauchamp KIA, F/S J.Allan KIA, F/S R.B.Judge KIA, Sgt D.F.Brown KIA, Sgt R.D.Snape KIA, Sgt R.F.G.Mitchell KIA.
16th MarchHurricane IIcPG5861687 BDTFLudford MagnaAirborne 2140 from Scampton for a fighter affiliation sortie. Whilst heading for Ludford Magna, the engine failed and the aircraft force-landed near to the airfield at 2230.
17th MarchMosquito IXML906No.627 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded AZ-?, airborne 1530 from Woodhall Spa for a navigation exercise. At 4000 feet, the starboard constant speed unit failed, resulting in the propeller being feathered. On return to base, the port throttle lever jammed on approach and the aircraft crash-landed at 1715 without injury to the crew.
18th MarchMosquito IIHJ926No.410 SqnHolbeach st MarksNo detail recorded.
19th MarchLancaster IIIPB155No.460 Sqnnr KelsternCoded AR-K “K-Kripes”. Airborne 0052 19th Mar from Binbrook. Crashed 0812 19th Mar while attempting an approach to Kelstern airfield. All RAAF crew-members were taken to Cambridge City Cemetery, while Sgt David is buried in Bushbury (St.mary) Churchyard, Wolverhampton. At the time of the crash, low cloud had reduced visibility and Kelstern were trying to home the crew towards the runway. P/O G.S.Browne RAAF KIA, Sgt J.N.David KIA, F/SL.W.Grant RAAF KIA, W/O G.T.McBryde RAAF KIA, F/S J.Stacey RAAF KIA, W/O A.E.Moss RAAF KIA, F/S R.C.Schodde RAAF KIA.
20th MarchLancaster IRA530No.57 SqnStickneyCoded DX-Y. Airborne 2345 20th Mar from East Kirkby to bomb the synthetic-oil plant but within a few minutes the Lancaster ploughed into a house near Stickney, 7 miles NNE of Boston and on the main road leading to Spilsby. F/O Cobern is buried in Cambridge City Cemetery, the other killed were taken to their home towns. F/S Searby died from his injuries 1st Apr. The house was occupied by the Chapman family. No account of civilian injuries. F/O C.A.Cobern RAAF KIA, Sgt K.C.Ashun KIA, F/O W.F.Calderbanj KIA, F/S W.S.Searby inj, Sgt R.Bates inj, Sgt E.Lawrence inj, Sgt A.Ramsbottom KIA.
20th MarchSpitfire VBAR3951653 HCUWitham on the hillAirborne from North Luffenham for fighter affiliation exercise. Collided after breaking off an attack run on a Lancaster at 1107 at 5000ft with Dominie NF889 from Cranwell, F/O L.W. Marshall DFC RAAF KIA.
20th MarchDominieNF8891 RSWitham on the hillAirborne from Cranwell on a training sortie, collided 1107 with AR395. F/S C.S. Jones KIA, W/O W.E.Durber KIA, AC2 H.Price KIA, AC2 C.J. Russell KIA, AC2 F. Salkead KIA, AC2 G.H. Sargent KIA.
20th MarchMosquito VINS998No.85 Sqnin the WashCoded VY-? Turned tightly to line up with the drogue aircraft on a practise gunnery sortie, stalled and spun in over the Wash. No known graves. Both are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/L G.H.Ellis Killed, Sgt W.F.Reidy Killed. Wreckage and crew's remains reported discovered in 2004 according to a report in the Daily Telegraph July 23rd 2004.
21st MarchLancaster INF954No.101 Sqnnr Ludford MagnaCoded SR-W, crashed near airfield on a training flight.
21st MarchSpitfire VCAR55253 OTURedbourneEngine failed on takeoff, landed wheels-up.
22nd MarchLancaster IPD384No.166 Sqnnr KirmingtonOvershot on the Limber to Caistor road, sold for scrap March 1948. Aircraft may have been recovered and repaired after the accident?
24th MarchLancaster IPB8711651 HCUWoolfox LodgeOn takeoff at 2012 for a night cross-country flight, the port outer engine cut out, causing the aircraft to swing to port, pilot overcorrected twice and undercarriage collapsed.
24th March Lancaster ING439No.463 SqnScopwickCoded JO-? Lost on an air test, engine failed whilst single-engine handling in progress.
25th MarchB-17G Fortress42-97395614 BS / 401 BG2 miles north of SaltbyCoded IW-F, named "Chute the Works" The aircraft was severely damaged by Flak on it's 111th mission (Mission 236 against airfields near Rheine in support of operation Varsity, the allied crossing of the Rhine) Crash-landed, possibly near Hungerton after the crew successfully abandoned the aircraft on return.
27th MarchMaster 2DK9187 FTSSutton BridgeUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
27th MarchBeaufighter 10LZ223No.254 SqnNorth CoatesTyre burst on takeoff for patrol, aircraft swung causing undercarriage to collapse.
27th MarchP-51D Mustang44-11189504 FS / 339 FGKingerbyCrashed at Croft Farm, pilot Kenneth V. Berguson KIA.
29th MarchSpitfire VBBL86253 OTUHibaldstowtaxiing accident.
29th MarchWellington XIIIHZ765EAASManbySwung on landing and hit a fence.
30th MarchLancaster IPB911No.635 SqnSwayfieldCoded F2-A, dived in northwest of Swayfield whilst on a training flight, possibly due to icing, 7 Killed.


1st AprilA-35Vengeance41-313973 GTFnr Old BolingbrokeCrash-landed 1 mile southeast of Old Bolingbroke after engine failure, pilot Karl H. Kirek.
2nd AprilLancaster IHK6551651 HCUFiskertonCoded BS-F, airborne 0850 from Woolfox Lodge on familiarisation flight. Stalled from approx 50ft at 0920 and hit a building on the Fiskerton approach, apparently all 4 engines stalled. F/L F.E Sheppard DFC KIA, F/O B.J. Wallis KIA, Sgt W.G. Cooley KIA, F/S G.A. Flindall KIA, Sgt H.G. Allan KIA, F/O G.A. Outterson KIA, F/S R.L.T. Knight KIA, Sgt H.A. Johnson KIA, Sgt H.A. Lunt inj.
3rd AprilLancaster IIIND501No.106 SqnMetheringhamCoded ZN-O, swung on night landing after training flight, undercarriage collapsed.
5th AprilLancaster IRF196No.460 SqnRothwell TopDelivered to 460 Sqn 27th Mar. Coded AR-E. Lost on its first operation with a total of 6 hours. Airborne 2120 4th Apr from Binbrook to attack the Wintershall synthetic oil plant at Lutzkendorf. Bombed the AP at 0130 5th Apr from 12,000 feet and set course for base. At 0511 the Lancaster crash-landed on high ground at Rothwell Top, not far from Binbrook airfield. F/S Lillis was thrown forward on impact and sustained a broken nose. The rest escaped with nothing worse than a bad shaking. F/L W.Langcake RAAF, P/O B.J.Vogt RAAF (P2), Sgt J.Scoular, F./S A.Albans, Sgt B.Gavin, F/S J.P.Lillis RAAF inj, Sgt D.Hopkinson, Sgt J.Hankey.
5th AprilLancaster ILM289No.166 SqnBarnetbyCoded AS-Y. Airborne 2116 4th Apr from Kirmington to bomb the Wintershall synthetic-oil plant at Lutzkendorf. On return crashed 0536 5th Apr near Mill Farm, Barnetby le Wold, a village on the W side of Kirmington Airfield and on the rail link between Scunthorpe and Grimsby. Those killed are buried in various cemeteries, three being taken to Cambridge City cemetery. F/S Bell's brother, Peter. also died on Active Service. Sgt Barlow was a recipient of the Bronze medal awarded by the RSPCA in 1934. F/O R.A.Ayton RNZAF inj, Sgt K.H.Butcher KIA, Sgt A.G.S.Laidlaw KIA, F/S R.J.McL Bell RNZAF KIA, Sgt A.Nicholson KIA, Sgt D.J.Barlow KIA, Sgt J.Benson injured.
5th AprilLancaster IIIND6391667 HCUCrowleAirborne 2200 from Sandtoft for a Bullseye exercise. Crashed Crowle 0258, after presumed loss of control. P/O J.E. Grayson RAAF KIA, Sgt S.J. Crawhall KIA, F/S M.B. Kilsby RAAF KIA, W/O E.J. Castor RAAF KIA, F/S W.S.Bennett RAAF KIA, F/S T. Evans RAAF KIA, F/S D.L. Hayes RAAF KIA.
6th AprilLancaster ING271No.50 SqnWaddington villageSgt L.A. Cooke KIA, F/S R.W. Faulks RAAF KIA, Sgt A. Card KIA, F/S J.C. Hughes RAAF KIA.
9th AprilLancaster IIIDV1651667 HCUSandtoftAttempting takeoff at 1535 for a cross-country flight, aircraft swung to port. Pilot tried to avoid a hedge, but undercarriage collapsed and aircraft caught fire.
12th AprilSpitfire VBAR39317 FTSCranwellUndercarriage jammed, forcing wheels-up landing.
12th AprilMosquito VIDZ631No.627 SqnWoodhall SpaDBR on ground, not mentioned in Chorley's 1945 book.
12th AprilBeaufighter XNV181No.236 SqnNorth CoatesOverran on landing and hit a dyke.
13th AprilSpitfire VBAB98653 OTUHibaldstowTyre burst on takeoff.
15th AprilLancaster IPB5651667 HCUOwston FerryAirborne 1455 from Sandtoft on cross-country flight. At 1525 aircraft observed to nose over and dive to the ground. Crash site given as sheet 39 265185. P/O H.P. Speed KIA, F/S R. Ollerton KIA, F/S J.W. Hamilton RAAF KIA, F/O B.A. Savage KIA, F/O E.B. Carss KIA, Sgt S.J. Kingdon KIA, Sgt R.B.R. Cook KIA, Sgt E.H.J. Martin KIA.
15th AprilOxfordHM67618 PAFUMarket DeepingHit HT cables in poor visibility, 1K.
16th AprilLancaster ING414No.106 SqnMetheringhamCoded ZN-K. Crashed on take-off for Pilsen 2336 16th Apr at Metheringham and exploded later. Crew scrambled clear and were not harmed.
16th AprilSpitfire VBW383553 OTUHibaldstowSwung on takeoff and hit an air-raid shelter.
17th AprilLancasterPB360No.57 SqnEast KirkbyCoded DX-N, destroyed on the ground at East Kirkby by its own bombs, subsequently 5 other Lancasters were destroyed by sympathetic explosions.
17th AprilLancasterRF195No.57 SqnEast KirkbyCoded DX-F, one of six 57 Squadron Lancasters destroyed when PB360 blew up at East Kirkby.
17th AprilLancasterND472No.57 SqnEast KirkbyCoded DX-I, one of six 57 Squadron Lancasters destroyed when PB360 blew up at East Kirkby.
17th AprilLancasterNN765No.57 SqnEast KirkbyCoded DX-X, one of six 57 Squadron Lancasters destroyed when PB360 blew up at East Kirkby.
17th AprilLancasterPD347No.57 SqnEast KirkbyCoded DX-P, one of six 57 Squadron Lancasters destroyed when PB360 blew up at East Kirkby.
17th AprilLancasterLM673No.57 SqnEast KirkbyCoded DX-U, one of six 57 Squadron Lancasters destroyed when PB360 blew up at East Kirkby.
19th AprilLancaster IIIME357No.49 Sqnoff SkegnessCoded EA-C or EA-U. Lost on a training sortie.
19th AprilBlenheim VDJ70217 FTSCranwellCrashed on takeoff.
20th AprilBlenheim VAZ93717 FTSCranwellLanded wheels-up due to undercarriage jamming.
20th AprilLancaster IHK9581660 HCUClaypoleAirborne from Swinderby 1515 for night bombing practise. Crashed Claypole 1650 due to engine failure, pilot unable to feather engine. P/O J.B. Kram inj, Sgt C.E. Brenton RCAF inj, F/S F.T. Thompson RCAF inj, F/S R.T. Bridger RCAF KIA, WO1 R.C. Fleming RCAF inj, F/S F.C.M. Robitaille RCAF KIA, F/S G.P. Charlebois RCAF KIA.
22nd AprilLancaster IIIPB463No.49 SqnFulbeckCoded EA-? . Airborne 0955 from Fulbeck with the intention of flying to Syerston in advance of a squadron move. However, the Lancaster flew around the circuit before returning low across the airfield in a dive from which, tragically, the pilot failed to recover and a t 0957 the aircraft smashed into buildings near the M/T Section, debris scything through a parade comprising mainly of personnel from 5015 Airfield Construction Unit. In an instant, ten were killed and five others succumbed to their injuries in the days that followed, the last being LAC Moor who lived until 8th May. Their graves are now in various UK cemeteries. It is presumed that LAC Hassan, LAC Lambourn, LAC Starling and AC1 Weston recovered. at least five of the ground staff were in their 40s, LAC Wright possibly being the eldest at forty-four. F/O G.F.Elkington KIA, F/S C.I.Walker KIA, F/S L.W.Evans KIA, F/O H.Macaulay KIA, F/S M.J.C.Garrett KIA, F/L G.Wimpenny BSc AMICE KIA, Sgt C.L.Hammond KIA, Cpl H.S.Hancox KIA, LAC J.H.Davies inj, LAC J.Griffin inj, LAC L.R.Hassan inj, LAC J.E.Lambourn inj, LAC T.McKie inj, LAC L.Masterman KIA, LAC S.Mellows inj, LAC P.Moor inj, LAC F.Plumtree KIA, LAC J.W.Rogers MiD KIA, LAC T.Starling inj, LAC W.Wright KIA, AC1 R.J.Clewley KIA, AC1 J.Weston inj, AC2 G.H.Brenchley KIA.
24th AprilSpitfire VCAR52953 OTUKirton LindseyCrashed on takeoff.
25th AprilP-51B Mustang43-6322354 FS / 355 FGHolbeach st MarksCrashed at Bingham Lodge, Bowser Farm, Holbeach st Marks. Pilot Charles R. Burns.
26th AprilSpitfire VW371853 OTUHibaldstowCrashed on approach.
26th AprilB-17G Fortress44-8687486 BGLutton MarshCrashed after colliding with 44-38859 (which survived). A flight of 486 BG B17s embarked on a training mission on 26th Apr and was climbing through a thin cloud layer. At 11.7k piloted by LT Dobbins, collided with 687, running into the tail section killing the observation officer, LT Olson, instantly. Three crewmen managed to bail out from 687, however, John Hill jumped too low and his chute failed to open completely. None of LT Simmons crew flew with him on this day. The accident summary reads. Flying in a three squadron formation, the number nine aircraft (number 859) of the Lead Sqn collided with the number two aircraft (number 687) of the Low Sqn. Just prior to the accident, the Low Sqn had eased underneath (right) and slightly in trail of the Lead, while playing a turn, in an effort to maintain a smooth lead and avoid overrunning. At the time of the accident, the low sqn was in a shallow turn to the left and was evidently passing underneath, horizontally speaking, the low flight (aircraft number 859 was the number three position aircraft in this flight) of the Lead Sqn. Reason for the left turn was to regain position off (left) Lead Sqn now that the group was flying a straight course. The Low Sqn leader, off which aircraft number 687 was guiding, was holding a very good and close up position (vertical interval, 75-100 feet below low flight of Lead Sqn, horizontal interval, 50-75 feet) all during the mission. The number two aircraft (number 687) of the Low Sqn was reported to have been flying a good, steady position at all times, stacked slightly high as per current SOP. On the other hand, the pilot of the aircraft flying number nine position (number 859) was forced to fly erratic position (back and far down) because the number six aircraft (in flight above and ahead) was continually lagging. Because of this and the hazy conditions that were becoming existent, he ordered the pilot (Lead aircraft of the Low Sqn) to increase clearance between Sqn's as a safety factor. Shortly after the shallow left turn was started, aircraft 859 (number nine of the Lead Sqn) collided with aircraft number 687 (number two of Low). The number 1. and 2. props chewed into the tail section of the aircraft number 687 from above and cut off the tail empennage. After colliding, both aircraft peeled up and out of formation, aircraft number 859 returned to base on three engines, aircraft 687 went out of control immediately, spun down through the overcast, leveled off momentarily, and then crashed into the ground. 1st LT Clyde E. Simmons Pilot KIA, 1st LT Donald L. Williamson Co-pilot KIA, 1st LT James G. Olson Observer KIA, 2nd LT Vincent T. Colletti Navigator Minor injuries, 2nd LT Robert F. Bradley Bombardier Minor injuries, Sgt John J. Hill FE/Top KIA, Sgt Robert L. West Radio/Gunner KIA, Sgt Edward G. Geron Armorer/Gunner KIA.
27th AprilSpitfire VBAA91653 OTUMetheringham FenLost power and landed wheels-up.
28th AprilLancaster IIIDV1661660 HCUnr HemswellAirborne 2102 27th Apr from Swinderby for a high-altitude night flying exercise. Oxygen levels ran low, forcing the pilot to descend. During descent the engines were subjected to severe icing and the aircraft crash-landed wheels-up on Hemswell airfield at 0312 27th Apr.


2nd MaySpitfire VBBL80917 FTSCranwellStalled whilst landing, undercarriage collapsed.
3rd MayWellington XIVNB934No.612 SqnNorth CoatesSwung on takeoff and hit a ditch.
3rd MayMosquito XVIIIPZ300No.254 SqnNorth CoatesTyre burst on landing, undercarriage collapsed.
4th MayMosquito XXXNT427No.125 SqnHackthornBroke up in cloud.
5th MayMosquito XXVKB625No.627 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded AZ-L, whilst on take-ff run at 1047, the aircraft swung to starboard. Over correction caused a 180 degree swing to port after which the undercarriage collapsed.
6th MaySpitfire VBAB79053 OTUHibaldstowTipped up on landing.
7th MaySpitfire VBAR50453 OTUHibaldstowSwung on landing, ground looped, undercarriage collapsed.
7th MayLancaster IHK7511667 HCUSandtoftAirborne 2155 6th May for a night navigation exercise, returned 0150 and bounced on landing. The pilot attempted to go around, but confusion in the cockpit resulted in the Lancaster hitting the runway a second time with sufficient force to break the undercarriage.
8th MayLancaster INN806No.576 SqnFiskertonCoded UL-M – op Manna flight: Swung off the runway at Fiskerton on departure at 1208 to drop food supplies in the vicinity of Rotterdam. Undercarriage collapsed. F/O Cross sustained a sprained wrist. No other crew injuries. Twelve hours later, at midnight, the war was over. F/O G.L.Scott, Sgt H.W.Batchelor, Sgt A.F.Marshall, F/O G.R.Cross inj, Sgt S.Hoskin, F/S J.A.McDougall, Sgt C.G.Rayner.
10th MaySpitfire VBAD31753 OTUHibaldstowUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
10th MayBlenheim VAZ99117 FTSHarlaxtonCollided with BA146 on the ground.
10th MayBlenheim VBA14617 FTSHarlaxtonCollided with AZ991 on the ground.
10th MaySpitfire VBEN94853 OTUHibaldstowUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
10th MayLancaster IED6311651 HCUWoolfox LodgeAirborne 2320 from Woolfox Lodge for practise 3-engine landings. Shortly after commencing drills, the starboard engines feathered uncommanded, possibly due to faulty electrics. aircraft crashed on the runway 2335, bounced and crashed through the boundary hedge. F/O L. Boyer inj, F/O J.T. Whitby inj, F/S T.H. Cotterill inj, but died later in hospital, F/S A.R. Gunn inj, Sgt S.F. Trapp inj, F/O H.C. Mansfield inj, F/O A. Broadbent inj, Sgt J.W. Hunter inj, Sgt J.B. Lambert KIA.
11th MayWellington XLN6531 AGSoff the coastMissing on delivery flight from Pembrey to Manby, presumed crashed off the coast while descending through fog to get to VFR conditions as the Pilot's body was recovered from the sea some 10 miles north of Manby. The pilot had apparently taken off with no WT aids, having failed to collect the appropriate radio crystals for the TR1196 radio set. There are two confirmed occupants, F/Sgt V.W.F. Townsend, S/O N.C. Rees-Price and the following are recorded as believed to be: F/Sgt L.D. Horton, LAC J.C. Fowler.
11th MayLancaster IIIPB438No.83 SqnConingsbyCoded OL-?, belly-landed at 1915 on return from a reported food-drop sortie after a tyre burst whilst in flight, no injuries reported from 6 crew or 24 passengers. The complement on board would point to a POW repatriation flight rather than a food drop flight.
11th MayLancaster IPA277No.619 SqnStrubbyCoded PG-Z, hit on the ground at 0040 whilst parked on dispersal by PA276 (which was repaired).
16th MayLancasterNKNKSturgateMinor accident? Not recorded in Chorley or lostbombers
18th MayLancaster IHK7391668 HCUBottesfordCoded J9-K, attempted takeoff at 1054, failed to become airborne, crashed through perimeter hedge and was wrecked, no injuries reported.
21st MayLancaster ILL952No.100 Sqnoff Donna NookCoded HW-W2, ditched 5 miles east of Donna Nook whilst on an air gunnery exercise. F/O M.P. Jones KIA, Sgt I.J. Calverley KIA, F/S MA. Chalmers RAAF KIA, F/S J.W. Montague KIA, F/S W.P. Gibson KIA, Sgt P. Gapper KIA, Sgt F.A. Padmore KIA.
25th MayLancaster 1PD432No.626 Sqnnr SouthreyCoded UM-E2, the aircraft was abandoned at 1310 after engine fire in flight, crashed near Southrey.
25th MayTiger Moth IIN548019 SFTSWellingoreCrashed on landing.
26th MaySpitfire 9MK480No.130 Sqnnr WinteringhamBelly-landed after engine failure.
28th MayTiger Moth IINL829No.442 SqnDigbyOverturned whilst taxiing.


8th JuneHarvard T2bFX4337 FTSLittle LondonStalled and crashed, 1 Killed.
8th JuneHurricane F2cPG6051654 HCUnr SwinderbyTook off approx 1200, but on reaching 300 feet on climb out, the engine cut. F/O J.R. Hendry belly landed the aircraft back on the airfield.
15th JuneMosquito B4DZ418No.627 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded AZ-B, crash-landed at 0057on return from night cross-country sortie.
19th JuneLancaster IIIJB3061667 HCUnr SandtoftCoded LR-E, crash-landed 0.25 miles north of the airfield at approx 1709 after both port engines failed.
20th JuneLancaster INN8081660 HCUnr SwinderbyAirborne 1411 from Swinderby on a conversion training sortie with 9 onboard. Approx 1710, whilst on approach with the port outer feathered, the port inner feathered itself and the aircraft crashed from a height of 50 feet and caught fire, 7K S/L H.R.Pooley DFC KIA, F/L T Clay KIA, Sgt K.E. Terry KIA, F/L L. Green KIA, F/O H. Signey KIA, F/O G.M. Eden KIA, Sgt J.B.R. Brazier inj, but died in hospital, F/O B.W. Alford inj, Sgt E. Such injured.
22nd JuneMartinetHP4072 APCSkellingthorpeUndercarriage collapsed on landing.
26th JuneTiger Moth IIDE99019 FTSConingsbyBlown over by slipstream from a Lancaster.
28th JuneLancaster IIIME394No.44 SqnSpilsbyCoded KM-X, the aircraft was taking off for a fighter affiliation sortie when the undercarriage collapsed after the aircraft swung on takeoff.


1st JulyLancaster INX583No.150 SqnHemswellCoded IQ-T, airborne 1205 from Hemswell en-route to Flensburg to test captured German radar systems. One engine failed en-route for Germany, the aircraft overran on return and crashed into a Hangar. F/O L. Plane KIA, F/S S. Smith KIA, + 1 Killed and 1 injured, on the ground.
3rd JulyMosquito XXVKB416No.627 SqnWoodhall SpaCoded AZ-P, airborne 1450 from Woodhall Spa, but during the flight the port engine failed. On return, the crew were not sure that the undercarriage was locked, and the aircraft bounced back into the air after a hard touchdown, followed by a crash landing, when the aircraft caught fire. The fire section NCO, Cpl Stephen Cogger entered the aircraft and freed the navigator, but was burned and beaten back by the heat when he returned to free the pilot, who was knocked unconscious in the crash. He received the George medal for this. P/O J.D. Findlayson inj, F/L D.N. Johnson KIA.
9th JulyP-51D Mustang44-14406435 FS / 479 FGin the WashCrashed into the Wash following a bird strike. Pilot Sylvan R. Routh.
13th JulyLancaster IIIPB133No.97 SqnConingsbyCoded OF-E, returned to Coningsby early from a cross-country sortie. The aircraft touched down too fast following starboard inner engine failure and overran landing, ripping the port outer engine off and bursting into flames. No crew injuries.
13th JulyLancaster IIIPB422No.97 SqnConingsbyCoded OF-P, airborne 1123 from Coningsby for a bombing exercise. The port outer engine caught fire on takeoff. The aircraft stalled and crashed into trees. F/O R.W. Wright KIA, F/S A.J. Molyneux KIA, F/O J.L. Bendix DFC KIA, F/S J. Eastwood KIA.
14th JulyLancaster ING404No.460 Sqnnr Kirton LindseyCoded AR-H, abandoned after catching fire in the air, crashed near the airfield. P/O C.E. Johnson RAAF KIA, W/O K.B. Quinn RAAF KIA, F/S R.J. Rogers RAAF KIA, remaining 3 crew escaped uninjured.
17th JulyLancaster IIIND616No.106 Sqnnr MetheringhamCoded ZN-J, crash-landed at 1319 after overshooting on landing. Airframe was salvaged and became 5532M.
19th JulySpitfire VBW32311687 BDTFHemswellBelly-landed 1521 after undercarriage jammed in the retracted position due to failure of both main and emergency extension mechanisms.
23rd JulyHarvard IIFH11119 FTSWellingoreStalled on approach.
30th JulyLancaster IPA236No.166 Sqnnr KirmingtonCoded AS-B2, on approach to land from a ferry flight, the aircraft crashed at Barnetby Wold Farm on the west side of the airfield at 1537. F/O G.L. Willis KIA, St J.J. Pattison KIA, F/S J.A.Allen KIA, F/O L. Roche KIA, Sgt H.G. Russell KIA, Sgt C.F.M. Saunders KIA.


4th AugustMosquito VIHX90713 OTUexact location unknownFlew into the ground on a night navigation exercise. Incident recorded by Hancock, unit may be incorrect as it does not feature in Chorley's OTU losses book and 13 OTU were not recorded as operating Mosquitoes at the time of the crash.

August - December

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